Osrik Stronghold

The city is located on the eastern edge of the King’s Mountains, west of the Demus Woodlands, and fairly far northwest of Hipprex. It is still considered wilderness by many. Its location makes it important: it’s near a mountain range teeming with valuable ore deposits, near the edge of a huge forest full of uncut timber, and in the vicinity of a large river that makes the farmland rich and bountiful during the growing seasons. Miners, loggers, and farmers brave enough to withstand the dangers of the area have been moving there. The region around the Osrick Stronghold is dangerous, however, and brave adventurers are always in high demand wherever danger prevails – especially where danger is in such close proximity to valuable resources.

Two years ago, Laeralin sent out a group that helped bring peace back to this fort. Since then things had seemed to quiet down and the settlement had been growing.

Recently, many soldiers stationed here have disappeared. Most buildings shuttered, and nobody goes out on the streets.

The Avalanche Inn is in the center of town.

History: For the last 100 years, this area has resisted all attempts to tame it. attacks from the mountains, the forest, and the wilds—by threats both natural and unnatural—have always destroyed anyone trying to bring civilization here.

The largest threat to the area was a white dragon, which was vanquished by adventurers two years ago. Since that time, the area has begun to prosper like never before. Other threats, such as goblinoids and wild animals, are still present.

The garrison at Fort Dolor currently holds more than 200 soldiers, and it is commanded by Captain revince, a leader known for his no-nonsense attitude and strategic brilliance. Stone structures, and the recent prosperity of the area has resulted in newer wooden structures being built outside the enclosed fort.

The Land Nearby: The land around Fort Dolor is temperate during the spring and summer months, but immediately after the fall harvest, a long and brutal winter descends. During these winters, wild animals looking for food become desperate enough to approach civilized areas and sometimes attack humanoids. Goblinoid creatures have made their homes in the Demus Woodlands and forests near Fort Dolor. Their levels of activity rise and fall as the seasons and years pass, depending on their food levels, changes in leadership, and other factors.

The King’s Mountains Nearby: Long ago, the mountains in the area were home to a large clan of dwarves. The clan disap- peared, and no one knows what happened to them. Since that time, the mountains are rumored to contain all manner of creatures and their respective lairs. None of these rumors have been substantiated.

Osrik Stronghold

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