The Third Time is the Charm, or Is It?

September 3, 2010

October 22, 993

Unpause fight.

We team up to pummel the captain. Tyzzer Zaneen directs a devastating series of attacks by Craynor, followed up by Bui’s killing blow.

Alaria continues to lay pain on us from the cliff above. Eventually Tyzzer makes his way up the cliff only to have Alaria teleport out of the room to escape.

Everyone dies except Alaria. She teleports to the room with the other bad dudes and does a bunch of magic stuff to heal herself and hurt us. We hate her.

She gets to the other room and we are very leery of fighting again. She throws the doors open and alerts everyone to our presence.

New fight!!!!!!

We get re-energized and charge ahead!

Ja’ Elle has had enough of this shit and kills Alaria. High fives all around.

The Stonearm Scourge and his bad guy friends prove a tough fight. Scourge tells us that if we give back the items we stole he will let us live. We decline the offer.

The person the Scourge was talking to when we arrived, a red robed human, got away early in the fight. Minions, who appeared to initially be guarding the back door, light themselves on fire and rush into our midst on a suicide attack. An eladrin controlled by a devil helps protect the escape of the red robed human. Another non-stonearm guard morphs from human form into a dragonborn who is a great defender.

Eventually we destroy the dragonborn and the stonearm thugs. After Bui sacrifices his own health to revive Tyzzer, who had no other way to be revived, Tyzzer kills the eladrin host and Craynor squashes the soulrider devil that hopped off the recently demised host.

After a prolonged battle, when all but Benjin Ulf had been severely injured, we kill the Scourge. Benjin Ulf proved very effective again as he rained down artillery fire on the Scourge and various other enemies throughout the battle. As the Scourge dies, he disappears.

We get lots of loot:

Potion of regeneration.

2500 gp in loot

Periapt of proof against poison

Eye of alarm ritual scroll

Robe of contingency cloth armor

2400 gp more loot in the other room

Hat of disguise

Imposter plate armor that can polymorph or something like that

on the dragonborn = note that is not burned:


I am working on ways to bring more to our cause. Many around the capital are losing faith. They thought they were protected. The iron is hot. Now is my time to guide more to join.

Those who cannot be convinced are all yours. Adding this being, named the Stonearm Scourge, will add to your force to help you complete your part.

My first meeting with the Scourge convinced me he has power that will be of use. I am certain he will want something in return. At our latest meeting,


(flame symbol) Fb

(flame symbol) MF

tattoo on delvers and the dragonborn

Here are selected entries from the Scourge’s journal:

Selected Journal Entries from the Stonearm Scourge

I’ve discovered that a wealthy merchant’s daughter, named Arra Bruce, is also interested in ‘The Saga of the Prism Lords’.”

My research indicates that at least one prism lord – called Ganymos the Red – is dead and buried – and entombed. I believe with a bit more research and divination, I should be able to determine the location of Ganymos’ tomb. Think of the power that must lie with the remains of a demigod!

This evening I go forward. After I use this odd carving to kidnap Arra Bruce, she and her research should be able to help me discover the tomb of Ganymos the Red.

Ah, with young Bruce’s help, I have discovered the location! I leave soon to secure it.

Luck is with me! Not only have I discovered the location of the tomb, but a ley line runs right on top of it. After I attune my runestones, I can easily travel from my workshop to the tomb.

I cannot enter the tomb. It has been days and the final door will not open.

Oh, what a horrible turn of events. I have used two of the three charges on my necklace because of those damn adventurers who arrived to help Arra Bruce. They got Arra, somehow entered the final room and appeared to have taken whatever remained of Ganymos. I cannot find anything. They must have what I need.

Somehow Bruce must have led them to what’s meant to be mine. Until the last charge of the necklace is used, I will have it.

They have defeated me twice and now have more allies, so strategy must be used to separate and defeat them. If somehow they kill me a third time, my necklace will no longer aid me. If that occurs, I must become part of something more powerful to once again build the foundation that will allow for my next rise to greatness.

If I cannot obtain the item from them I must find a new path in this new land. There IS strange power in this land. Alliances formed today will help tomorrow.

The fire worshippers may help me find and craft materials needed for more grand’roms. I can offer them greater strength. They will thank me. In time, they will return the favor.

Moral Raven will help build this alliance. We’re to meet on (today’s date). I must convince him of the power of the grand’roms. This will be a great benefit to all and our friendship will be the beginning of great things for all. He will understand.

- The Stonearm Scourge

We find a secret door leading into a long, well-lit tunnel.

CURRENT PARTY FUNDS (after tithing and taxes) = 47,405 gp



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