The Next Lead


I want to help the WJN. I would like to deal with Bantos II next, then go dragon hunting!

- Benjin Ulf

I would also like to help the WJN after killing stone arm.


I’d like to find out who killed the Lambassan Crow, and why…

- Ja’Elle


It looks like we might not all get what we want at this moment in time, so it is important that we work together to decide on a course of action that is best for us and the people of Terkent. I feel we need to remember that vengeance should not guide our path. It is not a good reason for us to continue hunting the Stonearm Scourge. He is an evil man, no doubt, but his power is greatly weakened, and we have more important missions. And as sad as I am over the death of our friend The Crow, tracking down his killer for vengeance’s sake will not bring him back.

When I was a child, my head was in the clouds and I dreamed of one day becoming a legendary warrior. Today, I have seen much of our world and understand that glory comes from selflessly helping those most in need and not by chasing after dragons’ treasure. It is in this spirit that I recommend we first help the hardbacks, as they are the most persecuted and in need. I also agree with those in our party who feel our services are needed by the Woodland Justice Network as they work for equal rights for all races.

I would be remiss if I did not admit that my heart also goes out to the mayor of Standhall, my adopted hometown. I feel a responsibility to help Mayor Wartburg rebuild and protect the city I have lived in my entire adult life. The city that my adoptive father, Nan still calls home. I know that larger issues often need to take precedence over sentimentality, but I cannot avoid the fact that I will feel guilty if I am not there for Standhall and Nan.

I hope, as I know many of you do, that our “Friend” finds us and helps us see the proper path clearly. But we cannot wait for him. We must be decisive and take our responsibilities on ourselves. I eagerly await your input.

- Your humble warlord,
Tyzzer Zaneen

I agree that revenge should play a limited role in how we decide what to do next. However, the many threads we are following are interwoven with each other. So, pursuing SS or LC’s killer(s) could result in us finding the “larger evil” that seems to be at work in Terkent. I don’t know that there is a wrong course. It’s just a matter of pursuing one that allows us to be as effective as possible.

As far as SS is concerned, I agree that he is weakened. However, he has proven to be an effective leader for the forces we’re fighting My fear is that he will regain – and possibly surpass – his previous power if he is not stopped permanently.

For the one who killed a public personality such as LC, I have no doubt there is something much more sinister at work than it appears to the casual observer. My guess is that finding his killer(s) will lead us to those who are controlling evil forces from the shadows.

Since we are hot on the trail of SS, I think we should continue after him until the job is done.

- Ja’Elle



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