The Gods, an Oracle, and Craynor vs. the Gnolls

The Gods, an Oracle, and Craynor vs. the Gnolls

April 9th, 994 (later that day)

The group is huddled in the castle and is still in a state of chaos. We make the plan to travel deeper into the castle to try to find a portal or something that can get us out of here.

Some people (many of the PCs) want to find a way to fight Adaelanter.

Elektra is a bitch and says that her dad could solve this, but she doesn’t want to do anything about it. Bui convinces her to follow us for awhile.

Tyzzer, Alph, Craynor, Xabier, Shivon, and Skyblade go up to try to get a lay of the land.

Shivon can tell that Melora is present in this storm and is trying to maintain control. Shivon wants to aid her god however possible.

Bui takes charge of the remaining group quite effectively.

They go down.

Elektra takes a group through a different door. This group includes Sarax and Carnavon.

The Tyzzer group realizes that outside the gods are fighting and there’s not much we could do about that. It’s likely they came here because the castle drew them here. They head back down.

They go down to a main room and see . . . something shadowy. It’s a she-wok. (or an oracle)

She offers to tell the fate of Vani and Tyzzer. Tyzzer is sceptical — he believes in making his own fate. Vani steps up.

The Deluvian Hourglass is missing it is one of the greatest magical treasures and has ties to the end of the world. We must keep it safe if we want to save the world. It might be lost in one of the ziggurats they used to store stolen artifacts.

We search a bit and find two portals.

The she-wok tells us that Yeenoghu is loose in the world, so Craynor runs off to fight the gnus on the other side of Portal #2.

Tyzzer feels like Portal #1 is pulling him, so he and everyone other than Craynor go through that one.

We go through the first portal and PR III is there in a volcano surrounded by Imix people. The short version of the conversation is that we are kinda working together to expose the fact that King Goodwell is an imposter. PR III is going to get us information that the real Goodwell is dead and the current king is an imposter. Once we get this info, we will work to make the people aware of this and bring the imposter to justice.

Tyzzer thinks that the group is going back to Lambasa, but instead we go through the Craynor portal and immediately start fighting gnolls.


Craynor is already in the shit. He gets attacked and Tyzzer immediately inspires him to crit both gnolls who dared to attack him.




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