On the Doorstep of the Jarl

On the Doorstep of the Jarl

Started at Feb 15, 994, at 12:30 a.m.

The battle continues…

Gnotmir enters the room, followed by four frost giants (one was the one who ran out of the room moments earlier). Gnotmir says to his allies to stand down and watch him destroy the invaders. The heroes do significant damage to Gnotmir and the other frost giants join in the battle. During the battle, the frost giants attempt to get to the arcane ballista, but are thwarted by Ja’Elle, who pushes them back and then mans the ballista himself for the rest of the battle. When Gnotmir is destroyed, the tide is turned. The heroes are emboldened, receiving their encounter powers and action points back.

Rowena calls upon the elements to control the battlefield, electrifying the giants and keeping others at bay with a wall of fire. As the enemy is weakened, Bui makes the enemy wilt with his glorious presence, the standard of the silver dragon, and his ability to restore the other heroes strength. Kissandi makes excellent use of her ability to regenerate once per day in this very long encounter. She helps in weakening the enemy as her focus on her oath target pains others who try to engage in battle with her. She continually deals damage to her foes and adds in many more strikes guided by the warlord, Tyzzer. Along with guiding Kissandi to extra attacks, Tyzzer sacrifices himself to prevent attacks from targeting Rowena and Bui. Tyzzer also makes great use of his new frost axe to deliver key blows to the enemy and prevent a lot of cold damage from harming him.

After destroying the enemy, Ja’Elle finds an ice chest by the throne filled with 5,000 g.p., Kissandi notices the wall Hasskaarth walked through is illusory, as is another wall beyond it that likely leads into the quarters of Jarl Grugnur.

The group takes a 15 minute rest.

Tyzzer and Kissandi go to Vaald. Their request to go free Hyrkzag’s ghost by delivering Gnotmir’s sword is granted, but the other three heroes are left behind. After delivering the sword, the ghost is freed, Kissandi is relieved, and the ghost motions in the direction of something glimmering in the rubble. It is a ring. Tyzzer gains a ring of true seeing (LVL 19).

Next time the goal is to find and defeat Jarl Grugnur and his fire giant advisor Hasskaarth, and to cement the alliance with Vaald. The group did not yet search the barracks or the den, the areas from which Gnotmir, and the various frost giants likely came from to enter into the large battle that just ended.

The party gathers back in the Hall of the Iceskull Throne, moving into the hall between the illusory walls. The party moves into the hall between the illusory walls, ready to enter the quarters of the Jarl.

The group is one encounter past a milestone. Many daily powers have been used. Action points may be used.

It is Feb 15, 994 at 2:30 a.m.
Party Gold = 105,085 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)



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