Nexes and the Black Sea

Nexes and the Black Sea

Kissandi whistled to get the attention of the hooded figure slowly paddling the raft 50’ off the shore.

The creature appeared to be skeletal. Kissandi readied an attack before Scathe’s told her that Melora assured her that this creature was not undead.

The creature paddled the boat over, whispering “What do you have to offer for safe passage?” Eventually Kal-Kathier offered some Athasian meat and Xabier gave Nexes 1,000 gp for passage to Sunderheart.

Nexes asked “why would you want to go to Sunderheart?”

When Kissandi caught a glance at the shrouded face of Nexes it appeared to be a skeletal reflection of Kissandi’s face.

Nexes cautioned the heroes not to enter the water and assured them they would need to fight. He said that difficulties they passed would be much easier than ones they were to avoid. He said, “my raft, my rules!”

Nexes requested Xabier’s great axe. Reluctantly, Xabier gave it to Nexes. Nexes turned it into an oar, but said Xabier would be able to return it to its true form as needed. Nexes staff also changed to an oar.

When Xabier saw Nexes face, it appeared a skeletal reflection of Xabier’s face.

Night was falling. The water was inky black and the night was darkening, too. A dim light emanated from Shivon’s necklace, barely illuminating the area surrounding the raft as Xabier and Nexes slowly and quietly paddled them further in a direction that seemed to run parallel to the where the coast extended.

Xabier’s spirit sank. The water beckoned him in. He felt his resistance weakening.

After a couple hours of rowing, two sharks and a sea cat attacked the party. Nexes said, “This means we are in safe waters.” The sea cat got a couple of bites on Kissandi and the sharks bit a couple of others, but the party repelled them well with Kal-Kathier striking multiple sharks at a time, Shivon psychically repelling the sea cat from dragging Kissandi into the water and Kissandi flinging the sea cat back on her own once. Scathe weakened and forced the sharks to retreat. Xabier sliced into the sharks with his great axe. Soon the sharks were killed, one kept for its meat. The sea cat stopped the attack and fled the scene.

About 2-4 hours of paddling later, muffled screams could be heard. Soon, appearing under the clouds crackling with lightning was a ship being torn apart by a shadow kraken.

With hard paddling by Kal-Kathier and Xabier, The Raven Queen’s divine guidance directed through Kissandi, Shivon’s arcanaically acrobatic stunts to save the raft from drifting wreckage and calling upon Melora’s power to direct the storm to center the Kraken’s energies on destroying the larger ship and ignoring the raft, and Scathe’s efforts to walk on the water while pushing the raft forward, the small raft made a narrow escape from the reach and attention of the Kraken.

A couple hours later as dawn began to appear, the light was broken up by several large areas of mist. The mists seemed otherworldly and many screams and loud, strange sounds emanated from them. Nexes said none return who enter the mists. As Nexes guided the raft to avoid the mists, two aboliths emerged, eyes fixed on the heroes.

Next time, aboliths in the mist!



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