Mythic Beasts - Remorhaz and Two Elder Blizzard Dragons

October 4, 2013

Feb 14, 994, at 9:30 a.m.

The group decided to explore in the direction that the runaway giant went. Not far down the path, Ja’Elle found the frost giant seated on the floor, crying softly. After discovering this frost giant never wanted to fight, the group was able to get some information from him confirming the Remorhaz. He said he would pay up if the group would bring its hide to him.

The group decided to battle the Remorhaz. Using Ja’Elle as bait, the group got it out of its lair and into the open. The frost giant threw axes from the ledge above while the party made quick work of the foul beast. Many daily powers were used, but it only swallowed Tyzzer for a few seconds before Kissandi dealt the death blow.

While some beheading and starting to skin the Remorhaz, Ja’Elle searched the lair and found a dagger of surrounding +4.

From here the party decided to try to get more info from the frost giant. He refused to give information, but paid up with a large ruby worth 1000 gp.

The group let the frost giant live and continued south, finding a gaping pit, some ice toads, and two frost giant guards. The frost giants were posted on ledges 30’ above ground level flanking a 30’ high door with a mural.

After doing battle with the giants and the ice toads, the party was surprised to see not one, but two elder blizzard dragons enter the fray, focussing a lot of attacks on Rowena. After a long, difficult battle, the party emerged victorious, and Rowena alive.

The group searched the dragon lair and found a +4 suit of dwarven chainmail and 15,000 gp in valuables.

The goal has been to find a path towards Jarl Grugnur, but the group does not know if they are going in the right direction to find him.

Party Gold = 100,385 g.p.
 (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)
Feb 14, 994 at 1:30 p.m (after a milestone)



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