Heading Towards Despair, the Cliffs of Despair

Heading Towards Despair, the Cliffs of Despair

At dawn amidst the Mists, Kissandi used telepathy to try to convince the aboleths to let them pass. Aboleth skum and servitors emerged and attacked all those on the raft. The aboleth lasher moved in and did battle with Xabier. The aboleth overseer stayed back, dominating Shivon, and using her powers to injure Kissandi and use Kissandi to injure Scathe.

Kal-Kathier cut down several skum and servitors. Xabier took a lashing, but he was able to destroy the lasher. Shivon, after she finally broke free of the domination, protected the party with a beam of fey energy. Scathe continued to heal her allies, before being momentarily knocked unconscious. Kissandi took a stance that destroyed enemies that started next to her. Aboleth hatchlings emerged and were quickly destroyed.

After all but the overseer were destroyed, Shivon and Kissandi leapt onto the overseer. The overseer submerged itself with both Shivon and Kissandi holding on. Shivon was knocked off. Kissandi and the overseer descended to 50’ below see level and the battle continued. Shivon was pulled up by Scathe. Shivon guided Scathe to heal Kissandi. Shivon rejoined the underwater battle.

Two large death drinker skeletons swam towards the fight. The overseer escaped. Shivon helped Kissandi swim up. As the two made it to the surface, the skeletons reached out to grab them, one succeeding and grabbed Shivon. Shivon was able to burst one of her necklace beads to help her escape and damage the now-insubstantial skeleton.

Kal-Kathier, Xabier, and Scathe joined the battle. Kissandi relished destroying these abominations of life.

After defeating this enemy, both Kissandi and Shivon were able to shake off the effects of the dark water they had entered, but Scathe realized that the areas of her armor and of her arms and hands that she used to pull Shivon out were affected and aging. Her armor rusted and aged. The skin on her hands loosened remarkably and she felt her hands and forearms turning into whatever Nexes was, a skeletal looking human. Scathe fell to her knees and retched. Shivon tried to help. Kissandi asked the Raven Queen if it was Scathe’s time? Kissandi felt guidance from the Raven Queen that Scathe was not undead, just affected substantially.

The group continued rowing between the Mists. As they continued a few of them noticed two farmers on a raft a ways off, one grabbed by the Mists and pulled off the raft and right into Mists. The other farmer rowed as fast as he could in the other direction.

Trumpeted and screeching animal sounds along with human screams could be heard from a forested island that was partially covered by Mists. The trees on the island were white wood. The group decided to ignore it and continue on.

Nexes told the group head north through the islands to reach the center of the bay and Sunderheart, go slightly northwest and reach Glimmerhope Crag, or go slightly northeast and reach the Cliffs of Despair. Kissandi said to go northeast and for the Cliffs of Despair.

On the way there, weaving between the small islands, the heroes noticed muddy farm islands where they could hear common being spoken in the distance. The plants appeared unhealthy, the black-leafed trees with thousands of bulbous, bone-colored apples. A sore covered sow was giving birth to several limping piglets, one with only three legs, another with two legs and two half-legs.

The group kept on rowing and approached a mountain spur, surely the one known as the Cliffs of Despair. The cliff overlooks the Black Bay. Though the haze, two humanoids holding hands could be seen atop the cliff. Moments later, the two stepped off the cliff and without a sound fell to their deaths.



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