Almost an Angel

Almost an Angel

Kissandi Saga Part 7

Recently, the group had found their way into the Shadowfell, trying to find a way to destroy the rift that had opened into Lambasa, the capital city. After an arduous path, the group found themselves at what seemed the heart of the maze.

March 2, 994 @ 3:00 pm

Completing the challenge, Kobhein, Drake, and Rabbit shut down some of the active powers on the altar, in the crystal balls, and in the cultist.

After reviving Kissandi and Tilly, the group discusses the difficult choice that lies before them. The realization that if they see out their mission to shut down the rift, they will not be able to leave the Shadowfell the way they came in, but if they leave now the rift will remain open.

As they are talking, they notice the presence of another humanoid hiding in the room. He is called out and met. His name is Malgrim and he is an experience human rogue. He seems only interested in helping Kissandi and seems to think Kissandi will help him someday in the future. The group does not appear to understand him, but he has gained enough trust to join in the mission.

The scholars continue to be argumentative and want no part of staying in the Shadowfell and insist on someone helping them return to Lambasa. Rabbit sees this as a chance to help save Tilly who has clearly been affected by entering the Shadowfell. Ven “Drake” Roberts also says he must leave, and wishes Kissandi and Kobhein well. They all depart.

Kissandi, Kobhein, and Malgrim continue on. They begin more work on the altar area. Kissandi is drawn to face the demon that possessed the shadar-kai and heads through the arcane archway. Kobhein and Malgrim follow.

The gray haze settles throughout this space. A slight wind blows through. Nobody can see beyond 10 feet away. Malgrim’s attempt to break a sunrod is not effective.

Therapin, the suicide demon’s voice can be heard echoing in the space. A clouded battle is fought in what seems to be an MC Escher painting.

The suicide demon demoralizes the group, at one time making Kissandi cut herself, at others suggesting the heroes give up and to release themselves to her control. This sometimes stops the heroes, but only for moments as Kissandi, Malgrim, and Kobhein continue on in the battle.

Therapin says, “there is no way to escape the Shadowfell if you close the gate and there is no way to call Fyria back here! She has been loosed upon your world, you gnats!”

Partway through the battle, Kissandi is confused about whether is was Therapin’s face or the Raven Queen’s face she saw in a vision and carved into her thigh. The feeling of unease eventually lifts with Kissandi reassured in her faith.

When Therapin is bloodied, she starts to spawn demonic manifestations that repeatedly do flyby attacks and annoy the heroes.

Barely surviving, the heroes defeat Therapin. Kissandi destroys four of the remaining six manifestations before being knocked unconscious. With little health left, Malgrim is able to destroy the remaining essence of the suicide demon. Unfortunately, Kobhein did not make it.

Reviving his comrades, Malgrim and Kissandi realize they need to recuperate before continuing on. They are inspired by their heroic victory, but demoralized that their battle with Therapin was not needed to shut down the rift or to find Fyria.

Rabbit and Tilly arrive back in the hall, stating they have brought the others to safety and want to aid in closing this rift.

After recovering enough to carry on, but giving more time for the rift to solidify, the heroes work again at the altar. Malgrim studies the symbols, Kissandi prays to the Raven Queen, while Rabbit and Tilly help out.

The walls of the hall dissipate and now the group stands at the base of a hill, atop which is a marvelous pool of radiance. Four tents stand at corners of the base of the hill. Above the pool of radiance flies Fyria, shadow angel, not looking to happy to have been recalled to this space. Also hovering around the edges of the pool are four shades of fallen heroes.

Kissandi and Fyria challenge one another about the path of the Raven Queen and whose path is true. Kissandi, for today, is unsure which path has been chosen by the Raven Queen, or are both true paths?

A battle ensues. Kissandi and the others quickly fell the shades of fallen heroes.

A githyandki shade appears and does battle with Rabbit and Tilly as Malgrim works at defacing the many markings on the well, seemingly battling the power that has opened the rift.

Kissandi, after becoming invisible to Fyria, the shadow angel, does a flying charge just hitting Fyria in mid-air. Kissandi falls and lands in the pool of radiance. The liquid is thicker than water. Fyria uses shadow wings to obscure the zone around Kissandi, and then charges into the liquid, battling Kissandi in a space now unseen to the others. The two fight. Kissandi is able to make it to the top of the water by using various escape powers, only to be pulled back under by Fyria.

Eventually, the killing blow is leveled on Fyria. She bursts and those near her are swallowed by darkness, almost knocking them out. One of the halflings is able to offer a final prayer that helps mute the power of the well and close the opening to the rift to Lambasa.

The heroes have done it!

The essence of the area itself seems to shake. The darkness gives way to light. The groups reemerges in the hall they had found the shadar-kai who were controlled by Therapin.

Treasures are found including:

  • Shadowfell Signet LVL 19
  • Shadowfell Gloves LVL 16
  • Shadowrift Blade LVL 17 (short sword)
  • A bag that Kissandi knows she needs to take and not open, the Raven Queen told her about it earlier – it is to be a gift to help convert a powerful unbeliever later.

March 3, 994 @ 1:00 am



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