A Well Executed Thievery

A Well Executed Thievery

April 16, 994?

Here’s the plan: Alphariel is going to fly/phase up the shaft, grab the hourglass, then feather fall back down into the waiting teleportation circle created by Rowena.

Stone Arm talks to us. He’s worried about the Mad Architect who’s coming down here. He made a deal with Balarus the Efreet and now owes Balarus the Hourglass. He is only interested in gaining power.

Rowena creates a portal to the thundercloud tower.

Alph grabs the Hourglass and runs to the shaft. Featherfall down. The gleaner and nightwalker jump down after him.

Bui recalls Alph to the circle. We all dive through the circle.

Something happens to keep Craynor and Bui from going through the circle.

They apparently are in the first room of the ziggurat.

There is a color mist there that seems pretty badass.

Bui is doing his best to figure out what’s going on and how to get out.

Craynor is being insane, but eventually starts climbing the walls.

After many starts and stops, they get out.

As the Thundercloud Tower made its way away, the heroes saw the ziggurat phase out as several meteorite hit the ground nearby, leaving steaming craters.

Alphariel is able to put the Hourglass down.

We cast 3 × 360 gp rituals (1080 gp)

Mummy rot cured by Bui – Xabier nearly dies (full hp loss). Bui – half hp loss, Craynor extended rest stays the same, then cured at half hp loss by Bui.

As we are flying over the land where we saw a big battle on the way to the ziggurat, we see that there is now a huge crater and a lot of nasty alien things. Craynor talks to one of the fallen and gains that it was a battle between towns, started by youth of the other town who attacked their elves. The commoner blames inaction and lack of protection on King Goodwell II.

Samaa and Emerth find us.

We head up to the earth mote place.

Guess what. We fight the earthquake dragon. Who could have seen that coming?

The dragon tries to fly away, but Rowena calls on the powers of the elements and crushes the dragon.

It seems we lost a week in the Ziggurat – it should have been less than a day…hmmmm

Stonearm Scourge and Balarus the Efreet are likely dead – trapped in the ziggurat with the alien force inside, too. The ziggurat is now gone.

April 23, 994.



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