Saving Terkent: Kings, Gods, and Meteor Riders
Saving Terkent: Kings, Gods, and Meteor Riders

The last part of our story with these heroes…

Rowena plans to teleport to one of the incoming meteors to try to divert it/them from hitting Siliceous
Kissandi plans to save herself and/or the Raven Queen, then possibly to take on Orcus’ following
Bui – arrived at Journey’s End, now must find and unit the gods’ factions
Tyzzer – pushing back onrushing enemy forces, keeping people of Terkent strong

Rowena enlists the help of Elrilmareum, Shacrois Nuadil, and the monks with whom Ara trained to help prepare her for what is to come. All, except Elrilmareum, join in the mission. After arriving on the meteor, they learn that 3 large ships are pulling the meteors towards the planet. Rowena works to destroy the magical tethers. Then she and the others battle for control of the ships, flying them into other ships pulling a second meteor. They are successful at diverting a meteor, flame through the atmosphere. Rowena survives and joins the fight vs. Adalaentar…

Kissandi, now dead, approaches the Raven Queen, seeking judgment. The Raven Queen is in a predicament, held at bay by Orcus, necromancers, and an undead army. Kissandi and the Raven Queen work together, with the Raven Queen ultimately sacrificing herself to rid the Shadowfell of Orcus, elevating Kissandi to power. Kissandi returns to Lambasa, alive, to help vs. Adalaentar…

Bui utilizes other Sojourners to help find the correct portal at Journey’s End leading to Bahamut. He and the others slip past the aberrant forces at Journey’s End. Bui, with help, is able to convince Bahamut. Bahamut calls Moradin, Pelor, and Avandra. The four gods agree to meet with the old gods. A huge success. Bui departs to help in Lambasa vs. Adalaentar…

Tyzzer, with the help of Ja’Elle, Craynor, PR III, Van de Vries, and even a goliath from Tyr try to deal with many challenges in and around Lambasa. Craynor leads a bear attack on the aberrant forces trying to breech the gates. PR III helps hold the wall. Ja’Elle works to uncover more about and expose the cults. Tyzzer speaks to the people to keep their spirits up. When the undead rise, Van de Vries helps to fight them back. The heroes are successful in saving Lambasa. Tyzzer uses the sending stones to call the others back when Ja’Elle senses the return of Adalaentar.

An epic battle vs. Adalaentar ensues. PR III departs during the battle, but is not convinced to join the dragon. The heroes are successful. The dragon flees without what he came for. The land is free of the dragon and it appears to be the dawn of a new day…

Adalaentar's Departing Gifts and Efforts to Save Siliceous
Adalaentar's Departing Gifts and Efforts to Save Siliceous

Dec 29, 994

LAST TIME – Kissandi coming to - Adalaentar eating Taran the Rogue.

About to attack Adalaentar

Adalaentar: Looking at the dead Taran, “The plague is here. It is too late for this world. I have spared him” Tyzzer rushes to rally Taran, unsuccessfully.

Rowena senses the dragon’s hoard, the kobolds, and the dragon itself is mostly an illusion, that only one kobold is here along with a handful of items.

Adalaentar continues: “For your service in bringing to me the 5, I have left you each a gift.”

Tyzzer refuses a circlet. Bui receives a symbol of revivification in the shape of a walking man. Rowena receives a firebird that circles her head. Allyria receives a totem. Ja’Elle receives a cloak of the shadow. Galean receives boots with wings.

Adalaentar says: “Kissadi, because of your help in bringing the hourglass to me, you will receive two gifts.”

Kissadi receives a black feather of the Raven Queen and a falchion of oaths fulfilled.

Rowena convinces the others that this is really an illusion. Tyzzer still refuses the circlet. Bui leads an attack on the kobold. Tyzzer finishes it off. It morphs into a red dragon wyrmling that bears a striking resemblance to Adalaentar. The group ponders whether this is a younger version who travelled back in time or an offspring.

Tyzzer questions Kissadi about the hourglass. The heroes seem to reconcile that Kissadi did not knowingly betray Tyzzer, that perhaps this was a play by Adalaentar instead.

The pursuit of Adalaentar is dropped in order to help Terkent and Siliceous.

Tyzzer looks to fix the current governing power in Terkent and takes Ja’Elle along with him to help. Tyzzer realizes that this may mean his ascension to the crown and then figuring out how to govern in a time of crises.

Bui looks to uncover where the gods went, particularly Fharlaghn and the Raven Queen, but others, too. If he can find them, he hopes to convince them to seek the Old Gods. He wants to use Journey’s End in his search.

Rowena wants to investigate the distant, but approaching dots in the sky. She plans to seek Elrilmareoum’s assistance.

Kissadi plans to go to the Shadowfell to commune with or find the Raven Queen or to do battle with Orcus and his forces, hoping to regain control over death in the world.

Over the months that follow…

Tyzzer’s path:
Convinces PR III to join. Flies over Lambassa and sees chaos and confusion, looting, destruction, etc. Lands in the castle courtyard. Meets with Van de Vries. Ja’Elle helps find out information from the streets and underground to help Tyzzer. Tyzzer demands and receives an audience with King Goodwell II. A confrontation. Tyzzer demands Goodwell to bring the people together, punching out Goodwell’s advisor. The guards present are ready to battle – more on Tyzzer’s side, but this mess is mostly avoided.

Tyzzer departs for a time to help Rowena meet with Shacrois Nuadil (see Rowena’s story below).

When Tyzzer returns, Van de Vries reports back on PR III’s actions. Guards groups within Lambasa are riled up. Some have been run out of town. Some battles between guards are happening. Tyzzer settles things down. He uses diplomacy to convince Goodwell to leave. Small battles break out, but Tyzzer is able to convince others to calm people and groups down, mainly by meeting with individuals, small groups, and leaders of factions. In this effort, he is able to determine some potential future issues and city leaders who have less interest in law and order. PR III handles the rabble. Tyzzer Zaneeen is named King of Terkent.

Tyzzer mobilizes forces to fight aberrations, undead, crow, etc. He does relatively okay in convincing people to stay together, despite the world seemingly in chaos. He does relatively okay in mobilizing people to fight. There are some issues, but many hold together.

Rowena’s path:
Rowena makes many attempts to travel through dimensions to reach the starts. Her skin white in parts, ashen in parts from these difficult dimensional shifts, she realizes she must seek aid to achieve her goal. She seeks out Elrilmareoum. Rowena’s experiences and Elrilmareoum’s gathering of information from other adventurers and theoretical studies together have helped Rowena improve her understanding. Elrilmareoum helps Rowena figure that she needs more help. Rowena finds Tyzzer and together they travel to meet with Shacrois Nuadil, the gold dragon in the Feywild.

Shacrois is happy to help a friend of Tyzzer, Craynor, and Alphariel. In fact small parts of each of their essences seem to be in the dragon, as the dragon is a part of them, too. Rowena asks Shacrois to help figure out Adalaentar’s motives. Together they think perhaps Adalaentar left because he thought this world would not survive. How could a red dragon part with such valuable parts of his treasure? They thought perhaps he gifted the heroes so that they would seek him back out and he could take not only the gifts he gave back, but the items they also had attained through their adventures after killing them.

Shacrois can help Rowena get to the approaching meteors, but does not know how to help her survive once she is there. He also provides Rowena sending stones to use in communication with Tyzzer, Bui, and Kissadi.

The question of whether Rowena is purpose or power driven bubbles to the surface as she considers the fact that she may replace Corellon for this world. For now, anyways, she is purpose driven, trying to save the world from the oncoming meteors, in an effort to see another Spring.

In seeking how to survive on the meteors after consulting more with Elrilmareoum and deciding that perhaps meditation and guidance from monks with help, she tracks down fellow elf, Ara. The group Ara leads is called the Crystal Hand. The training the lead Rowena on is intense. She is learning not to breathe for seconds, then minutes, then hours. Her endurance is tested.

Along the way, Rowena uses quite a bit of her treasure to aid her in attaining information and alliances.

Kissadi’s path:
It starts off with a big battle in the Shadowfell. Kissadi is able to speak across plains to Shyleth, the Goliath bard in Tyr, who now plays bagpipes. Shyleth says there have been problems with natural death in Tyr. A celestial object eclipses the sun for about a year. Shyleth is able to join Kissadi in the Shadowfell. Kissadi is able to find the reflection of Tyr in the Shadowfell, where the meteor is hurtling towards Tyr.

The Shadowfell is a mess. Sorrowsworn are trying to destroy the masses, many of whom are not traveling towards their natural final end, but instead massing up, many returning to life as undead. The shader kai monks need a guide and seek out Kissadi.

Kissadi sees hope fading, does not know what she can do. Could the end of her life bring about the knowledge she needs? The sorrowsworn beat Kissadi back into a mountain of shadar kai who beat Kissadi within an inch of her life. Kissadi communes with Nicodemus, who tells her to fulfill the circle of life. A flail crushes Kisssai, who falls into a river, pulled by the current and over a waterfall. Confusion abounds. A white winged being rises up.

Bui’s path:
John “Bui” Collins seeks the new Gods, starting a Journey’s End. Next, Bui calls the Sojourners back together by activating his compass. Many Sojourners arrive. After investigation, the Sojourners suggested they have been abandoned by the good aligned gods and possibly by some, if not all of the neutral aligned gods. They are not fully sure. Bui suggests continuing their investigation, seeking subtle signs, before approaching evil aligned gods.

The investigation continues as they look for subtle signs, ways the evil gods are unable to fulfill their wishes. They look for celestial signs, incomplete destruction. Using their faith, perception, and all their resources, the results remain murky, unclear.

Faith has gotten him this far. Bui believe the gods witll find a way. He keeps looking for signs to pick up on and insight on where to go. For a moment, he has a brief aha moment and realizes that being immortal means no fear of death and dying, but before he can use this to track where a god may retreat to, Bui loses the feeling.

For next time – the last part of the story we will tell…

Rowena – on one of the meteors
Tyzzer – holding out as leader, looking for a clear enemy (forces of Orcus? Aberrant forces?) with the help of Craynor and Ja’Elle
Bui – Now is so close to finding out where the gods are, completing this search, then convincing them to speak with/listen to the Elder gods
Kissadi – alive or dead? Orcus running rampant?

Approximately June 995…

Breaking the Dragon Bond (The Old Gods and the New Gods)
Breaking the Dragon Bond (The Old Gods and the New Gods)

Dec 15, 994

Notable moments:

Flying the tower to the site of the temple, Kissandi seeing distant dots in the sky.

Figuring out how to enter the temple (the elements, the riddle, wounding oneself with cold) – deciphering the runes of the fire, water, air, and earth element statues – then reading the riddle to embrace the cold burn, suffer and be rewarded…

The veil dropped/raised as you appeared in a more ancient temple, walked into the sphinx, then found yourself in a small room with an altar and two listening statues that said:

At the “listening statues” it was written “Only a pure of heart and mind may pass. Confess what darkens your heart, what haunts your dreams, and what regret falters your step.”

Fears/Darkened Hearts/Etc:
Tyzzer – not able – innocence will fall, regret – unable to save companions
Rowena – have not ascended to what Corellon wants me to be be…not getting there – killing Adalaentar, doesn’t care about the world
Kissandi – natural order of death changed by Orcus and his minions
Bui – struggling to help travelers – failing as a guide.

Back to the adventure…

Wall opening up and a staircase that you descended… eventually descended several levels before finding an Taran the Rogue held in a cage with a vision of Adalaentar before him, with
Galean the Genasi laying prone beside him. What did your character see and do?

Bui - guiding the others to Odakata/Friend – Friend speaking of the Old Gods and the New Gods and imploring the characters to get the New Gods to seek the advice of the Old Gods in an effort to save the world.

After Taran, Galean, and Allyria were convinced and the characters sought Adalaentar

Kobolds arrived and spoke, then convinced the characters had all that Adalaentar wanted. The characters were engulfed in flames and appeared in Adalaentar’s lair.

5 linked characters laying before Adalaentar – bleeding from the back of the head – the efforts to save them – the kobolds packing the gold…

Saving efforts by Bui & Tyzzer, while Rowena determined Adalaentar was not weakened.

Kissandi coming to - Adalaentar eating Taran the Rogue.

NEXT TIME – attacking Adalaentar

Will start on Dec 29, 994 next time.

Adalaentar's Illusion and Dealing with the Dragon
Adalaentar's Illusion and Dealing with the Dragon

Dec 1, 994

Bui, Tyzzer, and Rowena find themselves in the lair of Adalaentar, the ancient red dragon. Ja’Elle is dying and infected, and lies amidst the treasure hoard of Adalaentar. Kissandi is missing.

The dragon convinces the three to try to summon the 3 others he controls back to him (Allyria the elf, Taran the Rogue and Galean the Genasi). He says this will allow him to sever the tie and that he will save Kissandi and Ja’Elle. Tyzzer tries unsuccessfully to heal Ja’Elle. Kissandi serves a valuable role to the group and they decide to seek the other three to see if they are willing to take this risk.

The veiled illusion falls. Kissandi replaces Adalaentar and collapses from head pain.

Tyzzer wants to turn the connection against the dragon. Kissandi thinks that once we have all five, maybe we can. Bui and Rowena are not too sure, as the dragon may be able to summon them once they have all five.

The group flies to SE Terkent and finds a small group digging into the winter ground with their hands. All but one flee the descending chariot. The heroes meet Allyria. She speaks of a large, blue man who visited looking for them yesterday. They are confused how anyone would know they were traveling here. Later they agree to seek and bring this genie back to prove them trustworthy to Allyria and her people. First the group helps arrange the stones in the ground with Allyria. They sense an arcanic power in the stones and a natural protection by them, too, when arranged correct. Allyria explains that those affected and aberrant continue to mess with the stones and the natural protection.

In our montage, we learn that the aberrants are causing the crops to fail. A last resort was to ask the gods of nature for their help. They have less trust in each other and humanity now with some affected. Burial rituals changed to deeply affect morale (zombie like creatures amongst them). There is a flash back to Allyria in her childhood. She appears Goth, a follower of the Raven Queen, on a similar path as Kissandi. She travelled to Tyr and thought she was a dragon in Tyr.

Kissandi has a vision of the Raven Queen captured by Orcus.

Rowena uses a ritual, getting a map of the area from a fellow druid like companion of Allyria. Tyzzer’s understanding of history of the coin given to Allyria by the genie connects the coin to history. The group is able to complete the ritual and locate the large blue man. His name is Zilwazaraat and he says he is a deal broker. He tells the group that Krombalt, the storm giant king, is dead, and now his daughter, Elektra, rules in his place. He says that Elektra sent him to bring the heroes to meet with her. The heroes ask how he knew they’d be at this location and how he arrived a day before them? His explanation seems to show his concept of time and space is not like theirs.

The group travels to meet Elektra where they find Shivon Stormrider tied to the ground. Tyzzer questions Elektra. Elektra says Shivon led a group that destroyed her father. Shivon admits to as much, saying that Krombalt cared too much for this plane and not enough about the Feywild. It seems Elektra wishes her father still lived and led. Elektra leaves judgment to Kissandi. Kissandi says it makes no difference and Elektra can decide.

The group leaves. Allyria agrees to join them. They set off to the sacred temple to find Taran the Rogue.

Will start on Dec 15, 994 next time.

Representatives of the Gods
Representatives of the Gods

May 7, 994

The group found a hatch-door in the floor and descended further into the mountain, eventually entering a temple of sorts. A ritual was taking place. Two humanoids were at a long table in front of a portal. Two rat men stood guard nearby. A larger creature with tendrils and many otherworldly eyes floated in a corner. In the center, many aberrant creatures encircled a writing humanoid who lay on runes.

The heroes quietly approached until an electrified trap zapped them and alerted the celebrants that they had company.

One of the humanoids quickly escaped through the portal. One of the rat-men was killed by the heroes. Rowena created a portal jump where the heroes entered the fray near the lead tables. A battle ensued. Rowena took some big wounds early on, but rallied with the help of Tyzzer and Bui. Tyzzer commanded the battle field as Kissandi felled many aberrant enemies. Bui’s radiant energy dematerialized many of the foes, too.

During the battle, the other humanoid turned into whatever it touched. The overlord (tendrils & many eyeballs) got into the heads of three of the four heroes, seemingly marring particular memories, even stealing them, before escaping into the portal.

The rest of the enemies were destroyed. After healing the humanoid who lay on the ground, the heroes tried to gain more information. It seems he was a willing participant in this ritual.

The heroes destroyed the portal and returned back to Shacrois Nuadil. After discussing what comes next, the heroes realized with the gold dragon’s and Friend’s helpful advice, that it was time to do more for their gods.

For the next several months, each hero attempted to help others in the world fend off major challenges and to help turn the tide. Many developments occurred along the way. (Conducted as groups skills challenges and storytelling, with an intention to give all a reason to work together, too).

Bui’s story – protecting the Oasis at Journey’s End. The Striders of Fharlanghan could travel through here and get healing. This is the center. Cagewrights had uncovered enemies. Many others wanted to invade to take this over as a port city, like Sigil. Three exulted Angels, Bui (a strider) and other Striders, and Guardians of the Road set up to defend. The first goal was to defend the city. Espionage to gain information about the location of the city. Gods of neutrality were recruited to help defend. This defense failed as others gained knowledge of its location. The second goal was to limit travel ability by creating sandstorms, causing heat exhaustion, mess ion with runes (planar magic). Other gods and their forces gained access to the city as this defense failed, too. The defenders of the city were successful, guided by Bui, in not allowing those who travelled through to gain access to the healing powers within the city. Now, the Oasis at Journey’s End has become open to travelers and invaders, but is not a place of rest and respite.

Rowena’s story – In Corellon’s study planning the repulsion of the Underdark Surge. The Selarinne. The elven gods have their champions and minions. Rowena and others lead the various factions (winged elves, unicorns, dolphins) against Lloth, the Goddess of the Night, and the dark elves. The first challenge is a battle with the illithid. The battle is won, but with complication. Some illithid have enthralled leaders and created puppet regimes. Pelow was seduced by Lolth, another complication, and the sun turned dark for a time. This allowed the third challenge to fail, as masses of the Underdark conducted deadly night raids, now controlling the forest areas above ground. Eventually Pelor figured out it was Lloth and banished her, but the crow did damage and more night raids are occurring.

Kissandi’s story – She assumes the mantle of ushering the dead to their final rest. Orcus is the problem. Raven Queen minions are a misfit, rebel army. The first challenge is harvesting corpses from the elven carnage and the night raids. Bui leads religious leaders (aka the Red Cross). He helps train clerics. This is a total success as they set up triage unit and help at battlefields. The second challenge is an effort to make healing spells unavailable (a curse). The Raven Queen’s army tries to infiltrate the necromancers. This is a success, but with complication as healing is affected. Resurrection still works, but minor healing spells are less effective. Surge Values are dampened. It takes longer to recover. The curse is somewhat in effect. The third challenge is the increasing number of undead. Kissandi leads and takes the fight to them. It is a success with complication. The undead masses are reduced, but Kissandi takes a terrible wound in the battles. The Skull of Sartine, there helping all along, heals Kissandi, but has lost faith in her and is no longer around when Kissandi regains consciousness. It has left, likely with another member of the misfit rebel army, or possibly with the enemy.

Tyzzer’s story – He returns to his hometown, Wellby and enlists his parents, paladins of Pelor) to help. They pray to Pelor. Months of training and organizing the paladins of Pelor. Earthly battles. Adds in Goodwell’s forces to help, but also to see whether they are more loyal to Goodwell or Tyzzer in this battle agains the forces of the Elder Elemental Eye.

Portals to the Far Realm are being created. Tyzzer leads forces to shut these down. The first challenge is the insidious tendrils taking control of small towns. The effort to win the hearts and minds of people and to fight those in cults is a failure. More cults are developing and people are not being swayed by the paladins of Pelor. The second challenge is that aberrants are spilling out into the world. This battle is a success as they are fought back in a heroic effort. The third challenge is location and shutting down portals and rifts. More are being created. The crusaders gain a compacted success here. The numbers of portals are not expanding, but there is less knowledge of where new portals are, but many of the old ones have been shut down.

Along the way Tyzzer learns the vast majority of Goodwells forces are more loyal to Tyzzer than to Goodwell, believing Tyzzer has the best interest of Terkent in mind. Tyzzer has reconnected with his parents and Pelor. Bui has become the right hand of the God of Travel. Kissandi has become the bane of undeath in Terkent and Rowena has gained access to more of Corellon’s power in the battle vs. Lloth and her minions. PR III is still willingly working with the heroes.

Major world developments (recap) - Oasis at Journey’s End now an accessible portal to all, making it much more complicated in defending and preparing, more night raids led by the Underdark, who now control many of the forests and some puppet regimes controlled by Illithid, the battle against the undead has been successful except at the cost of healing magic become less effective worldwide (as minor healing and healing surges are dampened), and despite many of the aberrant forces being fought back, more cults are developing in the world as new portals in unknown locations seem to replace the old ones that have been destroyed in the wars.

Ended with the loss of two wondrous items, the Skull of Sartine and the Deluvian Hourglass.

Will start on Dec 1, 994 next time.

A Clearer Vision and Purpose
A Clearer Vision and Purpose

Scenes from around Siliceous:

Van de Vries montage – A series of guards telling stories of problems – a baby with tentacles, a creature bursting out of a person, etc. Guards asking Van de Vries to set up an investigative group. Van de Vries asks King Goodwell. Goodwell says no. Instead he tells Van de Vries to set out a quarantine area in Lambasa. Cut to a scene at the gate with a caravan of people entering. Van de Vries is there, escorting a companion who is struggling, a woman. He listens to her. Much of what she says is incomprehensible, but he is able to discern her talk of rips in the world, creatures stepping in and out of them. She says she saw one companion dragged into the forest, only to be back the next day. Then she saw a creature burst out of another companion, but he was fine later. Her stories got crazier and crazier. She became a joke to her companions who all thought she was out of her mind. She was sent here. Van de Vries relates the story to Goodwell. He dismisses it. As the camera pans away it goes back to Goodwell, alone on the throne. A black cloud goes over Goodwell’s eyes suggesting he is affected…

Quartz Tower of Wizardry – Jalen, current head of the wizard order, a center of research and very busy in this time of confusion. Jalen had heard of a long past head of the tower named Mortain. Jalen felt compelled to go to the top of the tower. It was there where he say the long dead wizard Mortain, who Jalen had once served as an apprentice long ago. Mortain used to wear silver robes, but now, in death, was dressed in black robes that sucked light into it. Mortain said “you have a new role to play and death is of little importance” as the life was taken from Jalen. “Now summon your apprentice and we can change him too…”

Sigil – Craynor stands at the edge of Reality with Derezim’s dog. Over time, portal entrants had come from various places. Some from Athas, some from the Underdark, etc. This time, a hoard of tentacles with 7 eyes, a vicious beast emerged and destroyed the dog first. Craynor fought heroically, even epically, but in the end was enveloped and consumed by this fell beast, too.

A rural farming area – Parents in denial of the stories of aberrant beasts and alien forces in the world. The kids were excited about the stories, but the parents said it was nothing. The woods nearby had started to go bad. Some local dogs returned from the woods deformed and mutated. Parents said it was nothing, but don’t leave the house anymore. A group of 12-14 year olds got together and bravely entered the woods. The found soul creatures and the kids were doing alright, becoming a young group of adventurers and helping in their area…

We return to Rhendlich, where it is now sometime on the day of April 30, 994. PR III departs from Zigana’s hut. Zigana asks Bui if she should do a group reading or do individual readings for each in the room? Bui answers individual readings. Zigana draws out some cards and begins to splay them out for Tyzzer, Rowena, Kissandi, and Bui. Tyzzer, Kissandi, and Bui see something in the cards drawn and their pattern. Tyzzer saw something about fiends taking over the world and it will be the ordinary people who rise up to take on this challenge. Rowena believes it is hocus pocus and does not help in the way true studies will.

After the readings, the characters have communication with their gods.

Fharlaghn shows up. A vision that all share. Bui asks should I lead others to safety or to the battle? Fharlaghn says that at some point all must fight. Bui asks what are the gods doing? Fharlaghn says that some are more involved than others and that he is trying to keep the peace. It seems that Bui must follow this same path. Fharlaghn says that chaos could lead to the world begin torn apart if the gods continue fighting. The birds that fly near Fharlagn transform into small versions of the gods (Orcus, Vecna, Corellon, etc.) and accentuate the story.

Rowena envisions herself in Corellon’s library, a regular vision when Rowena meditates. Sometimes Corellon is there, other times he is not. She studies in this way in her nightly trance. Corellon is there this time. Rowena is told that her time is almost done in this form. If Rowena can accomplish preventing the end of this world, she will continue on. There is very, very little chance of that if she fails. Then Corellon sprouted black tentacles and mutated aborantly.

Tyzzer has a vision of a spring night with the world, Siliceous, talking to him. People taken. The world is ripped. Possession. Devouring. People need a hero to rally around. Lead by example. Let your presence provide hope. If you ever despair, the world is lost. This weighs heavily on Tyzzer’s mind. Tyzzer sees those he knew before changing into aberrant creatures as the world came apart.

Kissandi hallucinated after eating tainted clams. She sees the Raven Queen, but this time in her most clear vision of her god. The Raven Queen tells Kissandi that Kissandi needs to take over. As Kissandi stops listening, the Raven Queen says there is more… I will be back, you are but a caretaker until I return. You will know who you can trust. I will send a raven. (It may not be an actual raven, but a symbol that Kissandi will see when in a time of great need that she can trust this helper). Then the Raven Queens face was covered in blackness, a tentacle sprouted where her head used to be. Her legs fell off. 6 arms emerged where her legs had formerly been. This abomination began to move. The inky blackness covered its tentacle face again and for a moment Kissandi saw the face of Ja’Elle replace the tentacle, then her own, before the blackness dissipated and the tentacle reemerged. Her head throbbed.

Near the end of the Kissandi’s vision, after long clutching her gut in pain and lying on floor in the fetal position, Kissandi writhed in pain and clutched her head. Bui, Tyzzer, and Zigana all tried their healing on Kissandi, but Kissandi blacked out for a time.

When she came to, Kissandi cracked open the sack she had carried for some time. It grew warm quickly and smoke billowed out of it filling the room. Choking. She closed the bag, remembering she was supposed to convert Rowena and give it to her. Rowena was not ready to convert. Kissandi opened the bag and took out a blackened, burnt skull. Although it was warm to the touch, Kissandi felt as though it made her warm up and she quickly noticed the warmth less. She also felt a kinship with it, as it spoke telepathically with her about spreading the worship of the Raven Queen, sending the living to their just reward: death, and mercilessly stamping out those who meddle in the affairs of death and are not affiliated with the Raven Queen, especially those pledged to the demon prince Orcus. The skull acts as an orb and bestows other powers to Kissandi.

After discussing their visions with one another and after PR III returned, the group decided it would be better to visit Shacrois Nuadil without PR III. Kissandi was going to be a new face to Shacrois. Bringing someone that they did not fully trust along may be a risk. PR III gave Zigana something, likely pay, and then told Tyzzer and the other that he looked forward to learning more about how he could help save the world with them after their visit with the dragons.

The heroes spent nearly two days with Zigana in total.

Zigana and Rowena helped the group teleport into the Feywild to the location of the dragons.

The group was in the tunnels and chambers within the volcano. The smell of sulfur filled the air. The dragons and their servants welcomed the group and they reacquainted. Shacrois did not appear surprised to see the group, in fact he asked the group to help them before the group could tell him that they needed his help. Shacrois said he was aware of an increasing entry of Outsiders. He wanted to close a teleportation circle that existed on the Isle of Dread near a lot of the recent aberrant activity on the Isle. The circle connects to another within the volcano mountain. Tyzzer and the others wanted to go further to close a gate to the Far Realm, but that hadn’t been found yet. The group agreed to help with the mission. But, first the group was introduced to a prisoner of the dragons, Sarax.

Held on a small raised shelf surrounded by magma, Sarax was imprisoned. The sivak draconians helped the heroes fly over to talk with him. Tyzzer wanted to see why Sarax came to the dragons. Sarax appeared to understand that Terkent needed saving, many including him had screwed up, and wanted to be part of the solution to help save Terkent from Goodwell and other problems. Sarax said various gods had told him how to act. He thought he could enlist all the powers he got to help, but in the end it appeared to tear apart his mind. Bui suggested foliowing Fharlaghn to lead him to a better mind and better future. Sarax seemed to listen, but was hesitant to commit to yet another god.

The group then met with an old friend, one Bui immediately recognized as the being they call Friend. Friend had brought Laeralin with him to the dragons. They shared bread and water with the heroes. Friend relayed that the gods are failing us. In their efforts to rule and do war upon one another they have left us open to destruction. Vecna will win. The outsiders will destroy us. The heroes questioned, why Vecna? It seems that Vecna’s desire to gain information has led him to fool others into allowing this new, aberrant life to enter the world. Perhaps Vecna believes this will destroy much of his competition, or that he will survive and be able to learn more secrets. Friend did not seem to know why, but believed that Vecna was helping lead the gods into this heightened battle with one another.

Friend said that Laeralin was no longer accepted in society because his reputation had been damned by the others in the WJN, but one day when his rep was repaired, he could help lead those who will do right again. For now, he believes you have two options. Option 1 – try to save the world, perhaps by stopping war and hate between individuals and groups here or by forming unlikely alliances between believers in different and followers of opposing gods. Option 2 was to forge a new world. You have paths to some of the other planes. Gather materials/components that you can use to create a new world.

Tyzzer believed option 2 was not an option, that this would be giving up. For now, the path would be to try to stop the war of the gods and to work to end this threat from the Far Realm on our world.

The group spent several days with the dragons and meeting the others.

The group then went with the 3 dragons through the portal. Whilst the dragons fought outside to close the gate, the 4 heroes entered an area that had become a kobold controlled site. Upon entering noises could be heard both nearby and a bit further away. As Tyzzer led the group around the first corner, several serpents appeared and then disappeared. Soon the serpents surrounded three in the group and attacked. The serpents snaked into the heroes minds, weakening their spirits. It was difficult to hit them, but once the heroes broke through, they dispatched the serpents. During the battle, the group noticed nearly surgically opened kobold craniums with no brain left inside.

After opening the next gate, many more serpents appeared and then disappeared. A brain collect or Neh-Thalggu, was currently devouring the brain of another kobold. Only one living kobold remained in the room. Unfortunately that kobold was later destroyed by one of the serpents. It took resources and time, but the heroes battled through the serpents, with area attacks by Rowena and Bui dispatching many. Tyzzer directed the hand of Kissandi to dispatch more, and then led the charge against the Neh-Thalggu. For short times, the brain collector dominated a party member, but with help from Bui and Tyzzer, this was quickly reversed. Not too long later, the heroes were victorious and had taken out the last of these aberrations.

The battle just ended. No short rest has yet been taken.

The story continues next time.

It is currently evening on May 7, 994.

Fortunes, Cults, or Prophecies?
Fortunes, Cults, or Prophecies?

Kissandi trailed the kenku, following him to two dive bars. At the second the kenku tried to sneak out during a bar fight, now involving him. Kissandi was able to track and follow him. This led her to a unlit back alley where she saw the Kenku talk with another humanoid. Kissandi was able to use the hat of disguise and pretend to be a drunkard in the alleyway to convince the kenku that nothing was amiss.

At dawn the next morning, Kissandi broke her meditation to follow the kenku, who was climbing stealthily from rooftop to rooftop to a secret meeting in the market with the butcher. Kissandi was again able to use the hat of disguise and a good bluff to make the butcher believe that she was the kenku and found a way to get him to give her the address of their contact.

Kissandi travelled to a much better part of Lambasa, where she saw the three story home with two guards. She staked it out and watched. When she saw the butcher approaching, she used a visage of the Raven Queen to scare him senseless. She was able to enter the building and found a snake-man (some type of yuan-ti, looking almost mummified) writing notes and paging through a book.

Kissandi, now with her allies along, used the hat of disguise a third time to be the butcher and try to pass the guards. It took some doing, but she scared the guards senseless as they fled, but not before warning who was inside.

Confronting Nsi, the yuan-ti, after Kissandi led an attack, the group decided to stop fighting and talk to Nsi. The heroes used their charm, wit, and sheer will to learn that Nsi seemed to be a lead informant about the coming Far Realm apocolypse. He wants to convert those who will listen to Zehir.

Tyzzer was nearly singed when he tried to look at Nsi’s log, but Rowena was able to spend a couple hours reading it and discerned that this group had made many markings at recent locations in Lambasa, and around the globe. Also, the teleporting Temple of Zehir that some in the group had visited earlier may be an escape from this world, if indeed the world is lost to the effects of the Far Realm.

Arriving very late to their meeting with PR III, the group saw the abandoned barn in the distance starting to go up in flame. Bui, recognizing very quickly that this likely meant PR III was in trouble with the Imix cultists, told the group and Tyzzer urged the heroes to hustle to his aid.

The heroes made fairly short work of the Imix cultists, learning in the battle that PR III was quite a fighter. Kissandi led the charge to minimizing Mulligan Finch. Rowena was unscathed by the flames of battle. Kissandi led the charge into the burning part of the building to attack a fire archon who appeared to be trying to escape. PR III finished the archon off. No Imix cultists escaped. This seemed very important to PR III, who did not want word of this internal battle to spread back to others in the cult.

Rowena was given PR III’s notes and she made a portal to a small hut in Rhendlich, the home of Zigana, the fortune teller. She said, “The world as we know is part of a thread that has been pulled taught. An unknown force is trying to fray this thread. Whether that force succeeds or not, there are ways to survive…none will come easy.”

She continued, “you come seeking my advice. I must know you better first. Humor me, show me who you are, and play this game.” She, with the help of seasoned Nanuk-teacher Kissandi, taught the others how to play. Zigana dominated the game with Bui coming in second. The group worked together at times as hunters or doomsayers, but at other times split up.

After the game, Zigana closed her eyes for longer than a blink, and then seemingly without opening her eyes, radiant blue light shone out from her eye sockets. Bui remembered seeing this before with the Architect. He has seen the world in this type of light since that experience.

Zigana started chanting incomprehensible words. Reflexively all joined in the chant. Eventually the words became comprehensible and the group chanted this over and over:

End of Winter

Over the still world, a bird calls
waking solitary among black boughs

You wanted to be born; I let you be born.
When has my grief ever gotten
in the way of your pleasure?

Plunging ahead
into the dark and light at the same time
eager for sensation

as though you were some new thing, wanting
to express yourselves

all brilliance, all vivacity

never thinking
this would cost you anything,
never imagining the sound of my voice
as anything but part of you-

you won’t hear it in the other world,
not clearly again,
not in birdcall or human cry,

not the clear sound, only
persistent echoing
in all sound that means good-bye, good-bye-

the one continuous line

that binds us to each other.

Everyone returned to their senses and began discussing what this means.

Zigana draws out some cards and begins to splay them out…

Next time, we will finish the meeting with Zigana, and then to go see the dragons (possibly without PR III). After this we plan to work to end this threat from the Far Realm on our world.

It is now sometime on the day of April 30, 994.

A Threat From Beyond This World
A Threat From Beyond This World

The night started as planned. It was late on April 27, 994 when all of our detective work began to pay off.

Kissandi felt the statue vibrating and heard it buzzing in the center of the graveyard. Rowena’s bird circled the sky looking for clues. Bui held tight on the dark side of the temple roof. Tyzzer heard a scraping noise behind him in the temple.

A dull necrotic light emitted from the statue and a group of 3 ghostly figures approaching leading a cultist of Orcus.

The battle between Kissandi, Bui, and Rowena and Orcus’ force ensued while Tyzzer intimidated the kenku scrawler in the temple.

Every lightning attack by Rowena seemed to trigger the statue to crackle with electric energy. The statue later began to animate and simultaneously emit blue mist that became more and more thick.

Bui’s immortal presence seemed to confound the enemy, not allowing them to damage Kissandi or Rowena.

Kissandi held the entire Orcus force away from the statue and away from her allies as she attacked.

Tyzzer saw the kenku had drawn the same triangular rune on the altar in the temple. The kenku kept saying things in various sounds and languages. Eventually Tyzzer got this out of him “it is the time, the time is here…there is no turning back” as Tyzzer understood the kenku to be trying to spread word of the end of times.

4 Angels of Sorrow and another Angel associated with the Raven Queen descended. The Angels of Sorrow tore apart the already injured Orcus cult leader. The last of insubstantial enemies fled at this point.

To Bui and Rowena, it appeared the angels only were there but a second. However, Kissandi felt their presence for longer as she spoke with them. The lead angel told Kissandi that She is missing, and that there is much more at stake here than Orcus, we need help. The lead angel said they would return to the Shadowfell to find Her, and that Kissandi needed to find out more about what is happening and to lead in dealing with this new and unexpected threat.

After Kissandi destroyed the Chillsparks from the Far Realm, led by Rowena, the heroes sealed the rift created in the statue that seemed to be an opening from the Far Realm.

The kenku was questioned. Kissandi said the best way to gain more knowledge of what is happening is to let the kenku free and to trail him. That is what she did while the others went to the abandoned barn on the outskirts of Lambasa to meet PRIII. On this night, Kissandi followed the kenku to the slums in town, but learned no more of the new threat.

In the meeting with PRIII, PR III said overwhelming evidence and witnesses had been found directly linking Goodwell to the murder of the Lambasan Crow and compelling evidence had been uncovered that Goodwell has a cozy alliance with Adalaentar. PR III (Flame Brother) said the bad news is that does not matter right now because the world we seek to change for the better is torn.

A discussion of this new threat from the Far Realm ensues. PR III says there is evidence of Far Realm beings entering the world in various locations in Terkent, Rhendlich, and Mar-Dir. He says this could undo the world as we know it.

In the discussion, the heroes and PR III question why the war between the gods has ramped up of late and what must be done. PR III is questioned about why he is aligned with evil forces. He says all will have a role. One god does not rule supreme nor hold sway over what is best for the world. He both praises and questions Imix.

PR III is still interested and expecting to share the Deluvian Hourglass with Tyzzer. Tyzzer is not ready to honor this commitment yet.

PR III says he and the heroes need to gain more knowledge of how to deal with this new threat. He says he has someone, a Seer name Zigana, that he wants to get counsel with and invites the heroes to go with him. He also sees the wisdom in the heroes (and possibly him) meeting with the dragons for more wisdom. He believes all sources that can help should be consulted. The heroes agree.

Next time, we plan to regather the party, and meet with PR III on the night of April 28, 994 to travel to meet Zigana, and then to go see the dragons (likely without PR III). After this we plan to work to end this threat from the Far Realm on our world.

It is now early morning, pre-dawn on April 28, 994.

Concern for the Capital
Concern for the Capital

April 25, 994

The attacks from Adalaentar have stopped. The storm dies down.

There is confusion and some chaos amongst those who defended Castle Locathah.

Somehow we have returned to this scene. Could the hourglass have brought us back here?

There is confusion. Tyzzer and Bui talk to the Silver Hand that remain. Sarax is gone. Tyzzer asks who will lead? Lyrie Akenja does not know yet. Tyzzer and Bui convince more to unite in the aftermath of Sarax’s dip into insanity (killing of Nan and condemnation of Tyzzer over using Mani the boxer as a messenger to the secret organization).

Kissandi arrives during the calm after the storm. There are questions about her arrival. She serves the Raven Queen, but is concerned that she could not find her god in the Shadowfell as she expected. Perhaps there will be clues in this dimension.

Bui figures out that they are in the northern King’s Mountains, on the coast. Eventually the group teleported to their flying tower. The four set out on the flying tower back to Lambasa.

Descending behind the gates of Lambasa, Kissandi spots zombies in a graveyard and flies to the attack. Over the next couple days, the group meets with Elrilmarioum at the University (Roweana), Mike, a trusted town guard (Tyzzer & Bui), and deal out death to more undead (Kissandi).

The heroes learn of guard patrols being used for regular crime, while outsiders (mostly elf brigades) are being sent to deal with the undead and the fire cultists (Imix).

Kissandi tries to figure out what is leading the rise of undead in Lambasa. She finds triangular patterned symbols in a recently defaced shrine to Corellon.

Rowena studies at the university trying to put together information to help the group. A note arrives from PR III (signed FB – short for Flame Brother) to set up a meeting.

Later Bui & Tyzzer meet with Van de Vries and tell him that he is not doing his job. He clearly feels threatened by the heroes and is not trusted by them.

All turn their attention to piecing together clues about the rise of the undead and where the next hit may be. Kissandi gathers clues from her two nights of slaughtering undead in the city. Tyzzer talks to town guards for more information. Rowena looks for details in written works. Bui uses his street smarts to discern patterns on the map. Together the group is able to uncover a pattern.

The timing expected is the same night as the proposed meeting with PR III outside of town. Bui uses a ritual twice to communicate with PR III. The group is expected to with him later that night, even if they arrive late.

The group sets up at a location of worship, with images of many gods in the cathedral and a large field of gravestones.

It is night. Kissandi hides by the central statue. Rowena is on an adjacent street, her bird flying and trying to see into the pockets of streetlight. Bui is on the roof of the cathedral, away from the moonlight, keeping a lookout. Tyzzer peers out of the opened doors of the cathedral.

Kissandi feels a buzzing and senses vibrations in the statue. Bui, Rowena, and Kissandi see various patches of ground move, as though something or someone is emerging from the graves below. A little later Tyzzer hears a sound behind him, a scraping. He turns to see a hooded figure with stone or metal scraping into a statue about 60-70’ away. A light (looks arcane and/or necrotic to Kissandi) approaches the statue from the opposite side as the cathedral.

Kissandi 35
Rowena 30
Bui 27
Tyzzer 18

It is now night on April 27, 994. It is dark outside.

Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness

The White Wizard was interested in Scathe’s offering and he skeletal hand.

The internal struggle to fight the White Wizard or to parlay and offer him information he sought was coming to a boil.

Xabier wanted to reconcile with the spirit of his brother.

Kal Kathier wanted to return to Athas to help his world.

Scathe wanted a return to her former party.

Shivon sought a way out of the Shadowfell and back to the Feywild.

Kissandi servant of the Raven Queen sought an end to undeath, including the White Wizard.

For a time, the White Wizard vanished and was gone.

Shivon’s POV of the White Wizard Encounter:

“A few weeks ago, I met an odd confluence of characters who had all recently found themselves in the Shadowfell. Having suffered this place for over a year myself, I knew that they were in for the worst experience of their lives.

One of these characters stood out among the others — an elf named Kissandi, a fanatic of the Raven Queen. She promised a way out of the Shadowfell, and although I was skeptical, my desperation led me to follow this woman. That was a bad decision.

Kissandi has led us on a straight path to the most desolate, forsaken place in this desolate, forsaken plane. Through sheer force of will she was able to bully us into believing in her quest, but now we see that she had only her own goals in mind, never those of the rest of us.
Confronting the lich known as the White Wizard is an experience I hope never to repeat — at least not without a squad of Eladrin soldiers behind me. Our group quickly realized that combat with the Wizard was futile, with the only possible outcome being our deaths. When offered the option of a parlay, we acquiesced. Kissandi, however, blind to any common sense by her mad faith in the Raven Queen, would not be stopped. The lich had the power to give each of us what we sought, yet would not consider discussion until the frantic elf was quelled. It was clear that if left to her own devices, Kissandi would kill herself by tossing herself heedlessly over and over against the impenetrable wall of this lich’s defenses. Out of a combination of our own self-preservation and care for Kissandi, our group wrestled her into submission.

The lich was amused by my apparent zest in performing this action and proposed a deal. If I would fight Kissandi in his area, he would tell me how to leave the Shadowfell. As Kissandi had proven that she had no desire to help the rest of us, I felt no compunction against this agreement. The lich transported us to his arena where the battle was to take place. I was at peace with what was to happen — I would either earn my way out of the Shadowfell or die in my efforts. Kissandi, however, once again showed little honor in her approach to the fight. She immediately fell to her knees, dropped her sword, and asked me to kill her. I am a soldier and not a murderer, so initially it did not even cross my mind to follow through with her request. But Kissandi’s pleas became more urgent, and I thought of myself. Kissandi’s unwavering faith in the Raven Queen is unquestionable; if she was ready to put her life in the hands of her god, who was I to deny her this? I did not understand completely, but who would understand if we were in the Feywild and I asked another to throw my body over a mountain cliff, trusting completely in Melora’s plan for me? So I drove my sword through Kissandi’s throat.

My companions, not understanding that this is what Kissandi wanted, charged in to heal her thinking I had just turned on them. Admittedly, I did not help this perception when, in order to stop the cleric, I had the slayer attack her. The cleric went down (a condition I planned to keep temporary, just until Kissandi finished bleeding out), but the slayer charged and attacked me. I was able to convince him that the lich, not I, was his enemy, and that Kissandi wished for death, but before he rampaged off toward the White Wizard, he stabilized the dying elf. I decided to leave her in this state; again, I am not a murderer.

The White Wizard, after revoking his promise to send me home, continued to treat us as his playthings, summoning two golems and a swarm of giant wasps. Seeing his power and endless resources, I realized that this was likely where I was going to die. And understanding this, I decided to go out fighting. Giving the cleric a psychic boost and rallying her spirits enough that she could rejoin the fray and decide her own fate, I charged the golems. The cleric must have further healed Kissandi; unfortunately, she was not able to give the capricious elf any common sense and her first action was to stab me in the back with her falchion while I was engaged with the golems. (This is how she repays me for granting her ultimate wish, yet the others still see me as the disloyal one.) Just before the battle turned completely against us, the lich again offered a parlay if we lay down our weapons. I decided to live another day and avoid dying so far from my god. Kissandi, however, would not.

To all of our surprise, as it seemed like we would never see the light of day again, we were pulled through dimensions and returned to the lich’s library, now restored to its former state. The group was shaken and willing to discuss options. But Kissandi stormed out of the library like a stubborn child. Upon reaching the top of the tower, and without hesitation, she leaped into the air. Another act of blind faith I assume. After scaling down the tower in a more conventional way, our group decided to part ways, agreeing that each of us would be better alone.

The Eladrin from the land he calls Athas, offered to remain in my company if I would return to his land with him. At first, this offer held no interest to me; however, he explained that he wished to restore his land to its former fecund beauty. I recognized this as a calling from Melora, goddess of Nature, to bring her glory back to a land that has lost touch with her. I vowed to return to Athas with Kal Kathier to do the work of my goddess."

Xabier’s account: “Lies! Everyone in this place tells me lies! That vile dead creature tells me that I should not believe what I’ve heard in the library, that I should listen to him. He will not tell me anything of my brother unless I help him destroy the winged one I travel with. No matter, I will destroy her so that I may learn about my brother and the dealings he had, and why he haunts me now. Still I don’t trust him, I will stop Kissandi and the wench Shivon, when the wizard tells me what I will want to hear, I will destroy him as well. I will stand by his side as a trusted ally until such time that my ax will want to taste whatever flesh and blood may still be contained by him. When I am through I will escape this terrible place and go back to find Tyzzer. Regardless of how many of my companions fall I will have the answers that I seek.”

Once returned to the top of the tower, Kissandi saw two sorrowsworn reapers and followed them out the window. Not able to fly like them, she let her wings bring her safely to the base of the tower. The other four heroes saw a glimpse of the backs of the sorrowsworn, unsure of what it was Kissandi was following.

Kissandi’s account: "It is finally confirmed. The Raven Queen WANTS me to continue on. I should not have tested her as I did. But it is done. She has sent certain allies to assist me. These are Tyzzer, Bui and Xabier. I must take him and leave this land to return to the other two asap. Unless the Raven Queen sends me a sign. "

At the bottom of the tower, the group parted ways – Kal Kathier convincing Shivon to the help in Athas to revitalize Feywild there and Scathe and Xabier following Kissandi at least for now. To leave, they still had the tall task of saving Sunderheart first…


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