Against the Giants (A New Alliance)
June 9, 2012

December 21, 993-Dec 30, 993:
After meeting with Shem Wartburg, of Standhall, the group set out to sell items and upgrade.

Bui visited other priests, selling a Belt of Resilience and buying River of Life Gloves. Rowena helped Bui upgrade his Holy Symbol from +1 to +3. Bui also bought a Circlet of Continuity from a local merchant.

Ja’Elle sold several items to members of thieve’s guilds including a Deathstalker Dagger, an Abyssal Adornment, and Knifethrower’s Gloves. Tyzzer upgraded Ja’Elle’s armor from regular leather to Magic Leather +3. Ja’Elle bought a Hat of Water Breathing and Gauntlets of Ogre Power from local merchants. He bought an Eleven Cloak +3 from a member of the Woodland Justice Network (WJN).

Kissandi bought a Belt of Vim from a local merchant. Bui gave Kissandi a Hat of Disguise. Tyzzer gave Kissandi a Ring of Fireblazing and Bracers of Speed.

Rowena sold a Staff of Fiery Might and Bloodthread Armor to members of the WJN. She bought Feystep Lacings from another member of the WJN. Rowena was willing to buy without negotiating because she supported the WJN, she gained a good name and was gifted 3 items. These included a Circlet of Arcane Extension, an Elixir of Luck, and a Fey Step Potion. She also bought Bracers of Mental Might from a Corellon worshipper.

Tyzzer returned on Dec 28, 993 and met back up with the group.

Tyzzer sold a holy symbol of Ioun and books about Dagon and demons. He bought Bracers of Respite from a local merchant. He trained a friend of Nan on the martial practice of Temporary Fix along with some gold in exchange for gaining training in the martial practice of Uncanny Strength.

He met Sarax, a dragonborn hero/wanted man, and bought Dragonborn Greaves. Sarax asked for Tyzzer’s assurance that he would lead the group against the giants, and seemed satisfied with Tyzzer’s response. Tyzzer has heard of Sarax before. Sarax is know currently as one of the most most wanted on the crown’s list. He used to be one of the greatest known heroes of the realm, knighted as a Scarlet Guard by King Goodwell IIs father, King Goodwell. He was honored for having repelled the last know giant raid in eastern Terkent, decades ago. He did this with wit, weapon, and leadership. Compared to what has been rumored today, this was a very small giant raid. In the past year, Sarax was accused of abandoning his god, Bahamut, for coin and was said to leading a revolt against the kingdom and the crown, possibly allying with enemies of the land. He denied the charges, but was convicted in Lambasa and sentenced to 20 years in jail. When Adalaentar attacked Lambasa, he escaped jail (at the same time as Craynor and others escaped) and has been a wanted escaped criminal ever since.

Tyzzer has decided that someday, after dealing with the giants and Adalaentar, he plans to return to meet with Shacrois Nuadil, the gold dragon, to try to understand the dragon’s interest in the ancient city of Seegold.

Ja’Elle bought 10 Potions of Healing and 2 Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds to distribute to the party. Each PC took 2 Potions of Healing. Bui and Tyzzer each took 1 Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds.

After all the selling and buying, the group has 14,792 g.p. remaining.

On January 2, 994, the party went to Glim about mid-afternoon.

Ja’Elle and Kissandi took to the streets. Ja’Elle found a female halfling rogue who said her name was Rixi. She and Ja’Elle shared stories about the recent increase in business in Glim. She said she knew or knew of Knix, a more recent contact of Ja’Elle’s from Lambasa. Ja’Elle felt that he made a good connection with her. Kissandi watched to make sure nobody was watching Ja’Elle.

Bui, Rowena, and Tyzzer went to a local bar and spoke to 2 humans and a dwarf. 1 human and the dwarf seemed like local town guards, on their time off. The other was very interested when Tyzzer mentioned the meeting of heroes at the Vortex. The non-local human seemed to want to hitch a ride with the party to get into the meeting. He was denied.

The streets in Glim are very busy with locals, farmers, urban folk, and many adventuring types.

The group arrived at the Vortex tavern and inn a little early, around 7:30 to scout the place out. A somewhat disturbing flag flew over the establishment.

From across the street, the a man, looking at the group said, “Looks like FREAK NIGHT at The Vortex tonight! Ha, Ha, Ha!” Rowena used mage hand to give him a wedgie.

All but one of the entrances were closed. The open entrance to this riverfront business was guarded by two armed guards, a dragonborn and a goliath. In front of the at a makeshift table, sat a slight, frail older human named Carnavon.

One by one, Carnavon asked each character a series of questions. An old friend, Atli, helped Carnavon screen those coming through. Kissandi would not lie about being an elf and did not have an elf ID. After some convincing by Ja’Elle and Tyzzer, Kissandi returned and was allowed entrance into the tavern. Before entering Kissandi was asked why she protected Ja’Elle, was it for the dragon or against the dragon? Carnavon gave all of the characters a silver cufflink in the shape of a hand.

Rowena used a ritual to help protect the groups privacy in conversation as they entered The Vortex. A loud din of noise emanated from within as the group entered. A mixture of regular folks and those hardened by adventure were within. It was nearly body to body in areas near the bar and most every table was taken.

Above the noise, a female dwarf named Rokel and a young male halfling named Neff argued about the usefulness of adventurers in the world. Rokel seemed to think the world would be better without them. Neff was the #1 fan of all adventurers. Tyzzer tried to make good with Rokel, somewhat unsuccessfully. Neff, when introduced to Tyzzer and Ja’Elle knew about Tyzzer’s returns from the dead and Ja’Elle being a Chosen One. Neff was a little excited (understatement) to meet the heroes, running up and down the bar, telling everyone who he has just met.

The group sought out some others in the bar. Rowena spoke with Malifer, an older sage who said he mostly studied and did a little adventuring. Tyzzer and Ja’Elle spoke with a group of adventurers that Tyzzer knew (Alphariel, Vani, Xabier, Gaard, and Steel). Kissandi hung out in the corner. Bui spoke with Shivon, Thorn, Itzam-Ye, Ara, and Nashwa El-Nar briefly because Shivon was Shivon.

Several guards entered, clearing the bar of anyone who did not receive a silver cufflink in the shape of a hand. Neff and many other locals left. Still, many heroes remained in a very full tavern.

Carnavon introduced Sarax. Rowena remembered a very similar history about Sarax to what Tyzzer remembered above.

Sarax directs the action. He said, “I am pleased that you have all made it here and made it through our screening. My apologies for the necessity of the door check, but in troubled times, we can never be too sure that those who oppose what is right have not sent spies or infiltrators…now, on with our business. We have sent word to those we trust to ask your presence in coordinating our defenses, and more importantly our OFFENSE versus that powers that mean to destroy or subjugate us. For some of you, there will be a choice in how you can help. For others, the choice has already been made. It is up to you whether or not to accept it and join with us. Together we can accomplish anything. Apart, despite all of our best efforts, we may never see the ends we hope to see. h. Now it is time to lay out the dangers that we face and some of our strategies for each. We want you to be aware of all of our missions so we can coordinate with each other should something happen to any of the leadership of our newly formed network…"

The Mission(s):

Information Gatherers

  • Fire related incidents have spiked. Are these from Adalaentar, copycats, or what? It is unlike Adalaentar not to claim his exploits and try to put fear in the populace. We need investigations into these incidents happening in many areas of eastern Terkent in order for us to find their source and put a stop to it.
  • Rhendlichian Elves – We need to uncover whether the claims of the crown are true. Are Rhendlichian elves behind the problems we face in Terkent? Have these elves invaded? Do they have connections to the WJN? Or are these lies? Without answers to these questions, our search for the reasons behind our problems, we cannot get to the root of the problem. This will involve work on both continents.
  • The Scarlet Guard – Why have some of the Scarlet Guard gone astray of the law and used their titles to harm a populace and others looking to help, especially after they were honored for helping the same groups of people? An investigation that begins in the capitol is in order. This will need to be a quiet investigation.

Alphariel shouts out, “Down with the Red Piss Legion!”

Sarax continues:

  • The Woodland Justice Network, our allies in the past, seem to be splintering. We need more information about what is happening and if they are to be trusted or to be considered a threat to civilization. We need information seekers.

Agaro, a dwarf rogue-like character, slammed his fist on the table and said, “What does it matter? These are minor concerns. Unless the giants and Adalaentar can be dealt with, all the rest is meaningless!”

Sarax – “I like your vigor Agaro and I will get to that in due time. Send him some another ale, on me.” (Agaro stops, Sarax continues) “As you all are aware, our power is not yet strong enough to deal with Adalaentar head on. At some point we will. But, for now, we must learn new ways that will allow us to defeat him. We will need both wit and weapons to do this. With the showing before me, I know it can be done!”

Agaro – “Then what will we do about the dragon now?”

Carnavon – “The demands of the dragon continue. For now, the crown and our raised taxes have at least partially pacified Adalaentar. We do not have the power to defeat him…yet. Sarax believes that in time, we…you will.”

Sarax – “Enough, let’s go over our attack forces, those to protect eastern Terkent from immediate threats through direct action…"

  • Brigands & Bandits – seemingly small threats, they must be dealt with. Some of you are suited to help in this way, gain experience, and be able to help in greater ways in the future.
  • Aberrants from the Far Realm have entered our world in several locations. Some of these entries have been shut down. More is needed to be done. We have word from good sources that a town in Bala-dul, named Wellspring, has seen a very recent explosion of issues likely related to this Tear of Ioun. All signs point this way. (the sight near the Forlorn Tower) We need a group that will go here immediately.
  • Giants – this is our greatest and potentially worst threat aside from the dragon right now. Giants have been raiding civilized lands in large bands, visiting death and destruction upon villages, towns, and farmlands. Entire militias have been conquered, whole crops have been wiped out. Marauding bands consist of mixed groups of hill giants, stone giants, frost giants, and fire giants, as well as ogres and other monsters allied with giants. The closest giant stronghold – and the greatest immediate threat to the safety of nearby settlements – is a great timber fortress populated by hill giants, known simply as the hill giant steading. The hill giant chief routinely plunders farms and threatens trade roads. He has gathered other creatures to his banner and uses them in his brutal raids. The hill giant alliance with more powerful kinds of giants, such as frost and fire giants, is a matter of grave concern. We need to:

1. Protect eastern Terkent from an immediate threat through direct action

2. punish marauding giants, banish them from civilization

3. Deal with the Steading, located among secluded foothills of King’s Mountains. It is close enough to civilized lands, Estias and Erya, and the main mountain path and pass in that region, to be a source of great concern

4. Break the enemy alliance

5. Find the Hidden Strongholds – The stone giants, frost giants, and fire giants have hidden strongholds in the mountains. Look for a map or some other clue that reveals where these allied strongholds are located.

6. We need those of Terkent, bound to protect Terkent, and experienced enough to take this, the most difficult of our missions. I have spoken with my great scout, Nan Hornberg, and he had recommended someone I thought dead until very recently. Tyzzer Zaneen, I need you to lead your companions in this mission?

Tyzzer receives a bit of guff from his comrades, ignores them, and accepts the mission.

Sarax – “Volunteers can sign up with Carnavon. Others will be assigned to roles we best feel suits them.”

Agaro – volunteers to help versus the brigands & bandits or spy in any of the info seeker missions.

Atli – volunteers to help investigate Scarlet Guard

There is much movement and interest from the other adventures.

The group enters the back room with Sarax and he goes over the mission, Against the Giants. His advice:

  • Nan Hornberg and a small band have been sent as scouts. Look for them in nearby towns to get more specific advice.
  • Gather information you can in the region nearby to uncover whatever you can that will aid you in your attack on the giants fortifications.
  • You will be attacking the Steading, a fort. You would do best to not alert them as you approach & enter. We send you, a small band of experienced adventurers, because we believe a full out frontal assault is less likely to succeed than sending you.
  • Only by destroying the alliance can we put down the giant uprising for good.
  • Follow any clues that point toward the sinister hand suspected of uniting giants.
  • As payment for your help, you can have all mundane items you need and are entitled to keep whatever treasure you find.

The group receives a major quest: The stone giants, frost giants, and fire giants have hidden strongholds in the mountains. Look for a map or some other clue that reveals where these allied strongholds are located.

Information I have learned about giant races (you may want more):

  • Earth Giants (Hill) – territorial, enslave weaker creatures (chaotic evil), they are raiders
  • Stone Giants – distrust strangers, little concern for smaller creatures (unaligned), they have brute force
  • Frost Giants – might makes right (evil), tactical
  • Fire Giants – enjoy testing mettle vs. formidable adversaries (evil)

Location of the Steading of Hill Giant Chief – foothills of King’s Mountains, near Estias and Erya, and the path and pass into the King’s Mountains.

The group goes to find Nan Hornberg, scout for Sarax. Using another useful ritual from Rowena, the group finds him pretty quickly in Estias. The surrounding farmlands have been heavily damaged, as has the city. Some activity remains in the city.

The group talks to Nan. He reconnects with Tyzzer and then advises the group:

i. Set up a safe place outside to retreat to if needed. He identifies a cave for the group.

ii. However, once inside, do not leave and allow them to fortify their defenses. Do not yield ground.

iii. Long rests will allow them to fortify their defenses.

iv. Their raiding groups may return if you rest too long.

v. Don’t approach the Steading openly, guards in watchtower will spot you.

vi. Remember to follow any clues that point toward the sinister hand suspected of uniting giants.

vii. Only by shattering the alliance can we succeed.

viii. Give the group a map he and other scouts made of the exterior of the Steading.

Advised by Sarax and Nan, the group seeks out more information from locals. This party gains the following information:

  • Determined to repel the invaders, local lords have begun hiring brave adventuring parties. The first few groups didn’t fare well. Some crushed beneath the boulders and jackboots of rampaging giants, while others went into wilderness, never to return.
  • One questions whether Rhendlichian elves are behind the giant alliance.
  • One questions whether Scarlet Guard, and maybe even King could be corrupt and part of a bigger problem.
  • One asks, could the dragon be convinced to defeat the giants to gain all their wealth?
  • The closest giant stronghold – and the greatest immediate threat to the safety of nearby settlements – is a great timber fortress populated by hill giants, known simply as the hill giant steading. Nosnra (pronounced noz-en-rah), a grossly fat and thoroughly despicable hill giant chief, rules from this stronghold. Sly and vicious, the hill giant chief routinely plunders farms, ambushes merchant caravans, and threatens trade roads. He has gathered ogres and other vile creatures to his banner and uses them as fodder during his brutal raids.

The group adds three minor quests:
1. Special Quest: Free the Dwarf Slaves– The hill giants have captured several dwarves, and the dwarven clanholds (Bofgim, Thokak, Vonhak) have posted generous rewards for their safe return.

2. Minor Quest: Rescue Zandor Caskerhill – The hill giants have captured Zandor Caskerhill, a human merchant who has ties to local nobility in Estias, the Finnara family. Locate and rescue him.

3. Minor Quest: Find the Abandoned Temple – The hill giants have built their stronghold atop an old dungeon complex, within which is rumored to be an abandoned temple. Find this temple, explore it, and bring back proof of your discovery.

The group scouts out the safe cave and the Steading. They spend the first night and the entire next day watching to see if raiders leave or return. None are seen. There is movement in the watchtower.

The Steading: A massive timber stronghold hides among the hills. The well-worn trail that you’ve been following ends before a pair of 15-foot-high doors made of ironbound logs. Thicker logs comprise the walls of the stronghold. The wooden roof inclines toward the middle, reaching a height of 30 feet at its peak. The stronghold has no windows, but a squat watchtower overlooks the entrance. Smoke rises from numerous stone chimneys.

A log guardhouse stands apart from the main stronghold, but connected by a palisade wall of vertical logs 15 feet high. Heavy doors set into the palisade lead to a courtyard lodged between two buildings.

The group debates several approaches and choose to follow advice from Sarax and Nan and check the front gate. Ja’Elle and Kissandi stealthily approach, listen, and then crack open the front door. A well-lit entry room where guards are snoring loudly, but almost drown out by what sounds like a nearby party, coming from deeper areas of the Steading.

After the others in the party arrive at the entrance, Ja’Elle and Kissandi try to sneak in to try to kill the sleeping hill giant and 4 ogres. Kissandi stumbles over a large sack, rattling the metal within and awakening the giant.

The giant stands and throws a rock in the general direction of Kissandi. Kissandi kills one of the minion ogres in its sleep. Ja’Elle rushes over and knocks out the giant, but the giants yell awakens the ogres. The other three ogres are dispatched quickly, as is the giant.

Three more giants descend from the watchtower to do battle with the party. Tyzzer directs others to get in extra attacks. Kissandi and Ja’Elle get into hand to hand combat versus the giants. Rowena even gets in the mix, centering several blasts and bursts on many of the giants, setting a couple on fire. For quite some time, they cannot put it out. Bui deals some ranged attacks and helps with healing, too. The pack a pretty strong whack with their clubs, but the group makes quick work of them.

The group is in pretty good shape after the first encounter. Only 1 daily was used, no action points. The only real harm was in heal surges spent. No worthwhile treasure is found in this entry hall or in the tower.

Next time, will venturing further into the Steading prove more difficult than beating sleeping, drunken ogres and giants? Which of the double doors will the party open first?

The total party loot is now at: 14,387 g.p.; the party has had 1 encounter since an extended rest. It is around 8:00 p.m. on January 9, 994.

A 200' Fall and a Great Rescue: Giant Changes in Terkent
April 21, 2012

Dec 18, 993:

Shacrois Nuadil, the Gold Dragon, told us that there were Giant problems in eastern Terkent, the homeland to Bui, Rowena, Ja’Elle, and Tyzzer. It was important that we hurry back to meet with leaders and advisors.

We took a short rest to heal up. Bui’s god helped him heal us faster.

We ported from the dragons to the location where we entered the Feywild, then took the portal back to the sigil gateway that brought us to the Feywild in the first place. We made our way back out of the mountain and back to near the top of the waterfall where we had fought the sahuagin months ago.

On our way down the mountainside, we spotted a stone giant communicating with an earth archon. Rowena used a ritual to try to make out what they were saying. While conducting the ritual, the earth archon seemed to summon various elementals (water, earth, and fire). Rowena figured that the stone giant was recruiting the archon and elementals to join their forces.

A small pebble dropped beside Kissandi. We looked up and saw a hill giant avalancher 100’ above us on the cliffside. He tossed a rock into the water and alerted the stone giant and archons of our presence. Our cliffside battle began.

With a little magical push from Rowena, Kissandi and Ja’Elle went up the cliff towards the hill giant while Gaard, Rowena, and Bui dealt with the enemy from below.

Ja’Elle was able to knock the hill giant out and then deal a crushing blow to him while he was unconscious. After getting knocked back by a couple of boulders from the hill giant, Kissandi helped destroy the hill giant.

Meanwhile, Gaard stopped the earth archon and earth elementals in their tracks, immobilizing them before they could ascend the cliff. When they finally got free, they were immobilized again by Rowena.

The stone giant grabbed two shackled elves and carried them nearer the action.

The fire elemental flew up, only to be destroyed by Rowena, Bui, and Bigby’s Hand.

Bui summoned one of the two prisoners to him on the cliffside, to save her from the giant.

An elemental appeared out of thin air to attack Kissandi and Ja’Elle. The water elemental made its way up the waterfall and used a whirlpool attack to send Kissandi and Ja’Elle 200 feet off the side of the cliff crashing into the water below, knocking both unconscious.

Seeing this, Gaard risked his own hide and dove into the water, taking damage from the long drop. He swam quickly to pull them up. Soon, he revived Ja’Elle with a potion.

After dispatching of the fire elemental, Bui canonballed into the water and healed Kissandi.

The stone giant threw 3 large stones at us and hit each time, one knocking Gaard unconscious. Ja’Elle quickly returned the favor to Gaard by reviving him.

The archon and elementals that remained appeared to flee.

The stone giant killed on of the two elf prisoners and then left, too.

We seem to have succeeded in stopping the attempt by the stone giant to add elementals as allies.

After waiting, we went across the river and then Bui summoned the elf prisoner, Atalya, from the cliffside back to the party.

Bui diplomatically told her that she can and should share her thoughts with our whole group, despite her reluctance. She told us she is a friend of Laeralin’s. She said the Woodland Justice Network (WJN) is being blamed by outsiders for the problems with the dragon and with the more pressing and dangerous problem over the last few months with the invading giants. Some say that this is a Rhendlichian effort to take over Terkent.

Within the WJN, according to Atalya, Leogrator and the rest of the council is placing blame on Laeralin for the giants, too. She says that those in power on the WJN council do not want his voice on the council anymore. They wish to get even using military strike forces and Laeralin believes in justice and good relations between all races.

Atalya says giants have been amassing forces and laying waste to civilization and the wild. Organized efforts by various giant races have been made to attack various areas. She says the best way for you to help is to return home and join in organized efforts against the giants, but to not believe those who would blame Laeralin, or elves, or Rhendlich, for the problems of Terkent.

After an extended rest, Rowena used her ritual to zap us to Lambassa University. (Dec 19, 993)

Elrilmarioum was startled, but happy to see Rowena and the rest of us. He inquired about Laeralin. He was one of the ones who sent us to find and help Laeralin. Atalya told him of the dangers Laeralin currently faced, being wanted by the WJN and by greater society. This confirmed to Elrilmarioum his fears and the reason he sent you to find him before. However, he said the best way you can help now is to return home and join in against the giants. If that threat can be handled, much of the problems facing Terkent, and being blamed on elves, can be eliminated. This would be a big help to Terkent, and possibly also to Laeralin.

Atalya stays with Elrilmarioum, knowing she will need his aid in getting out of Lambassa safely, since she is an elf and part of the WJN, who are seen as rebels/terrorists in town, even more so since the prison break during the dragon attack.

The group decides to leave Lambassa and go to Standhall. Bui gave Kissandi a hat of disguise to make it out of town safely. (some equipment shopping could have happened in town before you left – we’ll build that into the out of session shopping your group does for equipment).

Bui gives us magic steeds and we ride to Standhall. The ride takes two days. (Dec 21, 993)

Rowena, praying to Corellon, was granted aid and partially recovered from her drug addiction. She started shaking and had a brief vision of a raven, wings outstretched in flight crossing the sun during an eclipse. She felt the desire to help the raven. Bui cured Rowena completely of her addiction. Rowena shared her vision with the group. Kissandi said she worshipped the Raven Queen, and the group seemed to thing the raven in Rowena’s vision could be linked to the Raven Queen and/or Kissandi.

We look for Nan Hornberg, Tyzzer’s mentor and father figure. We are told he left to battle giants. This seemed to match Rowena’s vision.

We meet with the portly Mayor Shem Wartburg. He is delighted to see us, but saddened to hear of Tyzzer’s death. He suggests a sort of knighthood into the Scarlet Guard for all we’ve done to protect the world. We unanimously agree that we don’t want to join a group we consider to be at least partially corrupt. He seems to understand, says he will honor your wishes, and not make the recommendation on your behalf to be honored in this way.

He tells you of a meeting of heroes to be held in the next week or two. His advisors meet with you and show you a map of the location around a steading, or a fortified fort near some rivers with wet water, that will be a target for one of the groups of heroes to meet.

It is Dec 21, 993 – it will be 1-2 weeks until the meeting of heroes.
Total Party Gold = 77,083. You are level 12 and have just had an extended rest.

The Trail of the Tear and a Return to Terkent
April 13, 2012

Deciding to follow a trail of medium-sized footprints, the group set out away from the Shrine to Zehir. Stealthily and athletically, the party avoided an encounter from the flying dinosaurs above and successfully found what appeared to be where a ritual was conducted at the end of the trail of footprints. The components used suggested a portal to area near the caves by the Forlorn Tower. During the search, Kissandi felt the voice of the Raven Queen speaking to her about the now rumbling Shrine of Zehir. Somehow, someday, she is to return to use this shrine to help the Raven Queen.

Kamien confronted Rowena for trying to steal something from him. Rowena denied it, but wasn’t very convincing. Kamien seemed to be the only one concerned about this.

As the flying dinosaurs descent brought them much closer to the party, Rowena conducted her ritual to transport the group back to Shacrois Nuadil, the Gold Dragon, and the other dragons in their volanic island home. Nuadil thanked the group for completing the missions: uncovering sources of aberrations and gaining leads on the Tear. They found Gaard’s gear and a way to a portal, that they believed was a prison. The dragons want to seal off the caves and the portal(s) to the Far Realm, but said if the group acted quickly, they would delay until after a rescue mission was conducted. Before leaving, the party took an extended rest.

Entering the portal, the group encountered an Eidolon, 2 guardian helmed horrors, and 4 runic statues that kept watch over the 2 prisoners here. Very adeptly, the group worked together. Kissandi used her wings to charge across the chasms that led to sure death and battle the runic statues. Kamien, after awakening the helmed horrors by firing a bolt at the Eidolon, made his way adeptly around the small spaces and helped against the runic statues. Rowena and Bui unravelled the puzzles to open the portal and get out of the extra-dimensional prison. Rowena used magic to push three of the statues off the cliffs. Unfortunately, the just rematerialized and appeared even stronger. Ja’Elle bounded from platform to platform picking the locks on shackles and helping the prisoners. Ja’Elle and Gaard were able to leap to safety, with Bui watching and ready to recall them from a fall to their death had either missed the jump. Unfortunately, the other prisoner, a female tiefling was left behind in order for all in the party to make it out alive. Gaard reacquired his gear.

Shacrois Nuadil congratulated the group on their rescue and transported them back to the volcanic mountain. From there, Kamien asked to return to the Salla region in northwest Terkent, Gaard very thankful to those who rescued him decided to remain with the group and help, and the 5 were transported back into the King’s Mountains, deep in a cave and high above the waterfall where some of them fought sahuagin a long time ago.

The dragons said that there was news that your homeland was in great peril and that heroes were gathering to coordinate their efforts to defend the land. It is best you return home, and fast, to learn more.

Total Party Gold 77,233. It is late on Dec 18, 993.
 You fought 1 battle. Some dailies & heal surges used. Many used their action point in the battle.

Shrine of Zehir and an Illusory Tear
March 16, 2012

On Dec 17, 993…

The battle on the ground floor in the Shrine of Zehir begins.

The enemy includes several minions – 3 Snaketongue Cultist Warlocks and 4 Snake Men who took 2 hits to destroy.
The enemy also includes several sturdier troops – 2 Yuan-ti Malisons, a Yuan-ti Abomination, a Yuan-ti Fangblade, and the lead cultist who shot 9 Deathrattle Vipers minions at us during the fit.

Kissandi opened the double doors into the main chamber and withstood the brunt of the enemies attacks with the help of Bui’s healing and the Raven Queen. She later made an amazing flying charge over some enemies, down the stairs and into the enemies ranks to help protect Ja’Elle.

Rowena used powerful magic to make immobilize and to make many enemies helpless. This led to the quick destruction of two tougher enemies by Ja’Elle and Kissandi.

Bui kept Kissandi and the others up and fighting throughout the battle, used a spiritual hammer to help in the fight and continued to demoralize nearby bloodied enemies by diminishing their health each round.

Ja’Elle made his way around the enemy, down a side stair and made a tremendous move through the enemies ranks to jump on the leader. When he tried to escape, Ja’Elle knocked him out and slowed him down.

Kamien tried to grab the Tear of Ioun. When he discovered it was an illusion, he ran and took a 20’ fall to chase after the leader. Not done there, he hurried down another pit that closed above him and chased the leader deep underground, before making a dramatic escape and returning to the group.

We found pale blotches and odd growths on the skin of about half of the Yuan-ti and Snaketongue Cultists. These were clearly similar to the aberrant growths seen in the Forlorn Tower area, where the Tear of Ioun resided for some time, too.

According to the leader of the Yuan-ti and Snaketongue Cultists, the Tear was recently stolen by Shadar-Kai.

We do not feel safe taking an extended rest. We take a short rest.

We thought to begin tracking the Shadar-Kai. When we opened the door out of the building we saw the T-Rex dead on the ground and we saw a snake at least the size of the T-Rex burrowing back into the ground, just outside of the Shrine entrance.

We plan to either try to track the Shadar-Kai or to use Rowena’s ritual to return to the dragons next.

In this session, we found 10 large gems worth 500 gp each (total = 5000 gp) and LVL 13 Executioner’s Bracers, that Ja’Elle kept.

We now have 77,233 gp.
We are 1 battle past a milestone. Kamien still has 1 action point left. It is Dec 17, 993.

Zehir, in the Feywild?
February 17, 2012

The party mounts the dragon, Bui and Rowena on a brass dragon, Kissandi and Ja’Elle on a gold dragon, and Kamien on a copper dragon. Over three and a half days we fly around the edges of the southern part of the Isle of Dread, follow up over the river between the mountains, past the entry to the mountain underpass that led to the Forlorn Tower, and to the raised plateau in the northern central region of the island. Along the way, we saw many hunters and hunted on the land, ranging from macetail behemoths, bloodspike behemoths, trihorn behemoths, an armored guulvoorg, pterydons, a t-rex, and humanoid natives of the island.

The descent and landing to just before the plateau is near, but just far enough away from a group of behemoths and a rider who are feasting on some fresh humanoid flesh.

The group finds an easier path up the plateau and ascends carefully. On the climb, Kissandi sees a huge flying creature very high in the sky circling above.

At the top of the plateau, the group sees a littered prairie of broken down wooden fortifications. Walking through the rubble, Kissandi notices something large moving and directs the party to fall back. Kissandi perfects the halfling toss as she flings Ja’Elle behind some cover. As the party follows her orders, a loud screeching roar comes from behind you and aberrant dinosaurs begin to attack.

The party makes quick work of a burrowing, jumping, armored dinosaur that is unable to even grab anyone. It only minorly scrapes Rowena, before being destroyed.

A rider dismounts from the huge, three horned aberrant dinosaur. The riders back tentacles try to grab the characters, but he, too, is quickly defeated. Just before he dies, a large group of behemoths with a troglodyte rider and a war party of trogs charges towards the scene.

The aberrant dinosaur clearly states his claim to the party with a loud roar. The onrushing behemoths are spurred on to move almost 4 times as fast by their troglodyte leader. Rowena casts sleep on and the behemoths are quickly slowed. The aberrant dino is also slowed. Two of the behemoths fall asleep, the large flying creature and rider quickly swoops down towards the action, and as the dinos and aberrant dino square off to fight, the party makes their calculated escape. After putting a few miles between ourselves and the fight, the party takes a short rest.

The remainder of daylight is almost extinguished by the time we reach the obsidian building. It is dusk. The glistening reflection of the sun off the building made of pure obsidian makes this odd shaped building sparkle. The two ivory pillars in the entryway have been polished and glisten in the sunlight, too. The stairs, are a pinkish, flesh-tone that is duller and appears to be less finished and made of rougher stone. Perception and religion checks identify this building as being shaped in the head of snake emerging from the ground, clearly connected to Zehir, god of darkness, poison, and assassins. You suspect the Tear of Ioun may be inside, if the vision from Friend was correct. Ioun is the god of knowledge, skill, prophecy, and the study of arcane knowledge.

Ja’Elle carefully inspects for traps on the floor. Kissandi checks for traps on the door. The party proceeds cautiously while Kissandi mocks them for being too attached to life.

The obsidian doors swing open and are propped to remain open by the party. There is no natural light inside. Kissandi opens another set of doors at the back of the small room. A slightly larger unlit room is here. The doors are held open by Bui. Rowena casts light in the second room. Ja’Elle and Kissandi start searching the walls. The others noticing a charging t-rex coming toward the building. Just before the t-rex gets to the building, Bui closes the door to the interior room and the door to the exterior room snaps shut, too. Rowena thinks that they are magically locked.

As soon as the doors snap shut, a low hissing noise emerges, quickly growing louder. Snakes, hoards of snakes fall from above on us and around us. Partial husks of dead bodies fall, too. The swarms of snakes attack and scare us initially. Many of the snakes are obsidian, too, and blend in very well with the wall. Rowena helps the party resist almost all of the poison damage the snakes deal. This turns the tide of the fight in a hurry. With many area attacks, we quickly eliminate 8 minions, 2 medium snake swarms, 1 large tangler snake swarm, and 2 spitting snakes of Zehir.

After defeating all of the snakes, we find boots of striding and springing on one of the dead shadar-kai bodies. Ja’Elle keeps the magic boots. The party sees many holes at about 14 feet high on the wall. Ja’Elle climbs up and is able to remove rubble in the wall to crawl through. He finds two small passages above, both containing lots of snake cages, with their doors swung open. Near the end of both passages, Ja’Elle finds a secret door leading toward one another.

Meanwhile, the party notices carvings and art on the walls above in the room below. Each wall depicts a similar scene. All scenes show sacrifices made to Zehir by half snake-men and women and legions of snakes. The north wall includes humanoid worshippers of the Raven Queen being sacrificed to Zehir. The west wall includes humanoid worshippers of the Pelor being sacrificed to Zehir. The east wall includes dragonborn worshippers of the Bahamut being sacrificed to Zehir. The south wall includes humanoid worshippers of the Ioun being sacrificed to Zehir.

The party decides to stick together and climbs up to one of the passages above. As the secret door opens inward, 3 of the 4 snake men in the central room exit through doors and descend steps. One snake man remains and initiative will be rolled to start the next encounter, next time.

You just hit a milestone. Some dailies and heal surges have been used. Kamien has 2 action points. All others have 1.
Total Party Gold = 72,233
It is the night of Dec 17, 993.

Ja'Elle Slices and Dices, but Bui and Rowena Spoil the Feaster's Meal
January 20, 2012

November 18, 993 10 pm

We ascend the last staircase to the top floor of the tower.

Huge sections of floor have collapsed from this level. A flood of water cascades from the overhang, hundreds of feet above, to land here and spill down into the tower’s interior. In the southern corner rises a dais on which sits an old iron chair. A faded red carpet, now turned a sickly pink, lies before the throne and trails off to the north. Just before the carpet is a large section of scorched stone. The pattern around a hemispherical depression suggests something large exploded here.

Standing on the edge of the tattered carpet is an elf warrior dressed in shining scale armor. On his left arm is strapped a battered heavy shield emblazoned with a stylized raven clutching lightning in its claws. He wields a longsword in his right hand. The way he holds himself, the gape of his mouth, the dark circles beneath his eyes, and the unsightly scabrous skin on one side of his face combine to make him gruesome and fearsome.

Flanking Elomir are two reptilian creatures, stooped and eyeless with overlarge tube-shaped maws.

“Brave indeed for you to return to the scene of your crime, thieves,” says the elf in a voice that has several tones at once. “Return the Tear to me, and you die quickly. Or have you come to slay me?”

Your superior perception draws your attention to a great heap of glistening gray flesh, beaded with moister from the waterfall, lurking here, its three eyes set on a tentacle. Its hug maw contains row upon row of black teeth.

Bui tries to reason with Elomir. Kamien changes his form and appears as Shantaira, trying to convince Elomir to talk. Elomir is convince Kamien is Shantaira and flies into a fit of rage, calling the battle to begin.

Elomir sprinkles dust from the brain of a mind flayer onto his sword, honing his ability to hit his target as he attacks Kissandi first.

Ja’Elle quickly shifts 8 into the room and corners one of the destrachans. Kamien chuckles at the sight of the small halfling making the large dinosaur-like beast look helpless. Meanwhile, Kamien scurries to the corner to fire from range. Pew, pew, pew!

Kissandi looks to protect Ja’Elle and aids him in making quick work of the second destachan. Bui and Rowena successfully keep the feaster at bay. Bui greatly reduces the damage it will do throughout the fight. It grabs each of them in turn, but Rowena uses her arcane powers to blast it back and nearly over the ledge to a huge fall multiple times.

During the battle, Elomir calls upon 2 disruptive aberrant flying creatures that are quickly defeated. Elomir attacks Bui, using disruptive smite to hamper any healing effects used on Bui. Shortly before Bui is knocked unconscious, Bui calls upon his god and removes four ongoing effects.

5 Harrowfolk rush up and help attack the feaster. 2 are grabbed. One is bitten. A necrotic wound is opened up on him. 4 aberrant T’Surrs materialize out of the carpet when one of the Harrowfolk step on it. The T’Surrs do not last long enough to help Elomir as the party and the Harrowfolk lay waste to them.

Kamien, with the help of Kissandi’s god the Raven Queen’s guidance, deals a big shot that leaves a gaping wound on Elomir. Elomir regenerates from it as quickly as aberrantly possible. Ja’Elle unleashes incredibly powerful attacks against all of his enemies. Rowena grants Bui a healing surge and Bui recovers very quickly by utilizing some of his strong healing powers.

Kissandi deals the killing blow to Elomir. Rowena uses astral wind and pushes the feaster off the ledge. The feaster and one of the T’Surrs move as quickly as they can out of the tower and into the cave below.

Bui helps the affected Harrowfolk soldier recover from his wounds that were starting to ooze puss.

The party loots and finds 40 gemeralds (4000 gp), a Premonition Ring, a potion of vitality, and Mind Dust. As the party loots, the Harrowfolk celebrate the emancipation of the tower from the False Ones.

Vaymeer returns and thanks the party. He says the Harrowfolk now know the source of the aberrations is the cave entrance. The party suggests looking for other possible exits from the caves. He agrees and says they will watch and defend any cave exits to the best of their ability.

In the woods, the moon shines bright, the stars shimmer in the sky and the world seems a better place. Everyone notices a foul smell. What is it? Rotten eggs? A haze emerges, then a fog. The moon, the stars, and even most of the woods are lost in the fog. A small wolf emerges. Ja’Elle offers him water. Kissandi tries to protect Ja’Elle. Ja’Elle says it is FRIEND. The wolf circles the party. The wolf grows larger and larger and then changes shape into something more humanoid as it grows. It accepts and drinks Ja’Elle’s water. It shares bread and water with Ja’Elle.

It walks slightly away from the party and turns its head and arms skyward into the fog. A timed skills challenge begins. All party members are successful in discerning that this being is not trying to hypnotize or harm Ja’Elle or the group. Each character gains either two or three successes in attending to the images that appear above.

In the fog above, you see multitudes of animated small colored images. There are dozens, no scores, possibly hundreds. There is action in all of them. Life in motion. All draw your attention.

The group discusses images and puts many things together including:
1. There are many images of eastern Terkent, including near Standhall and Balser, where there are threats looming, mainly including legions of giants of various types (hill, stone, fire, frost) working together. Rowena says she had a dream exactly like this when she chewed the drug the first time.

2. There are series of multiple concurrent images. In one scene the party is fighting ogres. In a similar scene, the party is negotiating with the ogres. In one scene the party is fighting a dragon. In the similar scene, the party is sneaking around the dragon. In one scene, the party is fighting giants. In a similar scene the party is disguised and sneaking by the giants.

3. The party sees Laeralin walking alone. The party sees Leogrator consulting a council, likely the Woodland Justice Network. Some council members appear in agreement with Leogrator. Others eyes dart back and forth between Leogrator and something behind them, looking nervous. Giant shadows are visible in the background.

4. A panoramic scene over the island in the Feywild pans over giant woodlands and mountain, zooming in on an obsidian building with pillars in the front, entering the front door and into the building, the party appears fighting an enemy. Nearby, the Tear of Ioun is visible.

5. Different races of giants are seen consulting with one another.

6. Lambasa – a meeting of heroes – the party is there, but no Kamien. Tyzzer and three other shadowy heroes who appear to be friends are there, too.

7. Images of elves working with giants.

8. A split in the Feywild. A gap. Aberrations spilling out into the Feywild. Cue the dramatic music.

9. 4 dragons, including the gold dragon Nuadil, hovering above the cave entrance near the Forlorn Tower. All use their breath weapons to cause an avalanche to seal the cave. The breath weapons continue as the entrance is clearly sealed.

10. Giants – you can hear Leogrator as he diplomatically tells some of the council and intimidates the rest to frame Laeralin as the one who welcomed giants into Terkent, if anything goes astray.

11. Comets fly through the sky. This does not feel good. Past memories for those who have lived in eastern Terkent have a sense of foreboding.

Individual Successes:

Rowena sees Standhall calling her back. Standhall is clearly in danger. Nan Hornburg has left the smithy to take back up his sword, gather other retired adventurers and defend the area vs. giants.

Bui sees the images of Ja’Elle and Kissandi merge, then separate leaving Ja’Elle and Adalaentar the red dragon. This repeats in another image, but this time Bui emerges between Ja’Elle and Kissandi, Bui’s arms outstretched, not allowing the images to merge.

Ja’Elle sees images of comets and growing giant raids. He sees another of Kissandi, a male human in cloth/leather, and a female tiefling, all on their own in different settings. All appear to be seeking something, and all seem distracted by something, something that looks painful coming from within them. He also sees the death blow being dealt to Adalaentar the red dragon but cannot tell by whose hand – his own, Kissandi’s, someone else’s?

Kamien see Pwi’lin. He can see within his mind. Pwi’lin is having the exact same dream about Kissandi that Kamien had when he was chewing the drug. This angers Kamien. He sees another image with a way out of the group at/before the meeting of heroes. He sees another with the growing threat, not to his homeland, but to the land to the east of the mountains – giants, and loads of them.

Kissandi sees herself comforting Ja’Elle, putting shaving cream all over his head, then shaving him bald. She sees another showing three Tears, two her former party found and one with the Tear of Ioun. They appear to be linked.

The party takes an extended rest. It is now Nov 19.

Vaymeer offers safe passage to the Harrowood and helps the party find the location of the place where you entered Siliceous from the Feywild. With Rowena’s arcane ability, she is able to locate the place, up higher on a tree where you can return to the Feywild.

The party leaves. Travel back through the mountain underground takes two weeks. It is now Dec 2.

The party carefully finds the way back to the water. This takes a few days. It is now Dec 5.

The party sails back to the island where the dragons and draconians live. Safe passage takes a week and a couple days. It is now Dec 14.

The cliffside is scaled. The draconians welcome you back. We return to speak with the four dragons, including the gold named Nuadil. He telepathically questions what information we gained. He is pleased that we have discovered the source of the aberrations. They intend to close the source.

We mention Gaard to him. He says they will try to help, but there primary focus must be closing the connection to the Far Realm that is there. He assures us they will do there best.

We ask for a reward. He tells us the fellow travelers we left with them have had their lives restored. He tells us they now share a bond, a gold dragon bond with him. They are out seeking similar things to what you have been seeking. If they return, we should be reunited.

Rowena asks if there is a teleport circle nearby. Bui diplomatically convinces the dragons that you are allies and this would be great information to share. The dragons have the draconians show Rowena their teleportation circle. Rowena does a ritual to link to the teleportation circle.

The party tells the dragons about the visions seen in the fog and asks the dragons if the building in their vision exists. The dragons assure us it does and are willing to transport us near to where the building is located. They say it is well guarded and they will need to leave us some distance from it, but will get us near and tell us the way to get there.

Total Party Gold is now 72,233
It is Dec 14, 993
You are departing for the obsidian building where you believe you will fight for the Tear of Ioun

Hall of Reflection
December 26, 2011

It is Nov 18, 993 at 9 pm.

  • Rowena missed a mysterious roll that seems to have no immediate effect. Oh, this must be bad!
  • We walk upstairs to level 3 of the tower and head away from the waterfall so as not to be pushed over.
  • We are greeted by two floating sets of armor called helmed horrors and three grells. They are not happy to see us.
  • Fight!
  • The helmed horrors do not join the fight until round 2.
  • It doesn’t go well at first, but Kamien gets as far away as possible, so things are about to change.
  • Kissandi is not very effective early on.
  • A grell philosopher joins the fight during round 3.
  • Rowena goes down in the tentacles of a grell.
  • Analastra joins the fight!
  • Kissandi and Ja’Elle dish out a lot of damage. Bui’s standard and his new paragon power to add ongoing damage to bloodied enemies really turns things in the party’s favor. Rowena uses her magic to push enemies back into Bui’s zone to finish them off.
  • We finally kill all the bad guys after several of our guys go down.
  • Analastra shares her healing surges, and two sturdy Harrowfolk fighters share theirs, too.
  • We share healing surges and power up to get ready for the final fight.
  • Analastra says that upstairs will be a bitch and she’s not coming.
  • Vaymeer says he’ll try to send help, then heads out in a hurry.
  • We find a bunch of rituals. Bui takes them for now, with plans of redistributing. This place was once a Hall of Reflection.
  • Kamien finds a diamond necklace and an Ioun pendant. He keeps the necklace and gives the pendant to Rowena.
  • We also find 15 random gp.
  • The plan is to charge upstairs and take on the big bad guy named Elomir who is the last Stormcrow in the tower, his two destrachans, and some strange blubbery water creature.
  • Total Party Gold is now 68,233
Drug Induced Visions, An Elven Avenger, and Another Step Closer to Taking the Tower
Friday, December 16, 2011

Nov 18, 2 pm

Last time, after a heroic battle, we fled the tower without our defender, Pwi’lin, who was fried by a beholder and Shanaira.

We returned to the base of the mountain, just into the woods to rest. In doing so, we have gained enough experience to enter Paragon Tier and level 11. Oooooo, the power!

Kamien tells Rowena that he found her Kaorti symbol in the silver icon of Ioun, just as Rowena noticed it was gone.

Vaymeer of the Harrowfolk meets the party and asks Bui and Rowena what happened to Pwi’lin, to Gaard, and who is the False One (Denva) that they brought along? Bui and Rowena work to calm Vaymeer and to accept Denva. Meanwhile, Kamien notices Ja’Elle in tremendous pain and offers to help. Ja’Elle accepts.

Vaymeer says that Kamien needs help and calls in his shaman, Nilanthra. Nilanthra tells Bui and Rowena, they must chew this plant in order to help Kamien. Bui and Rowena accept.

All PCs have a drug-induced dream or vision. As an aside, we haven’t told each other about them, yet. An elven woman appears out of the woods. She says she wants to protect the little one, Ja’Elle. Ja’Elle says it is okay. Kamien seems to know her or of her. Rowena seems to recognize her, too. Eventually, she joins the party.

The party has a serious discussion about which way to go next. We go back and forth about which way is best to go. Vaymeer wants us to destroy the aberrations in the tower. We consider going to Wellspring, a town, and helping Denva. In the end, Vaymeer assures us that if Analastra helps, they can get Denva to Wellspring and find her help. We return to the tower.

Rowena makes us resistant to fire, a very useful device against an eye of flame and a fire-wielding wizard. We make quick work of Shantaira. The eye of flame proves to be a worthy opponent, knocking Bui unconscious. But, in the end with much damage done by all, we take out the beholder, too. Shantaira’s staff is magical and could come in handy.

We realize there are two floors left and likely two encounters. We take a short rest.

We have just reached level 11 and are 1 encounter in. Everyone spent their action point and healing surges have been used. Ja’Elle did not fight and is at full strength, should he return for the next encounter.

End at 9 pm on 11/18/993; Total Party Gold = 65,018

Denva's Advice and Pwi'lin's Demise
Friday, December 2, 2011

Bui gives the Resilience Amulet +3 (AV 154) we received from Denva to Rowena.

  • Denva gives us info on everything in the tower so we can plan our attack. Says that the waterfall is a danger on every floor, getting worse as you get higher.
    - There are three sections on floor 2 (Klaus and an invisible aberrant creature, two destrachans, and Shantaira and an eye of flame). Shantaira will do anything to help Elomir.
    - Floor 3 has 3 grells that will attack on sight and 2 floating armors that will attack once the fight begins. It is likely Elomir can perceive what happens on Floor 3.
    - Floor 4 has Elomir, a nasty aberrant creature, a super tough grell, and 2 destrachans. Beware of standing on the scorch mark or the carpet. Denva told you that Elomir resides at the top of the tower, is the leader of the Stormcrows, and is out of his gourd.
  • We go after the mad scientist, Klaus first.
  • Rowena delivers the killing blow against KLAUS! Now we just have the tentacle balhannoth left.
  • Balhannoth remembers he’s actually really tough.
  • Um . . . we anger two destrachans (as usual) and keep fighting.
  • Kamien secretly searches and takes a sash off of Klaus.
  • Things are not looking good, the eye of flame and Shantaira have entered the fray.
  • Well, good news is most of us get out alive. Bad news, Pwi’lin dies. Amazingly, we feel lucky.
  • We run away and will try to figure out what to do next time.
  • We plan to take Denva to Wellspring to try to find her help.
  • We get far enough from the Tower, take an extended rest and level up.
  • All have an extended rest and are level 11. Welcome to Paragon Tier!

End at 10 am on 11/18/993; Total Party Gold = 65,018

Reminders: Garen wanted you to help Denva and Shantaira. You have Denva, but she needs/wants to get help in Wellspring.

Kamien's Account: The Rescue of Denva
Friday, November 4, 2011

11/17/993 at 11 pm
As narrated by Kamien:
Pwi’Lin is sick, probably a relapse, so Rowena is going to be our defender for as long as she can.
Let’s fight!
I get grabbed by a big Grick thing and am not happy about it.
More bad guys keep coming. I’ve got to find a way to get out of here. There’s no way I’m dying fighting these damn aberrations.
It took a few tries, but I got out of that slimy thing’s tentacles and started running to the shadows where I can be safe.
The cleric Bui healed me, which I appreciate, but I hope he doesn’t plan on me returning the favor.
I’ve finally found a nice dark corner to hide in. Let the heroes fight it out while I pick off these beasts.
Now that we’ve all found our places in this battle, it’s just a matter of time before we win.
I think these “heroes” owe me a thank you, since I killed several of the beasts from the shadows; although, they probably aren’t smart enough to know what I was doing.

Debate over next move:

  • Locate and help/destroy the Stormcrows or search for the Tear of Ioun

The little guy Ja’Elle scouts up the stairs and the obnoxious wizard lights up the waterfall area.
A grimlock steps out of a room ahead so I shoot at it, back up, and hide.
The rest of the group decides to negotiate with the slimy, female leader who is commanding the grimlocks. This oughtta be interesting.
My bluffing convinces the transformed woman to share her story:
* She wants help to reach Wellspring so she can be cured.
* A human named Cylus hired the Stormcrows to search for the Tear.
* The relic transformed the Stormcrows and then was stolen by mysterious shadow creatures.
* Elomir (Stormcrow leader) sent grells to Wellspring to try to get the Tear, so they are under his control, which is strange since they are usually intelligent and independent.
* She doesn’t think the tear is at Wellspring, but she wants to go there to be cured.
* She feels that Elomir is completely insane. He is lost and cannot be saved. He is in the top of the tower we are in right now.

She has a seizure and the grimlocks attack us on their own. Go get ’em, guys.
The grimlocks attack the chick on their way to kill us. Guess they didn’t like her.
Damn! That wizard just kicked some ass with her fire. Maybe she’s useful after all.
It looks like Bui is going to try to save the aberrant woman. Fine. Whatever.
We kill the bad guys. It wasn’t too tough.

There’s no way I’m following this group to Wellspring. I’ve got to find a way to convince them to finish whatever they have planned quickly so Pwi and I can get back to Salla. Honestly, I don’t know if I can find my way back there on my own.

End at 1 am on 11/18/993; Just hit a milestone (Pwi’lin just off an extended rest); Total Party Gold = 65,018

Reminders: Garen wanted you to help Denva and Shantaira. You have Denva, but she needs/wants to get help in Wellspring. Denva can tell you of the dangers of the tower. She told you that Elomir resides at the top of the tower, is the leader of the Stormcrows, and is out of his gourd. Denva will give you a reward for saving her, a magic item.


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