Shadows, Giants, and Clues

Feb 16, 994 9:00 a.m. for group of 4; Feb 16, 994 after 10:00 a.m. for Ja’Elle

Rowena and Tyzzer each purchase a war horse and set off for Standhall. They choose to go off the road to make a more direct route across the prairie land. The ride will take 2.5 days. A storm appears in the distance. The storm grows stronger the closer the riders get to Standhall.

On the second morning, Tyzzer and Rowena spot a large group heading overland towards them. As they grow nearer, 2 ogres and several humanoids are seen (orcs & humans). They have two slaves. Just before Rowena can unleash, Tyzzer convinces her to hold her fire.

Negotiating for the slaves, Tyzzer gets the slavers to accept 450 gp for both. One of the slaves was a farmer from Standhall. The other was from beyond Standhall in the countryside. When questioned, the former slaves said they were just captured by the slavers and that the slavers had a small green creature with pointy ears captured and held in a bag, too.

On day 3, Tyzzer, Rowena and the two slaves make it to stormy Standhall. They free the slaves, inform Mayor Shem Wartburg about the slavers and ask about the storm giant. They learn that the storm giant left a 12’ long mark on the main dirt road of town in the shape of a lightning bolt. After Tyzzer and Rowena trace the mark, Krombaalt makes a dramatic entrance on his thunder hawk. Krombaalt thanks the group for rescuing his daughter, Elektra, from the Frost Giants. He gives Rowena the ritual Familiar Mount. He speaks of his hatred for King Snurre Ironbelly. Should the heroes bring him the head of King Snurre, he promises them a thundercloud tower to call their own (major quest). Tyzzer requests a celestial mount. Krombaalt says there will be one in Lambasa for him to keep for 90 days, or forever if Snurre’s head is delivered.

Tyzzer and Rowena teleport back to Lambasa, to the University. The mount is in Lambasa when Tyzzer makes it back. They rejoin the others.

Meanwhile, Ja’Elle continues his mission to find out more about what happened to the Lambasan Crow. After speaking with a exterior prison guard named Norris, Ja’Elle is let into the prison and talks with Calderax, a male tie fling. Calderax cries, is afraid of “them” and provides no information, seemingly fearing that Ja’Elle might be one of the “them.”

Ja’Elle talks to Bella, a opera singer imprisoned here, too. She is afraid of “them,” too. She is worried she will be killed by “them” if she leaves the prison. Ja’Elle convinces her that his associates can keep her safe until things can be changed and she can perform on stage again.

Ja’Elle greases Norris’ palm with 5 gp to look the other way while Bella slips out sometime in the next day or two.

Ja’Elle has yet to speak with the former prisoner who was named as a possible informant, too.

Ja’Elle checks in with Dryrry of the Thieves’ Guild, and learns that a day and a half later, with help from the Thieves’ Guild, Bella was freed and is safe for now.

Ja’Elle gets word that Bui and Kissandi are in town and he rejoins them.

Meanwhile, Bui and Kissandi try to uncover more information to unravel this shadowy force that has taken hold in Lambasa. Both pray to their respective gods. Bui learns that something is amiss in the world. A strange, unnatural, otherworldly force is taking hold of this area, something from the Shadowfell. Something must be done. Kissandi sees the face of the Raven Queen and the Raven Queen speaks directly to her telling Kissandi that someone has opened a rift to the Shadowfell near where Kissandi is and the rift must be closed to the stop the chaos. A force familiar with you has caused this.

Kissandi and Bui are able to figure out that Merlian Saar, a noble they found in the Warrens of the Stone Giants scrying on others may be the force. Merlian Saar was served by two goliath guards and two tenebrous assassins (shader-kai).

Bui gains the ritual Shadow Walk from his god because of the connection with Kissandi, the Raven Queen, and the newfound knowledge of the Shadowfell.

The investigation begins. The two decide Ja’Elle will be of help and send word through possible contacts amongst the homeless that they are in the Temple district and await him.

Feelers are put out to see if Merlian Saar and his associates have entered Lambasa. Two goliaths tried to enter and refused to leave their weapons. They were denied entry. Merlian Saar was not noted on any entry logs or by any guards. Neither were any shadar-kai.

Gein Kafog at Neberintzen’s – the group goes and sees Shelley the bartender and a couple of patrons in the morning. At night, the place is full. Gein Kafog, the white skinned, pink eyed drug dealer and punk makes an appearance. Kissandi, Bui, and Ja’Elle go up to his room. Things do not go well. Kissandi introducers herself as the right hand of the Raven Queen, draws her sword and threatens Gein. After a few tense moments, Gein makes an escape through a trap door in the floor, leading to a slide that descends two levels to the basement. Hastily, the group follows. All they find are illusory bats and a lot of broken boxes in the basement.

The heroes offer Gein’s stash of drugs to anyone who will help them find him. The crowd from the bar disperses and it is empty, save the heroes and Shelley.

Kissandi tells Shelley to help and when Shelley says she is not able to help, Kissandi tells Shelley that she (Kissandi) will find and kill Gein and will light this bar on fire. As Kissandi is leaving, she lights Neberintzen’s on fire. Kissandi tries to behead Shelley, but Bui recalls ally and brings Kissandi to her. Ja’Elle momentarily knocks out Kissandi. Before Bui and Ja’Elle can tie her up, Kissandi awakens.

Many come to help extinguish the fire. The town guard gathers and tells Kissandi she will need to come in with them. Kissandi disappears into a shadow, escapes, and climbs a building to keep and eye on it.

Bui and Ja’Elle depart.

Kissandi stays and watches for Gein. She spots 3 humanoids that all look like Gein meeting in front of Neberintzen’s later that night. Kissandi is unable to follow them, as each moves back into the shadows.

Using her hat of disguise and looking like a town guard, Kissandi goes into the basement of Neberintzen’s to wait for Gein. She’s still waiting…

Bui and Ja’Elle reunite with Tyzzer and Rowena.

Tyzzer and Van de Vries talk. Tyzzer senses Van de Vries knows something about Merlian Saar or his associates. After convincing Van de Vries that this is a common foe and the heroes can do something to help, Van de Vries agrees to gather information and meet with Tyzzer the next day. They meet and Van de Vries says shadar-kai were spotted last night in the Theatre District, behind the theatre.

At night, the four heroes go to the location that Van de Vries mentioned. They spot two shadar-kai in an alley behind the theatre.

To be continued…

2 war horses 750 g.p. each (Tyzzer & Rowena rode them to Standhall)

Celestial Warhorse for Tyzzer (90 day loan, can keep if you bring King Snurre’s head to Krombaalt)

Rituals Gained:
Rowena – Familiar Mount + Sending
Bui – Shadow Walk + Sending
Sending costs 360 each (x2 = 720)

Ja’Elle owes Vaazrus a service sometime in the future.
Ja’Elle owes the Thieve’s Guild help (recurring) (additional for help with jail break for Bella)
Ja’Elle owes the neogi information about Adalaentar.
Group Quests:
Deliver King Snurre’s Head to Krombaalt, storm giant lord (Major Quest) to earn a thundercloud tower
Rescue Moonshadow, the elven princess, from King Snurre, the fire giant king (Minor Quest) for a monetary reward
Help Fumaro and Tekal in Glim (Tyzzer, Ja’Elle, and Kissandi owe them help/strength in return for a previous favor granted.

Rowena put 100 g.p. reward through Lud (works at University) for someone to provide information about the death of the Lambasan Crow.

Ja’Elle may wish to speak with Lokara, female dwarf, former prisoner regarding the death of the Lambasan Crow. He may also wish to follow up with Bella, or possibly not.

Party Gold = 191,940 g.p.
Feb 21, 994 at 9:30 p.m.

Ja'Elle in the Big City
Terkent Notes 4-7-2014

Party Gold = 216,155 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

Feb 15, 994 9:00 pm (after an extended rest @ University) – the party plans to leave Lambasa in the morning after some investigation and reflection around town…

Ja’Elle let the rest of the party know that he had some business in Lambasa to attend to and would set out a day after the rest of the group and catch up to them in Standhall.

Ja’Elle meets Geran the tailor. His sheath is complete (sewn into the interior pant leg). He pays the 500 g.p. balance and adds in an extra 100 g.p. to motivate Geran to help find out about somebody who can make/sell goggles of the night. Geran is clearly thankful and willing to try to help.

Ja’Elle goes to the Thieve’s Guild and finds out that Knyx is out of town. Dryrry, a female halflign rogue talks with Ja’Elle about shadowy creatures (wisps) that have become competition for the thieve’s guild in town. Bantos II, a high ranking member of the guild lives just outside of town. He hasn’t associated with the guild in some time. Ja’Elle talks with other rogues and gets more information about wear the shadows have been spotted (Infernal Alley and the Theatre District).

Ja’Elle asks about the Lambasan Crow at the guild. Rumors say he was poisoned, assassinated, or maybe killed by a shadow or evil spirit. Rumors say his popularity was growing just be he was killed. He was tired, but motivated to perform. Ja’Elle is told to talk with prisoners. Maybe that will give him more leads. Ja’Elle is asked to watch members Anlow and Malagar (ranger? Scarlet Guard) to make sure they are still friendly with the Thieve’s Guild and to possibly get more information on who to talk to at the prison. He is told to talk to a gremlin named Vaazrus about the goggles.

Ja’Elle goes to Infernal Alley after midnight. He makes a careful approach, then chooses to bluff a drunken stumble, falling to the ground by a guard. He asks where is Malagar and slips the guard a g.p. The guard helps and is discreet.

A street person tries to intercept the halfling. Ja’Elle calls him “Bob” and is able to maneuver away from him after a short conversation.

Ja’Elle reaches Malagar, a bearded Scarlet Guard, who seems down about a lot, almost cursed. Malagar and Ja’Elle seem to both have an interest in making things better in regards to the shadows. After some investigating, Ja’Elle gets a lead on finding a guy with long white hair and pinkish eyes. He also is told to talk two Norris at the prison about talking with prisoners. Ja’Elle buys Malagar a couple drinks and hopes to eventually help Malagar get back out of town and into nature where he seems to belong.

Ja’Elle goes to Neberinzin’s, a dive of a bar in Infernal Alley and meets Gein, the white haired pink eyed freak. Gein tosses a 6’5" man over the balcony. He calls the man Lug. Gein seems to consider himself “leader” of the shadows

Ja’Elle tries to get “in” with Gein or at least bluff Gein. Gein says he wants Ja’Elle to prove himself first. Gein is dealing some kind of drug, that Ja’Elle eventually chews. It’s heat works its way from Ja’Elles teeth, to his gums, to his cheeks, up just past his ears, until Ja’Elle can feel smoke coming from just above his ears. That’s not enough proof for Gein. Ja’Elle is told to find Lug’s friend Jimbo, take care of him, and bring back a piece of him to prove it.

Ja’Elle locates Jimbo, a homeless man, who would have been an easy off for Ja’Elle. Instead, Ja’Elle gives Jimbo 50 g.p. and tells him to leave town, his life depends on it. Jimbo says he agrees.

Before dawn, Ja’Elle goes back to Infernal Alley to an open warehouse with friends from the Thieve’s Guild to try to meet Vaazrus the gremlin. They go underground through a couple of trapdoors and some tunnels carved in stone. A couple of guards are there and make sure Ja’Elle will be safe and be unarmed. Then, they lead him through a locked door and eventually to a room with many gadgets and gizmos :)

Ja’Elle admires the items. Vaazrus (mini = Poog) shows him some pretty sweet stuff. He does have goggles of the night and sells them to Ja’Elle for 21,000 g.p. plist the promise to do a service for him in the future. Vaazrus asks Ja’Elle if he is acquainted with Bantos II, another high roller who could afford the goggles of the night price. Ja’Elle says no.

Ja’Elle goes to meet Norris at the prison and is able to get names of 2 prisoners and 1 former prisoner who is now in Lambasa – all might have information about the Lambasan Crow…

Feb 16, 994 10:00 a.m. (others on a slightly different timeline)
Party Gold = 194,615 g.p.
Ja’Elle owes Vaazrus a service sometime in the future.
Ja’Elle owes the Thieve’s Guild help.
Ja’Elle owes the neogi information about Adalaentar.
Group – Rescue Moonshadow, the elven princess, from King Snurre, the fire giant king (Minor Quest)
Rowena put 100 g.p. reward through Lud for someone to provide information about the death of the Lambasan Crow.

Rumors and a Shadowy Power in Lambasa

Terkent Notes 3/28/14

Party Gold = 216,185 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

Feb 15, 994 9:00 pm (after an extended rest @ University) – the party plans to leave Lambasa in the morning after some investigation and reflection around town…

Back in Town

• Tyzzer and Rowena head to Lambasa Street Brats (now known as Tursyl’s Fist) to collect info about the death of the Lambasan Crow. Rowena bluntly asks the bartender about The Crow’s death. She doesn’t know much, but says there are a lot of rumors.
• She does offer that it was Rhendlichian elves who killed him. Maybe even Johev.
• There are rumors of elf attacks at the Osrik Stronghold. Tyzzer heads to a table with two dwarves and two humans who seem to be bardish.
• Tyzzer talks to one of the guys who also feels that there is more to The Crow’s death, but he doesn’t know anything. He suggests that we should talk to politicians.
• Bui walks around town hoping to find the Sojourners. He finds someone who gives Bui some new powers and recognition of some dark powers in Lambasa.
• Kissadi is offered a book deal by a librarian at the University. She then barely tolerates a conversation with the elven librarian. The librarian wants us to rescue Moonshadow, the elven princess, from King Snurre, the fire giant king (Minor Quest)

Next Day
• Rowena puts out a reward for info regarding the death of The Crow. Lud is brought back by Kissadi to post money for anyone giving info about The Crow. We give him 100 gp and 10 for his fee.
• Bui shares info about a “shadowy power” in Lambasa.
• Tyzzer sees the guy from last night, Citan. He tells me about a guy who breathes fire called Ven “Drake” Roberts. He’s not a dragonborn. He performs at Infernal Alley as a street performer.
• Bui sees Vale Temeros again. Vale talks about Bantos, who used to be an ally with the Thieves’ Guild, but now folks are not so sure.
• Kissandi sees a pattern of shadows and follows it like a dog to a squirrel. We follow her into a fight?

• After the fight, Tyzzer handles the bureaucracy of getting out of fighting on the streets. He has to deal with Van deVries at the palace gate, who vouches for Tyzzer and the group.

• Tyzzer and Rowena are going to Standhall to stop the giant.
• The others are going to investigate the shadow people in Lambasa.
• If either group does not communicate within a week, the other group will come to find out what’s up.

Feb 16, 994 9:00 a.m. (Ja’Elle on a slightly different timeline)
216,155 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

A Traitor's Plans Unravelled
The Untimely Deaths of . . .

Feb 15, 994 at 5:00 a.m.

Double-crossed, the party responds…

Anger rolls:
Tyzzer gets nothing
Bui, Kissandi, Rowena get one thing
Ja’Elle gets both

The battle begins!

  • Rowena cast mass resist fire . . . no, um, cold.
  • Bui realizes that the female frost giant commanding the trolls doesn’t seem to want to follow Vaald’s orders. In fact, she starts backing out of the fight. It seems like frost giant chief’s crossbow is a point of contention.
  • Kissandi flies around the battlefield and does some really badass shit.
  • All the baddies are dead except for Vaald and we back off and hope the giants who just entered the room will want to deal him justice.
  • The giants move up, but are clearly torn about what to do.
  • We try to negotiate:
    Bui makes a diplomatic gesture and they seem to be amenable.
    Rowena tries unsuccessfully to open the doors we came through.
    Vaald keeps attacking, the giants keep placing themselves in strategic places, but don’t attack.
    We decide to attack Vaald and continue to try to placate the other giants.
  • Vaald is killed by Rowena.
    Tyzzer offers Grugnor’s crossbow to the female giant and she accepts it.
    It seems like the giants and us are cool for now.
  • Tyzzer and Kissandi follow the giants into the Jarl’s quarters.
    The female giant is pissed because her daughter had married Grugnor. She beats Grugnor’s dead body.
  • Bui, Rowena, and Ja’Elle loot.
    Found a locked chest with 5000 gp and a +4 staff of storms (Rowena takes this).
  • We join the funeral procession as the mother buries the daughter in the ice dome in the Rift. * We wait patiently for hours while they bury her.
  • We leave out of respect for the giants and head back to Lambasa. Rowena uses a ritual to transport us back to the University.
  • We meet with Elrilmarioum. We hear there is word of a storm giant desiring to meet us in Standhall. Tyzzer wants to leave for Standhall first thing in the morning.
  • The party sleeps until 9:00 p.m.

It’s 9:00 p.m. on Feb 15, 994
The party plans to leave first thing in the morning.
Bui will commune with his god to ensure he is on the right path.
Ja’Elle will go to the thieves’ guild.
Tyzzer is interested to learn more about the demise of the Lambasan Crow.
Kissandi awaits the time she is called to thwart Vecna/Orcus once the Shrine to Zehir re-emerges.

Party Gold = 216,185 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

Jarl Grugnur's Last Stand and the Heroes Betrayed

Feb 15, 994 at 3:15 a.m.

The heroes hope to defeat Grugnur and solidify and alliance with Vaald and the frost giants. Grugnur, the lone survivor from the boss fight, is on the move in blizzard form, the heroes in hot pursuit as Rowena rejoins the pursuit.

Grugnur flees through the illusory walls, reentering the ice skull throne room as the party runs to keep up. He continues in blizzard form through the barracks, but Rowena is able to place a portal in front of him and bring him back to the party. Ja’Elle managed to get ahead and scout a little.

Grugnur breezes away again through the barracks and into the cavern of the frozen pools. A dozen glacial fire beetles give a strange light to this room. Grugnur shouts something in giant as he goes through. Ja’Elle spots 2 frost giants in robes carrying staves. As Grugnur crosses the frozen pool, he awakens something underneath. A huge bulette emerges from under the pool. Rowena attacks just before the rest of the party decides to retreat. The dire bulette rips through the ice and burrows up below Rowena. The others come to Rowena’s aid. After 10 or 15 seconds, the giant shamans enter the battle.

Running near empty, Bui is knocked unconscious during the battle by the powers of cold and fire controlled by the shamans. He is near death when Rowena stabilizes him. The bulette is defeated. Grunur returns in blizzard form, commands the frost giant shamans to call in a frost drake. Kissandi leads the charge against the shamans. The drake has a powerful attack but does not last long.

Grugnur makes a final stand. At the command of Tyzzer, Ja’Elle finds Grugnur’s weak spot and delivers the fatal blow. The jarl is dead.

Collecting treasure from the chest in the frozen lake, the treasure vault in Grugnur’s chambers, and the barracks, the party makes a huge haul. Bui gains a +5 (LVL 21) holy symbol. In Grugnu’rs treasure room, there is a crystal communication globe mounted on an 8-foot tall sculpted pedestal of ice. The treasure found includes:

Frozen Pool Treasure Chest:

  • crystal statuette of Cryonax with gems for eyes (2,500 gp)
  • silver medallion set with a blazing fire opal (1,500 gp)
  • 3,000 g.p.

Grugnur’s 3 Treasure Chests:

  • mitral crown (15,000 gp)
  • gem-studded jewelry box (7,500 gp)
  • five pieces of jewelry in the box (1,500 gp each = 7,500 gp)
  • frozen potion of vitality (Bui took it)
  • golden astrolabe studded with gems (15,000 gp)
  • 15 – 1,000 gp gems (15,000 gp)
  • 3,000 gp
  • +5 holy symbol (LVL 21) (Bui took it)
  • 200 pp (2,000 gp)
  • bundle of scrolls made from human & dwarf skin with Grugnur’s battle plans (Quest done!)


  • silver and gold brazier (7,500 gp)
  • platinum comb (2,500 gp)
  • black cloak embroidered with astral thread (2,500 gp)
  • 2 frozen potions of vitality (unclaimed)
  • 4-5,000 gp gems (20,000 gp)
  • 2,000 gp

The group returns to Vaald and notice the mangled bodies of the dwarves that were freed by Vaald strewn about the outskirts of the room, several blue trolls, a frost giant, the two large Xorns, and Vaald.

Initially the party cannot tell if Vaald is acting tough for the others who are in the hall or if he has turned on them. After a few party members drop their weapons at Vaald’s orders, it becomes clear to Ja’Elle and then the party that Vaald never intended an alliance with the heroes, that he was just using them to help him come to power here.

The heroes are weak and have little resources left. Vaald has called on their surrender. Rowena picks up her orb and readies to fight…

It is Feb 15, 994 at 5:00 a.m.
Party Gold = 211,385 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

The Jarl Awaits...

It is Feb 15, 994 at 2:30 a.m.

The party has fought their way through a swath of frost giants, and now follows the secret path taken by Hasskarth, the fire giant who is said to advise Jarl Grugnur. The group passed an illusory wall. Rowena needs time to collect herself. The others have no time to wait. Inspired by Rowena, the other heroes are able to regain some of their strength and powers. Rowena then hangs back, out of sight, but within earshot of the party.

Kissandi puts on the hat of disguise, transforms into a rock monster, and peers through the other illusory wall. She sees a brightly lit room filled with frozen dwarves and three frost giants. The giants appear to be readying themselves to defend their jarl.

The group coordinates a surprise round as they enter the room. Ja’Elle gets off an attack. The others position themselves closer to the giants. With the surprise round and being much quicker on the draw in this fight, the party bloodies the first giant before he can even act. The giants respond with a fury. The bloodied giant hits Kissandi with a chilling strike. The other two giants pick up frozen dwarves and hurl them at the party. The frozen dwarves shatter into a thousand pieces as they break onto the hard ground.

The heroes make quick work of the first frost giant. The other two giants are unable to withstand the onslaught and overwhelming presence of Ja’Elle, Kissandi, Tyzzer, and Bui.

During the battle Tyzzer peered behind a curtain, noticing a heated room, later discovered to be Hasskarth’s quarters. After the win, the group retreated to these quarters. Kissandi and Bui talked religion outside of the curtain while watching the far curtain for signs of the jarl or his servants. Ja’Elle and Tyzzer went inside to inspect the quarters. Ja’Elle uncovered a trap on the chest, but he was able to disable it. He found a pile of gold coins (5000 gp) and a tube. Tyzzer took the tube and found a scroll written to Hasskarth from Obmi. Ja’Elle had heard of Obmi Ironwhisper before, an alleged traitorous dwarf noble. The note appears to put Obmi as advisor to Fire Giant King Snurre. Tyzzer kept the note.

Kissandi perfectly lobbed a burning torch under the curtains to the next area. It took a little while, but the curtain went up in smoke revealing the jarl’s quarters. Inside were three winter wolves, Hasskarth, Jarl Grugnur, and Svarhilda, a female giant wielding a sweet mace.

After an initial attempt to draw them out did not work, Tyzzer and Bui followed Ja’Elle and Kissandi into the battle. Ja’Elle and Bui each had three or four critical hits in the battle. Bui reprieved violence against Grugnur eliminating two rounds of his attacks. Tyzzer command the battlefield and directed a multitude of extra attacks for Kissandi and Ja’Elle. Kissandi never missed. The heroes stayed conscious throughout the entire battle so far, but are running lower on resources. One by one, the winter wolves were destroyed, enraging Grugnur. Hasskarth and Svarhilda were killed. Grugnur assumed blizzard form and was able to make it past the heroes. We left off as the party pursued the blizzard towards the illusory wall.

It is Feb 15, 994 at 3:15 a.m.
Party Gold = 109,885 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

On the Doorstep of the Jarl
On the Doorstep of the Jarl

Started at Feb 15, 994, at 12:30 a.m.

The battle continues…

Gnotmir enters the room, followed by four frost giants (one was the one who ran out of the room moments earlier). Gnotmir says to his allies to stand down and watch him destroy the invaders. The heroes do significant damage to Gnotmir and the other frost giants join in the battle. During the battle, the frost giants attempt to get to the arcane ballista, but are thwarted by Ja’Elle, who pushes them back and then mans the ballista himself for the rest of the battle. When Gnotmir is destroyed, the tide is turned. The heroes are emboldened, receiving their encounter powers and action points back.

Rowena calls upon the elements to control the battlefield, electrifying the giants and keeping others at bay with a wall of fire. As the enemy is weakened, Bui makes the enemy wilt with his glorious presence, the standard of the silver dragon, and his ability to restore the other heroes strength. Kissandi makes excellent use of her ability to regenerate once per day in this very long encounter. She helps in weakening the enemy as her focus on her oath target pains others who try to engage in battle with her. She continually deals damage to her foes and adds in many more strikes guided by the warlord, Tyzzer. Along with guiding Kissandi to extra attacks, Tyzzer sacrifices himself to prevent attacks from targeting Rowena and Bui. Tyzzer also makes great use of his new frost axe to deliver key blows to the enemy and prevent a lot of cold damage from harming him.

After destroying the enemy, Ja’Elle finds an ice chest by the throne filled with 5,000 g.p., Kissandi notices the wall Hasskaarth walked through is illusory, as is another wall beyond it that likely leads into the quarters of Jarl Grugnur.

The group takes a 15 minute rest.

Tyzzer and Kissandi go to Vaald. Their request to go free Hyrkzag’s ghost by delivering Gnotmir’s sword is granted, but the other three heroes are left behind. After delivering the sword, the ghost is freed, Kissandi is relieved, and the ghost motions in the direction of something glimmering in the rubble. It is a ring. Tyzzer gains a ring of true seeing (LVL 19).

Next time the goal is to find and defeat Jarl Grugnur and his fire giant advisor Hasskaarth, and to cement the alliance with Vaald. The group did not yet search the barracks or the den, the areas from which Gnotmir, and the various frost giants likely came from to enter into the large battle that just ended.

The party gathers back in the Hall of the Iceskull Throne, moving into the hall between the illusory walls. The party moves into the hall between the illusory walls, ready to enter the quarters of the Jarl.

The group is one encounter past a milestone. Many daily powers have been used. Action points may be used.

It is Feb 15, 994 at 2:30 a.m.
Party Gold = 105,085 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

Granted Entry to the Hall of the Iceskull Throne
November 27, 2013

Starting at Feb 14, 994, at 4:00 p.m.

With a temporary ally in Elektra, the heroes enter the hall of the winterlord named Vaald and his two very large three legged and three armed creatures. Several dwarf slaves chip at the ice sculpture of Jarl Grugnur on the dais in front of the giant double door with a snowflake design.

Elektra is clearly annoyed that the group wishes to negotiate with Vaald rather than attacking him. After providing some digs and a little information, Elektra storms off.

Tyzzer begins communications with Vaald, the frost giant winterlord. The diamond hide corns translate the negotiation. Vaald is willing to ally with the heroes and end hostilities if the heroes overthrow Grugnur, but is unwilling to personally help in the overthrow.

The group convinces Vaald to give them a rough map of what lies beyond the snowflake door, to release the dwarf slaves, and to recommend a location to take an extended rest.

Ja’Elle does some scouting.

The group goes to the Haunted cavern for an extended rest. There, Kissandi is possessed by Hyrkzag’s ghost. Speaking through Kissandi, Hyrkzag tells the party that to give him peace, Gnotmir must be destroyed and his sword presented to Hyrkzag’s body. Hyrkzag served Kvaltigar. Kvaltigar was jarl. Kvaltigar’s bro, Grugnur, slayed Kvaltigar and set him ablaze. Hyrkzag was Kvaltigar’s bodyguard and attacked the other frost giants, only to be killed by Gnotmir before he could avenge his fallen lord. Hyrkzag says he will reward you for freeing him.

The group takes an extended rest and then returns to see Vaald.

Vaald opens the magically locked doors for the party.

The party makes a plan to take on of the arcane ballistas and then teleport over to the other. Haskaarth, the fire giant advisor to the jarl, tells the party to come forth into the center of the room. The heroes surprise the other giants and the battle begins.

The group quickly dispatches one of the two frost giant shield bearers. The other enemies are much tougher to defeat. Tyzzer holds off the other shield bearer as Kissandi and Ja’Elle wade further into the hall. Rowena is able to use Bigby’s icy grasp to help Tyzzer keep the giants at bay.

Ja’Elle tries to knock out Haskaarth and take out the mammoth and rider unsuccessfully. Kissandi is able to weaken the frost giants on the way to the western ballista. Bui’s presence deals the finishing blow to three enemies during the battle.

The giants deal ranged damage to the eastern ballista turret and from Haskaarth. The mammoth tramples Ja’Elle and lots of furniture. At one point Ja’Elle is knocked unconscious and fails one death save. Bui calls Ja’Elle back into the fight. Bui and Tyzzer keep the group motivated and on their feet against a tough enemy.

The heroes destroyed two frost giant marauders, two frost giant shield bearers, and a nyfeller mammoth, but in the end Haskaarth escapes into a secret passage that appears to lead to the jarl’s quarter, the frost giant marauder who manned the eastern ballista turret escapes to the frost giant barracks where Gnotmir and others are as the heroes pursue in this direction.

The battle continues next time…

It is Feb 15, 994, at 12:30 a.m.

An Ambush and a Rescue
November 8, 2013

Feb 14, 994 at 1:30 p.m (after a milestone)

Passed the Remorhaz and the two elder blizzard dragons, the party continues deeper into the rift in search of the Frost Giant Jarl Grugnur…

After some exploration just beyond the guard posts and 30 foot high door, Kissandi spots to humanoid sized ice men standing watch. On the second try, Ja’Elle and Tyzzer are able to team up and lift the portcullis six and half feet so the group can enter.

As the party goes beyond the entryway, they are ambushed by an ettin from one side and four frost giants from the other. The battle is challenging. The ice archons are able to send hailstorms onto the party as the large meat shield keeps most of the rest of the party engaged. However, Ja’Elle is able to run underfoot of the giants and quickly sneaks up on the ice archons.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party is tough enough to withstand the best the giants have to offer. Tyzzer’s Axe of the Rift almost nullifies attacks from the frost giant marauders, but the ettin is able to knock Tyzzer unconscious. Bui quickly restores Tyzzer as Kissandi hammers away at the giants while holding the line to keep Rowena at a safe distance. Rowena, on her last bit of energy, continues to singe the frost giants with fire.

Ja’Ellle sends one of the ice archons flying over the small cliff face and knocks the other onto his back. Ja’Elle keeps the ice archon on the cliff based so he cannot continue the ranged assault on the rest of the party. After making quick work of the archon on the cliff, Ja’Elle climbs down the cliff to destroy the second and joins the fray Against the Giants.

The battle is won. The group loots the place and finds a robe of quills, taken by Rowena, and a key. After a little more exploration, the group finds Elektra, a storm giantess, imprisoned.

Elektra says she is the daughter of the storm giant lord Krombaalt. She is clearly unhappy with her father for sending her to deal with these miserable, untrustworthy frost giants led by Jarl Grugnur. In a tense negotiation, several moves by the party help win her over, at least for now. Bui does two key things, surprising Elektra through intimidation, able to stop her in her tracks for a moment. Later Bui uses his healing ways to help others win her back over. Tyzzer has studied just enough history of war to help convince her of the party’s cause. Ja’Elle is able to convince her that the party is more worthy than she thought.

Elektra gives the party some good information and is willing to fight alongside them for one encounter before returning to her father.

Ja’Elle and the group explore a bit more, noticing a room with a raised dais, a statue of solid blue ice carved to resemble a mighty frost giant. In the room are several dwarves hanging from ropes off the 20 foot tall statue, carving it. There are a pair of heavy stone doors carved to resemble two halves of a giant snowflake behind the statue. There is a giant-sized ice chair and a hanging tapestry off to one side. A frost giant with an ice-tipped staff and fur-lined armor and cloak presiding her, joined by two bizarre creatures with three arms and three legs apiece. Each creature has a gnashing mouth atop its stony, egg-shaped body.

The party intends to enter when we next play. The party just hit another milestone.

Current Status:
Party Gold = 100,385 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)
Feb 14, 994 at 4:00 p.m (after a milestone)

Mythic Beasts - Remorhaz and Two Elder Blizzard Dragons
October 4, 2013

Feb 14, 994, at 9:30 a.m.

The group decided to explore in the direction that the runaway giant went. Not far down the path, Ja’Elle found the frost giant seated on the floor, crying softly. After discovering this frost giant never wanted to fight, the group was able to get some information from him confirming the Remorhaz. He said he would pay up if the group would bring its hide to him.

The group decided to battle the Remorhaz. Using Ja’Elle as bait, the group got it out of its lair and into the open. The frost giant threw axes from the ledge above while the party made quick work of the foul beast. Many daily powers were used, but it only swallowed Tyzzer for a few seconds before Kissandi dealt the death blow.

While some beheading and starting to skin the Remorhaz, Ja’Elle searched the lair and found a dagger of surrounding +4.

From here the party decided to try to get more info from the frost giant. He refused to give information, but paid up with a large ruby worth 1000 gp.

The group let the frost giant live and continued south, finding a gaping pit, some ice toads, and two frost giant guards. The frost giants were posted on ledges 30’ above ground level flanking a 30’ high door with a mural.

After doing battle with the giants and the ice toads, the party was surprised to see not one, but two elder blizzard dragons enter the fray, focussing a lot of attacks on Rowena. After a long, difficult battle, the party emerged victorious, and Rowena alive.

The group searched the dragon lair and found a +4 suit of dwarven chainmail and 15,000 gp in valuables.

The goal has been to find a path towards Jarl Grugnur, but the group does not know if they are going in the right direction to find him.

Party Gold = 100,385 g.p.
 (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)
Feb 14, 994 at 1:30 p.m (after a milestone)


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