Neogi vs Adalaentar; Kaoriti and the Tear of Ioun
September 30, 2011

Noon on 11/17/993

Ja’Elle and Gaard have been gone for too long. Bui and Pwi’lin set out to find them, cautiously. Kamien follows. Traveling deeper into the mountain, the group of three eventually finds a cavern that branches out 20 or more ways that is littered with fresh tracks and lots of them.

Bui, Pwi, and Kamien decide to find a good, defensible position so they don’t get caught, too.

Soon later, Rowena arrives on the scene.

Next, sounds emerge and after some careful, tactical positioning, the four adventurers fight a hoard of minions including 2 clouds of daggers, and 2 groups of zombies (6 per group, 12 total). The enemy also includes a Neogi and an eladrin slave. Rowena’s wall of fire singes many of the minions and bloodies the eladrin slave. Pwi’lin manages to draw the attention of most enemy fire, allowing Rowena and Bui to work on the neogi. Kamien stays hidden and sneaks in many vicious crossbow shots. The enemy is defeated.

Kamien grabs a magic ring for himself. The party adds 2800 in gold (7 gemeralds).

The eladrin slave, Analastra, is revived by Bui.

Kamien questions Analastra. Kamien and Rowena uncover that something is amiss when they are referring to Ja’Elle. Eventually the eladrin slave says that Ja’Elle worked out some sort of deal with the neogi and Ja’Elle should be nearby looking for the party.

Ja’Elle reappears and tells the party to follow him out and promptly disappears back into the shadows.

After returning to within shouting distance of the cave entrance, Bui cures Analastra of her affliction (cost 250 gold for the ritual). She is no longer controlled by the neogi.

Kamien and Pwi’lin catch up and agree they both want to return to Salla, but don’t know how to get back.

Ja’Elle reemerges and tells the other characters that in order to rescue Gaard, they must find the exact location of Adaelantar the dragon and find out his weaknesses. He says the neogi want this information because the dragon is a common enemy. He says he bluffed his way passed the neogi. When asked, he said it would not work to try to save Gaard by attacking the enemy because they are too strong.

The group takes an extended rest.

The group decides to go into the tower. Ja’Elle needs to devise a plan so he stays behind. The rest of the group enters the tower and begins exploring.

Along with the regular rubble, the group finds a symbol of the Kaorti in a silver icon of Iouan. The Kaorti were a particularly zealous group of Iouan followers who wanted all information to be available to all and not hidden. They wanted to find the Tear of Iouan, the thing the Eyes of Malachi told us we were looking for. This Tear sounds an awful lot like the items we were seeking in the Feywild on the huge isle we set off to before we seemingly left the Feywild.

The group left an area where they expected to meet another Stormclaw, this time a human. Garen had told us about where to expect them and a little about them. He asked that we treat them as well as we did him, because they were all decent people before the aberrant energy affected them.

The group was just about to begin an encounter as we concluded the session. See the map for placement as Pwi was opening the door in front of him. (W wall)

It is 11 pm on 11/17/993 (the group is just done taking an extended rest…)

Total Party Gold = 64,018

A Heroic Battle Before Things Fall Apart
June 11, 2011

10 am on 11/17/993

The battle continues. The stirge swarm is quickly dispensed mainly by the power of the Standard of the Silver Dragon, planted by Bui.

Garen, Benjin Ulf’s father, suffering severe internal pain tries to help us, but mainly is unable to do much of anything.

Ja’ Elle is brought back to consciousness by Bui, and awakens with head pains that just keep worsening through the fight.

Bui used rebuke violence to keep the foulspawn seer impotent while we dealt with the other foulspawn.

Pwi’lin stands in the way of many attacks from the enemy and doles out some heavy hitting.

Benjin rained arrows down on all of the foulspawn.

Gaard makes a valiant run across the battlefield to chase down and eventually kill the foulspawn seer who was trying to escape.

As the battle is ending, a man runs towards the party yelling for Pwi’s help while being chased by two grimlocks, natural beasts we earlier spotted on other parts of the mountain. The grimlocks retreat from our party. The man turns out to be Kamien, someone who knows Pwi’lin from their previous lives in Terkent. Pwi’lin and Kamien talk privately and Pwi gives Kamien some of the drug he had been using before Bui cured him.

Bui and Benjin unsuccessfully try to cure Garen of his condition.

Gaard and Ja’Elle scout deeper into the cavern that goes into the mountain. After finding a multitude of paths and many, many footprints, they continue only to be surrounded. Despite great efforts to bluff by Ja’Elle and a burrowing escape attempt by Gaard, they are both captured by two neogi and a massive amount of grimlock zombies and a handful of floating dagger swarms. In other words, Gaard and Ja’Elle bravely got themselves captured to infiltrate the enemies lair.

Gaard and Ja’Elle were 45 minutes away from the group into the mountain. Benjin plans to return to Rhendlich to take his father and to help back home, but wouldn’t leave until he knew his friends were safe. Pwi’lin and Kamien are planning to return to their home, too.

Ends around noon on 11/17/993.

Total Party Gold = 61,468

An Amazing Healer and a Remarkable Reunion
May 21, 2011

Approaching midnight on November 16, 993.

The group disagrees on the best course of action in approaching the tower. Benjin wants to go to the front door. He says senses someone he knows needs help there, and soon. The others are not sure about the wisdom of entering the front door when there may be other options.

While the others are out scouting, Bui confronts Pwi’lin about a possible drug addiction. With Pwi’lin’s consent, Bui helps to cure him of his addiction, at no small cost to Pwi’lins health.

The group reunites, ascends the mountain and approaches the tower. The tremendously loud waterfall diminishes the ability to hear well at all.

Because of the scouting and planning, the party is not surprised by zombies and ghouls who were attempting to blend in with the other dead bodies littering the pathway to the tower. Bui, aided by a few others, pick off the zombie minions one by one before they can do anything. The ghouls prove a little tougher, but nothing we can’t handle.

After the battle, we scout a little further, Benjin leading us to the front door, and Gaard hanging back the furthest.

After Benjin opens the front door, Pwi’lin comes to help as a flesh golem and a stirge swarm emerge. Bui and Ja’Elle wade into the battle as a blueish dwarf, obviously affected by aberrant forces emerges to do us great pain. Gaard remains just close enough to give minimal support with his ranged weapon while cursing enemies looking his way to check to see if they can reach him with a running charge.

Benjin says the dwarf is his father!?! Ja’Elle knocks the dwarf unconscious, but he awakens before taking any damage.

The enemy proves very tough. Ja’Elle is knocked unconscious and takes strike one as he bleeds out. Bui meticulously bandages Ja’Ell wounds, blanches the bleeding, but Ja’Elle remains unconscious (but not dying). The flesh golem is slain. The stirge swarm is bloodied.

The dwarf is bloodied. Benjin, as diplomatic as he can be, convinces the dwarf, his father (?), to drop his weapon. They embrace. Only long enough to realize that two foulspawn manglers are coming to attack!

Eyes of Malachi, the Harrowfolk, and the Forlorn Tower
April 1, 2011

Terkent Notes April 1, 2011

11/15/993 Mid-afternoon
• Start with a perception check at mid-afternoon

o We see a dude in the woods wielding two axes, with hide armor and a helmet with bars in front and a bloodly eye ornament.

o Fight!!!

• Three of the axe dudes and one messed up hag-like chick.

• Gaard boldly charges into battle and surrounds himself with bad guys and pretty much takes care of them all himself.

• The other guys help some.

• Bui recognizes the markings on the baddies as those who worship Malachai, who is someone related to Ioun. But these guys have really messed up their worship.

• We kill everyone except one baddie pretty easily. (The DM is pissed, but we don’t care.)

• Rowena convinces the last baddie to drop his weapons and talks to him. She is tough.

• They serve Malachai and he still thinks we will die.

• They think we share their goal.

• They seek the Tear of Ioun.

• Bui tries good copping the baddie.

• Baddie laughs at Bui’s efforts.

• Baddie laughs again.

• We take a Mask of Slithering from the Tiefling.

• Give it to Pwi’lin.

o Gaard sees a humanoid barbarian, half-orc looking dude from across the river.

• He is Vaymeer of the Harrowfolk.

• He mentions the Forlorn Tower

• He will take us to it.

• The False Ones have taken it over.

• We might want to go there to kill bad guys.

• Mentions a city called Wellspring, but he doesn’t know anything else about the world beyond the Harrowood.

• He leads us to a place to rest on the way to the Tower.

• Dead Aberrations abound up a mountain path.

• We walk for about ¾ of a day through the blahblah mountains.

• We see the Forlorn Tower kind of in the middle of a waterfall.

o We come to the edge of the woods and look up at the Tower at about 8:00 in the evening on 11/16.

• Pwi really wants to wait here.

• Ben scouts ahead.

• One of the “dead” bodies comes to life. SURPRISE!! (duh)

• Bui runs away (he’s good at that), but the zombie still attacks.

o Zombie hits and grabs Ben.

o Ben smashes the zombie.

  • Ben returns to the group. It is nearing midnight on 11/16/993.
Through the Woods and Through the Mountain
March 18, 2011

11/14/993, just before dark

Sitting watching two caves we found.

Roll Init

Gaard summons the trees around to rise up and give more cover

Floating octopus with brain head and beak attacks 2 bears at the river

We watch, rooting for the bears.

Weird humanoid and skinless eyeless small dinosaur join the floating octopus.

Rowena woke up and blasted all baddies for 20 a piece. She made sure we noticed.

We killed Grell, Mangler, Distraken, Berserker, (1) Grue. Second Greu escaped

ITEM Berserker had a Belt of Resilience.

1 Bear died and 1 Bear lived. Living bear lovingly dragged the dead one away. Very sad to see.
In the middle of the battle a half elf joined the fight on our side. He said afterwards he had been tracking the bears. His name is Pwi Lin (Jeff).

Group enters the non bear cave in search of the source of the aberrations. Bui and Ja’Elle succeed in a dungeoneering challenge. We continue two hours deeper into the mountain and we hear 100s of voices. They hear us and light the area. Goblins all over, leader unimpressed with Bui, costs us 100 gold to get directions from goblin leader.

Simulated combat with earth elementals and all lose (1) healing surge. Apparently, the goblins sent us on a dangerous path. Moving on.

An hour further and we hear something screaming to the right. Group votes to ignore the screams (Bui and JaElle voted to check on it, Pwi, Rowena, Gaard vote ignore). Move on.

Rowena hears voices from the lighted ruins on an archway that tells her to follow the tracks of the three-toed one to find what we are looking for.

We run into a three toed goblin who tells us to be quiet because there is a brute of an aberration ahead. Group stealth fails and simulated combat takes (1) healing surge from everyone. Move on.

Pwi sees loose rocks in the area that have glyphs all over. Bui’s religious knowledge given to him from the God of Travel helps him figure out that the glyphs are each a letter, and it would be wise to only step on the vowels. Bui leads and all easily follow past the area. Move on.

Light ahead. Pwi pushes JaElle into the hazy light. They disappear. Remaining people put rope on Gaard and he goes in. Bui and Rowena follow arm and arm as the rope is pulled to its end. On the other side we see a forest and think this may be where we were supposed to be going.

Pwi insists he must forge ahead to disarm dangerous plants. Bui insights and really feels Pwi is not being truthful but no ones stops Pwi when he goes ahead. JaElle follows stealthlike. JaElle sees Pwi reached down, cut plants and put them in his pouch. Pwi and the group have a confrontation because he won’t tell the truth but time is running out so we look around. Move on.

Rowena sees a path in the air is if a floating Grell had passed. There are body parts strewn all over the place. Not cool. We follow the body part path. Move on… next time.

Total Party Loot: 60,188

Dangers Averted, Except for the Zombies
March 4, 2011

11/9 in Terkent Feywild

• We get back in the boat with some draconians and dragons.
• It will take three and a quarter days to get to the mainland
o Dragon (Haddross – Brass Dragon) and draconians will help make us go faster by towing us.
o We gab with the draconians for a while
• Various fighting groups on island
• We need to find where aberrations are coming from and who they are
• We are to be sneaky, unlike the dragons and draconians
• Be very quiet through swamp
• Then decide which side of river
• We will likely be fighting foulspawn
• Look out for underground warrens
• Day 1 ends
• Day 2 starts
o We are passing Griffon Island and “Sea Danger”
• Don’t go there on our way back.
o We see a few Hippogriffs
• The dragon protects us and the hippogriff bogies bug out
• Day 3 and 4 cruise by
• Almost ready to land (Skills Challenge)
o Gaard notices movement and life in the marsh we are landing in.
o Gaard also notices some rocks we’ll need to avoid
• +2 to next nature check
o Benjin and Gaard notice some other stuff under the water to avoid
o Bui looks for ambushes and senses that we are being watched, but cannot pinpoint where or what is watching us.
o Bui’s plan is to try to Bluff that we’re really vulnerable to draw any ambushers out.
o The zombie horde is not fooled . . .
• We’re fighting a guy/chick with antlers and several zombies
• Gaard and Benjin shoot and hit and move
• Bui nails a zombie’s face with a radiant lance!
• Antler chick calls two more zombies, then blasts cold out of her staff.
• Two zombies are cold, two are smelly.
• Ja’Elle whacks a minion smelly zombie and they explode putrescence on all of us.
• Benjin explodes a cold zombie on Bui, but Bui laughs it off.
• A new kind of zombie appears and attacks Ja.
• A zombie hulk appears and whacks at Bui, but Bui again laughs it off.
• Antler chick nails Bui and Rowena with a blast, Gaard jumps out of the way.
• Ja’Elle tries to take out the antler chick, but antler chick blasts him away.
• Benjin shoots antler chick dead.
• Rotting zombie sinks back into the swamp.
• Rowena’s burning hands kill the last chillborn zombie
• Ja’Elle strikes down the zombie hulk.
• The hulk rises from the dead
• We whack it off
• Gaard kills the zombie hulk for the second time.
• The antler chick has tattoos all over her skin that become thorns around her sides, then become tattoos on her back again.
• Probably linked to the power of the ring.
• Antler chick is human(ish).
• Loot:
• Gaard cuts off the antler chick’s finger with a ring that is grown into it. We don’t know what does or how we can use it. No magic was detected on the ring.
• Benjin takes an arrowhead out of her staff.
• Gold statue of Roc (2500 gp)
• Move slowly through bog
o Everyone makes checks to help move through bogs
• Gaard notices some three toed tracks in the area, and Rowena helps follow the tracks to spot four drakes.
• We’re not sure if they noticed us
• Benjin has already passed them.
• The rest of us find another way around to avoid a fight.
• We search for each other and have a silent but glorious reunion
• Gaard kind of wishes Benjin had gotten lost. He deserves it for his inconsiderate recklessness.
• Continue on.
• Several of us spot a huge dimetrodon drinking at a watering hole.
• We try to go around, but miss our group Endurance check
o Everyone loses a heal surge
o We get through the bog and to the river.
• We choose the mountain path
• We are stealthy enough to sneak up on three macetail behemoths.
• Gaard, Ja’Elle, and Benjin help the group sneak around them.
• We have entered the area where we expect to encounter aberrations.
o Gaard suggests sending the dwarf to scout down the mountain.
• Benjin is on board and sees a series of caves (probably where the foulspawn are)
• He also sees some large bear tracks and humanoid tracks.
• They are not going into the same caves.
• Benjin reports back to the group.
o The party argues about waiting here for badguys to come out of the cave or charging into the cave.
• Everyone outnumbers Benjin.
o We see a couple bears come out of the bear cave.
NEXT TIME: Wait for aberrations to come out of cave, then crush them.

Draconians and Dragons
February 18, 2011

11/5 Midmorning

• The gang decides we need a Coffin of Holding for Tyzzer and Craynor.

• We see another boat at sunrise of the fourth day 11/6
o The other ship looks like it’s fighting something
o Looks like they’re fine, so we avoid them
• They all scream and die and stuff
• Note to us: don’t mess with the Kraken
• We sail on – morning of fifth day 11/7
o Wavy/windy day
• We sail on – morning of day six 11/8
o At night we see another ship fighting another Kraken (Kraken 2, Ships 0)
• We sail on – morning of day seven 11/9
o We can just barely see the islands
o We head toward the island with the big mountain
• The island has a soft southern side
• Looks like the mountain is a volcano
• There are caves all up the cliffs by where the beach is
• The path is treacherous: Skills Challenge?
• Benjin and Gaard find a clearer path to the island (success)
• Rowena determines that it is calm weather and it is close to high tide (success)
• Gaard looks for currents and sees nothing of note (success?)
• Rowena realizes that what we know about how things work in our world might not hold in the Feywild.
• Gaard and Bui jump out of the boat to help direct it.
• We land on the beach! We win!
• Everyone notices that it stinks a little bit on this island
• There is a “natural” ladder up the cliff.
• Rowena uses her rope to tie the boat to the beach.
o Tyzzer and Craynor are left in the boat.
• The party loots Craynor:
• Ja’Elle starts climbing, Benjin follows, Gaard covers them.
o Ja’Elle gets to the cave level
o Ja’Elle gives a bunch of stealthy hand signals to Benjin.
• Benjin doesn’t pay much attention
o Ja’Elle, Benjin and Rowena make it into a cave
• Rowena lights up the joint (lights a joint?)
• We’re all up now. The bad smell is sulfur.
• The dumbass dwarf and jackwagon Halfling split up and explore the caves.
o The sensible members of the party shake their heads and roll their eyes.
• Everyone hears a hissing voice telling us that chips are on the counter and to help ourselves to the beer in the fridge . . . or something like that.
• Benjin gets surrounded by a bunch of baddies with ram’s heads.
o He runs away – twice
o Bui hears the sounds of fighting
• Benjin gets attacked by a flying badass . . . or two
• Rowena is hit by an arrow from the darkness the other way from Bui’s fight.
• The fight begins
o Gaard get dominated by someone
o Benjin moves 25 squares and kills a guy, only acting once (Jake is very proud)
o Normal fighting stuff.
o Minions are dead and turn into stone statues (Ja’Elle discovered this with his favorite daily)
o Gaard “kills” the fire guy, but the fire guy boots and rallies and bursts into flame.
o We kill everything but the acid guy
o Gaard goes into a room and sees five metallic dragons breath fire and acid on the acid guy and he “dies”
• The gold dragon, Shochraos Nuaduil, tells us all to gather, enter his room, and lay our weapons down.
o We have defeated the Draconions and passed a Skills Challenge.
o We have gathered spittle from Bronze, Copper, and Gold dragons.
• Offered from Dragons in exchange for accepting their mission:
o Amulet of Scales +3
o Abyssal Adornment +3
o Standard of the Silver Dragon

Next time: there is no time to rest. We must leave to go on the mission of the metallic dragons. Should we succeed, the dragons said they may be able to aid our dead friends. Sivak draconians were sent to fetch the dead bodies of Craynor and Tyzzer for “safe keeping” until we return.

Craynor's Last Stand
January 29, 2011

AFTER THE CROCODILE – mid-late afternoon 10/30/993
• Bui casts Gentle Repose on Tyzzer
• Craynor decides to carry Tyzzer along with the group for now
• We follow a single set of tracks until they get to a kit
o Benjin ties a rope around himself and jumps. The rest of the gang holds the rope.
o The decision is made to climb down. Success!
• We run into three arcane symbols and play around with it for a while.
o Bui, Craynor, and Rowena stand on the middle of each symbol and a cave door opens up in the mountain. There is a path descending down.
o Walk down and hear baying nearby as well as the noise of the ocean.
• See a small section of land before the ocean.
• A humanoid is fighting three wolves. More wolves with humanoid riders are on the way.
o The gang gets involved:
• Kills almost everyone, but Gaard saves one goblin.
o Gaard wants a ship
• Basuqt says leader will trade for a ship.
• The group decides to help Gaard get a ship from the goblins
o Walk to the goblin camp. Lot’s of goblins are around.
o Group talks to leader and trades Tyzzer’s +2 bastard sword and Rowena’s +1 flaming dagger, and Ja’Elle’s +1 short sword for a ship, a +3 orb of resilient tenacity, and some information about the elf.
o The ship is very small and might not be a great thing to take out to sea.
• Gaard takes the group to talk to Reol Jayanth about the Isle.
o Reol will only talk to Bui. The rest he thinks are too “dirty” to talk to.
o The rest of us then enter.
o Gaard and Benjin convince Reol to give the group information about the Isle. We receive
a note that is burned:

When the gale finally endea we found ourselves approximately seven days normal sailing distance due north of Rialvasor in the Althena Archipelago. We replenished our supplies, patched up the ship, and traded our remaining goods at native villages along the shores of several islands. Some villagers were friendly, but others were hostile, and the natives attacked on sight. I suspect the hostile villages are filled with cannibals.

We skirted the coastlines of several islands, sailing north by north by west until we reached a small peninsula cut off from the main island by a massive stone wall. We were well-eceived by the natives of Tanaroa, the small village that guard this wall. The villagers have no name for the large sland. Their own small peninsula is ow simply as ‘Home.’

The villagers told us a tale ut an ancient city in the central hland of the isle that was built by e same people who built the wall. The villagers call the builders ‘the gods,’ but I noticed that the names of the gods and the personal names of the clan ancestors were often the same. I believe that the natives once possessed a much more advanced culture and that the descendants of the builders have returned to a more primitive state.

The inland city is rumored to be filled with treasure beyond imagining. In ticular, I heard persistent ta concerning a great black pearl of ‘t gods’ that still remains in the inlan city. It is said to be able to reviv the mightiest warriors who have fallen battle. The island waters abound excellent pearl beds, so the rumor of black pearl may well be true.

I would have liked to explore inland to verify the rumors about the mysterious city, but too many crewmen died in the storm or by cannibal spears. Only five of us are left. I am the only professional adventurer: the others are only sailors. We can sail the small ship well enough, but on land, in hostil territory, we would be helpless. Once back in Rialvasor, I should be able recruit a new crew and a party of professional adventurers. Then I return to claim the great black pearl.

One thing I managed to do before leaving: we sailed around the island and made the best map we co We were afraid to land, since villa fishermen had warned us that trying to land anywhere on the main island wo be extremely dangerous, as the coasts were rocky and without beaches. As a result, the map only shows the coastal areas we could chart from the ship, but it is better than nothing.”

(whale symbol) ℜℑ

• We head back to the ship an set sail
o There are lots of fish and bigger stuff in the water, but we’re ok
• Sail for 3 days and 3 nights (11/2, 3, & 4).
o On day 4 (11/5), we see a very small piece of land and head for it.
• It’s not land, IT’S ALIVE!
• We fight a four-headed hydra and a swarm of piranha
• Craynor rocks! He is in the drink with the hydra – he chopped off a head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Rouge puts one head to sleep
• Now the hydra had 5 heads
• Craynor is a solo
• Craynor gets zeroed out
• Hydra is killed by ja elle
• Bui gets zeroed out
• Hydra is dead
• Craynor is dead
• Good night. The fight is over on 11/5 in the mid-morning.

Unwelcome in the Feywild
December 26, 2010

10/30/993 morning
Passing through the waterfall, we begin a skills challenge to find the elf archer/archway to the Feywild.

Benjin Ulf is certain he can lead us through the caves the right way. He cannot. We reach a dead end and are cornered by two Galeb Duhr. We destroy one and the other burrows away.

We figure out the correct path with some history, good perception, and dungeoneering. After safely getting across a large crevace, thanks in part to Benjin’s spotting some overhead natural hooks for the rope, we discover a second waterfall. This one takes some endurance to pass.

The new cavern is more of a canyon, as there is natural light coming in from above. After passing through a third waterfall, we find a large cave. The elf archer awaits at an archway carved with sigils, the doorway filled with a gray haze. Natural light from above shines directly on the arch.

The elf touched the sigils and mumbled/chanted something. The haze became a dull green before or as the elf entered.
Tyzzer Zaneen had learned about many of the sigils in his past studies. Rowena detected magic on the portal. We felt safe entering the portal.

We pass the portal unscathed.

We are in a small cave facing out of the face of a large mountain. We see the elf climbing about 200 feet above us. The way down is thousands of feet and treacherous. To the left are more mountains as far as the eye can see. Straight ahead is an endless ocean. To the right in the far distance is a city/civilization built into and along the side of the land.

The rope of climbing and Benjin’s astute perception skills help us to climb after the elf archer. We chase him along the narrow ledge. Rowena is in the lead. She is ambushed by two quickling runners, a banshrae dartswarmer and an eladrin caster. After Rowena drops a wall of fire on them and we kill the banshrae, we chase the others further. Craynor is ambushed, bit, and swallowed by a huge feymire crockadile. Tyzzer Zaneen tries to save Craynor. He is limp in the crocs mout and then swallowed. Ja’ Elle jumps on the crocs back while Rowena and Benjin fire upon it. Tyzzer dies in the gullet of the croc. Craynor lives and helps damage the croc from the inside.

After pulling Tyzzer out of the dead croc, the PCs loot and take an extended rest. It is now nearing midnight on 10/30

Next: Do we try to find a way back to the Prime Material Plane to save Tyzzer? (nearing midnight on 10/30)

Current Total Loot: 57,818 GP

Edge Falls
December 17, 2010

10/29/993 late afternoon

We are going into the mountains on the direction of Laeralin from the WJN to find an entrance to the Feywild.
We climb up and everything goes fine. It takes some time to get there.

10/30/993 morning
We see a waterfall and we need to head toward it to get to the portal to the Feywild.
We get to a waterfall and realize that the water is hitting something before it gets to the collection pool. A portal to the Feywild?
It’s not a portal. It’s a big boat that must have fallen from the top of the waterfall.
Ja’Elle sees a cavern behind the boat.

We get to the edge of the water:
Craynor jumps in and starts swimming. He won’t say where to.
The rest of us swim or do whatever.

Eventually Craynor sees a Sahuagin near the flotsam near the ship.
Three of the bad guys attack him.
Lots more attack us and we kinda run away and back to solid ground.

The fight continues:
Craynor goes down, and Tyzzer rescues him.
Tyzzer goes down, and Craynor rescues him.
We win the fight.

Loot the boat:

  • 3100 gold
  • Rope of climbing
  • Boots of dancing

To do next time:

  • Who gets the magic items?
  • Chase the elf archer…

Current Total Party Loot: 57,818 GP (added sale of Imposter’s Plate Armor)


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