Heading Towards Despair, the Cliffs of Despair
Heading Towards Despair, the Cliffs of Despair

At dawn amidst the Mists, Kissandi used telepathy to try to convince the aboleths to let them pass. Aboleth skum and servitors emerged and attacked all those on the raft. The aboleth lasher moved in and did battle with Xabier. The aboleth overseer stayed back, dominating Shivon, and using her powers to injure Kissandi and use Kissandi to injure Scathe.

Kal-Kathier cut down several skum and servitors. Xabier took a lashing, but he was able to destroy the lasher. Shivon, after she finally broke free of the domination, protected the party with a beam of fey energy. Scathe continued to heal her allies, before being momentarily knocked unconscious. Kissandi took a stance that destroyed enemies that started next to her. Aboleth hatchlings emerged and were quickly destroyed.

After all but the overseer were destroyed, Shivon and Kissandi leapt onto the overseer. The overseer submerged itself with both Shivon and Kissandi holding on. Shivon was knocked off. Kissandi and the overseer descended to 50’ below see level and the battle continued. Shivon was pulled up by Scathe. Shivon guided Scathe to heal Kissandi. Shivon rejoined the underwater battle.

Two large death drinker skeletons swam towards the fight. The overseer escaped. Shivon helped Kissandi swim up. As the two made it to the surface, the skeletons reached out to grab them, one succeeding and grabbed Shivon. Shivon was able to burst one of her necklace beads to help her escape and damage the now-insubstantial skeleton.

Kal-Kathier, Xabier, and Scathe joined the battle. Kissandi relished destroying these abominations of life.

After defeating this enemy, both Kissandi and Shivon were able to shake off the effects of the dark water they had entered, but Scathe realized that the areas of her armor and of her arms and hands that she used to pull Shivon out were affected and aging. Her armor rusted and aged. The skin on her hands loosened remarkably and she felt her hands and forearms turning into whatever Nexes was, a skeletal looking human. Scathe fell to her knees and retched. Shivon tried to help. Kissandi asked the Raven Queen if it was Scathe’s time? Kissandi felt guidance from the Raven Queen that Scathe was not undead, just affected substantially.

The group continued rowing between the Mists. As they continued a few of them noticed two farmers on a raft a ways off, one grabbed by the Mists and pulled off the raft and right into Mists. The other farmer rowed as fast as he could in the other direction.

Trumpeted and screeching animal sounds along with human screams could be heard from a forested island that was partially covered by Mists. The trees on the island were white wood. The group decided to ignore it and continue on.

Nexes told the group head north through the islands to reach the center of the bay and Sunderheart, go slightly northwest and reach Glimmerhope Crag, or go slightly northeast and reach the Cliffs of Despair. Kissandi said to go northeast and for the Cliffs of Despair.

On the way there, weaving between the small islands, the heroes noticed muddy farm islands where they could hear common being spoken in the distance. The plants appeared unhealthy, the black-leafed trees with thousands of bulbous, bone-colored apples. A sore covered sow was giving birth to several limping piglets, one with only three legs, another with two legs and two half-legs.

The group kept on rowing and approached a mountain spur, surely the one known as the Cliffs of Despair. The cliff overlooks the Black Bay. Though the haze, two humanoids holding hands could be seen atop the cliff. Moments later, the two stepped off the cliff and without a sound fell to their deaths.

Working with a Former Nemesis to Save the World
Working with a Former Nemesis to Save the World

April 9th, 994

  • Wow. That fight was Epic (level)!
  • We head back to Castle Locatha and the storm has stopped completely
  • We encounter the Stone Arm Scourge and one of his little golem guys.
    - He tells us to meet PR III again. He has info.
    - We go back through the same portal, and PR is there.
    - The Deluvian Hourglass has moved and is nearby.
    > Associate Zarenthal (the Imix Cult leader from Lambasa) can transport us to the ziggurat.
    >The Hourglass was to be used by the Primordials in the Dawn War to take back the world from the gods.
    -PR III wants Stonearm to come with us to the Hourglass. After much conversation, we decide that’s not gonna happen.
    -We don’t really want to take Zarenthal back to the castle, but we do because he’s the only one who knows where to go. Craynor beats him up periodically.
  • We fly the castle for several days south along the King’s Mountains under Zarenthal’s direction.
  • We spot a figure (Emerth) flying on a silver sphinx (Samaa) appears with a message from Krombaalt the storm giant. In order to prove himself, he tells us that the king’s daughter is a bitch.
    - Emerth says he needs our assistance.
    - He wants to perform an arcane ritual with our castle as a focus. This will be a gift for Krombaalt.
    - We’re down with this until he tells us that it will take many days.
    - He did mention an ancient earthquake dragon named Kul-Gira who has not been heard from in many years and must be dead.
    > We agree to meet him again in a week to help him with the ritual. He’ll find us.
  • As we fly overland, we see battles are occurring in SW Terkent, and we don’t know why.

April 16th, 994

  • We get to our destination and Arcane powers are diminished right now. Also, we smell sulfur.
  • More and more flames.
  • We get to a burning building. Clearly this is a place controlled by Imix.
  • Zarenthal says we need to enter a ring of fire in order to be teleported to the ziggurat.
    - “Look for the silver lake. Look for the ziggurat.”
    - We see a ziggurat in the distance and head toward the clearing.
    - Vani, Craynor, and Alphariel swim in the lake to see if they can find another way in. No luck.
    - We go up the stairs and into the ziggurat. It’s about 400 feet tall.
    - Vani flies down a pit in the entryway and sees a bone dragon about 60 feet down. We don’t go that way.
    - Instead, we go into the main room that has a dome.
    > They die
    > Rowena discovers that some of the aliens’ bodies adapt and develop a resistance to the first type of damage that hits them – seems very useful for them.
    - The dome is cracked, and we could break it, but we don’t, then we do
    - We follow one of the hallways for about ¼ mile, descending ~ 1000 feet to a room with more aberrant shit including a couple of gorgers, a gleaner, and more mutant apes with lots of extra body parts and slimey stuff. Blood fills channels, but it’s not that big a deal.
    - Before he died, the gleaner spoke both in deep speech and common, telling us:
    > “Turn back before the sublime potency of the sebaceous!”
    > “You cannot hope to defeat all of us!”
    > “When one sebacean falls, the Mad Architects send two more to take its place!”
    > “Fools! You’ll be entombed here and forgotten forever!” and
    > “You cannot postpone…the inevitable…”
Nexes and the Black Sea
Nexes and the Black Sea

Kissandi whistled to get the attention of the hooded figure slowly paddling the raft 50’ off the shore.

The creature appeared to be skeletal. Kissandi readied an attack before Scathe’s told her that Melora assured her that this creature was not undead.

The creature paddled the boat over, whispering “What do you have to offer for safe passage?” Eventually Kal-Kathier offered some Athasian meat and Xabier gave Nexes 1,000 gp for passage to Sunderheart.

Nexes asked “why would you want to go to Sunderheart?”

When Kissandi caught a glance at the shrouded face of Nexes it appeared to be a skeletal reflection of Kissandi’s face.

Nexes cautioned the heroes not to enter the water and assured them they would need to fight. He said that difficulties they passed would be much easier than ones they were to avoid. He said, “my raft, my rules!”

Nexes requested Xabier’s great axe. Reluctantly, Xabier gave it to Nexes. Nexes turned it into an oar, but said Xabier would be able to return it to its true form as needed. Nexes staff also changed to an oar.

When Xabier saw Nexes face, it appeared a skeletal reflection of Xabier’s face.

Night was falling. The water was inky black and the night was darkening, too. A dim light emanated from Shivon’s necklace, barely illuminating the area surrounding the raft as Xabier and Nexes slowly and quietly paddled them further in a direction that seemed to run parallel to the where the coast extended.

Xabier’s spirit sank. The water beckoned him in. He felt his resistance weakening.

After a couple hours of rowing, two sharks and a sea cat attacked the party. Nexes said, “This means we are in safe waters.” The sea cat got a couple of bites on Kissandi and the sharks bit a couple of others, but the party repelled them well with Kal-Kathier striking multiple sharks at a time, Shivon psychically repelling the sea cat from dragging Kissandi into the water and Kissandi flinging the sea cat back on her own once. Scathe weakened and forced the sharks to retreat. Xabier sliced into the sharks with his great axe. Soon the sharks were killed, one kept for its meat. The sea cat stopped the attack and fled the scene.

About 2-4 hours of paddling later, muffled screams could be heard. Soon, appearing under the clouds crackling with lightning was a ship being torn apart by a shadow kraken.

With hard paddling by Kal-Kathier and Xabier, The Raven Queen’s divine guidance directed through Kissandi, Shivon’s arcanaically acrobatic stunts to save the raft from drifting wreckage and calling upon Melora’s power to direct the storm to center the Kraken’s energies on destroying the larger ship and ignoring the raft, and Scathe’s efforts to walk on the water while pushing the raft forward, the small raft made a narrow escape from the reach and attention of the Kraken.

A couple hours later as dawn began to appear, the light was broken up by several large areas of mist. The mists seemed otherworldly and many screams and loud, strange sounds emanated from them. Nexes said none return who enter the mists. As Nexes guided the raft to avoid the mists, two aboliths emerged, eyes fixed on the heroes.

Next time, aboliths in the mist!

Surrounded by Death
Surrounded by Death

The Shadowfell path continues…

The group continued moving until they needed to rest. The darkness had crept in.

Scathe set up a strong protective force around the group as they tried to rest. Frequent, at times constant, attempts by undead to break through failed. The darkness grew ever so slightly lighter and death crept back into the shadows.

The heroes trudged on.

They didn’t know for how long.

Eventually they saw a coast in the distance. Before the coast was a forest of white, leafless trees. The trees seemed to move and clearly there was movement amongst them.

From the trees came a screening woman. On both sides, emerging from the shadows, several crawling undead made their way towards her. As she got closer to the heroes, the undead stopped their approach and then retreated back towards the shadows, clearly eyeing the woman and what could be their easy prey.

Bewildered she didn’t seem to even notice the group. Kissandi leveled her sword and told her to stop. The woman kept running. Xabier charged and tried to destroy her, but as he swung his axe the woman tripped, did a forward roll and then just kept running and screaming through and past the heroes.

They did not pursue her, continuing on towards the forest.

Entering the forest the group noticed movement and found a boar rider, something like a gnoll, but not a gnoll. Two other large boars followed. The group was ready to attack when the rider grunted at them. Kal-Kathier understood him (thanks to the potion) and turned to see what he was grunting about. Behind them some piles of leaves were moving.

Xabier dove axe first into a pile and splattered a ghoul that was crawling within. It’s blood sprayed into Xabier’s eyes and didn’t feel very good.

The others followed, destroying several ghoul hungeres while Shivon fought a tougher abyssal ghoul. Scathe aided her allies, tending their wounds and weakening the enemy as Kal-Kathier, Kissandi, and Xabier fought to destroy the hungerers. Meanwhile a zombie horde moved in on Xabier.

While the heroes fought the ghouls, the leader of the boars fought other undead nearby.

When the horde was defeated, the heroes noticed that two of the boars had died in the fight. The leader, nicknamed Grunt by the heroes because that is how his speech sounded to all of them except Kal-Kathier, said we are lucky that it was not night, things were much worse then.

Visibly surprised that the group was heading to Sunderheart, Grunt said the only entry was by water and the only way he knew of was to take the raft manned by Nexes. Grunt warned the group to only travel during the day on the water and to follow whatever Nexes said, being that he or it was the only possible safe passage to where they wanted to go.

Dusk had fallen as the heroes neared the coast.

Just about 100-200 feet off the coast, the group noticed a small raft paddled by a skeletal-like figure in a robe with a staff or an oar…

The Gods, an Oracle, and Craynor vs. the Gnolls
The Gods, an Oracle, and Craynor vs. the Gnolls

April 9th, 994 (later that day)

The group is huddled in the castle and is still in a state of chaos. We make the plan to travel deeper into the castle to try to find a portal or something that can get us out of here.

Some people (many of the PCs) want to find a way to fight Adaelanter.

Elektra is a bitch and says that her dad could solve this, but she doesn’t want to do anything about it. Bui convinces her to follow us for awhile.

Tyzzer, Alph, Craynor, Xabier, Shivon, and Skyblade go up to try to get a lay of the land.

Shivon can tell that Melora is present in this storm and is trying to maintain control. Shivon wants to aid her god however possible.

Bui takes charge of the remaining group quite effectively.

They go down.

Elektra takes a group through a different door. This group includes Sarax and Carnavon.

The Tyzzer group realizes that outside the gods are fighting and there’s not much we could do about that. It’s likely they came here because the castle drew them here. They head back down.

They go down to a main room and see . . . something shadowy. It’s a she-wok. (or an oracle)

She offers to tell the fate of Vani and Tyzzer. Tyzzer is sceptical — he believes in making his own fate. Vani steps up.

The Deluvian Hourglass is missing it is one of the greatest magical treasures and has ties to the end of the world. We must keep it safe if we want to save the world. It might be lost in one of the ziggurats they used to store stolen artifacts.

We search a bit and find two portals.

The she-wok tells us that Yeenoghu is loose in the world, so Craynor runs off to fight the gnus on the other side of Portal #2.

Tyzzer feels like Portal #1 is pulling him, so he and everyone other than Craynor go through that one.

We go through the first portal and PR III is there in a volcano surrounded by Imix people. The short version of the conversation is that we are kinda working together to expose the fact that King Goodwell is an imposter. PR III is going to get us information that the real Goodwell is dead and the current king is an imposter. Once we get this info, we will work to make the people aware of this and bring the imposter to justice.

Tyzzer thinks that the group is going back to Lambasa, but instead we go through the Craynor portal and immediately start fighting gnolls.


Craynor is already in the shit. He gets attacked and Tyzzer immediately inspires him to crit both gnolls who dared to attack him.


A Beckoning Call?
A Beckoning Call?

Despair began to set in on all except Kissandi.

The heroes turned to each other.

Shivon turned to Kal-Kathier. After slowing down her speech to try to make the well tanned, primitive elf who spoke a foreign language understand, she gave up and questioned Scathe about the portals. Shivon was pissed that none of these people had the wherewithal to understand how they came to the Shadowfell. She didn’t even bother questioning the crazy guy with the axe.

Xabier, guided by the voice of tortured soul of his dead brother Bael, approached Kissandi.

Kissandi prayed and felt she saw the face and the beckoning fingers of the Raven Queen. Shivon tried to interrupt Kissandi’s prayers and get an answer, but Kissandi remained focused.

Soon later, Kissandi began walking in the direction she thought the Raven Queen was leading her, towards a distant woods in the gray darkness ahead.

The others decided to follow her.

Eyes seemed to follow them everywhere. The trees seemed like they would reach out and grab them.

At one time, Xabier noticed a strange winged figure above the trees. Later they would all see this again, a sorrowsworn!

After some time, they overheard and encountered a battle/feeding in progress. Zombies surrounded three shadar-kai. The heroes (other than Shivon) dived in and helped, felling the zombies left and right. Scathe put a protective spell around the one injured shadar-kai.

Shivon decided to have some fun, first infiltrating the weak-minded Xabier’s psyche and having him attack the zombies for her, then making some of the zombies eat at themselves. The injured shadar-kai, not at Shivon’s bidding, began to eat itself, too.

Soon the zombies were destroyed. The shadar-kai, seemingly deathly injured and likely transforming into a zombie was beheaded by the swooping sorrowsworn who then flew away.

The remaining shadar-kai turned out not to be normal. They knew of the execution of Bael. They said it was a small part of the beginnings of a place they said was cursed. A place called Sunderheart. One of the Shadar-kai was named Bloodbeat. He has three nostrils. The other shadar-kai had 7 fingers on each hand. It seems the people of what is now Sunderheart are all cursed, and possibly all they encounter become cursed, too. Directions were given to Sunderheart.

Bloodbeat cursed Melora, so Shivon threw the shimmering image of her feystrike longsword right through that bastard’s head because F that dude for not understanding the power of Melora! The other shadar-kai departed, wanting to get as far from Sunderheart as possible.

The group set off. Days later, some feeling rejuvenated, others more depressed, the group made it to the Dead Man’s Cross. The Dead Man was consulted for directions to Sunderheart. He extended one of his skeletal fingers. Shivon asked how to get to the Feywild, and the dead man’s skin pulled across his face in a wry smile, but his finger remained pointed in the same direction. The group set off. After some time, Kissandi wondered if the others were still there, following her. She looked back and noticed them and in the distance three more.

She drew the other heroes attention to those that followed. Kal-Kathier recognized one as a guard of Tectucktitlay and charged forward. After words were shared, the leader, Ar-Ke-Kee-Tah, seemed to be interested in following Kal-Kathier if he were to replace Tectucktitlay in Athas. A mild poison was endured by Kal-Kathier. He then received 7 potion. Each potion lasts 1 day and allows Kal-Kathier to understand and be understood in spoken word.

Ar-Ke-Kee-Tah and his guards departed, saying they hoped to see Kal-Kathier back home again.

The group continued towards the direction they hoped was Sunderheart as night fell…

Kissandi is not Alone
Kissandi is not Alone

(Shivon) Another dead end. How could these fools that she paid so well have led her to this endless grave site? How could dreadful get worse, but it was. Shivon cursed the shadar-kai and continued on. A strong, grizzled humanoid figure stood a couple hundred feet ahead, blood dripping from his greataxe, clearly scanning both ways for more – a quick flash of light to the left of him – what was that?!? That never happens in this dismal realm…now he is raising his axe…

(Xabier) The graveyard had reawoken. Everyone was running. The children’s legs were not long enough to outrun this horde of undead. Marching directly into the thickest area, he remembered the battle when he earned his last name and the viscious ceremony that followed. No blood was cast when he sent the dead’s limbs and heads flying. The dead lie all around. It should have felt so right, but something was wrong. The overcast day seemed to grow duller and darker. A sinking feeling of hopelessness crept within him. Xabier was not home anymore. He looked for more. A flash of light pulsed through the air not too far away. Then darkness. Bitter. Cold. Darkness. But surely there were more of the dead coming from over there. Habit took over as he raised his axe…

(Scathe) The moment she entered the portal, a feeling of dread touched every part of Scathe’s spirit. Where was the sun? Where was she? It seemed she was on a hill, at the crest of a gravesite for as far as she could see. Where was the wizard? No time to consider that, the shadows around her were huge and seemed to move on their own…

(Kal-Kathier)The sound of running water was faint at first, but Kal Kathier was drawn to it. As the sound grew nearer, he needed to step carefully over all these rectangular handcrafted ground stones. Something incomprehensible was scrawled on each stone. Then, over a nearby hill, a momentary flash of light followed immediately by a void of darkness bellowed from the hill. There it is – the source of the running water. A water fountain. To get there Kal Kathir would need to get through this sea of ground stones. Something didn’t feel right. But nearby water. Another flash of light. A humanoid appeared in the flash of light and then another. Confused, Kal Kathir felt the gaze of several nearby eyes on him…

(Kissandi) Malgrim says, “Something is different. Did you see that?” It seems everyone else is squinting. But why? Rabbit & Tilly try to look Kissandi in the eye, look at one another, and slowly return their eyes towards Kissandi. Tilly stutters “G-g-g-good luck lady…we’ve got to find a way out of here and it seems like you are meant to stay.” Malgrim says, “I thought you and I were alike, but now I see your true calling. Perhaps our paths will cross again down the road. I will do my best to lead the halflings back to Lambasa. May you find your true path.” Kissandi rejuvenated and empowered senses…

Zombies all over the place! Xabier cut through more zombies. Shivon, most interested in the energy and force at the top of the hill, used the distraction Xabier was causing with the zombies to dodge her way up the hill.

A shadow giant emerged and attacked Scathe, who could not seem to find that wizard or her party. Shouldn’t they all have been here, too?

Kal-Kathier, seeing Scathe in danger rushed to help attack the shadow giant, something like from his home. But, Kal-Kathier was stalked by dagorran ambushers, who went invisible before and after they attacked.

Kissandi enjoyed the scene, the undead around her all moving towards her – this is what she was meant to do, extinguish this untrue and unholy version of life. It was time for the zombies to die.

Soon, the undead who attacked the others, were drawn away towards Kissandi. All helped fell the foul beasts. Seeing Kissandi as a powerful ally who is clearly connected to her god, Shivon acts out of character and aids the winged elf several times by making Kissandi insubstantial, teleporting her out of danger, and offering healing. In the end, the hill and surrounding cemetery lie strewn with mangled flesh, long before dead, but finally at rest.

Kal-Kathier made his way to the fountain, drank fully, and filled his water skins.

Shivon demanded answers, but sensed this was another dead end. Still interested in the force she felt decided that Kissandi may be her ticket out of this terrible realm. The rest of these misfits are likely useless except as fodder.

Scathe helped heal those in need and Kissandi knelt to pray.

All but Kissandi realized despite their victory that escape from this place seemed impossible. Those affected were beginning to give in to the Shadowfell and the loss of hope.

Tyzzer's Trial
Tyzzer's Trial

April 9th, 994

Alphariel, Vani, Rowena, Benjin, Tyzzer, Bui, Charzin, and Craynor meet outside of the Vortex in Glim. Introductions are made.

Each adventurer is questioned by Carnavan and enter The Vortex.

Sarax enters and tells us:

  • Drow, not Rendlich elves might be the problem.
  • Adelanter is a problem.
  • Imix is bad and his cultists continue to pop up.
  • Yeenoghou, the gnoll god walks the earth.

Sarax encourages us to despise traitors and work together to defeat these evils.

We follow Sarax through a portal (without our weapons or armor) and end up somewhere cool near a sea. There is a castle in the near distance – Castle Locathah.

ADD HISTORY NOTES RE: The 3 kings of old…

Seated in the castle are Elektra, Mani, Fumaro, Tekal, and Javok.

Sarax accuses Tyzzer (the greatest hero this kingdom has ever known) of treason! WTF?

Mani testifies under great protest. Apparently he told others about the Silver Hand.

Tekal and Fumaro testify, but clarify that they do not consider Tyzzer a traitor.

Elektra testifies that we hurt her feelings.

Shivon testifies that if Tyzzer is a friend of Nashua and Itzam-ye, he must be loyal.

Skyblade testifies that because Nan ignored his missions from the Silver Hand to warn Tyzzer about the threats of treason, Tyzzer must also be found not loyal.

Moonshadow approaches the bench, but Charzin immediately recognizes her as a rakshassa and confronts her.

Lyrie testifies that Tyzzer talked about joining the WJN.

Bui asked to summon Sarax… a demonstration of his powers.

Sarax brings out the dead, headless body of Nan. All hell breaks loose. Tyzzer has difficulty continuing and is clearly shaken.

Bui testifies.

Charzin testifies.

Javok testifies that because Tyzzer talked to him about the Silver Hand, he is a traitor.

Rowena threatens to kill anyone who finds Tyzzer guilty.

Tyzzer’s gives a speech at Castle Locathah in his defense. By the end of the speech all of his allies stand behind him, moving the audience. The speech:

“I left my family and hometown of Welby eight years ago in search of adventure. For years I worked with Nan at his smithy in Standall, hauling ore, bending steel to the will of my hammer, getting strong. I listened to stories of Nan’s adventuring days, wide-eyed and anxious. Nan finished every one of his tales with wise counsel: A true hero seeks out adventure only in the service of a greater cause. I heard him, but I was too busy dreaming of battling orcs and slaying dragons to truly listen to his advice.

I stand before you now a slayer of orcs and a destroyer of undead. I have negotiated with giants and redeemed angels. I have traveled to the edge of the astral sea and returned to receive the mark of the gold dragon. The greatest bard of our age, the Lambasan Crow, has sung my praises. But none of these compare to my greatest accomplishment because none of this was accomplished alone.

A little over a year ago I signed up to explore Area 23 and learned the ways of the ranger from Quorion. Back to back, Atli and I fended off hoards of orcs under the cover of arrows loosed by Benjin. I dove into a bone-laden depraved cavity of death to fight off the horror of Haverthold with Derezim. In Ashenport I banished the old power of Dagon with Vani and Alphariel. Eventually, I stood with the barbarian Craynor on the battlements of Seegold, looking into the vastness of eternity and made the most difficult decision of my life as I left one of the truest and most loyal friends I have ever had to return to Terkent and finish the quest I started in Area 23.

I posed as a travelling circus performer, trusting in Ja’Elle’s crazy, but effective, plan at the Steading. I directed the zealous sword of Kissandi as we rid Lambasa of the infernal corruption of the Imix cult. After every one of these battles, when my body and soul felt like they could not possibly continue, Bui Collins was there to remind me who I am, and what I was fighting for.

And I cannot forget about the one who was there with me from the beginning in Standhall. So powerful, with seemingly inexhaustible fire in her heart. My closest ally through all of this. Rowena. She was a worthy and trusty steed. I will always cherish the memory of my first horse.

I have saved the lives of each one of these companions, and in turn they have brought me back from the abyss many times.

This is what we are fighting for; this is my greatest accomplishment. Companionship. Loyalty. The freedom to live our lives as we wish. Look at the person next to you. As we continue this crusade he or she might be the one who saves your life — either by putting a sword through the heart of an enemy leaping from the shadows, or by supplying the information that allows you to avoid the enemy’s deadly trap.

There are some who will tell you that to find your true strength, you must look within yourself. I’m here to tell you that you must look outward. Out to the ally next to you in the battle. Out to the family you left to be here. Out to the civilians who have no way of defending themselves. Out to those who have already fallen in the pursuit of freedom! We have been blessed to be strong enough to participate in this fight. It is our responsibility to stand up for every freedom-loving citizen!

Nan told me that a true hero seeks out adventure only in the service of a greater cause. There is no greater cause than to use your gifts to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Personal glory is the first step toward corruption. We do not seek death, but we are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that future generations might live in peace. It does not matter if they remember our names; our legacy is freedom."

Sarax finds Tyzzer guilty and sentences him to death, but before this he divides the great hall between the audience and the front of the chamber.

A circle in the middle of the room starts growing into a slippery, transmuted mess.

A big fight breaks out on our side of the force wall.

There is a storm brewing — it ain’t natural.

In the storm is a gargantuan red dragon. It’s Adalaenter.

We head toward where the portal was across the bridge, but it’s not there anymore.

Fharlanghn (the god of travel) shows up and everyone calms down a little bit.

We head back into the castle. Cuz that’s the way the dragon isn’t.

The whole group follows Bui, they assume it was him who calmed them. A couple of the heroes do not make it as the dragon blows up part of the bridge.

We get back into the castle and the threat of the dragon is gone for now. However, it is clear that many forces have converged here somehow — the dragon, the storm, gods. It’s not good.

Shivon is angered by the storm because it is clear to her that Zehir is fighting with Melora. She tries to rally people to march against the temple to Zehir that she saw in a vision and believes is out there, nearby in the storm.

She is persuasive, but not to everyone.

Krombaalt's Reward...a Flying Tower
Krombaalt's Reward...a Flying Tower

March 16, 994 6:00 p.m. Party Gold = 462,586 g.p.
Four battles and two milestones since leveling up.

The obelisks explode and the heroes take fire and poison damage. Two gate guardians emerge from the broken obelisks. They are rockfire guardians. The heroes destroy the gate guardians with relative ease.

Then, the heroes went back up and around to face the chimeras. The chimeras took some convincing to bow to Brazzamel. Charzin offered a ring of invisibility in return for them giving their treasures to the red dragon. Rowena bluffed hella good shit. Bui diplomed away. The chimeras were convinced.

As the heroes headed towards the dragon’s lair, they encountered and quickly destroyed some living dragon scales.

After succumbing to Nan’s apparent fears that part of the dragon mission may be left undone, the group entered a cave and destroyed 2 of 3 illithids, gaining 6,000 gp in emeralds.

Skyblade seems to enjoy the carnage. Nan seems to be anxiety ridden.

The heroes slept in Bui’s mobile home (cost 200 gp), before going to see Brazzamel. He has three drow helping keep a watch on the cave.

Brazzamel brags that he will one day be the most feared in the land, like Adalaentar is now. He offers that the heroes bow to him now, too, before they are forced to bow like the halfling Ja’Elle already has been forced to do.

The party turns down the offer, and after considering battling Brazzamel, they depart.

The party teleports back to Standhall (200 gp).

Nan and Tyzzer talk at Nan’s home. Skyblade departs, saying that both she and the party need to report to Sarax for different reasons (she for her pay, the heroes because they have completed the mission).

The heroes summon the storm giant Krombaalt. A storm ensues, and the giant descends to earth on a cloud. He invites the heroes to join him and they ride the cloud up to a distant kingdom in the sky.

After presenting the head of Snurre, they are welcomed to this kingdom and asked to retell their story. After the story, their praises are sung and they are awarded their floating tower. Bui will be owner, but all four heroes are attuned to the tower.

Next time…going to chat with Sarax.

March 18, 994 6:00 p.m. Party Gold = 467,886 g.p.
Seven encounters and three milestones since leveling up.

Sealing a Gateway to the Underdark with a Little Help from Our Friend
Sealing a Gateway to the Underdark with a Little Help from Our Friend

March 16, 994 3:30 p.m. Party Gold = 455,086 g.p.
Three battles and one milestone since leveling up
Rowena still has a disk of awesome for her use of the portal of surprise magic

A river of flowing lava bisects the room the heroes enter. Two salamanders stand guard on small islands on the lava river. An obsidian bridge that looks to be spider woven crosses the river. Standing shoulder to shoulder on the bridge are two giant death knights (skeletal fire giants). Quickly, Eclavdra enters the fight, appearing on a ledge beyond and above the distant shore of the lava river. She commands her allies to attack the heroes more.

Quickly, the heroes come up with a plan to disrupt Eclavdra. Rowena creates a linked portal and the heroes jump through appearing on the ledge with Eclavdra.

Eclavdra, after taking some significant damage, is able to blink away and gather help from the death knights and salamanders.

Skyblade is pulled into the lava a couple times by the salamanders.

The heroes killed Eclavdra and take her circlet that controls the spider chest.

The heroes defeat both death knights. The salamanders flee.

We check out the doors to the Underdark.

Each obelisk is a prison containing a powerful elemental.

Tyzzer and Nan don’t really want to go to the Underdark.

Nan suggests that we need to make sure that the door is secure so that no more drow come through.

Maybe cause a cave in (not likely).

Fuse doors / reroute lava (maybe).

Tyzzer says, “friend,” and Friend shows up out of the lava. Huh . . . who knew he was still around?

The bread sharing ritual is done.

Friend shows us a way to seal the doors, but it will be risky.

It might fail, and it will likely release the elementals in any case.

We decide to let Friend take the lead in a ritual to seal the doors.

Tyzzer leads through Diplomacy.

Rowena uses Arcane effort to direct elemental energies and redirect the river of lava.

Bui calls on his god to help him prevent passage of dark forces into our world.

Charazin also uses Arcane effort to control elemental energies from the obelisks to the door.

The obelisks explode and we’re about to fight some badass Rock Fire Guardians, but the doors are sealed.

Friend leaves . . . was he even here? Maybe we just needed to believe in ourselves . . . but the crumbs from the bread ritual are at Tyzzer’s feet.

Next time → fight!

March 16, 994 6:00 p.m. Party Gold = 462,586 g.p.
Magical spider chest, controlled by spider circlet (Rowena)
Guardian’s Cape +4 (Charzin)
Four battles and two milestones since leveling up.


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