A Beginning

General Background: The world, as we know it, is called Siliceous. About 1000 years ago, during the Anti-Magic Wars, the elves left [[Bala-duul]] aboard ships. Millus Adreus, the first known elf-historian of modern times, recorded a history of the elves from what is commonly known as The Great Journey up through the year 354. Since his death, elven culture has gone through many changes in Rhendlich. In Terkent, Rhendlichian elves are once-again suspected of evil plots to work with other evil powers in [[Mar-Dir]] to overpower the good lands of Terkent. After the disturbing discovery that his former ally, Johev, King of Rhendlich was at least partially to blame for recent deaths and threatening organizations in Terkent, King Goodwell II has sent out a request to all adventurers to help root out these evil invaders. The adventurers may be joining the party to help the nation, to help rid the world of evil, to become rich, to become famous, or for many of these reasons. The group must get organized in the days to come. The town meeting is fast approaching…

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