The Bones of Thax III and the Prophecy of the Blamers
June 15, 2003

More from Monday, 7/5! Travelled to Orc Cave “OT.” Ja’Elle picked a locked door. Located a digging area with picks and a symbol in dwarvish saying “S 30 Feet” on the floor. Found 2 dead dwarves in the southernmost digging area. Found 4 more gemeralds and 8 javelins in a secret part of a chest. There was a strange dust on the immovable dwarf skeleton. Elios got some on his fingers. When Atli laid on hands on the dust covered areas of the skeleton, occasionally (not always) the dust disappeared – including the dust on Elios’ fingers. Party discovered dwarven lettering on south wall that reads “Here lies Thax III.” When the party uttered the name Thax, the skeleton animated and began to talk with the party. The skeleton appeared blind until the red glowing light brightened in his skull and eyes. Thax said he served the 3 kings. He said there was a prophecy that said the blamers are to be watched. Thax said that you must bring justice back to the land. He also entrusted you to bury his bones in Tinsack, on the continent of Rhendlich. When you do, he said that you may keep his axe, sword, and helmet. Eventually, he became inanimate again. We found tapestries depicting Thax leading a great army against orcs, ettins, worgs, and giants. We wrapped his bones in these tapestries and Tyzzer carries Thax. Tyzzer discovered that he cannot put Thax over his shoulder. We used up the rest of our healing, slept the night in the cave. We will begin our next session on Tuesday, 7/6.

Magic Wolves and Rowena's Halfling Balloon
March 9, 2003

Flashback: doodeloo-doodeloo-doodeloo – Finally remember discussion with Quorian during the Festival of the Three Kings. 1) Rangers killed 5 remaining orcs in the foothills. 2) He heard news that there’s an orc ship leaving Terkent and heading east (to Mar Dir?). 3) Other NPC’s killed. They apparently aren’t as bad-ass as us. We have their map and journal. (see below) 4) Hardback’s bodies moved after a fight with non-Station 1 Scarlet Guard who he didn’t recognize. After remembering Quorian’s news, we headed to the foothills. At night at camp we saw a bear. Ja’Elle hides in the bear’s shadow and the bear eventually leaves.

Sat., 7/3 Get to first orc cave. The entrance was collapsed by the orcs. Tyzzer uses his ranger super powers to determine that the orcs were last here around two months ago. We headed towards the other orc cave. We were ambushed by a bunch of stupid, soon-to-be-dead kobalds (11). An ettin wandered into the fight, soon to be followed by his “pet” brown bear. Atli falls fighting the bear, but stabalizes. Elios falls fighting the bear. Ja’Elle stabs the bear. Ja’Elle stabalizes Elios (at –9 h.p.). Delta cures Tyzzer and Tyzzer continues fighting. Rowena falls fighting the ettin. Delta stabalizes Rowena. Delta falls fighting the ettin. Delta is stabalized. Rowena’s horse was killed in the fight. Ja’Elle’s horse and Derezim’s horse bolted and were not recovered. We gather 11 gemeralds from the kobalds. The ettin and bear have no loot! We load up the 4 “dead” guys on the horses that remain and try to get away. Party hears wolves to the north and west, so we walk southwest. We meet 5 wolves, then lots more wolves. We eventually set up camp. In the middle of the night, the wolves get into a fight with 2 humanoids with armor and swords. The humanoids have a black cloth covering their faces and have dark eyes. The fight takes place in a reddish-pink sphere. The sphere has healing powers. 2 wolves are healed after the fight. 5 wolves who are killed are buried in the sphere. The wolves leave no trace that they buried their dead here. The 2 dead humanoids are dragged away to the west. The wolves block the parties attempts to follow. We revive everyone in the sphere. Ja’Elle gets caught in the sphere and starts to float away. Rowena puts a rope around his foot and makes a balloon. Tyzzer pulls Ja’Elle out and the sphere leaves.

Sun., 7/4 We see a sparkling figure moving away. Tyzzer runs after it, but the wolves stop his progress. Eventually the party shares bread and water (Ja’Elle) with the wolves. One wolf grows and talks to us. The wolves are friends to Friend and are here to protect us. As requested by the wolves, we give 2 drops of Friend’s water to them. We rest and heal the rest of the day.

Mon., 7/5 Atli has used lay on hands. Delta has used all 0-level cures. Options for next time: 1) continue to orc cave and then deal with PRIII later.

Festival of 3 Kings, A Loose-lipped Crow, History, and A Dream of Friend
January 25, 2003

Quorian arrives back in town. He had been training with Allef. Quorian says Allef has information about the NPC party and the Eastern Foothills. Quorian decides to drink with us at the Wellby festival.

Sat., 6/6 Depart for Wellby. Hunker down in the area formerly known as Rhondora, lacking a tent.

Sun., 6/7 Arrive in Wellby. The adventurers party at Oleaster’s.

Mon., 6/8 Sweetie the waitress invited us back to Oleaster’s. The festival begins. Drunken evil halfling, Yaws, says that Finmond the elf king didn’t die, he changed his name to Johev. At the festival Judge Chiari told a story about the history of the 3 Kings and the festival (a timeline follows):

525- King Rhendlich elected king by other nobles in Kiamento. Marshall law abolished. King Rhendlich helps reestablish the peace and welcomes elves back into society.

685- King Rhendlich is killed in a massive orc raid from unknown lands (now known as Mar Dir). On the day of his death, the nation mourns but also celebrates the renaming of their nation and continent to honor their king. They name the continent Rhendlich, attempting to leave all of their troubled history behind.

685-710- Rhendlich engaged in battles between monsters and settlers. During the struggle, humans and elves from Terkent came to help. By 707, the three racial allies had excellent leaders: Tinsack the dwarf, Finmond the elf, and Drahmund the human. Tinsack led his forces to the north, Findmond took the middle of the continent, while Drahmund took his forces south. All had great success. Eventually the continent was ready to be settled with good-aligned cities again.

710- Rhendlich was divided into 3 parts. All three leaders agreed that the land would be re-divided when one or two of them died. Each leader trusted the other two to rule justly.

723- Tinsack was poisoned and died. Suspicions came and went. Nobody ever discovered who the murderer was. Rhendlich was re-divided into two equal parts. The north was run by Drahmund I while the south was led by Finmond.

737- Terkent’s King Demus dies of natural causes. Enough leaders realize that the best two current leaders reside in Rhendlich. All agree to allow Drahmund I to rule Terkent. Finmond remains in Rhendlich and rules the entire continent, and now nation.

757- King Drahmund I dies. His son is appointed king. This starts a hereditary monarchy that spans eight kings and almost 200 years.

795-805- Finmond and his royal army defend Rhendlich from the attack of The Unknown Sorcerer and his many brigades. The Drahmund Sea was named after Drahmund III, the brave king who personally slayed 2 dragons during the war.

825-840- The Orc and Hobgoblin Wars in Terkent. Forces of Terkent and Rhendlich fend off attacks from these two races. From 835-840, humans accompanied the orc raids.

952- The Drahmund family has no more direct heirs to the throne.

952-962- Various warring lords battle for power. Leaders are established on five occasions, never lasting more than two months before another power struggle ensues.

960- King Findmond of Rhendlich dies. Power is passed peacefully to a dwarf named Dravkoff.

968- Festival of the Three Kings established to honor these leaders. Week long celebrations, festivals, and shows in Wellby. Wellby has a chance to showcase their city. Legends are retold, goods are hocked, and many parties are celebrated over the course of this week. Invariably there is a play celebrating the union of the 3 kings and their races (dwarf, elf, and human). By the current year, 993, Mayor Ludd of Wellby supplies the beverages for the party for one full day. Many people travel from their towns to celebrate for the entire week. Early arrivals get spots in the inns and with relatives and in the nearby capital. Others pitch tents within the cities or on the city limits during this time.

Tues., 6/9 More chicanery

Wed., 6/10 Judge Chiari announced dueling. Bolack from Aramil defeats Refsum, the leader of the guard in the title match.

Thurs., 6/11 Origins of 3 – the Play.

Fri., 6/12 The Lambasan Crow says he saw FRIEND again.

Sat., 6/13 3 a.m. met Rebar, a self-proclaimed friend of the Lambasan Crow. The Lambasan Crow has been loose-lipped about the hardbacks. Rebar also described the lights like in the woods. The party also hears about the dragon demanding tribute in the King’s Mountains. The Crow performs at 8 p.m. and uses a light show like in the woods with Friend. Derezim confronts the Crow during the show. Derezim and the rest of the party are recognized by the Crow in front of the roaring audience.

Sun., 6/14 3 Wizards. The song by the Crow is about us. Over the week, the party spent 40 gp.

Mon., 6/15 Sleep in the area of the former Rhondora.

Tues., 6/16 Late, late arrival in Standhall.

Wed., 6/17 Allef begins training Tyzzer. Others pay for their training. The town crier alerts the town that the dragon Adalaenter is demanding tribute or he will destroy towns. Tyzzer completes phase 1 of masterwork greatsword.

Thurs. 6/18 – Wed. 6/31 Training continues uninterrupted. Paid 20 gemeralds for training.

Thurs. 7/1 Full moon. Party heads back towards the foothills. At night during Elios’ watch, he smells sewage and tastes minty fog. He wakes Derezim and then the others. Lights continue to flash like before. Lights, fire close in and then turn to ice. The party is surrounded by a wall of ice. A door in the ice opens toward the party. A figure enters. The door disappears. The ice turns into a dome. Clouds clear outside the ice. The figure is Friend. He continues the bread tradition. Ja’Elle continues the water tradition. He questions the party if they have been keeping the peace and if they have been telling stories about him. He appears satisfied by the answers of the party.

Fri., 7/2 Awaken remembering Friend. Was it a dream, or was it real? The party gets to Station 1. Romak welcomes you back. You discuss the hard-backs, etc. It is mid-day at Station 1. The party has agreed to clear the area of orcs before heading to find out about PRIII.

Rumors, the Lambasan Crow, and an unlikely Friend
November 9, 2002

Weds., 5/20 Interviewed slave dwarf, Moli, and found out that Moonhammer is in charge of Orcs, that the other base is the “X” on the party map, that he doesn’t know PR III, and that he thinks the Blood Arm is the name of a group.

Thurs., 5/21 Party rested and patrolled. Elios is conscious again!

Fri., 5/22 Party rested and patrolled.

Sat., 5/23 Party rested and patrolled.

Sun., 5/24 At night – “clip-clop.” The Scarlet Guard messenger arrived to tell the party it will take an extra week before they arrive (now planned to arrive on 6/4). Ja’Elle heard rumors around town while he trained including:

1. Scarlet Guard are not all loyal

2. Evil originates from Mar-Dir

3. a savior will come (long-descendant of King Chanceli)

4. Hard-backed creatures are in the Eastern Foothills 5. A drunk said he was imprisoned “unfairly.”

Ja’Elle also tells the rest of the party that a very famous bard, the Lambasan Crow, is to perform in Standhall on 5/27 at the Standhall Inn.

Mon., 5/25 The party heads back towards Standhall with Ja’Elle.

Tues., 5/26 The party arrives in Standhall. We identify items (1 ring of protection +1 to Elios, Hayg’s dagger is +1. It goes to Ja’Elle). Many party members upgrade equipment. Rowena pays for “familiar” materials.

Weds., 5/27 The Lambasan Crow will perform. His posters show his piercing eyes. 7:30 show: Jennifer “the Great” from Standhall opens for the Lambasan Crow. She sings 3 songs including one about the PC’s. The Lambasan Crow’s first song is about how King Goodwell united peoples. His second song tells about how King Chanceli ruled Terkent. His third song is about towns destroyed by the red dragon (Rhondora, Rhomawyr, and Rirakoth) before the dragon headed west and people feared that he headed to the King’s Mountains. His fourth song was about before the Great Journey in the year 0. It included the following timeline:

41 BGJ- Anti Magic Wars begin in Bala dul. Magic viewed by the populace as suspicious and attracting evil into the land. After outlawing magic use three years earlier, the leadership of the land sought to do away with magic use once and for all by identifying and destroying all forms of magic. Many leaders were suspected of corruption and attacked by barbarian tribes. Strange alliances were made between good and evil. (Told to Adreus by his parents and other clan elders.)

29 BGJ- Elven race identified by many Baladul overnments as defenders of magic.

28 BGJ- Program to eliminate all elves begins in many Bala dul states. 4 states seen as rebellious because they protect elves.

24 BGJ- Civil war heightens as 3 remaining elven protectorate states defend themselves against the rest of the county.

23 BGJ- Elven leaders begin 3 plans to help resolve this conflict. One plan is to construct enough ships to leave Bala dul together forever.

21 BGJ- Scout ships sent. None return. Later, the elves discover that the ships were destroyed by a blockade.

7 BGJ- 2 states continue to protect the elves. The elves decide to leave Bala dul together forever. They begin the process of building many carrier ships and a stronger navy while fighting off warring peoples.

0- The Great Journey: 10,000 Elves sail overseas to settle in Kiamento, leaving Bala-dul and its war-torn earth behind.

Thurs., 5/28 Tyzzer has his date with the Crow. The Crow will ride with the party to Station 1 to check out the hard-backs. The party buys horses and equipment for the horses. (heavy horses & equipment cost 216 g.p. each. The light horse and equipment costs 91 g.p. All horses cost 5 SP per day for stabling.)

Fri., 5/29 The party rides out to the foothills with the Crow. We arrive at Station 1 at night. During her night watch, Rowena hears rustling. She wakes up the others. Elios and Ja’Elle move out of the light of the lantern. For a second Atli detects evil southeast of the party. It goes away and he does not sense evil for the rest of the night. Elios sees shadows passing near him and hears rustling behind him as he slowly backs towards the party. With the help of Tyzzer, Elios makes it back to the party without incident. Ja’Elle is frightened by shadows and rustling and runs back to the party. Lighted sticks come in from all sides. The Crow throws one back. Others follow. Clouds move quickly from the west to the east, soon covering the whole sky. “Lighted” clouds engulf the sky and night becomes day. The party is surrounded by flickering lights. We hear booming laughter. After becoming very frightened, the party decides to make a break for it and jumps on the horses. Ja’Elle rides ahead. A 150’-long wall of flame separates the party from Ja’Elle. The party disbelieves the wall of flame and it disappears. It must have been an illusion. The horses don’t overcome the illusion as quickly as the party members. Eventually, it becomes night again and the clouds are gone. Nothing else happens this night.

Sat., 5/30 Nothing happens during the day. Night comes. On Derezim’s watch, he smells a foul odor (sewage). Fog rises from the ground. He wakes the party. When the fog covers the party, they distinctly taste something like mint. The party joins hands. The rogues realize that they are holding the hands of someone not from the party. The fog rises slowly. The man is dressed in all black (boots, pants, belt, shirt with hood). He has brown hair and brown eyes. The party tries to talk with him. He does not respond. Ja’Elle blows his whistle behind him. He does not respond. Derezim pulls his hood off. He looks normal. The party offers him food. He eats some. The party offers him water. He puts the water in his hand and drinks it. He offers the party bread. The party eats it. The sewage smell and mint taste disappears. The stranger seems to be unable to hear, but after we eat the bread, he talks with the party. He says, “friendship follows.” He has wandered the continent and recently in the foothills. He hasn’t made friends, except for the hardbacks in a while. He said there was confusion when the hardbacks and the humans at Station 1 fought. The hardbacks were attacked by other humans just before this and fled towards Station 1. Both sides started fighting thinking the other side was unfriendly. He said the hardbacks were being hunted by the other human group. He said he doesn’t control the fog. He said the bread represents friendship. He said only 2 hardbacks exist now in Terkent. His final “gifts” to the party were: saying that “Power corrupts” (find out who is in power – both evil and good, including who sent you out); and he gives the party a very small vial of water that he says will make any liquid into water. We name him Friend

Sun., 5/31 There were no events during the day or night.

Mon., 6/1 Rowena gets her familiar, a raven.

Tues., 6/2 There were no events during the day or night.

Weds., 6/3 There were no events.

Thurs., 6/4 The Scarlet Guard returned with their full troupe. The Crow agrees not to tell the Scarlet Guard about Friend for now. Romak is now in charge of Station 1. Atli did not detect any evil from the Scarlet Guard. The party questioned the Scarlet Guard about their previous encounter with the hard-backs. Romak said he heard the sound of the horn to flee. He saw the hard-backs kill Captain Quohann. He followed orders and took off. The party heads back to Standhall on their horses and with the raven. On the way the see dancing lights in the figure of a human to the north of the road. As the party approaches, the lights grow brighter, so bright that they cannot look. After they call out to say “hello” and friend the figure begins to move away. Half of the lights disappear. The party continues to call out friend and the lights eventually all disappear. We continue back on the path to the west. The party arrives in Standhall later that night.

Fri., 6/5 The party begins training. The Crow leaves for more performances. NOTES: Derezim needs to level-up. Other party members are ready to roll. The party may write the Crow to ask him to rejoin them for future adventures (he is unsure if he will accept). The party discussed what to do next. After completing training, some options include: 1. clearing out any orcs left at the “X” cave (we expect that it is empty), 2. following the map clues to look for PR III, 3. watching Tyzzer fight kobalds while “hitting on” the Crow. 4. June 8-14 Festival of the 3 Kings in Wellby.

A Secret Note from PR
October 19, 2002

Weds., 5/13 Plans are made between Romak and the party.

Thurs., 5/14 Romak and the other Scarlet Guard leave Station 1. The party takes most of the morning figuring out how to patrol. None of us are very good at math. We wished we had a spirograph. Patrol was very exciting (sarcasm).

Friday, 5/15 Bigger loops. Patrol rocks again.

Sat., 5/16 On patrol, Tyzzer, Delta, and Rowena find a dead orc with a note. Side 1 = “The second cave infiltrated by a bunch of little fuckers and needs to be fuckin’ shut down god damn it!” (orcish)

Side 2 = Moonhammer, Thanks for your…

on the way. -PR (common)

Sun., 5/17 Patrol – Nothing.

Mon., 5/18 Patrol – Nada.

Tues., 5/19 Patrol – Zippo.

Weds., 5/20 Orc party (30 orcs) came to Station 1. We ambushed them, killed all but 5 who ran away. We found lots of loot, and maps that may lead through foothills, NE of Station 2. PR = Phyl from second letter that we found. One dwarf is in the area. Look for and question him. Elios is unconscious. He was stabalized by Atli at –9 hit points. The Scarlet Guard is coming back or sending a messanger on 5/28. Ja’Elle plans to come with this group on 5/28.

Tattoos, A Threat to Standhall, and Hardbacks
September 28, 2002

NOTE: Rule Change: Role 20, then 20 OR 1, then 1 ===> follow special table. Captain Quohann says 1) NPC Group and Onragast were fighting kobalds and have not been heard from since 4/16. PC’s tell Quohann that the NPC’s and Onragast died; 2) Dragon is to the west and destroyed 3 towns (including Rhondora) in his path; 3) the Scarlet Guard take their share of the Phat Lewt from the orc encounter; 4) He plans to send someone to Station 2 and someone to Lambasa to send more help to Station 1.

Romak tells the party that he had an encounter with evil elves. He now believes that elves and [[Mar-Dir]] powers are involved and/or behind the problems in the Eastern Foothills. He helped capture 2 elves with notes related to a [[Mar-Dir]] massive orc arrival in 995.

Atli introduction – adventurer from Balser. Atli, while visiting his cousin (almost like a brother) in Standhall hears about other adventurers in the Eastern Foothills. His cousin tells him to talk with the Mayor. Mayor Wartburg welcomes Atli and sends him to the foothills to meet up with the party. He borrows a horse and rides to Station 1. He meets the party and is welcomed aboard. Captain Quohann sends a messanger back west on the horse.

The party rests and heals the rest of the day.

Thurs., 4/30 The party rests and heals all day.

Fri., 5/1 Return halfway home and set up camp. Encountered 4 farmers from Rhondora traveling east at midnight. They were suspicious of the party. Bell, their primary speaker said they were headed to a farm in the wilderness, away from cities, hoping to be away from danger. Note: Quorian stayed at Station 1 to train with Allef, when he returns. Quorian intends to leave the party and help in the Foothills.

Sat., 5/2 Arrive at Standhall at night. Mayor Shem Wartburg buys the party drinks at his inn and tavern. He says the dragon is to the west in the King’s Mountains, according to reports. He tells the PC’s from Standhall to get tattooed in the morning.

Sun., 5/3 5 Standhall PC’s are tattooed with the symbol (Ψ) of Melor the Protector. The Mayor says to display the tattoo prominently. It should act as a ring of protection +1 within range of Standhall (at least). Almost all of the townsfolk attend the tattooing and express their gratitude for the efforts of all party members, including the 2 non-Standhallians. [[Ja-Elle]] stays in Standhall to train. Elios sets him up with his trainer. He will be done on Monday, 5/18. The rest of the party leaves for Station 1. They camp halfway back.

Mon., 5/4 At the edge of the foothills, within 3 miles of camp the party spots and hears 2 horses beatin’ cheeks to them. Romak and another Scarlet Guard tell us to run and they take off riding west. The party hustles back to Standhall, walking through the night.

Tues., 5/5 The party arrives in Standhall after noon. They tell us that strange humanoids with hard backs were at Station 1 and that the road east was no longer safe. The party is asked by the mayor to provide protection for the city. The party accepts and watches the east road.

Wed., 5/6 East watch – nothing.

Thurs., 5/7 East watch – no.

Fri., 5/8 East watch – nope.

Sat., 5/9 East watch – Nada.

Sun., 5/10 East watch – nothing. Paid 150 g.p. to have the Orc captain’s ring identified = protection +1 (Tyzzer gets it).

Mon., 5/11 Romak returns and retells his story. Captain Quohann was killed by hard-backed humanoids. The Scarlet Guard sounded the horn 3 times and dispersed. A messenger from the king is sending 3 groups of Scarlet Guard to retake Station 1. Romak and 3 others are the first group. They ask the PC’s to join. They plan the approach strategy.

Tues., 5/12 The party heads east with the Scarlet Guard. They camp at the halfway point.

Weds., 5/13 Arrive at the base of the foothills and notice a large scorched area and the remains of a fight. A corpse of a hard-backed gray humanoid is found near 2 human corpses. One of the human corpses has 3 tattoos (nape of the neck is a Scarlet Guard shield tattoo, deltoid is a symbol (ø), left front neck is another symbol (Ґ with 2 curved scimitar shaped red blades extruding to the right forming something like an “E”). Both humans are unknown to Romak. The party buried the 2 humans.

Elios spots 8 kobalds on the way to Station 1. Killed 6 of the 8, the other 2 ran and escaped. The party found some gold on the dead kobalds.

Arrived just outside of Station 1. See the remains of a fight. Find 4 more dead bodies (1 hard-shell (bluish blood), Captain Quohann, Officer Thy, and an unknown human). The party buried the 3 humans. The party is at Station 1 and it is “bedtime.” (no spells used yet today)

Orcs! Run Away!
August 31, 2002

At noon on the 28th, Allef used his “herbal”-healing to bring everybody back to consciousness. Quorian plans to replace Onragast as a Foothill ranger with Allef. The party searched Tynry and Hayg for loot. Tyzzer asked Allef for ranger training in the future. Allef accepted. Allef took Onragast. Took 2 flasks, 2 long swords, a dagger, a short bow, and some loot from the NPC’s. Buried Hayg and Tynry (21-0 sight). Allef and dwarf slaves warned the party of another orc war party to the North. Drum beats heard from the north at about 5 p.m. Party had left the burial sight 15 minutes before the drumming started. The party did “the hustle” away from the orc war party.

The party met and killed 6 friggin’ kobalds during the night. Derezim and Elios were disabled (0 h.p.) The party needed to rest for the night. One dwarf (former slave) ran west.

Tues., 4/28 7 hours later, on his watch, Tyzzer heard drums getting louder. After Delta prayed for spells, the party woke up, healed up, and hustled away.

The worg caught up to the group. The party fired off a couple rounds of ranged attacks. Tyzzer and Derezim then fought and defeated the worg. The party hustled off with the orcs closing.

Ja’Elle blew his whistle to alert Station #1. The faster party members arrived at Station 1. Station 1 troops aided the slower party members against the orc war party. They blew the horn twice to signal the exploring party back to camp. All of the orcs were killed in the battle including 30 regular orcs (15 with ranged weapons), 2 large orcs, and one very large orc (Captain Earthrower). Tyzzer and Olekith (Scarlet Guard) were knocked unconscious during the battle and healed afterwards. All 4 warriors from Station 1 were killed. 1 of the 2 fighters was killed. Officer Thy survived. Both dwarf slaves survived and gave the party information (the Captain’s name). One of the other dwarf slaves arrived from hiding. The exploring party returned (1 Scarlet Guard, 1 fighter, 2 warriors, and Alery the sorcerer). The party searched the dead for loot. They found more gold and gems on the 3 larger orcs. Captain Earthrower also had a ring and a flask. The party helped bury the dead. Party was told they did not need to repay Station 1 for the food they took. Dead orcs were spread out around camp as a show of power. The party rested.

Wed., 4/29 Woke up. The party plans to return to town.

A Heroic Victory vs. an Orc War-Party
August 18, 2002

Sun., 4/26 Rested and recouped. Heard drumming in the east and then the east/northeast overnight.

Mon., 4/27 Set off in the direction of the Orc Cave. Saw 9-12 creatures fighting approximately 1.5 miles north of the cave (Orcs versus humanoids). Assisted the humans (Hayg, Tynry, and Onragast) in killing the rest of the orcs (5 killed by the party, 10 killed by the NPC’s before and during the entrance of the party). Hayg died during this fight. Hayg (Fighter) and Tynry (Druid) were part of the NPC party that was exploring Area 25. Hayg was from Standhall and Tynry is from between Standhall and Balser. Onragast is a ranger who is from this area. He has a war-horse. The party told Tynry that they would give a proper burial to his fallen comrades.

The overcast sky opened up in a strong thunderstorm.

The drumming picked up after the fight. Elios spotted a large group of orcs about 160 feet away. The party and the new NPC’s entered combat against a orc “war party” including 2 large orcs, 30 regular orcs (10 with ranged weapons), 2 dwarf drummers, and 1 worg. Allef rode in on his war-horse to help. Tynry (Druid) died. Onragast and his war-horse died. Allef, Derezim, Quorian, and Ja’Elle were knocked unconscious. All the orcs and the worg were killed. Allef’s warhorse killed one of the large orcs. The dwarf drummers dropped the drums and fled during the fight. Ja’Elle was revived by Delta during the fight. Allef was barely brought back to consciousness after the fight (0 h.p.) Delta is out of spells. Rowena used both magic missiles.

Most members of the party are very injured. The party planned to rest today and rest and heal tomorrow. The party also expressed interest in finding the dwarf drummers. The party did not bury/search the remains of Hayg, Onragast, the war-horse, or Tynry yet.

NOTES: All individual loot noted on character sheets was left in Standhall with Mayor Wartburg. Party owes Station 1 guards 10 GP and 5 SP for food.

Two Rogues are Better than One
August 11, 2002

Ja’Elle introduction – adventurer from Wellby. Takes up the call to Area 23 with others from Wellby (4/1/993). Spends first night in Rhondora. Wakes up late on Thursday morning (4/2), town is destroyed and the rest of his party has been killed. A red dragon hit the town in the early morning. Ja’Elle is loaned a horse and a guide on a horse. He is advised to continue to Standhall. They continue to follow advice to get out to Station 1. They arrive the morning of Saturday, 4/4 and meet the Scarlet Guards Olekith and Captain Quohann. Then he meets and joins the party.

Fri., 4/3 The party briefly meets with Romak and Captain Quohann, updating Quohann on the red dragon and the orc adventures.

Sat., 4/4 The party meets and adds Ja’Elle to the group. Rested and talked about party organization. PC’s gave more details to Quohann who recommended to the PC’s to go after the orcs. He felt that since one escaped, the orcs may be looking fro the party and be more organized with more time between encounters. Party decided to return to train. Quohann recommended they move quickly. Quorian left a message for Allef at the camp. The party left after 1 full day of rest (at nightfall). Met and killed 9 kobalds. Found loot.

Sun., 4/5 Met 3 farmers/commoners who were out for a walk about 2 miles outside of Standhall. Arrived in Standhall.

Monday, 4/6. PC’s slept in their homes. Ja’Elle was welcomed by Delta.

Tues., 4/7 – Mon., 4/20 Party trains (6 originals gain a level, skills, feats, spells, etc.) in Standhall. Tyzzer appraised items and then took them to the town appraiser to cash them in. Rowena used detect magic on various party items. The town appraiser gave general values for gems: Sapphire = 50 GP; Ruby = 75 GP; Emerald = 100 GP. Gold bars were worth 100 GP each. Individual items included a 50 GP jeweled dagger, a 150 GP silver necklace, a 100 GP golden ring, and a worthless pouch of dirt and dust. Identified items, split money evenly 6 ways, with Ja’Elle getting 30 GP. Delta tithed 10% of her earnings. Party paid 120 GP/magic item identified in town. The party decided to give Rowena the Ring of Protection +1 (from the orc leader), and Delta took the potions of Reduce and of Cure Light Wounds. Ja’Elle buys string, etc. for future traps. Delta buys banded mail (now moves at 20’ along with Derezim and Ja’Elle). Tyzzer begins work on his masterwork weapon (315/500 points). Left all individual loot with Mayor Wartburg for safekeeping.

Tues., 4/21 Travel back towards Station 1. No encounters.

Wed., 4/22 Travel back towards Station 1. No encounters.

Thurs., 4/23 Morning encounter at the edge of the foothills. A giant praying mantis surprised the party by pouncing on Delta and gripping her in its claws. The party killed the mantis before it could squeeze the life out of the cleric. The party arrived at Station 1 and found Olekith on duty. Quohann reported that Allef planned to be back to camp on 4/28. Delta healed herself. The party waited until morning so they could enter the foothills at full strength. Quorian left a message for Allef that he was entering the foothills with the party in search of orcs and the 2 rangers will have to meet later.

Fri., 4/24 Party stocks up on food for next 2 weeks. The party owes the guards at Station 1 10 GP and 5 SP for rations purchased. Party departs Station 1 and enters the foothills moving directly SE from camp. No encounters.

Sat., 4/25 Continued S, directly towards the known orc cave. The party moved forward with Ja’Elle and Quorian as scouts (0-100’ ahead of the party). From the face of 110’ elevation line, the scout team spotted two groups of orcs about 200’ ahead. Quorian and Ja’Elle discussed strategy. Ja’Elle dropped his caltrops and hid himself. Quorian reported the strategy to the rest of the party. Ja’Elle blew his whistle several times to attract attention. 11 of the 12 orcs appeared and moved towards the sound of Ja’Elle. The party surprised the orcs and defeated them with only minor injuries (all to Tyzzer).

As Ja’Elle went to pick up his caltrops, Elios spotted more orcs coming, this time only 150’ away. During the second battle, Quorian was knocked unconscious and both rogues suffered heavy damage. The party once again defeated the orcs, using all means available. In all, 10 more orcs were killed, including 2 of “guard”-size. The 2 larger orcs had pouches with gems. The other orcs carried no loot. Elios checked for more orcs at the end of this fight. None were spotted.

The party decided to head west (away from the orc caves and away from the NE where more orc caves were expected) to rest up. Quorian suggested traveling spread out so as to leave fewer traceable tracks. In essence, the only large group tracks they would have left would go straight north. The party traveled in V-formation, 30’ apart to the highest point directly west (120’). The party set-up camp, used up daily heal spells, and set up camp.

A Dragon Above the Foothills!
August 7, 2002

Mon., 3/30 Rested the rest of the day.

Tues., 3/31 Rested the entire day – no encounters.

Wed., 4/1 Rested the entire day – no encounters.

Thurs., 4/2 On the return to the orc cave, a large, scaly, reddish, winged beast caused uncontrollable fear in all party members. It was flying from east to west. Elios noticed a humanoid riding the dragon. Met back up with Derezim by the cave. Went into room with mats. Went into room with rats and killed 15 (no loot). During rat fight, Elios spotted orcs and 3 party members gave chase. Derezim and Rowena knocked unconscious by 2 orcs who fought at the cave exit. One larger orc escaped. Party killed 1 orc and knocked the other unconscious. The party bound the unconscious orc and then healed him for questioning (this orc clan = Grunsh, Base-leader that the party killed = Ratdragger, other orc base is NE of this cave). Orc then left in the former rat room, still bound with the boulders closing off the room. The party found no loot on the orcs. Party found Ratdragger beheaded in the secret room (head was missing). Party set out to return to Station 1. Camped in the foothills on high ground.

Fri., 4/3 Encountered 7 kobalds in the foothills in the morning. Tyzzer and Derezim were knocked unconscious and healed by Delta during the fight. All 7 kobalds were killed. Found loot! Continued return to Station 1. It is nightfall and the party intends to report back about the dragon and the cave encounters. The party is just arriving back at Station 1.


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