Introducing Benjin, Craynor, Ara, and Delsym
June 2, 2007 SMALL GROUP

General Background: The world, as we know it, is called Siliceous. Recent events just over the sea have interested adventurers. Stories of adventure have made there way back to Rhendlich. Long-lasting alliances between Rhendlich and Terkent have been put in jeopardy recently.

Rhendlich Starting Adventure Introduction PART ONE (Chris, Ted, Jeff) Something is amiss in Terkent. Leaders of Terkent have blamed Rhendlich for some of their recent problems. Johev, the King of Rhendlich, has sent out a notice to adventurers from Rhendlich to help Terkent out of their problems by offering their service in whatever is needed. A note of caution is given to elves, who are not being welcomed to Terkent.

Aramivol, and elvish monk from Owen hopes to prove himself and to make a better name for elves in Terkent. Craynor Opslord a nomad from SE Rhendlich wants to avenge the death of his barbaric tribe against the gnolls. Delsym a half-orc from near Owen hopes to find glory and to spread his seed throughout the land, after his parents were killed by the family worgs.

PART ONE (Chris, Ted, Jeff) 7/10 – Aramivol, Craynor, and Delsym have met in Zire Tavern in Owen. The bartender was Bryev and the female that Delsym tried to befriend was Froha. The 3 adventurers have set out for Binban in hopes of finding adventure and in search of signs of the gnolls who killed Craynor’s tribe. They have heard of adventure in Terkent. The group has passed two sets of people on the road heading towards Owen. Overnight, the group fights and kills 4 of 6 humans who seemed to have set up a night ambush along the road. The other 2 bandits escaped. The party gained 20 gp and 10 sp. Each of the bandits had a short sword, short bow, leather armor, and 6 arrows.

7/11 – The party has just awoken from an unsettling first night… (HP = Delsym 10/18, Ara 3/8, Craynor 7/15) (XP = Delsym , Ara , Craynor ) 20 g.p. 10 s.p. 24 arrows, 4 short bows, 4 leather armor, 4 short swords

Rhendlich Starting Adventure Introduction PART TWO (Jake) Something is amiss in Terkent. Leaders of Terkent have blamed Rhendlich for some of their recent problems. Johev, the King of Rhendlich, has sent out a notice to adventurers from Rhendlich to help Terkent out of their problems by offering their service in whatever is needed. A note of caution is given to elves, who are not being welcomed to Terkent.

Benjin Ulf, a young dwarf ranger has grown up in the Cikin Forest of SE Rhendlich. Both of his parents are rangers. He is an only child. For some time now, Benjin has wanted to get out and away to test his own skills and to adventure. He has heard of adventure aplenty in Terkent, just across the sea. This seems like the chance to spread his wings. For most of his early life, his parents have wanted Benjin to stay close by. They did not want him to leave the area. Over the past two weeks things in the southern part of the Cikin Forest have become unbalanced. Both of Benjin’s parents now are encouraging him to go to Terkent. This was a big change. Just last night, Benjin did not see either of his parents come home. This was a strange but not an unprecedented occurance. Usually in the past, his parents let him know if they were going to be gone for more than just the day.

Fighting Our Way Back to Balser
August 17, 2007

8/16 Made a 2-mile circle (counter clockwise) around Balser and found nothing. We made a 1-mile approach. We stirred them up. A group gathered at the edge of town. We blew our horn and they replied. Rinse and repeat. Derezim rides to within ½ mile. 5 ride out towards him. He shoots a bugbear and leaves (the bugbear was hurt). The 4 goblins fire at him. 1 hits, but Derezim makes his save vs. sleep. We get closer to town. A big group gets closer to us. We meet them about 1/3 mile from the south side of town. Rowena casts a dice cloud (stinking cloud) on the baddies. Melee begins. A big fight ensues. Derezim falls and is stabilized by Rowena, who had been flying. Bui later heals Derezim, bringing him back to consciousness. Atli is knocked unconscious and is stabilized just as he began to see the light (-9 hp) by Ja’Elle. Bui heals him. Derezim and Tyzzer beat up a lot of baddies. Ja’Elle used his backstab ability to do heavy damage, too. Rowena used various spells to help the group by stunning, blinding, hypnotizing, or stinking the enemy. Atli and Bui used healing effectively to help themselves and the group. Elios amd Bui are better at ranged fighting than melee. We win the fight and ride our horses away as another group was coming out of town after us. In the fight we killed 20 gnolls, 2 bugbears, and 1 gnoll lieutenant. We ride south, heal and sleep off of the main road.

8/17 We spend the next day resting and take part in the great mid-August Heal-O-Rama. We sleep through the night.

8/18 We wake up and we plan to return to Balser. We are about a 5-hour ride from Balser, directly south right now.

Scouting, Training, Alerting Others of Danger, and Strategery
July 29, 2007

8/3 Bui (Andrew) the Cleric from Wellby joins the group. He ran an orphanage and needs to raise funds for it. He’ A’ight ☺ Tyzzer improved his masterwork sword and the group trained.

8/4-6 More training. Talked with Mayor Shem Wartburg and with Octavius of the Scarlet Guard to find out how to help Standhall and Area 1. We decide to go to Balser to scout and then later to Area 1 to help.

8/7 On our way to Balser we pass four farmers outside of town who know nothing. We camp just north of the intersection.

8/8 We continue walking to Balser. In the evening, Futon people (Bui, Rowena, and Ja’Elle) notice monsters hiding. We kill four goblins. One of them blew a horn twice before we killed them. We take 12 gp, 1 horn, and fill our arrow supplies back up. We camp off road.

8/9 Walk parallel to the road (1 mile west) with Ja’Elle ½ mile in front to scout. Ja’Elle spots movement and smoke from Balser. Rowena’s hawk sees bugbears, orcs, and goblins. We camp 1 mile from town and send in Ja’Elle to scout. Rowena casts an invisibility cone spell and waits for Ja’Elle. Ja’Elle notices about 100 or so monsters in camp and hears them talking before they notice him and chase him back to Rowena. Rowena and Ja’Elle make a narrow escape from 4 orcs and 2 bugbears. They make it back to the group on Rowena’s horse. We skip sleep for awhile and head back to Standhall to tell the Mayor.

8/10 Travel day. No encounters.

8/11 Back to Standhall at night. Tell Mayor about the organized group at Balser. Balser has been completely burnt to the ground.

8/12 Ja’Elle, Bui, and Tyzzer take 2 horses to Wellby to buy horses. They pass through a crispy Rhondora and have no encounters until the arrive at Fort Brotter.

8/13 Arrive at Fort Brotter. Talk with 2 Scarlet Guard. Alert the guard about the troubles in Balser and possibly Standhall. Buy 4 light horses for 360 gp (talked down from 400 because Bui used diplomacy). Head back towards Standhall.

8/14 Back to Standhall at night. Now have 3 heavy and 4 light horses. The big plan is to raid the Balserian baddies in small groups.

8/15 We travel to within 15 miles (south) of Balser and set up camp.

8/16 Waking up… ready to attack Balser with stategery!

Giant Salamander... Run Away! Balser Sacked
December 26, 2003

A 3rd Reinke joins our party. Welcome, Andrew!

11:15 p.m. on Sat., 8/1/993 Scout team approaches town and sees a really big salamander in a cage (35-40’ long). They see 4 goblins setting thatched-roof farm cottages on fire. The party kills 3 of them and takes the other prisoner. Tyzzer runs towards the city into battle. The rogues loot the goblins. Derezim joins Tyzzer.

Back at the attack on Balser, the sides continue fighting. More bad guys show up from the east. Tyzzer and Derezim arrive, soon followed by more of the scout team (except for the rogues). The party defeats the remainder of the big original group and the smaller group from the east (20 hobgoblins and 4 bugbears). Goblins set all farmhouses in the eastern part of the town on fire.

Meanwhile, the rogues roughed up the goblin prisoner. The goblin told the rogues that salamander was brought to finish the town and that it is motivated by fire to fight. The rogues killed 4 more goblins.

The rogues heard the salamander cage being opened and high-tailed it back to the rest of the group. After a short discussion and spotting the salamander approaching town, the party doubled up on horses and buzzed out of town. As they left, they spotted more hobgoblins and bugbears entering town and being mauled by the giant salamander. Tyzzer and Derezim’s horses were left by the salamander cage. We took Quorian, a priest, and a bartender out with us. Rowena, previously knocked unconscious, was healed. The party camped.

8/2 Heal and head back to Standhall. Arrived at Standhall around midnight and spoke with Octavius and Mayor Shem Wartburg about current events. Sleep.

8/3 After speaking again with Mayor Wartburg, we decided to train. Tyzzer needs to roll for his sword. PC’s need to update DM with skill point additions and finish adding spells and what-not.

The Battle of Balser Continues
December 21, 2003

Sat., 8/1 Balser: Townspeople set up for the impending battle with hordes of bad-type guys. Rowena helped the Mayor prepare those that stayed to defend the city against an eastern attack. In a fierce battle where the town was greatly outnumbered by the evil hordes, the town put up a valiant effort. The numbers attacking the town were greatly reduced by the brave efforts of the townspeople. The town’s defense force included: 3 2nd Level Rogues, 2 3rd Level Priests, 2 2nd Level Fighters (Barkeeps), 1 4th Level Fighter (Scarlet Guard), 1 3rd Level Fighter (Scarlet Guard), 1 3rd Level Wizard (Owaeren), 20 1st Level Fighters, 10 0th Level Archers, 10 0th Level Warriors, 1 2nd Level Fighter (Mayor), 1 4th Level Ranger (Quorian), and 1 3rd Level Wizard (Rowena). The attack came from the east. A few were picked off by ranged weapons set up for that purpose. The attacking group included: 70 hobgoblins, 2 hobgoblin sergeants, and 8 bugbears. Still in the midst of this large battle, the remaining forces (some injured) are – Good guys: 2 Priests, 2 Barkeepers, 2 Scarlet Guard, 2 1st Level Fighters, 3 Archers, Quorian, and Rowena. Bad Guys: 15 hobgoblins and 5 bugbears. It is the Bad Guys turn when we continue. The people fighting the battle will notice something else happening when we start up play. nNew entrants into the fray?

Planning and Executing the Defense of Balser
November 28, 2003

Fri., 7/30 Afternoon: Meet Quarion outside Polan’s Pub. He tells us about bugbears. We tell Mayor Lamyr (McDickwad). Quarion says there are >150 bugbears and hobgoblins on the way. Mayor LM says “Holy Shit!” The 2 town messengers are sent to look for help. One is sent to Standhall and Stations 1 and 2. The other is sent to Rhondora and Fort Brotter. The Mayor calls a meeting of 10 leaders including 3 party members, Quarion, and 6 townsfolk. Tyzzer (skill check) remembers reading about the defense of Aramil, which was similar to this situation. At Aramil, the numbers were about 100 defenders versus 150 attacking monsters. The town had 3 groups that used missile weapons and retreat manuevering to eventually defeat the attacking monsters. After many ideas are given, the leaders decides to ask farmers and commoners to dig holes and put wooden homemade spikes in them to delay or throw off an eastern attack. After that, the farmers and commoners are to evacuate the city to the south, heading towards Standhall and Rhondora. The plan to defend the city is formed (much confusion will ensue). Groups A & 1 will defend the town. Group A includes: Rowena, a Scarlet Guard, a priest, a barman (2nd level fighter), a rogue, 5 archers, 10 fighters (sword & bow), and 5 swordsmen. Group 1 includes: Quarion, the Mayor (2nd level fighter), a priest, a Scarlet Guard, the town wizard, a rogue, 5 archers, 10 fighters (sword and bow), and 5 swordsmen. The PC’s, minus Rowena, plan to attack from the rear or the flank, in an attempt to kill the leaders of the enemy. The Mayor and Atli talk with the townspeople at the emergency town meeting. Atli helps calm the masses. The town begins its defense set-up. Quarion and 2 rogues leave to scout. No news. By nightfall, the townspeople evacuate to the south.

Sat., 8/1 Quarion and the 2 rogues scout again. The monsters are dividing into what appear to be 4 attack groups (3 from the east, and 1 heading to the south or west flank). There is a leadership type of group not advancing quickly that is behind the 3 groups. The party heads around the north flank and encounters the lead group at dusk. The rogue scout that came with the party is killed. The party kills 9 hobgoblins, 3 hobgoblin sergeants, 1 hobgoblin leader, and 4 goblins. The bugbear leader, 1 hobgoblin, and 1 goblin escape, despite a great chase. During the chase, the bugbear leader blows a horn.

Atli spots a large group of the enemy ahead. The party presumes it is one of the 4 groups that is headed to attack the city. After a long run, Ja’Elle makes it to the horses. The party gets their horses back as they regroup to face the next challenge.

The party circles to attack the group from the northwest. By now it is dark. The party takes out the leader of the group with 3 javelins of lightning. 2 hobgoblins are hit and downed by sleep arrows. During the melee a bugbear blows a horn. Eventually, at 0 hp remaining, Ja’Elle feigns death. Elios is knocked unconscious. Ja’Elle, not knowing that Elios stabalized, bandages Elios, knocking Ja’Elle unconscious. Meanwhile, the 3 fighters are mowing down the enemy, Atli and Derezim cleaving to the max. After Percel heals Elios, Elios back-stabs and kills one of the last hobgoblins. Great injuries are sustained (by all except Atli, who was only hit once or twice), but the party defeats the group that included 35 hobgoblins, 1 hobgoblin sergeant, 4 bugbears, and 1 bugbear sergeant. No one escapes. Once again, the party has no time to search the bodies as they hear noise from the SW and run to the horses and ride to the city.

We end today’s adventure with the party on their horses, approaching the city at 11:15 p.m. Atli has used 6 of his 9 points for lay on hands today. Percel has used 4 1st level and 1 2nd level spells for today. We plan to help defend the city from the expected attack.

Tracking or Being Tracked?
September 21, 2003

Sun., 7/25 Traveled back to Standhall. Slept in Standhall.

Mon., 7/26 Come across a party of mixed enemies (3 bugbears, et al) heading NE. Horn was blown 3 times. 3 hobgoblins and 1 goblin got away. Killed 3 bugbears and 8 hobgoblins. Let 1 hobgoblin go after investigation. 1800 gold pieces gained. Picked up a white conch shells. Evening camp, Hawk (Crow) circles above.

Tues., 7/27 Ja’Elle scouts ahead and sees 2 parties moving forward, one larger than the battle from 7/26/993. We begin tracking one of the groups. Rogues check it out.

Wed., 7/28 Monsters start moving again in a.m. Group tracking behind Elios.

Thurs., 7/29 Monsters heading NW. Elios spots another larger group SW of party. This group spots the party. The party circles around by going east. A hail of arrows comes from the east.

Fri., 7/30 Arrive early in Balser (Eastern Lands), Atli’s hometown. Get rooms at Lars. Group went to Mayor’s. He has 2 Scarlet Guard guards outside. Mayor knows noting. Went to Polan’s Bar. No info. Flatland head back to track the bugbears.

Rumors of a Powerful Dragon and Elf Strike Parties
August 16, 2003

Train from 7/10-7/23 (costs 2150 g.p. total). Atli tithed.

Sun., 7/11 Buy horses from Thotlan who won’t give a discount but does give us plenty of attitude.

Sun., 7/18 Tribute was paid to the dragon. Good.

Mon., 7/19 Elios hears people saying dragon is going to rule the land. Also, Johev is in Terkent & organizing elf strike parties. Also, also, elves have wilderness castles.

Thurs., 7/22 More people talk about bugbears.

Sat., 7/24 We head to Station 1. We are ambushed by goblins and hobgoblins & we kill them. Ja’Elle grabs 5 sleepy arrows. The party gets 3000 g.p. from the hobgoblins and 2400 g.p. from the bugbears. We sleep at Station 1. We plan to go back to S.H. and take care of bugbears in the south, then return to Station 1 and investigate PRIII.

Dead Gork Hobgoblins a New Drummer, I Mean Cleric
July 29, 2003

Fri., 7/9 Ja’Elle spots a group of monsters headed north as we come to the edge of the foothills. The monsters are out in the open and include about 3 bugbears, 12 hobgoblins, and 1 goblin. We ignore dem. On the great E/W road to Standhall we see more bad guys. This time Tyzzer spots 2 hobgoblins approaching as 4 goblins jump out of the bushes and fire arrows upon our party. Rowena and Atli are hit. Atli falls off his horse, asleep. Rowena blows away one goblin with a magic missile. The goblins yell for help from the party. The party eventually tells the goblins to drop their weapons while Tyzzer, Derezim, and Elios zip by on their horses to catch the 2 fleeing hobgoblins. Tyzzer has his 1st experience ever with mounted death vs. a fleeing hobgoblin. Both hobgoblins are killed. We gain 8 gemeralds from the hobgoblins and 4 special arrows of sleep from the goblins. We revive and question one of the hobgoblins after questioning the goblins. The goblins lived in the foothills. Their clan was called Gork. The hobgoblins ankles were branded (a circle all the way around the ankle). The hobgoblin did not give us much information. The goblins said they were headed north with the hobgoblins before they escaped and fled. The party broke the goblins missile weapons and set them free. The party killed the revived hobgoblin and moved the dead bodies out of obvious visible areas. The party then continued to Standhall, arriving late in the p.m. Atli prayed and paid 34 g.p. for previously owed tithings and discussed possible clerics that could join the party with the head priest. Derezim, Ja’Elle, and Elios drank at the bar and heard that the magic festival was cancelled because the dragon, Adalaentar was demanding a tribute to be paid on the 15th of the every month, or a town would be destroyed. Rowena went to sleep. Tyzzer met Nan Hornburg and discussed current events, discovering similar things that the 3 amigos found out about in the bar. Nan was interested to hear that the PC’s thought that their was some sort of conspiracy amongst the Scarlet Guard. Nan explained some of the basics of the origins of the Scarlet Guard.

Sat., 7/10 The party meets Nan and his friend, Olagid the Healer at the Standhall Inn at noon. The party also learns the origins of the phrase “fed up.” The party then meets Percel Touisant at the church at 1 p.m. He is a traveller. The party asks Percel to join. He does. The PC’s begin their training to move up a level.

RIP Delta, A Hill Giant in Terkent, and Potential Leads
June 20, 2003

Tues., 7/6 Decided to dig. Tyzzer sings “The Balad of John Henry.” Rowena is afraid of breaking a nail and doesn’t dig. Derezim hits wood after about 18 hours of digging. This door leads to an entryway. Elios detects and removes a trap from the second set of doors in the entryway. Doors lead to throne room with a gold throne and big tapestries with pictures of dwarven armies facing outward, leader-types on the inside, by the throne. Ja’Elle finds a device on the west statue. Elios triggers the arm device and the throne rises 2 feet revealing dwarven writing – front: “Honoring Tinsack, King of the Dwarves” back: “Captain Thax III.” Tyzzer tries unsuccesfully to place Thax on the throne. We search for secrets and find none. Eventually we sleep.

Weds., 7/7 Wake up in the afternoon. Rowena detects magic on the javelins. We can’t figure out the throne room and leave. Apparently, a moving wall, blocking the throne room in from the north closes when the throne is raised. We leave. As we walk through the foothills, we encounter 2 wandering ogres on our way to PR III. We kill them and they kill Delta :^( We loot her and say a little prayer. We sing “Dust in the Wind.” We loot the Ogres and find 18 gemeralds. We sleep.

Thurs., 7/8 We decide to go to Standhall to pick up another cleric. At 2:00 p.m. we see a big head just over the other side of a hill (hill giant). Elios and Ja’Elle go ahead to warn Station 1. The rest of the party follows the giant. The giant is ambushed at Station 1. The giant is killed. Tyzzer uses 2 of the javelins of lightning (6 left). The giant is revived and interrogated but won’t talk. Captain Romak finds a note in the giant’s sac. Romak says the note is written to PR III in elvish about more giants coming, but not too soon. Romak seems to not be telling us everything on the note, though. We tell Romak that we’ll report back to Station 1 to get orders (once he gets them from the king), but we might just go to PR III on our own. We sleep.

Fri., 7/9 We wake up, gather our party and venture forth. We are about to have an encounter at the edge of the foothills as we head west towards Standhall. (Ja’Elle plans to train soon).


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