A Helpful Skull, Ganymos the Red, a Crystal Hand, and Saving Arra Bruce
August 11, 2007 SMALL GROUP

7/25 10 am – We enter a tunnel with partial diggings, a giant skull, and 8 spider legs. The skull has 8 holes. 3 sets of footprints are found going east. Delxsen puts the spider legs in the holes in the skull and it becomes animated. Delxsen commands the skull to dig and it does. The skull breaks through after digging for 5 minutes, exposing a tunnel to the east. There is a stone door at the end of the tunnel. There are 7 figures on the door with runes above and below.

Delxsen consults the Cyclopedia of Runes and finds that these are 7 Prism Lords. Ganymos the Red has samurai style and a curved sword; Callisto the Orange is wreathed in fire and has a pair of axes; Ria the Yellow and Yurix the Green are back-to-back, carrying staves; Mestes the Blue has an obscured face, a cape, and liquid falls from its hands; Thrizz the Indigo is much shorter and has energy blazing; and Ranos’mai the Violet is a cloaked figure and has a staff with an ankh. Craynor checks for traps on the door and finds none. He opens the door, showing a descending staircase.

Delxsen tests control of the skull. It responds by pointing. The skull does not go downstairs. We go downstairs, leaving the skull digging in the south tunnel. There is a small room at the base of the stairs. A red stone door is on the far side.

The room is all flagstone (many colors OYGBIV). A booming voice speaks, “Whom dost thou seek to honor?” Craynor says “Ganymos.” The door opens and a hall leads to a large room. The flagstone emanates white light. There are 4 prisms, one in each corner on stands of gold wire. There is a circle of many colors in the center of the room. Ara finds a secret trap door under the NW prism. He opens the door. The group climbs down 15’ and a hall leads to a small room.

A 6” diameter hole on the far wall has 2 brass plaques. The left has a handprint. The right has a line of runes. Delxsen cannot find it in the Cyclopedia of Runes, but Craynor does. It reads, “Make a great sacrifice for great power.” The party tries putting a dagger and a wand into the hole. Nothing. Ara is nuts. He puts his left hand on the handprint and his right hand in the hole. His arm is severed and he is unconscious. His right hand and forearm is replaced by a crystal hand. Delxsen uses his last 2 points of healing for the day and then pours a potion of healing into Ara. Ara is conscious again. Delxsen tries to copy Ara, because Ara is very cool. Delxsen, finds out just how cool he is.

The party returns to the prism room and searches again. Benjin rotates the prisms. The light in the center is red. Two figures appear, Ganymos and a woman. They fight each other. Ganymos is killed and both disappear. We turn the prism to make orange light. Nothing happens. We open the door to another hallway with 3 doors. Benjin goes left, and Craynor goes right.

The east room is a large room with pillars with a stained glass window on the far wall with a woman clad in black; not peaceful. The west room is a large room with pillars and a stained glass window on the far wall of a man clad in red; peaceful. All enter the Red Room. Entering the projection, each party member regains some HP and Craynor regains his lost strength.

We leave the red room. Craynor checks the door at the end of the hall. He sees a large circular chamber and 2 red statues near the E & W walls (Ganymos the angry ☺) Benjin enters the Black Room doorway. He shoots at the window and hits it. Nothing happens. Benjin and Delxsen enter the Black Room. Benjin enters the projection and loses HP. A shadow appears and attacks Delxsen. Delxsen loses wisdom. Delxsen discovers his weapons do not hurt the shadow. Run away!!! The shadow does not leave the Black Room. Delxsen recovers his wisdom in the Red Room in the projection. No HP are regained by Benjin or Delxsen this time. Craynor enters the round room. The statues animate, hover above the floor, and swing swords. Craynor engages in combat with 2 statues. He destroys 1. Others enter the gray. Ara deflects arrows from Benjin. The group defeats the second effigy. A blank-eyed woman, Arra Bruce, emerges and runs towards the group. Ara uses Color Spray from his Crystal Hand to knock Arra unconscious. The party ties her up and drags her to the Red Room. They place her in the projection, which dispels the magic that had a hold of her. Group introductions. Arra explains that she was abducted at the behest of the Stonearm Scourge. We ask her about Ganymos. She explains that the prism lords are god-like, and they defeated bad guys like Ruman’ahk. She says that Ahnas’cha (Black Garbed Woman) killed Ganymos the Red for Ruman’ahk in times of legend. She says the Stonearm Scourge is just down the hall and that he commanded her to attack the party. Next time – attack on Stonearm Scourge

The Stonearm Scourge is Dead...or is He?
August 7, 2007 SMALL GROUP

7/25 6 am – Wake up. We’re all hurtin’ except Ara. Craynor STR 12. Cleric heals, Benjin and Craynor drink a potion of healing.

We set out. Swim across the river again, and return to the bridge room. As we are searching, Craynor looks up for possible vines. He sees the Stonearm Scourge on a soar disk flying at the party. A graniteman and wickerman jump off the soar disk to fight. The Stonearm Scourge does some flyby attacks and some ranged attacks with his crossbow. The graniteman only takes damage when we do more than 5 points of damage. The wickerman takes half damage from slashing weapons. We kill the two false men. We kill the Stonearm Scourge.

He disappears along with both destroyed false men. We hear a rumbling from deeper in the cave, to the north. It stops. We drink more potions and do more healing. We are down to 4 potions of healing (1 each) and Delxsyn has 2 1hp spells of healing left. Ara crosses the bridge. The rope bridge frays. Benjin and Delxsyn follow. The rope bridge frays more. Cryanor slams gently into the wall while crossing the bridge, as the original rope below him breaks, but he is tied and held up by the other party members on the far side. The rope bridge is only attached on the south side now. We search the rest of the room.

A Spider Wight, Bugs a Plenty, and Lost Experience
August 1, 2007 SMALL GROUP

8 pm on 7/24 – Ara swims across the river and finds a concealed door behind woven vines. The rest of the party swims across. The room appears to a sacrificial chamber with the skull and spider art on an alter. We cautiously look around. Benjin gets bored and rashly approaches the alter. A spider wight drops. Benjin is drained by the wight and gains a permanent negative level. Craynor makes a few saves versus the wight. Ara seriously damages the wight and Delxsym finishes it off. Ara mounts Craynor and prys all 6 spider masks from the skeletons in the wall. The party tries to rest…but are attacked by 4 small monstrous spiders. We kill them all but don’t make all of the saving throws. On Ara’s watch, he becomes fascinated with a snake outside the door and plays peek-a-boo with it. On Benjin’s watch, we fight 6 small monstrous centipedes, kill them, and make all saving throws. On Craynor’s watch, we kill a constrictor snake. On Craynor’s watch, we kill 4 more small monstrous centipedes. Delxsyn sees beetles. We wake up. Benjin misses his level.

A Spider, Swimming, and a Murder from Long Ago
July 25, 2007 SMALL GROUP

Late on 7/24 – You notice that the Wickerman is gone. He must have left during the fight with the thugs. The party chooses to go into the pit rather than through the writing, murky water. We grapple on the other side. Ara notices a small wooden plank in the center of the southern wall about 15’ up. We come to a ravine in a large cavern with a rickety rope “bridge.” We go back to a different passageway. We find a hall with 30 mumified bodies. Benjin shoots 6 of them with no result. We enter a room with a large mummified spider. We defeat it. Craynor is bit by it and loses 6 points of strength (he will gain 1 point back per day). We search the room and notice baskets, bark, small wooden cages, and the large wooden cage wit the dead spider. We notice charcoal paintings nearby that have spiders and skulls. Many of them have a skull with 8 spider legs coming out. In some of the paintings, the skull with 8 legs is digging through a wall at the behest of a humanoid figure. Craynor finds a blue-painted bone, about the size of a wand and gives it to Delxsem. Delxsem finds 10 gp. Benjin finds a scrimshaw parrot with bloodstone eyes. We go down the hallway the other way (N). We run into a cave with a river and see a shape in the water. Benjin tries to swim to it and almost drowns. Ara tries and sees a skeleton has rocks and roots holding it down. Ara finds a pouch, grabs it, and eventually finds a masterwork dagger stuck in the skeletons spine. Ara removes the dagger. It is a masterwork dagger with an onyx skull on the pomme. In the bag is a wood strip with three images (top – mask covering ½ face with spider legs, mask has majesty lines coming out of it; middle – humanoid donning mask; bottom – several figures wearing masks moving big objects). We can see the other side of the river and it appears similar to this side of the cave. (8 pm – 30 minutes before Delxsem prayer time)

Morriton, the Stonearm Scourge, and Ganymos' Tomb
July 22, 2007 SMALL GROUP

Morriton says go to the Stonehand Scourge’s crib. We went to the church above his HQ. Checked the church. Nothing there. From outside, we went downstairs to his crib. The door was locked. Craynor broke down the door. The place looked similar to Morriton’s. A two-foot mannequin attacked Benjin. It was a wicker man. After Benjin and Craynor tried to hack it, Ara subdued it with a punch. Delxsem uses scroll from Morriton to take control of the wickerman (usurp viomantic control). We walk back to Morriton’s house. The raven says Morriton is gone for a week. We play back the wickerman and learn about the Stonearm Scourge’s plans. We go back to the lab and see a member of the Scarlet Guard. Delxsem and Craynor stop to chat with the guard about Ganymos the Red, Morriton, the Stonearm Scourge, and gnolls. The Scarlet Guard offers an information trade with Craynor (info about an elf from Rhendlich for info about gnolls). Craynor refuses. Meanwhile, Ara and Benjin search the Scourge’s room and find 6 ley stones and a cyclopedia of runes. We use the ley stones in the back room to take a ley line (lasts about an hour) to what we presume is the entrance to Ganymos’ tomb. We arrive in a rain forest/jungle. We enter a big cavern with lots of vines. 2 thugs throw flaming flasks at us and 2 others swing in on vines to attack. Despite Benjin accidentally shooting Craynor in melee and Craynor killing the last thug after the thug tried to surrender, we kill all four. We gain 12 gp and 4 ley stones. There are two possible ways to go. One leads through murky water and the other leads across a large pit.

A Heroes Welcome, A Warning for Ara, Rumor of Rhendlichian Gnolls, Moriton and a Heroic Quest
July 17, 2007 SMALL GROUP

Sunday, 7/18 – Day 5 on Ship – Survivors = Our party, Huxley, Ox, Wendt, Old Pete, Vincenz, Selene, 2 sailors. Damaged ship, but it sails. Sailing towards Negal, Terkent.

Monday, 7/19 – Tuesday 7/20 – Sailing while Delxsen heals people.

Weds, 7/21 – See a sea serpent at night, continue sailing, all healed up.

Thurs, 7/22 – More sailing.

Fri, 7/23 – Land in Negal docks at about 5:00 pm. 1350 gold on arrival (400 from crew, 350 from merchants, 500 for old coins, 100 for compass). Crew tells the merchants of the heroic battle to save the Albers. Merchants tell the party that they will receive a 10% discount on items under 100 gp (for up to 500 gp of spending). Merchants warn Ara that elves who do not have their identification card in Terkent are arrested because of distrust of Rhendlichian elves. After weapon and armor upgrades, and some equipment (including a hooded cloak for Ara and 10 healing potions), 1350 gp now is 493 gp. Party turns in Vincenz to the town guard. The town guard says he will likely hang for his crimes (murdering a family that helped him out). The party took Selene to a town priest to try to help with her insanity. At the inn, Craynor hears of Rhendlichian gnolls in the countryside. The innkeeper says he has heard rumors of gnolls for the past 3 days. Craynor is very interested. A learned townsman Morriton wants to talk to the party.

Sat, 7/24 – The party goes to talk with Morriton. The party thinks he is a cult wizard. He has a 2’ tall wicker doll that freaks us out, makes us uncomfortable. Arra Bruce, a patron of Morriton, is missing. She was lost 2 days prior. She was kidnapped by a sky chariot out a third floor window. Their was a gold glitter (watchman’s badge?). Morriton suspects the city watch has been compromised or is involved. He suggest starting an exploration at Arra’s study. Arra is the daughter of Master Bruce, who studies religion and magic.

As the party leaves Morriton’s house, Craynor says that he will be leaving the party to hunt gnolls. It is raining and overcast. 4 stonehands attack the party speaking of their master, the Stonearm Scourge. The party figures the Stonearm Scourge has a conflict with Morriton. During the fight, Ara chased the fourth stonehand through the streets. Someone on the streets yelled “elf!” Ara ran back to the party, who were summoned by Morriton and his familiar raven back into his house. Morriton gives a scroll with a “control false man” spell on it (actually called usurp viomantic control). This can be cast by any spellcaster. The party gains 12 gp from the 3 killed stonehands and an obsidian figurine (female warrior with spear, leather and mail). Delxsem keeps the figurine and the scroll. Morriton believes the Stonearm Scourge may have had something to do with Arra’s disappearance. He gives the party directions to the Stonearm’s residence and instructiosn to not destroy the Stonearm’s false man, but to keep it intact in order to use the spell on the scroll.

Ara is worried about being imprisoned for being noticed as an elf and Craynor is more interested in gnolls than rescuing Arra Bruce. What comes next?

Training Fees (All have leveled up – includes regular meals, not extra drinks) = cost = 325 gp (1/2)

The Ghost Ship and Scourging the Sea Scourges
July 14, 2007 SMALL GROUP

7/17 – Continue the Morning of Day 4 on the “Ghost Ship”– Listened below. Nothing. Craynor breaks the hold chains. When the doors to the hold were opened, a terrible smell of death rose. Benjin misfires 2 crossbow bolts into the dark hold. Delxsen casts Light. We see water and floating objects. Benjin tries the stairs to the hold and they break. The party lowers Benjin into the hold but he is overcome by fear. Craynor lowers the chain into the water (about 2 feet of water). The party lowers Craynor, and he also is too scared to stay below deck. Craynor throws the bones of the Captain Orlando into the hold. Delxsen goes into the hold without fear. He sees a grisly scene. Many floating, bloated, dead bodies are below deck. He sees fleeting movement but can’t figure out what it was. Ara slides down, too. As they explore, the boat feels sinky. Ara thinks he sees something move, too. They check all of the areas below deck and find nothing valuable. They come up, close the doors to the hold and head back to the Albers. They tell Huxley about the boat. They unlatch from the Maiden and drift apart. Craynor, Benjin, and Delxsen go to check on Vincenz with Huxley. Huxley tells us to guard the peeps. Huxley and Ox get to yellin’. Benjin gets the upper deck gang. Ox says Huxley killed the Captain and Huxley has the Captain’s eye. Old Pete sticks up for Huxley. Discussion and dissension ensues. The crew ties up Huxley and brings him on deck. Old Pete pleads with Delxsen to help Huxley to no avail. The gang tries to throw Huxley in the brig. The party says no, throw him in with Selene insteade. Benjin talks to Huxley and tries to tell the crew to sleep. They do not follow Benjin’s request.

The fog increases. Old Pete sees something coming. Grappling hooks hit the boat. Craynor attempts to bash Vincenz. Melee with undead boarding party ensues. We repel the boarding party. We kill 5 sea scourges. 3 of the crew are killed and gone (Barry, Ben, and Rod). Ara and Davey were knocked unconscious. Both were healed, but remain sickly. Benjin shoots at Vincenz. During the battle, Vincenz magically frees himself and runs up on deck. Benjin follows. Benjin shoots Vincenz on the escape boat, wildly jumps overboard into the boat and brings back the unconscious Vincenz. Huxley bandages Vincenz, and places him back in the brig. Ox and Huxley attempt to rally the crew with help from Delxsem. Benjin finds the ship’s manifest. Ox, Huxley, and Craynor find crates with 3 intact potions (healing, venom poison, antidote to the poison). The manifest helps the party identify the potions. Ara receives the healing potion and it cures his disease. Vincenz is barely alive. Delxsen gives 1 point of healing to Vincenz. Davey’s condition deteriorates and he becomes a sea scourge. Ox kills Davey and the party wraps his body before having the crew give him a sea burial. Selene is ranting about “He will return. A house divided will fall.” The party ties up Selene and places her in their quarters.

The fog slowly recedes. Tomas, Wendt, and Dert are freed by the party. Craynor and Old Pete spot the Ghost Ship approaching. The Maiden t-bones the Albers. The sea scourges shamble on board. Captain Fenn, now undead, commands the scourges. The party and the crew kill 10 sea scourges, 7 additional sea scourges (formerly crew members from the Albers), and Captain Fenn. The party on the advice of Ara, acts quickly to untangle the two ships before both are pulled into the swirling vortex of doom. The party and the crew of the Albers watches as the Maiden is pulled into the vortex while dying souls wail. The skies clear. It is nearly sunrise of 7/3.

The Mystery of Who Killed Captain Fenn / Boarding the Abandoned Sea Maiden
July 2, 2007 SMALL GROUP

7/16 – Day 3 on the AlbersDelxsen & Roger force captain’s door open. Captain is bleeding and stone cold. Delxsen tries cure light wounds with no effect. Delxsen determines the captain apparently died while eating. Huxley takes over. Ara and Benjin take Selene downstairs. Huxley, Delxsen, and Craynor search and find two boxes. One has gold and a log (sailors owe captain $) One has Selene’s clothes, etc. Ara and Benjin very subtley question Selene. She says that Huxley and the Captain argued a lot. Ara and Benjin talk to Vincenz and tell him about the Captain. They fill him in on everything even though there is no reason to trust him. Vincenz asks us to keep him informed and “when things happen tonight, you know where to get me out.” He mentions a ghostly presence that hovered over his body in his dreams last night and thinks it was connected to the death of the Captain. Huxley brings the crew together to inform them of the death of the Captain. The crew whispers about the omen of the sun/eclipse. The party disagrees about whom to trust, Vincenz or Huxley. There is a brief funeral and the Captain is given a sea burial. The party meets with Huxley again. Benjin suggests Huxley has profited from the Captain’s death. Huxley wants us to keep information quiet. Delxsem informs Huxley about what Ara and Benjin learned from Vincenz without the other PC’s knowledge. Benjin talks to Vincenz for an update. Benjin sees Selene and Vincenz talking, but learns nothing. Craynor sees Selence talking to Wendt and Tomas. Craynor overhears that Vincenz wants to talk to all three of them. Craynor comes up with the brilliant plan to sleep in the common area right in front of the brig in order to try to hear any conversation. The plan works!! Ara hears about a plot to plant something on Huxley, and then to start rumors about Huxley. This is determined to be both egregious and nefarious by Benjin. The other party members are still confused by big words. Craynor sees Dert take a small bag from the Captain’s room. Craynor follows him to the kitchen. Craynor and Wendt almost come to blows. Craynor takes the hourglass from Dert. Huxley intervenes. Huxley now aware of the nefarious plot. Delxsem and Huxley search Huxley’s room and find nothing. They interviews TomasTomas states the Captain wanted to change course, and also says he is innocent and went in at the request of Wendt. Tomas placed in captain’s quarters with Tomas. Party is to watch that Tomas does not leave without Huxley. Huxley and Delxsem interview Selene – she is convinced Huxley is guilty of captain murder, denied a plot or plan, just doing what Vincenz wants. Selene placed in the care of the party (PC’s quarters). Huxley and Delxsem interview Wendt – no more info. Wendt is allowed to continue as cook. Huxley and Delxsem interview DertDert says the only one to stop him between Wendt and the Captain was Huxley. Huxley does admit to stopping Dert to ask him what he was doing. Dert agrees. The group stays up through the night to guard. Craynor stares down Vincenz. Ben watches Selene. Ara is above deck keeping on eye on the captain’s quarters (Tomas). Delxsem is above deck helping the crew. Old Pete spots a ship. Huxley orders everyone to prepare to board the abandoned ship.

7/17 – Day 4 on Ship – Board the abandoned ship in the morning. Ben stays behind. Craynor breaks a bulging door without consulting us. Rocks spill from the room and damage Delxsem and Craynor. Thanks Craynor. Ara displays his uncanny dodging abilities. The room has a skeleton at a table with a crossbow and the captain’s log. The log is from Captain Orlando of the Sea Maiden, worthy vessel of the Merchant Alliance. Excerpts from the journal – 1. The captain is worried about being stranded with no wind, low morale, and his first mate Anderson. 2. They spotted a black ship that sailed with no wind. The crew thinks it is a ghost ship. 3. Captain showed fear in front of the crew and fears mutiny. 4. Mutiny starts, but infighting saves him. Captain chains crew below deck. 5. Crew goes crazy. Captain sees a face and feels a presence from the black ship. 6. Captain does something, probably suicide. End of captain’s log. Ara finds a bronze gadget on the skeleton (compass). Craynor sees the map is moving and checks it out. He finds a strongbox behind the wall. He ignores all intelligence and opens the chest he knows to trapped with poison (Delxsen was asked to and performed a detect poison spell on it). Craynor is pricked, but saves and is not poisoned. We find 90 old gold coins. Craynor tries to lift a ball to check out below deck. He fails. The party has checked everything above deck. The PC’s ask for Benjin to join them. He comes aboard the Sea Maiden. They plan to check below deck next.

The Party Meets and Sets Sail on the Albers
June 16, 2007 SMALL GROUP

7/8-10 – Benjin rests and heals at home

7/11 – Benjin sets out towards Binban. No encounters.

7/12 – Benjin encounters Delxsen, Craynor, and Ara. They join forces and minimally share stories. Continue their walk to Binban. The party goes to the armory and smith. Benjin buys bolts. Delxsen buys a short bow. Delxsen asks where he can find women. The owner informs him that the Salty Wench on High Street is a good bet. They go to the Salty Wench, located by two other bars. No wenches in the middle of the afternoon. The party meets Captain Fenn of the Albers. He has one false eye. They agree to be the muscle on a trip to Terkent, in exchange for free passage. Delxsen and Craynor stay at the bar. Ara and Ben walk around town. Ara and Ben witness a man running away from and then getting hit with a sleep arrow from two other men. The two men collect money and send them off with the town guard. Nobody Ara and Ben talk to knows what is going on. An old, crazy man approaches Ara and Ben and starts carving his own stomach. Ara stops him. The man says “a house divided will fall. His eyes are upon you.” Ara and Ben take the man to the church. The priest recognizes marks of possession and takes the man in. Ara and Ben follow. The priest does not understand the markings. The group reconvenes at the Wench. They eat, drink, and talk. Ara and Ben turn in early. Delxsen “seals the deal” with a local lass.

7/13 – The party goes to the temple to check on the old guy. The priest has no more information. He is waiting for a few days to a week for word from distant priests. Benjin mentions his history with gnolls. Craynor wants to ditch the Captain and find the gnolls. Delxsen is also up for finding them even if they are far away. The group looks for the Captain to get out of their commitment. The Captain is not pleased, and needs the day to work something out with the people he is shipping items for. Benjin and Ara go to the market. Delxsen and Craynor go to the jail. No real information discovered for either group. The group reconvenes at the Wench and tries to convince Craynor to go to Terkent because they think they would die against the gnolls. He relents. Captain Fenn says he will put in a word with other captains so that Craynor can get back to Rhendlich to find gnolls sometime soon. Fenn offers to pay each of the party 25 gp when they reach Terkent. He ups the offer to 40 gp for Craynor. They get on the ship and socialize. Delxsen talks to Nathan. Benjin talks to Ol’ Pete in the crow’s nest. They hear rumors that Fenn has made deals with devils or pirates to keep the ship safe.

7/14 – Day 1 on Ship to Negal – An unconscious guy from town is brought on board and put in the brig. The Albers sets sail. Ox invites the party to a card game after dinner. Pete wishes to arrange sparring tomorrow between Craynor and Ox called, “The Commotion in the Ocean.” Delxsen joins the night crew. The others stay with the day crew. In the early morning, Benjin and Craynor spot a sea serpent. The Captain orders the men to get back to work. Benjin, Craynor, and Ara meet with Captain Fenn. The Captain asks them how the crew is and then directs the party to direct all concerns to Huxley. Ara talks to Hans who says the Captain’s girlfriend is a prostitute and bad luck on a ship. Roger says Ox lost a lot of money in a prizefight at a port recently and advises not to bring it up with Ox. Carl tells a story about a stranded ship that turned on the captain and ate a cabin boy. The Captain and crew were hanged when they returned to port. The sun is eclipsed and an alarm bell rings in the mid-afternoon. The eclipse lasts ten minutes. Members of the crew say this is a bad omen. Ara, Ben, and Delxsen play Skulls with Ox, Thomas, and Karl. Ox wins easily. Ox, Wendt, and Benjin play another game. Wendt barely beats Ox. Ox is pissed. He overturns the table and storms out without paying. Wendt is pissed (and stinks). He curses at the party when the question him. Benjin gives water to the moaning prisoner. The prisoner drinks it and falls back asleep.

7/15 – Day 2 on Ship – Benjin talks to the prisoner, Vincenz. He says he was falsely accused of murder in Negal. Vincenz asks a lot of questions. Vincenz is a wizard. Ara, Benjin]], and Craynor want to help, but there is no opportunity. The crew continues to be superstitious and scared. They are tense about the eclipse, the sea serpent seen out of season, and the woman on board. Huxley tries to raise morale by playing his flute. It doesn’t appear to work. Huxley encourages Craynor to fight Ox tonight. Craynor beats Ox quickly. Huxley cracks a barrell and everyone parties. Ox and Craynor get extra. Dert takes something to the Captain.

7/16 – Day 3 on Ship – In the early morning, we hear a woman scream. Huxley and Delxsem check it out. The rest of the party follows. The captain’s door is locked. Benjin levels up (owes 250 gp, spent 4/22-25 resting and working on his skills, etc. Therefore, no more time needed to spend training).

Benjin's Parents are Missing, Benjin Off to Terkent
June 8, 2007 SMALL GROUP

6/29 – Set out looking for parents. Found Araev, a ranger friend from a different part of the Cikin Forest. Araev was also looking for Benjin’s parents. They decided to look together. They killed 1 orc and buried another up to his chest. They killed four more orcs later that night.

6/30 – A horn was blown and the two rangers ran away from 10 orcs. They met 3 human road travelers.

7/1 – No encounters

7/2 – Met 3 humans. No problems.

7/3 – No encounters.

7/4 – Met 2 fighter types, Tyddry and Duncan. They joined the rangers looking for a little adventure.

7/5 – Fought 8 orcs, killed 6, 2 ran away. Found Benjin’s parents sign, leading to a note of caution. The note said there were lots of gnolls and orcs in the area and they were going to try to find out more. The party hears 4 or 5 horn blows. They run. They fight 10 orcs and 1 gnoll. Tyddry and Duncan are killed. Benjin is knocked unconscious. Araev barely wins the fight and revives Benjin. The two bury Tydrry and Duncan. They gain 50 gp.

7/6 – Araev and Benjin make it back to Benjin’s home and rest. No encounters.

7/7 – Benjin plans to rest and then set out towards Binban to head to Terkent.

50 g.p.


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