Tyzzer's Directives
July 7, 2010


I shall keep my directives brief today. Atli, Craynor, Bui, and I were able to chase down the Stonearm Commander. Even under intense interrogation, he was more willing to die than give information about The Scourge himself. However, we did not give him the privilege of an honorable death; he will live out the rest of his miserable days in prison. We did not learn much new information, but we did confirm that there are several groups working together to prevent us from keeping Terkent a safe place for all citizens. He called Dunthane a traitor; although, I do not know if we can trust him yet. Was he a spy against the Scourge all along, or did he once have true allegiance to the man? He also gave little information about the woman Alaria, but we did discover that she is also a Stonearm.

I believe the information gathered only solidifies our plans of entering Lambasa covertly to obtain more information about the connections between these groups who wish to harm us and others. When malevolent groups begin banding together there is usually a powerful force commanding them. We must find this power and take it out.

On a personal note, I am concerned about my hometown of Standhall and my friends there – especially my adoptive father Nan. Our work requires us to be here, but if word can be sent to Standhall it would ease my mind.

- Your humble warlord, Tyzzer Zaneen

The Chase
July 5, 2010

Alaria got away. The commander takes off heading north on foot. Somewhat winded after a tough battle, Tyzzer Zaneen, Craynor, Bui, and Atli are hot on his heels in the wild, just north of Lambasa. They follow him through tall grasses onto farmland where thinking quick, they convince the farmhands already paid by the commander to help us instead. The pursuit continues into a farmhouse, a jump across a 20’ gap between the farmhouse and the barn. Craynor and Tyzzer catch the landing after nearly falling. Atli and Bui fall a little behind, but keep helping. As they descend the wooden plank bridge/ladder, they notice what appears to be bulette-damaged land below them. Pushing on, they chase the commander down just beyond a patch of oak trees and before a series of small hedges. As he is about to be caught, he shouts and his glidewing to flies away.

He tells us to let him go or the Stonearm Scourge will pay you back. We demand information about the Stonearm Scourge. He says he would rather die than give this information. We fight. Craynor is bloodied. Bui heals him up good. We bloody the commander. Eventually he says he will give us information if we let him live. Despite Craynor’s insistence on killing him, the others keep questioning him and gather information and his equipment. They will bring him back to the others for further questioning.

So far, he told us that Denthain is a traitor. But, to whom? He did not say. He said Alaria has been rewarded for her sacrifice. With further questioning, the sacrifice was her flesh for a stone arm and power. We asked about the cultists/doomdreamers and he said that you have clearly upset many, not just my leader. You haven’t figured out who you may have upset that is connected with the cultists.

He had the following equipment: Scale armor, a battleaxe, and a Retributive Longbow +2.

He also had this note:

My Commanders,

There is a threat to our overall plan. Build alliances along the way, and discover whom we can trust and whom we cannot. This will help our success with our objectives.

Before we can complete our objectives, you must eliminate this threat. You will be greatly rewarded for killing or capturing

• the human barbarian called Craynor
• the Elf monk with the crystal hand
• the dwarf ranger who travels with them

You will likely find them in or near Lambasa. The barbarian is held there in prison. They likely are traveling with others. You must prove your victory to claim your reward.

- The Stonearm Scourge

The Chase and More Preview
June 26, 2010

After leaving Rowena in the shrine to reflect and thank Corellon for renewing her life, but not her hair, the party departed only to be ambushed by henchmen of the Stonearm Scourge and others.

Ja’ Elle’s handspring assault on the stonearm guard definitely drew the attention of the opposition. While Craynor and Atli charged in to help their little friend avoid an untimely end, Tyzzer Zaneen and Bui went minion hunting. While hunting, they attracted the stonearm commander’s elephant mount. Benjin Ulf kept his distance and utilized his outstanding ranged attacks to support the others who eventually turned the tide of the battle. Bui divinely negated most of the commander’s damage during the fight. The stonearm commander ran and Alaria teleported away when your victory seemed assured.

Alaria seems to have escaped, but can Atli, Bui, Craynor, and Tyzzer Zaneen catch the commander? We’ll find out next time.

Many, many questions remain… What information might the commander have if you catch him? Was Alaria a stonearm? Who is Denthain and who did he intend to help, us or them? Why were cultists working with the stonearm thugs?

And… Do you try to find Bantos II near Lambasa for Bellanamus and Corellon? Do you return to Lambasa to meet with Elrilmarium? to attempt to put together more clues?

Beyond these questions, the party must decide if they are to help the WJN, the mayor of Standhall, the hardbacks, and/or try to find out more about the assassination of the Lambasan Crow? And, are you ready to take on Adalaentar, the menacing red dragon?

A Stonearm Ambush
July 25, 2010

October 21st, 993 Mid-day

We start by recovering in the mystical Corellon shrine. Bui performs the ritual Comrades’ Succor (Blow) and the group heals those most in need.

Tyzzer Zaneen asks Bellanamus why the trees are bleeding. It’s because they are magic.

Bui asks about Bantos. Bellanamus tells us that he used to be a devout worshiper of Corellon and we can find him easily near Lambasa. We are a little concerned that we might need to prove that Bantos is a traitor and murderer.

We check out the broken font and alter and see grafitti that says, “Corellon watches and does nothing.”

We decide to leave the shrine and head to Lambasa. Ja’ Elle and Benjin Ulf are going to stealth and find out info.

As we phase back into the real we see a group with a bunch of Stonearms, Denthain, and Alaria and an elephant. They want a fight, and we are happy to oblige.

INITIATIVE!!!! Craynor, Ja’ Elle, and Atli attack some tough Stoners. Tyzzer Zaneen and Bui take on some minions (both slipping and falling in the river in the process). Benjin Ulf does his own thing.

The elephant charges Ja’ Elle and misses. Whew.

Denthain says “I will help you!” Then runs away . . . WTF?

More fighting . . .

Ja’ Elle, Craynor, and Atli all fall and revive during the battle.

We kill everyone other than the leader and Alaria and they run away. All except Ja’Elle and Benjin Ulf chase after them.

End session. Next time, the chase!

TZ has no dailies or encounters, 31 hp, 5 surges + SW. Ben has no dailies other than armor and weapon dailies, has yield ground, 57 hp, 7 surges + SW, never bloodied. Ja’Elle has 54 hp and 2 surges, no SW

Corellon's Hidden Shrine
June 19, 2010

Notes – Chris, Initiative – Ted

Session . . . something.

October 18th, 993

We begin running from the crumbling ruins of Haverthold Asylum. Rowena is dead (for now).

On October 21st, We approach the smoldering city of Lambasa. We are met at the gates of the city by both city and Scarlet Guards. Scarlet Guard talks.

The guards check everyone’s ID’s, especially the elves’. We must leave our weapons at the gate. As we walk around town, people are parting in front of us. They apparently don’t like seeing badasses carrying dead bodies.

We head to the University and talk to Elrilmarium, whom Rowena studied with. He suggests she needs help . . . Duh. He gives us directions to a fancy Corellon shrine. We need the password – blah, blah, blah. He wants us to help Laeralin and possibly more.

He says Craynor is also around where this shrine is. Convenient.

A chick comes running out of a bar and wants us to help get her out of town. We kind of escort her to the city’s edge. We don’t know if we can trust her, but oh well. Her name is Alaria. We get our weapons back.

We run into Craynor! But there is someone right behind him. His name is Denthain. We like him. He wants to help, but we say no. We continue to the shrine.

Tyzzer says the words. We are transported to some strange woods. We decide to go east and run into a stone wall. We follow the wall around until we get to an opening. Looks like a fancy magic shrine. We’re not sure if anyone is following us, so we are leery and wait a while to do anything. No one comes, so we continue to look around.

We leave an offering of a 1000 gp piece of “art” at the western font. Rowena is doused in some of the water and comes back to life. (She has a -1 to all twenty-sider rolls until 2 milestones).

The room gets dark. A few of us here a voice saying “Elanora, is that you?” “Dracon, Lucovol, blah, blah, blah . . . “ We see a ghost thing at the alter. Well, kind of since it’s dark, but that’s what happened. Oh, we can see it because it’s glowing. Now that makes sense.


A flying guy joins the fray and whacks Craynor.

A ballista thing joins and hits Craynor and Atli with 2 bolts.

A bunch more flying guys enter the fight and take on Tyzzer.

Big fight . . .

A spirit keeps chanting while reading a book on a lectern in the shrine. He is apparently summoning angels to try to kick our asses, and he is really focused.

Ja’Elle and Rowena succeed in removing the book. The spirit becomes unfocused. The fight continues . . .

We win!

The ghost comes back and apologizes. He thought he was alive and calling his friends to worship at the temple. Bantos II murdered all of them. Bantos=bad. The ghost’s name is Bellamamus. He kind of wishes Bantos had come back so we could kill him. He wants us to find and kill Bantos.

Bellanamus rewards the healers in the group with: Rowena’s robe becomes a +2 robe, Tyzzer’s armor becomes +2, Bui’s armor becomes +2, Atli’s armor become +1 armor of sacrifice (AV 41).

The shrine will only last for another hour or so, enough time to worship, take a short rest, but not long enough for an extended rest.

Plans are in the works for next time…

Tyzzer = both attack dailies used, action point used, 52hp, 7 surges left. Others noted on their character sheets. Atli has armor of sacrifice +1 party spent 1000 gp

What's Next?
June 4, 2010
My fellow companions in this campaign we call life, I address you as your warlord on the cusp of great events. The choices we make now will affect the lives of all of us in ways that even the greatest sages of Siliceous cannot predict.

We have vanquished the evil of Haverthold Asylum, but we face a greater evil still, that of the red dragon Adalaentar. While subduing this beast is a task worthy of our assemblage of adventurers, we must not allow our lust for adventure to overcome our responsibility to those in needs. Although she and I have had our differences, Rowena must be brought back from the beyond. Her skills are still needed here on our mortal plain. Hopefully we can find a healer of sufficient skill in the ruins of Lambasa to revive her. And we must not forget our headstrong companion, Craynor the Barbarian. He has surely served his debt to society and must be allowed to continue to follow his path – whether that path leads him to support the greater good, or to put his personal demons to rest through exacting revenge on the godless gnolls who slaughtered his tribe.

Our party is strong in its diversity. At this time of uncertain crossroads, we must look to each other for support and guidance. We must gain faith from the devout Dragonborn Paladin Atli. We must learn from the Half-Elf Cleric John Collins, named “Bui” for his willingness to sacrifice all in his quest for the acceptance of every race and person. In these times of need, we must even look to the crafty Halfling Rogue Ja’Elle, and the headstrong Dwarven Ranger Benjin, as it will take all our cunning and confidence to overcome the trials ahead.

Of course, we must also remember those who have fallen in the line of duty: Derezim, Delxsen, and Elios. May they rest in peace, and let us never forget their sacrifice.

Above all else, if we remain united in our efforts to vanquish evil from our beloved country, and defend our continent’s borders against all who would harm it, we will not fail!

- Your humble warlord, Tyzzer Zaneen


Haverthold was an abomination; both the man and the asylum he bastardized. I began my journeys looking to help those who did not have a voice, but never did I expect to be confronted with such a blight. I would sooner have had the rubble of that place crush me as it did Rowena than leave the souls of the asylum’s inhabitants trapped there. We can only hope Rowena felt the same.

But I am dwelling on the past while you muster us towards our next objective. Please know that my resolve has only been strengthened, even in the face of these daunting times. There are those who can not fight these battles for themselves, and we still have strength in our arms, minds and hearts. Let us put our strengths out in front of us like a shield, pulling those who need us to the safety behind our front.

May the darkest evils lead us to the brightest future.

- Bui

Dear friends,

If you are reading this, then I am already gone. Likely Derezim gave no warning before charging into insurmountable odds, Ja’Elle fell asleep while scouting for danger, or Tyzzer yet again failed to stand between the enemy’s blade and my weak frame. My demise seemed but a matter of time, and it seems that time ran out. Even so, I didn’t say it often but I relished the time we spent adventuring together. I’m aware I’m not always the most enjoyable companion, but you accepted me and are the few in this world I consider friends. Please deliver my spellbook to the University of Lambassa as a donation for study.

Please see after my hawk, Raven, as best you can. Perhaps his presence will keep me in your minds as you continue on to the greater accomplishments I know you are capable of.

- Rowena the Elven Wizard

Open Storylines

Leads to date:

1. Resurrecting Rowena – priority #1!

2. Craynor and Ara’s immediate plans:

a. Reunite with party?

b. Help the WJN?

3. Standhall Mayor Shem Wartburg wants updates from the party about potential dangers in the area.

4. Mayor Shem Wartburg of Standhall told us that the King’s missions include:

a. Capture and bring hardbacks in for questioning. We helped two and found them refuge with Friend. Filmoore came from Mar Dir, through a dimension door. His creators talked with large soft shells (giants). Filmoore’s friend Magnus was captured in Lambasa. He mentioned a dimension door that led into the foothills. He has been alive for 15 years, in Terkent for about 6 months.

b. Find out how to defeat the dragon. This may be a possibility. A long while ago, a red dragon made us pee ourselves, but Elios saw a dragon rider. The dragon’s name is Adalaenter, aka town destroyer, ransom collector (15th of each month), general threat.

c. Work against the Rhendlichian elvish insurgency. Ara has joined the WJN. The elves may be on our side.

5. Nan mentioned to Tyzzer that he was still storing Thax III’s bones to be returned to Tinsack in Rhendlich. Will we do this? If yes, when?

6. What about Craynor’s gnolls? Many are now dead, maybe all.

7. Who assassinated the Lambasan Crow and why?

8. Not all Scarlet Guard are loyal (some seem to be, others not so much). Why?

9. Who is PR III (aka Phyl)? We found a note he sent to the Blood Arm orc raiding party.

10. The dastardly Stonearm Scourge seems to be following us!

11. At dusk, the sky becomes a deep/severe red. A burst of light zooms across the sky. The sky lessens in severity after a half hour. This is what Friend described as a sign of the Fiend taking a town down. Why?

12. Why are hill giants in Terkent?

13. What about Benjin’s parents? They are missing in Rhendlich, but are capable.

Rhendlichian Gnolls, Trolls, Ogres, and Laeralin MIA
January 9, 2009 SMALL GROUP

Craynor and Ara trying to win the trust of the Woodland Justice Network

10/9 – A messenger from Leogrator says Craynor and Ara must destroy the gnoll bands to the west, over the bridge. They are told to capture one gnoll and return him to the WJN.

While crossing the bridge, Craynor and Ara stumble and fumble into a troll. The troll tears into Craynor. Ara stuns the troll. The heroes bravely run away.

10/10 – After resting, Ara and Craynor cross the bridge uneventfully.

They carefully continue and spot a gnoll. After much well-planned out scouting, 5 gnolls are found in the woods, just west of an old shelter. Ara color sprays 3. The other 2 run to get help. By the end of the fight, Ara and Craynor have defeated 16 gnolls, including 1 sergeant. Craynor recognizes the band of gnolls and from the same group that killed his parents back in Rhendlich. How strange! Craynor takes the +2 scale and the +2 great oathaxe (AV73) from the gnoll sergeant. They loot the gnolls. After not finding more gnolls, Ara makes Craynor a necklace out of gnoll ears and teeth. Craynor wears it with pride. They return to camp.

Leogrator’s messanger says thank you for defeating the gnolls, but not capturing one will hurt chances to fight this organized group of gnolls in the future.

10/10 – A friend of Laeralin tells us that Laeralin is in great peril! He last went southeast to the caves with two others to clear them for the WJN. Ogres are there, and maybe something stronger. He should have returned a day ago. The council is soon to meet and Laeralin’s voice is important in helping to determine the current direction of the WJN.

Ara and Craynor are told to clear the caves of ogres by Leogrator’s messanger. They set out.

At the caves, we find two dead ogres and a sign of a struggle. In another cave, we find what is suspected to be one of the two elves that traveled with Laeralin. Then Ara and Craynor wallop two ogres outside of a cave. They enter the cave and handily defeat an ogre chieftan. They find more gold. Ara gets a steadfast amulet +2 (AV 154) and a cape of the Mountebank +2 (AV 149).

They find another dead elf. They track a single set of humanoid footprints, presumably Laeralin’s, as far as they can. He seems to have headed off in a different direction, not directly back to the WJN. Where could he have gone?

Ara and Craynor return to rest and report back.

10/11 – Ara and Craynor return to the bridge. The troll is back. Ara and Craynor make quick work of the first troll, but his partner in trolliness attacks, too. By the skin of their teeth, Ara and Craynor defeat the other troll, too. They collect a masterwork short sword (sold), a gemerald adorned crown, and Gloves of the Bounty Hunter (AV 134). In total, they have added 9800 gp worth of treasure to the party total (all added).

Plans for before next time – convert to 4th edition.

Plan to resurrect Rowena.

WJN and Ara?


Assign to a PC – masterwork Silver Dagger, Immovable Rod, Scroll of Vampiric Touch, Potion of Gaseous Form, Golem Manual, Flipin’ Book, +1 heavy mace (presumably already in Bui’s hands)

Craynor's Difficult Escape and Missions of the WJN
December 30, 2009 SMALL GROUP

The Great EscapeCraynor, Ara, Gruu, and the Woodland Justice Network

Craynor – sees Dallonstar in his cell on the night of 9/27. He asks why am I in a cage? There is an orc who wants to escape in the next cell. There are 3 elves in the cell across from him. The bars don’t budge and this place is well guarded. Craynor yells at the guard, Rune, who is yelling at the elves. Each week, Craynor is visited by Dallonstar. Sal, a human, replaces the orc for a little while. Then, a drunk replaces Sal. Eventually the orc is brought back. He says he was tortured. At one point a drow is put in the cell with the elves. Later, the drow is removed. Each time Dallonstar visits, Craynor tells him to go away. On 10/6, Dallonstar says rumors of the dragon coming to destroy Lambasa are swirling. There may be an evacuation of the prison. What will happen? Craynor levels up.

On the night of 10/7 after the guard goes into the guard room, the orc says he may have found a way out. Craynor hears clanking and then hears and sees the door to the orcs room starting to open…

Ara – joins the Woodland Justice Network (WJN) on 8/16 with Laeralin. He is introduced to the WJN from 8/16-9/14. He learns their basic principle is to work outside of organized civilization to help maintain/restore justice without exposing the WJN. On 8/23, Ara works with Racnaar Glowhare on hiding in the wilderness (gains a +1 hide in the wilderness). Racnaar tells Ara of the many injustices done to elves and the need for the WJN to help right those wrongs. On 8/25, Ara trains with Ibeluan on moving silently (gains a +1 to move silently in the wilderness). Ibeluan shares Racnaar’s perspective that the WJN is to serve persecuted elves. Ara receives two potions of cure light wounds. Ara works with Rucirn starting on 8/27. They work on spotting and climbing (Ara gains a +1 to spot and climb in the wilderness). Rucirn, like Racnaar and Ibeluan, feels strongly that the purpose of the WJN is to bring justice to elves. Ara is given 2 cure potions (1 light, 1 moderate). Rucirn previews the upcoming challenges for Ara, in order to join the WJN.

On 8/30 Ara meets with Laeralin. Then he passes his first challenge with flying colors as he dazes the guard who was brutalizing an elf commoner. Laeralin favors how Ara handled it. Leogretor thinks Ara may have been too light. Ara gains 2 cure potions (1 moderate, 1 serious).

Ara meets with Leogrator and is presented with the second challenge on 9/14. Ara gives a great plan on how to help elves escape and what to do next. 5 council members critique the plan on 9/15. Ara did very well again. Ara has learned that Leogrator wants to punish those who have done wrong with strength, while Laeralin wants to bring justice without ruining the rep of the WJN. Laeralin tells Ara that “The Woodlanders should provide justice for all, not just elves. Others in the council are not seeing this. They are looking our for elves only.”

Laeralin tells Ara that Craynor is in jail. By 9/22 the trial results are in. Craynor will be in jail. The dragon payment was missed a week ago. On 9/30, Laeralin tells Ara is that the dragon will arrive in Lambasa on 10/7 or 10/8. There will be chaos and likely an evacuation of the city. The Woodlanders see this as a great chance to help elves who have been unjustly jailed. Your friend is there, too. This a chance to help a trusted human (trusted by Ara and Laeralin) and enlist his help. There will be a jailbreak. If we go, we can help Craynor get out. The dangers include the dragon, the town watch, the Scarlet Guard, and upsetting the WJN council by helping a human. 10/1-10/5 the 5 elf group travels along an unmarked path to Lambasa.

10/5-10/7 Laeralin and Elavar Arcanscape sneak into town using disguises. Ara and the others wait for the evacuation panic to enter.

On 10/7, the expected evacuation occurs, Ara and the others make it into town. There is a confrontation in front of the jail. The elves win. The elves continue the fight inside the jail and win again. Meanwhile, the dragon arrives in town and Craynor is set free by Gruu the orc.

The elves help Craynor and everybody out of jail. Run! No pursuit noticed. Nobody else at the first meeting point. At meeting point two (after Ara levels up), we meet Laeralin and the others. A hippogriff attacks. We run and are attacked by 2 medium and 2 small earth elementals and one Town Guard/Summoner. They call for help. We win!

Help arrives. We fight 4 guards, 1 guard/summoner, 1 small earth elemental, and 1 large earth elemental. Craynor’s rage expires and he fall unconscious. Ara is knocked unconscious by the last guard. Laeralin and the elves save us. We reunite an head back to the WJN.

Craynor is not allowed in. Ara and Laeralin are blamed. The two PCs will need to prove themselves, especially Craynor. Leogrator demands this in order for them to earn the trust of the council.

10/8 The two are looking to capture an ettercap for the WJN, to help with a Woodland problem. They defreat 5 monstrous medium spiders with little problem. Ara is stuck in the web of an ettercap. Craynor splatters ettercap parts all over the forest and then pummels the second ettercap to unconsciousness. They return with the captured ettercap to the WJN.

10/9 The next challenge will be dealing with Rhendlichian gnolls that have been a problem for the WJN. The goal will be to destroy many and to capture one and return him to the WJN for questioning. This will be the second of three challenges.

An Epic Battle, the End of the Asylum, Derezim's Heroic End, and Rowena In Great Peril
December 26, 2009

10/16 Bui casts restoration on Tyzzer and lesser restoration on the rest of the party. We rest.

10/17 More restoring. All hp and abilities back to ass-kickin’. Rest one more day to recover Bui’s spells

10/18 Back into the asylum. INITIATIVE! Children of the Asylum (Shadows). Kills: Tyzzer 2, Atli 1, Derezim 1

At door formerly known as the Bloody Door – big, bad wight bites the big, bad one (Derezim kicks ass, Tyzzer swings at the air). When he dies, the clock starts chiming like crazy (and doesn’t stop)

Blood Room – Bui finds Masterwork Silver Dagger, Immovable Rod, Scroll of Vampiric Touch, Potion of Lesser Restoration (used later), Potion of Gaseous Form, and Golem Manual.

Flipin’ Book

Renald tried to help patients, but used unconventional (immoral?) methods.

Mark swore never to use lab, but used methods from dad that worked

Luc cursed father, gloating over Mark, crazy shit

Next room = Furnace and Ash. Fight and kill 8 skeletons. Choke. Run through room. Miss out on some cool treasure.

Next = Warehouse/Storage. Find 2 kits worth 200 gp each.

Up Steps to Room/Office in shambles and charred. Filing drawer has files, accounts, etc. See two notes (Vam Doadson, Marda Balram). Unlock Door.

Room = Locker room with benches. Open fused locker and find 6 gp, black club, chain w/keys, and +1 heavy mace.

Finale – Go into main entry. See Mark’s real body lying by the desk.

Chime is going nuts.

4 Children of the Asylum appear and attack.

Luc = Big o’ bone devil attacks. We might get boned.

We finally follow Derezim’s advice and run into the hallway. Unfortunately by this time, Derezim has seen Luc up close and is cowering in the opposite corner. Luc ices the door shut and kills Derezim.

We run down to the basement and back up through another entry to continue the fight. Luc dies!

Mark’s body dissipates

Asylum groans

Asylum begins to collapse.

Everyone runs.

Atli grabs the unconscious Rowena. Tyzzer grabs the dead Derezim.

Tyzzer gets out with Derezim.

Atli can’t save Rowena. ☹

The Asylum is rubble.

We pause the game.

Saving the Ghosts of Baby A and Lena
January 2, 2009

10/15 3 pm Go find Baby A in the nursery. Tyzzer takes her spectral hand and we lead her back to the 3rd floor of the tower. After falling twice, Ja’Elle makes it across the gap. Tyzzer and Ja’Elle try to encourage Baby A to cross to no avail. Ja’Elle secures a rope at the top.

Tyzzer climbs up the rope with the baby on his back. 85 feet up, Tyzzer is ambushed by 5 vargouilles. We kill 4, 1 gets away. Rowena’s web helped. Benjin shot one. Ja’Elle killed 3.

Tyzzer and the baby go to the ledge, followed by Ja’Elle, but Lena is not there. She shows up around 6:00. Tyzzer talks to her and eventually she comes off the ledge and she says she is ok. Baby A disappears and the moaing increases. Lena thanks us. We learn a bunch from her. We leave. As we leave, the moaning increases dramatically. It went from the background to the forefront.

We head to the bloody door room and run into 3 allips. Bui turns them.

They return and hypnotize everyone but Ja’Elle and Rowena.

Everyone else joins in eventually. We kill all 3 allips. Many of us take wisdom damage.

We rest outside. The night passes uneventfully.

10/16 We wake up. Bui is leveled up!


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