First Encounters
July 24, 2002

Thurs., 3/26 Met with Standhall Mayor Shem Wartburg. Jillet, a town officer met the group and welcomed them in to talk with the mayor. The mayor reminded the PC’s of Melor “the Protector”, the sorcerer who helped defeat the goblin raid of Standhall 350 years ago. This has been a popular story for children and party members remembered it. The mayor says that he will reward the party when they return with tattoo’s honoring Melor (Melor’s Tattoo = Ψ). The Mayor loans the party Troip the mule (no payment required unless Troip injured or does not return). Notified that Stations 1 and 2 are Scarlet Guard stations that will function as a base for the party.

Set out.

Met 3 halflings returning to Balser after visiting their cousins.

Encountered 3 giant worker ants. Killed 2. 1 ran and escaped.

Fri., 3/27 Met Sun (large man) and Moon (smaller, mysterious man) – Rangers? Warning of Strong Humanoids with armor-like skin.

Reached Station 1 – met Captain Quohann (Scarlet Guard), Romak (Scarlet Guard), Thy (officer), and Alery (sorcerer). Romak doesn’t think elves are behind the problems in the Eastern Foothills.

Sat., 3/28 Journeyed into the Eastern Foothills and Area 24. No encounters.

Sun., 3/29 Dawn – friendly, small wolves – no fight. Climbed to highest near point. Mapped area. Killed charging black bear. Tracked bear to entrance to cave. Discovered 2 dead orcs (1 with arm torn off) – found some loot. Entered and defeated 1 orc, then 4 more orcs – found more loot.

A Search Party to the Foothills
July 17, 2002

The year 993. Mon., 3/19 [[Capt. Gilles]] of Scarlet Guard checked PC and NPC elf ID’s. Noticed other NPC group . NPC party is made up of 3 Standhall natives (2 human fighters and 1 elf sorcerer) and 1 other (human druid?).

Wed., 3/25 When assembled, the party was given their first mission from the king’s crier and from Captain Gilles of the Scarlet Guard. The King’s men have heard about various elven hideouts in nearby woods. The locations of these hideouts are not precisely known, but are rumored to be east of the city. There may be monsters with or protecting the elves. Goodwell II has been told that the elves have lying to adventurers to create ambushes or to escape capture. Goodwell II wants all captured elves brought back to Lambasa for questioning and/or punishment. The first mission is to explore a section of the Eastern Foothills. The Scarlet Guard is exploring other areas of the foothills. Specific strike teams/adventurers are needed to help in the exploration. The job is to rid the hills of any monsters and capture any elves. Be careful. Keep the spoils. Bring back any key information to the King’s men. The party was given a map including their route to Search Areas 24. The NPC party has been assigned Search Area 25.

Notes on Permanent Loan

We acquired notes from some other adventurers from Standhall, who are now pining for the fjords.

NPC Party Expedition into Area 25: 3 Standhall natives – Hayg (Human, Fighter), Jiredric (Human, Fighter), Fithrandir (Elf Sorcerer), and Tynry (Human, Druid from between Standhall and Balser)

Fri., 3/27 Journeyed to the Eastern Foothills and Area 25. No encounters. Sat., 3/28 Begin mapping Area 25. Started at NW corner and went south. Used higher elevations to help map. Camped at high elevations. Killed 2 Giant Ants. Met and befriended Allef the Ranger on his black horse. Sun, 3/29 Continued mapping Area 25. Completed from NW corner directly south and the SW angled corner. Plan to map southern end to “square off” the rest of the unknown map next. Met and killed 5 goblins. Mon., 3/30 Mapping as planned in Area 25. Killed 1 Giant Ant. Tues., 3/31 Completed southern side of map. Map is now “squared off” on the west and south sides. Encountered friendly wolves and friendly black bear. Camped at SE corner. Wed., 4/1 Continued north and “squared off” the eastern side of the map. Only the northern side remains at an angle. Met and befriended Onragast the Ranger in the a.m. Met and killed 5 goblins. Met and killed 6 more goblins. Thurs., 4/2 Red dragon spotted to the north from afar. This caused uncontrollable fear in all party members. It was flying from east to west. A day of rest and healing. Fri., 4/3 Headed west to return to Station 1 and to “square off” the northern side of the Area 25 Map. Unknowingly camped above the kobald guard post. Overnight encounter with 20 kobalds. Killed 16 kobalds. 4 escaped. Fithrandir (Elf Sorcerer) was killed and taken by the 4 kobalds. Sat., 4/4 Party hustled west in the early a.m. without much rest, not mapping while pursued by kobalds. Killed 6 kobalds and continued west out of the foothills. Set up camp just west of the Area 25 foothills around 4 or 5 p.m. Sun., 4/5 Arrive back at Station 1. Reported to Captain Quohann about encounters. Rested and recovered for the rest of the day. Mon., 4/6 Comaloth, a Wizard from Rhondora joins the NPC party. They set back out for Area 25. Tues., 4/7 Travel. Wed., 4/8 Enter Area 25 and map the rest of the northern side. Now the map is completely squared off. The NPC party is greeted by a kobald war party. NPC’s kill 18 kobalds, 1 kobald sergeant, and 1 dire weasel before being chased back out of the area. Chase lasts over night. Thurs., 4/9 Party gets split up in the early a.m. chase. Tynry and Hayg escape with the map. Jiredric and Comaloth do not return (they were killed by the kobalds, but not before they killed 5 more kobalds). Survivors continue back towards Station 1. Fri., 4/10 More than half-way back to Station 1 on the return flight. Sat.-Wed., 4/11-15 Tynry and Hayg return to Station 1 and report on the news. They wait in hopes that their comrades will return. Thurs., 4/16 Onragast enters Station 1 with the bad news and the bodies of Jiredric and Comaloth. Onragast vows to team up with Tynry and Hayg to repay the kobalds. Tynry and Hayg now work for Station 1 and with Onragast. Mon., 4/20 Join forces with Onragast to do battle with the kobalds. Thurs., 4/23 Planned strikes against kobalds begin and continue through late Sunday, April 26th. Many kobalds killed. Sun., 4/26 Moved towards the drum beats cautiously from the south. Mon., 4/27 Defeated more kobalds as exiting Area 25. Defeated a group of 15 orcs when aided by the PC’s who arrived part way through the fight (5 of the 15 orcs were killed by the PC’s). Hayg was killed in this battle. Onragast, his war-horse, and Tynry were killed in the large battle against Orc War Party #1. (updated by Allef)

Welcome to Terkent, unless you're an elf

Today is Monday, March 9th, 993. Something is amiss in Rhendlich. The country has been overrun and is now controlled by evil elves. Johev, the King of Rhendlich, was once seen as an ally of Terkent and King Goodwell I and Goodwell II. From 985-993 Johev has been sending adventures and explorers into the partially unexplored Mar-Dir. Mar-Dir has been the home of much evil since oral traditions began in Rhendlich and Terkent. Goodwell I sent adventurers, including Goodwell II, from Terkent to help Johev. Since 989 explorers have been returning to Terkent reporting to Goodwell II and other local leaders that Johev has changed. Many stories tell of secret alliances between bands of evil creatures in Mar-Dir and Johev’s men. The returning explores tell of their narrow escapes to return safely from Mar-Dir with this valuable information. In December, 992, two documents signed by Johev were brought back to Goodwell II foretelling of an elvish offensive against Terkent. The documents tell of small, secretive attacks by the Rhendlichian elves throughout the nation of Terkent. After Terkent has been weakened by these attacks, the plans suggest a larger offensive around the year 1000. Before the documents were discovered, in March of 992, a small band of elvish adventures were found and captured after killing 10 citizens of Rhondora, a small city 25 miles from the capital. In the same month, another small group of elves was caught while attempting to assassinate the mayor of Balser. Both groups have been imprisoned in Lambasa, the capital of Terkent. Just last month, in February, two elven aristocrats were killed while leading a band of ogres and orcs into an unsettled eastern portion of Terkent. Since the large news stories were brought to Standhall, your hometown, the townsfolk have seemed more skittish. The guilds are meeting more often. Power in the city almost feels like it is up for grabs. Yesterday, on Sunday and Terkent’s Independence Day, [[King Goodwell II’s crier announced that the king and Terkent need adventures that will fight for good and for the good of Terkent against the Rhendlichian elves and any other evils that they have brought from Mar-Dir. Adventurers will be allowed to keep all of the spoils of their victories against the enemy. King Goodwell II wishes that any elves encountered are captured and brought in for questioning. Town residents are requested to attend either their town meeting or a meeting at the capital. Adventurers interested in obtaining a specific mission from the king can meet with a Terkentian officer at the Standhall open-air auditorium on Wednesday, March 25th at 4:00 p.m. There will also be meetings in Lambasa on each Sunday in March at 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Norms and Laws of Terkent: PC’s learned of these laws growing up in this kingdom.
  • Adventurers are expected to pay a 15% tax to the crown on their take from adventures. This money goes into the defense budget of Terkent.
  • 5-10% tithing is considered appropriate among most Terkentian religions when associated with a church and/or deity.
  • Terkentian moneychangers normally take 5%.
  • The Elven Identification Card has been used since 991 (the last 2 years). Terkentian elves are required to carry a clay card imprinted with magic that identifies them to authorities. Authorities activate the cards magic which presents all in view with a life-sized hologram of the elf who owns the card and his/her parents and grandparents. Elves caught without a card or with a false card are imprisoned.
  • The Guild of the Elves is against the law of Terkent.
  • Other laws and norms follow logical societal norms (penalties for murder, theft, etc.)

Recent Major Events Known by the PC’s

985 – King Goodwell I recognizes the best warriors in each town by awarding them the honorary title of “Member of the Scarlet Guard.” Each received armor, a sword, and a shield. The armor was embroidered with red on the shoulders and a red and gold shield on the chest. Each member received a sword designed with a red and gold handle. The shield includes 2 gold squares and 2 scarlet squares.

987- King Goodwell I is assassinated in April. In May, Goodwell’s 21-year old son, Goodwell II, returns from an adventuring trip to Mar-Dir to assume the throne.

989- Scarlet Guard becomes the official national police of Goodwell II and Terkent. Terkentian elves receive identification cards at this time.

993- Current Year

1000- Estimated major offensive by Johev of Rhendlich against Terkent.

A Beginning

General Background: The world, as we know it, is called Siliceous. About 1000 years ago, during the Anti-Magic Wars, the elves left [[Bala-duul]] aboard ships. Millus Adreus, the first known elf-historian of modern times, recorded a history of the elves from what is commonly known as The Great Journey up through the year 354. Since his death, elven culture has gone through many changes in Rhendlich. In Terkent, Rhendlichian elves are once-again suspected of evil plots to work with other evil powers in [[Mar-Dir]] to overpower the good lands of Terkent. After the disturbing discovery that his former ally, Johev, King of Rhendlich was at least partially to blame for recent deaths and threatening organizations in Terkent, King Goodwell II has sent out a request to all adventurers to help root out these evil invaders. The adventurers may be joining the party to help the nation, to help rid the world of evil, to become rich, to become famous, or for many of these reasons. The group must get organized in the days to come. The town meeting is fast approaching…

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