Tyzzer Zaneen

Pink Human Fighter




Hometown: Standhall

God: Pelor

Full-time profession: Warlord

Side Job: Smith

Untimely End? Lunch for a Feymire Crockadile while saving Craynor and protecting the party

Tyzzer Zaneen


Tyzzer is originally from Welby. His father is the paladin Hagar Zaneen ap Pardyce and his mother is the healer and teacher Beatrice Zaneen. Both are dedicated members of the Church of Heironeous. They lived on austere life, giving most of their money and goods to the church to be dispersed to the needy.

At an early age, Tyzzer began studying with the monks and nuns of the church. He was an intelligent boy and did fine work, but boring studies didn’t hold his attention. He was much more interested in hearing the series his father would tell him about adventures he had gone on and battles he had fought. While his father had plenty of theses stories to tell, he was hesitant to tell them to his son because he didn’t want Tyzzer to glorify violence. Hagar fought only when necessary and in the name of his god only. He wanted Tyzzer to understand that one should not fight unless it was the only option. But Tyzzer couldn’t help it, he loved stories of epic battles, strange monsters, and heroes who fearlessly charged in to dispatch any who stood in their way. After his classes, Tyzzer would sneak into the library and guild archives to read books about great battles and their heroes and the tactics used by each side.

Tyzzer approached weapon and unarmed combat training as chess matches and always tried to outthink and outmaneuver his opponents. While his strategy was excellent, his young body was too tall and awkward to be able to execute the complex moves he was trying, so Tyzzer lost many fights to his schoolmates. The other children in Tyzzer’s class made fun of him for his clumsiness, and for the fact that he constantly had his nose buried in a book. He was picked on constantly and came to hate the monastery. Tyzzer longed for the day he was strong enough to adventure on his own, but his parents discouraged these tendencies. So when Tyzzer was fourteen, he stole as many of his favorite books on battle as he could carry and ran away to Standhall.

In Standhall, Tyzzer found work with the smith Nan Hornburg. Nan gave him food and shelter in exchange for work. Most of Tyzzer’s days were filled with carting raw ore and metal from the depot to Nan’s smithy. It was difficult, physical work, but Tyzzer didn’t mind. His mind was elsewhere, dreaming about the battles he read about in his books every night.

As Tyzzer grew up, Nan gave him more responsibilities, and eventually Tyzzer became Nan’s apprentice. They young man learned about all different types of armor and weapons and became a skilled smith in his own right. He even picked up a few combat tips from Nan, as the smith had been an adventurer in his younger days. And Tyzzer was getting strong. His work at the smithy and his hours of “testing” the armor and weapons (an unnecessary activity, but one Tyzzer enjoyed immensely) had turned him into a coordinated and formidable young fighter.

When the call to adventure was sounded by the town crier, Tyzzer was one of the first to sign up. Nan would have to man the smithy by himself for a while because Tyzzer was finally going to live his dream.


Tyzzer has become confident in himself and his abilities despite the trials of his childhood, but he is still reluctant to take charge of a group. However, as has he has come to know his current comrades, and as he has become more experienced, he has chosen to take on more of a leadership role. He is friendly, but not overly trusting or open with people until he gets to know them well.

Although a part of Tyzzer wants the glory of the adventurers he has read about all his life, the lessons his father taught him about using violence as a last resort did sink in. Tyzzer will only fight if he is sure his cause is just, and that victory cannot be achieved in any other way. However, he will almost always step up and help a person or child who is being picked on or pushed around, regardless of his knowledge of the situation or the consequences.


Tyzzer will seek out the greatest tactical advantage before attacking, planning strategy in advance if at all possible. But once he becomes engaged in a fight, he acts quickly and decisively. He defends his comrades at all costs and attacks foes mercilessly. He sometimes becomes so wrapped up in a battle that even after it is over it takes him a few minutes to settle his emotions and act reasonably again. This is especially likely to occur if he is fighting on behalf of people he believes to be oppressed in any way because this always brings to mind the abuse he endured as a youth.

Tyzzer prefers to wear lighter armor so that he can move better in combat; he most often wears only a chain shirt over his adventuring outfit. His weapon of choice is a bastard sword because it allows him to take advantage of his great strength while also offering versatility; although, he usually carries at least two other weapons. He rarely uses bows, preferring to deal damage that will make maximum use of his strength.


Tyzzer is 6’4” tall. His rippling muscles are difficult to conceal even under bulky clothing. However, Tyzzer’s demeanor makes him fairly unintimidating unless the situation calls for it. He has dark brown skin with shoulder length brown hair and brown, almost black, eyes.

Tyzzer Zaneen

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