The Stonearm Scourge

Arch-nemesis - part man, part metal, all badass, uses viomancy to empower himself and his allies


The man is tall and gaunt, but muscular. His cheeks are sallow and covered with a couple days’ growth of beard. His brown hair includes bits of gray, and it hangs to his shoulders. A gray cloak hangs off his back.

The man’s right arm is missing – in its place is an enormous arm of black stone. Two-inch-long spikes protrude from it, and green-black smoke issues from small holes along its length. The man’s left eye is also missing, and in its place is an irregular, green-black chunk of rock. Green-black wisps issue from it. In addition, the three middle fingers on the man’s left hand are obsidian replacements.

He commands a graniteman and wickermen. He practices viomancy, a branch of magic that studies the creation of pseudo-life, including false men (golem-like servants) and grand’roms (superior humanoid body parts made of magically animated material).

He flies on a soardisc, uses some magic and is able to fight hand-to-hand.

He sent a stonearm commander, Alaria, and a number of stonearm thugs to capture or kill us just north of Lambasa.

Information we have gathered about him includes: He was in search of information about the demi-God, Ganymos the Red. Delxsen, Craynor, Benjin, and Ara foiled his attempt to get to Ganymos’ tomb first, and saved Arra Bruce.

The four PCs killed him twice, but somehow he has returned and now wants revenge. He has followed their travels to Terkent, near Lambasa. He has used his viomantic magic to give greater strength to his followers, who have his commands to follow us and to make alliances with others to gain power in Terkent.

We got information from one of his commanders that we captured that he is operating out of Drahmund’s Forest. We tracked him down and killed him a third time. We believe that the power that allowed him to escape death three times is no longer available to him. He seems to have made or been making an alliance with a red robed human and others. Many of the others had flames tattooed and branded on. We have his soardisc. We have selections from his journal, noted here:

Selected Journal Entries from the Stonearm Scourge

I’ve discovered that a wealthy merchant’s daughter, named Arra Bruce, is also interested in ‘The Saga of the Prism Lords’.”

My research indicates that at least one prism lord – called Ganymos the Red – is dead and buried – and entombed. I believe with a bit more research and divination, I should be able to determine the location of Ganymos’ tomb. Think of the power that must lie with the remains of a demigod!

This evening I go forward. After I use this odd carving to kidnap Arra Bruce, she and her research should be able to help me discover the tomb of Ganymos the Red.

Ah, with young Bruce’s help, I have discovered the location! I leave soon to secure it.

Luck is with me! Not only have I discovered the location of the tomb, but a ley line runs right on top of it. After I attune my runestones, I can easily travel from my workshop to the tomb.

I cannot enter the tomb. It has been days and the final door will not open.

Oh, what a horrible turn of events. I have used two of the three charges on my necklace because of those damn adventurers who arrived to help Arra Bruce. They got Arra, somehow entered the final room and appeared to have taken whatever remained of Ganymos. I cannot find anything. They must have what I need.

Somehow Bruce must have led them to what’s meant to be mine. Until the last charge of the necklace is used, I will have it.

They have defeated me twice and now have more allies, so strategy must be used to separate and defeat them. If somehow they kill me a third time, my necklace will no longer aid me. If that occurs, I must become part of something more powerful to once again build the foundation that will allow for my next rise to greatness.

If I cannot obtain the item from them I must find a new path in this new land. There IS strange power in this land. Alliances formed today will help tomorrow.

The fire worshippers may help me find and craft materials needed for more grand’roms. I can offer them greater strength. They will thank me. In time, they will return the favor.

Moral Raven will help build this alliance. We’re to meet on (today’s date). I must convince him of the power of the grand’roms. This will be a great benefit to all and our friendship will be the beginning of great things for all. He will understand.

- The Stonearm Scourge

The Stonearm Scourge

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