A bad guy, but who?


We have a partial note from PR III and his name has come up a couple of times. He seems to be behind some bad happenings around Terkent recently.

We really don’t know too much about him.

We found another note addressed to PR III on the dragonborn, who appeared to be with the red robed human that was talking to the Stonearm Scourge. Here is the note:


I am working on ways to bring more to our cause. Many around the capital are losing faith. They thought they were protected. The iron is hot. Now is my time to guide more to join.

Those who cannot be convinced are all yours. Adding this being, named the Stonearm Scourge, will add to your force to help you complete your part.

My first meeting with the Scourge convinced me he has power that will be of use. I am certain he will want something in return. At our latest meeting,


(flame symbol) Fb

(flame symbol) MF


Siliceous scottquincey