WJN Council Member in Exile


Information about Laeralin has been obtained by Ara, and some has been passed on to Craynor.

Laeralin in a member of Council in the Woodland Justice Network. He has disagreed with Leogrator and others on the Council about the purpose of the WJN. He believes the WJN should work for justice for all, not just to right the wrongs vs. elves.

He helped a WJN group that led a jailbreak in Lambasa to free elves who had been unjustly imprisoned. This group included Ara and also helped to free Craynor.

He helped save Ara and Craynor in the wild after the jailbreak.

He is went missing and is apparently in some danger.

The party was sent by Elrilmarioum to help him. Tracking north with help from several intermediaries, the party found him. He is trying to find clues on how to defeat Adalaentar the red dragon. He and others recommended the PCs gain experience and magic in the feywild or the underdark in order to be able to defeat the dragon.


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