Delxen Vuunak

Half-orc Fighter-Cleric


LVL 1 and 3


Hometown: Standhall

God: Luthic

Full-time profession: Cleric

Side Job: Fighter

Untimely End: Worg Meal

Considered himself Luthic’s gift to women.

Delxsen Vuunak’s Story

It started out like any other day. Sixteen year-old Delxsen was practicing his sword skills against a one-armed kobold slave, and doing pretty well. Delxsen’s orc father, Hadush, was due to return with his hunting party from pillaging a nearby gnoll village. It was expected that they would bring plenty of treasures and enough gnoll flesh for many meals to come. Rissa, Delxsen’s human barbarian mother, was in their family yurt adding another tattoo to her already highly decorated body using an extra sharp dart and boar’s blood. As a human, Rissa was not allowed to participate in most of the tribe’s activities and ceremonies, but her presence was tolerated as long as she kept her role as Hadush’s consort. The tribe had many worshippers of Luthic, so they were more tolerant of non-orcs, especially if they wished to glorify Luthic through their fertility.

Delxsen was playing a game he often played when he had to feed his pets. He was using his scimitar skills to drive the kobold back into his two pet wargs, Rink and Garbag, who were chained up in the backyard. Delxsen got practice with his sword, and his wargs had the pleasure of eating live flesh. Just as the hapless, grey-skinned, dog creature was within inches of the snapping maws of the pets, Hadush and his men came galloping into the camp. Delxsen was so excited that he left the kobold and the hungry wargs and ran to his father, neglecting his responsibility to feed his pets. Hadush hoisted his son onto his shoulders as the group of hunters paraded around the camp showing off their booty. The hunt had gone well – all the gnolls were dead, and the Pugar-Vuunak tribe had claimed the village for their own. Tomorrow the tribe would move to the new settlement.

Later that night, after a glorious meal of raw gnoll flesh and wine made from the victims’ blood, Delxsen’s family settled in to sleep off the effects of the evening’s celebrations. Around midnight Delxsen woke up not feeling well, so he left the yurt and headed outside to relieve himself. He noticed Rink and Garbag were making more noise than usual. In all the excitement Delxsen had never gotten around to feeding the pets, which had made them upset and more violent than usual. He decided to check on them on his way back inside. Then he found a good spot, squatted down and was just about to let loose, when the two wargs broke their chains, leapt over the fence, and charged into Delxsen’s family’s yurt. Immediately, Delxsen could hear screams of surprise and cries of pain from his parents. He raced toward his family not sure what he could do with no weapon, but determined to help his mother and father nonetheless. He got to the yurt just in time to see the wargs tear through the kobold-hide fabric and escape away into the night. The scene inside the yurt was grisly. Hadush and Rissa’s entrails littered the floor and their blood spattered what was left of the walls. Both of their heads were severed as the wargs’ mighty jaws had clamped onto their throats and sliced clean through. The bodies had been devoured, leaving only bone and bits of muscle. And it was all Delxsen’s fault for not feeding Rink and Garbag. The orphaned boy let out a guilt-ridden wail of mourning and did something even female orcs never do – he cried.

At that moment he decided to dedicate himself to Luthic, The Healing Mother. He would become a cleric of the orc goddess of fertility and dedicate his life to continuing the Vuunak family line. It is true that Luthic normally accepts only female priests, but he would prove his worth to her though his tireless acts of fornication. He would procreate in the name of his mother and father, with the blessing of his god.

Delxen Vuunak

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