Worshippers of Evil Gods, Beware!

Worshippers of Evil Gods, Beware!

March 16, 994 2:00 p.m. Party Gold = 419,856 g.p.
One battle since leveling up
Rowena still has a disk of awesome for her use of the portal of surprise magic

The group remembers that Brazzemal wants infestations of humanoids that do not bow to him destroyed in exchange for their lives. The party has a change of heart and plans to ignore Brazzemal’s demand for now, meaning not going after the chimeras or whatever is around Brazzemal’s lair.

The group continues up the northeast passage. They walked past some webs into a cave that is a nest of stalagtites interspersed with dark pockets. Seven stalagmites encrusted with sparkling mineral deposits rise from the floor, forming an oval ring. Two female drow stand in the middle of the ring. One wears black chain mail and a helm with eight gems set into it, like spider eyes. She holds a hand crossbow in one hand and has a rapier fastened to her back (Nalice). The other drow wears a black, web-like gown and is unarmed (Jiryzne). Jiryzne smiles at you and says, “You have come a long way to die.”

The group moved in to fight. 8 drow skulkers rappel down spidersilk ropes and charge in to attack the party.

Bui rocked the rappelling minion drow, destroying six of them immediately.

We defeat the remaining drow. Jiryzne was a yochlol demon, apparently spying on Eclavdra’s crew. We find that out by seeing her body change after she is killed and the information we glean from the remaining drow skulker we capture. He says he is from Erelhei-Cinlu (Eclavdra’s team – the Elder Elemental Eye group).

We gain the gem studded helmet that Nalice wore.

The drow prisoner says there is a river of lava to the west guarded by giant undead skeletons and fire salamanders.

We go to the drow barracks and there is a human wizard there.

He speaks of the eye biter.

Fonkin Hoddypeap had spoken of Gleep Wurp the Eyebiter who had betrayed the party and turned them over to the drow. The party saved Fonkin and had him take Princess Moonshadow back to safety.

Gleep refuses to give up. He destroys our drow prisoner. We quickly knock him out.

Skyblade kills Gleep when he fails to open the articulated spider adamantine chest.

Charzin gains one potion of recovery searching Gleep’s dead body.

We cannot figure out how to activate the spider.

We take a short rest and a lightweight adamantine frame covered with spider silk (drow cot) apiece.

The drow prisoner did not tell us about the 6 hiding drow. Skyblade is bombarded with their crossbow fire. We kills them and see three fire giants.

Skyblade says she may or may not help fight the giants. Rowena is upset with Skyblade. It seems that now all the PCs and Nan have their issues with Skyblade.

Rowna casts a ritual to speak with them. We show them Snurre’s head.

They are not disturbed. They are near a power source, a 20 foot high, 10 foot wide crystal structure that appears as a large flame.

Tyzzer is sucked into the crystal and slowly burns. We, including Skyblade, kill them and destroy the crystal. The wall of flames behind it falls.

The crystal was powered by the god Imix.

We are set to proceed in that direction next time.

March 16, 994 3:30 p.m. Party Gold = 455,086 g.p.
Three battles and one milestone since leveling up
Rowena still has a disk of awesome for her use of the portal of surprise magic



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