Working with a Former Nemesis to Save the World

Working with a Former Nemesis to Save the World

April 9th, 994

  • Wow. That fight was Epic (level)!
  • We head back to Castle Locatha and the storm has stopped completely
  • We encounter the Stone Arm Scourge and one of his little golem guys.
    - He tells us to meet PR III again. He has info.
    - We go back through the same portal, and PR is there.
    - The Deluvian Hourglass has moved and is nearby.
    > Associate Zarenthal (the Imix Cult leader from Lambasa) can transport us to the ziggurat.
    >The Hourglass was to be used by the Primordials in the Dawn War to take back the world from the gods.
    -PR III wants Stonearm to come with us to the Hourglass. After much conversation, we decide that’s not gonna happen.
    -We don’t really want to take Zarenthal back to the castle, but we do because he’s the only one who knows where to go. Craynor beats him up periodically.
  • We fly the castle for several days south along the King’s Mountains under Zarenthal’s direction.
  • We spot a figure (Emerth) flying on a silver sphinx (Samaa) appears with a message from Krombaalt the storm giant. In order to prove himself, he tells us that the king’s daughter is a bitch.
    - Emerth says he needs our assistance.
    - He wants to perform an arcane ritual with our castle as a focus. This will be a gift for Krombaalt.
    - We’re down with this until he tells us that it will take many days.
    - He did mention an ancient earthquake dragon named Kul-Gira who has not been heard from in many years and must be dead.
    > We agree to meet him again in a week to help him with the ritual. He’ll find us.
  • As we fly overland, we see battles are occurring in SW Terkent, and we don’t know why.

April 16th, 994

  • We get to our destination and Arcane powers are diminished right now. Also, we smell sulfur.
  • More and more flames.
  • We get to a burning building. Clearly this is a place controlled by Imix.
  • Zarenthal says we need to enter a ring of fire in order to be teleported to the ziggurat.
    - “Look for the silver lake. Look for the ziggurat.”
    - We see a ziggurat in the distance and head toward the clearing.
    - Vani, Craynor, and Alphariel swim in the lake to see if they can find another way in. No luck.
    - We go up the stairs and into the ziggurat. It’s about 400 feet tall.
    - Vani flies down a pit in the entryway and sees a bone dragon about 60 feet down. We don’t go that way.
    - Instead, we go into the main room that has a dome.
    > They die
    > Rowena discovers that some of the aliens’ bodies adapt and develop a resistance to the first type of damage that hits them – seems very useful for them.
    - The dome is cracked, and we could break it, but we don’t, then we do
    - We follow one of the hallways for about ¼ mile, descending ~ 1000 feet to a room with more aberrant shit including a couple of gorgers, a gleaner, and more mutant apes with lots of extra body parts and slimey stuff. Blood fills channels, but it’s not that big a deal.
    - Before he died, the gleaner spoke both in deep speech and common, telling us:
    > “Turn back before the sublime potency of the sebaceous!”
    > “You cannot hope to defeat all of us!”
    > “When one sebacean falls, the Mad Architects send two more to take its place!”
    > “Fools! You’ll be entombed here and forgotten forever!” and
    > “You cannot postpone…the inevitable…”



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