With Hope Fading Kissandi, Drake, and Sojourners Trudge On

With Hope Fading Kissandi, Drake, and Sojourners Trudge On

Kissandi’s Story Part 5

March 2, 994 @ 3:00 am

After climbing the fence and defacing the obelisk statue the group was able to damage it enough to shut it down temporarily from reanimating the dead. However, the rift to the Shadowfell is not here and it is still open. Until it is shut down, defacing this secondary post will only slow down the reanimation process of the undead.

The academics ask how they can help. After some more careful inspection of the obelisk statue, traps are found and expertly disabled by Tilly with Kissandi’s assistance and her thieve’s tools. Tilly does see a vision of a Suicide Demon and describes it to the group. The group does not believe this is Fyria’s image. Other clues are deciphered by the academics and the adventurers that show recent markings in different dialects and languages (forms of common), that necromancy was used and originated from multiple sources, that the clues were riddled with real and false traps, and a map leading deeper into the graveyard to another location.

Next, the group continues through the graveyard and deeper towards both danger and opportunity and into another statue that is animating skeletons. The group jumps into action against the skeletons. Rabbit goes face to face with a horde of skeletons. After destroying many individual skeletons, Kissandi comes to Rabbits aid. Kobhein goes head to skull with many skeletons. Ven “Drake” Roberts jumps into the fight. Uehara, the female dwarf tinkerer, asks to help with the obelisk statue, but the adventures say to stay safe until the battle is over. Tilly makes her way to the statue and tries to disable the device. She triggers a trap and becomes delusional about her abilities, saying that she can easily handle the rest alone. By the end of the battle, another poison gas trap was triggered and a third trap that made all the markings on the statue become very blurry and untranslatable. After the fight, Kissandi and Rabbit are affected by the Shadowfell, too. Hope is fading for the group.

Something of a map can be made out, but not much, leading the party into what was an area of town, with now destroyed or collapsed buildings and dead bodies, a feast for three slaughter wights and a bodak skulk. Another battle ensues. The wights regularly weaken the heroes and drain them of their energy and will to live. The bodak skulk’s gaze is demoralizing, and nearly deadly to Kobhein who maintains his will to live, just barely. As the wights are destroyed, they explode in an area 5 burst, dealing heavy damage to heroes and energizing their allies to use basic attacks. When the third and final wight blows up, all but Kissandi and Ven “Drake” Roberts are knocked unconscious. Drake is able to administer potions to two allies, and then Rabbit is able to save Tilly. The bodak is defeated, but the party is hurting.

The group finds a smaller contraption that emanates necrotic energy. The group is able to decipher many clues, but loses De La Rosa, the female arcanist, who triggered a trap that cause all party members to see their own face morphed into a corpse and then to an undead being. Kissandi smashed De La Rosa, whose body followed this path that the others envisioned for themselves.

The group learned that the final marking are from beyond this region, but some of the markings are from a local thief named Bantos, who used to be a member of the thieve’s guild, but now has an estate outside of town. The clues also show some of the markings are not from a language/dialect used regularly in Lambasa, that the magic and religious work done originated from multiple sources both in and out of this region, and that the clues are still riddled with various traps.

A difficult choice is made to take an extended rest. This means healing and a better chance of survival, but also likely allowing the reanimation process to speed up unchallenged again.

Some group members saved out of their conditions caused by the Shadowfell (Rabbit, Kobhein and Drake), but others are still affected (Kissandi and Tilly).

Next time, the group has a good clue on how to delve deeper into this gate to the Shadowfell, or are they already within the Shadowfell itself?

March 2, 994 @ 1:30 pm



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