What's Next?

June 4, 2010

My fellow companions in this campaign we call life, I address you as your warlord on the cusp of great events. The choices we make now will affect the lives of all of us in ways that even the greatest sages of Siliceous cannot predict.

We have vanquished the evil of Haverthold Asylum, but we face a greater evil still, that of the red dragon Adalaentar. While subduing this beast is a task worthy of our assemblage of adventurers, we must not allow our lust for adventure to overcome our responsibility to those in needs. Although she and I have had our differences, Rowena must be brought back from the beyond. Her skills are still needed here on our mortal plain. Hopefully we can find a healer of sufficient skill in the ruins of Lambasa to revive her. And we must not forget our headstrong companion, Craynor the Barbarian. He has surely served his debt to society and must be allowed to continue to follow his path – whether that path leads him to support the greater good, or to put his personal demons to rest through exacting revenge on the godless gnolls who slaughtered his tribe.

Our party is strong in its diversity. At this time of uncertain crossroads, we must look to each other for support and guidance. We must gain faith from the devout Dragonborn Paladin Atli. We must learn from the Half-Elf Cleric John Collins, named “Bui” for his willingness to sacrifice all in his quest for the acceptance of every race and person. In these times of need, we must even look to the crafty Halfling Rogue Ja’Elle, and the headstrong Dwarven Ranger Benjin, as it will take all our cunning and confidence to overcome the trials ahead.

Of course, we must also remember those who have fallen in the line of duty: Derezim, Delxsen, and Elios. May they rest in peace, and let us never forget their sacrifice.

Above all else, if we remain united in our efforts to vanquish evil from our beloved country, and defend our continent’s borders against all who would harm it, we will not fail!

- Your humble warlord, Tyzzer Zaneen


Haverthold was an abomination; both the man and the asylum he bastardized. I began my journeys looking to help those who did not have a voice, but never did I expect to be confronted with such a blight. I would sooner have had the rubble of that place crush me as it did Rowena than leave the souls of the asylum’s inhabitants trapped there. We can only hope Rowena felt the same.

But I am dwelling on the past while you muster us towards our next objective. Please know that my resolve has only been strengthened, even in the face of these daunting times. There are those who can not fight these battles for themselves, and we still have strength in our arms, minds and hearts. Let us put our strengths out in front of us like a shield, pulling those who need us to the safety behind our front.

May the darkest evils lead us to the brightest future.

- Bui

Dear friends,

If you are reading this, then I am already gone. Likely Derezim gave no warning before charging into insurmountable odds, Ja’Elle fell asleep while scouting for danger, or Tyzzer yet again failed to stand between the enemy’s blade and my weak frame. My demise seemed but a matter of time, and it seems that time ran out. Even so, I didn’t say it often but I relished the time we spent adventuring together. I’m aware I’m not always the most enjoyable companion, but you accepted me and are the few in this world I consider friends. Please deliver my spellbook to the University of Lambassa as a donation for study.

Please see after my hawk, Raven, as best you can. Perhaps his presence will keep me in your minds as you continue on to the greater accomplishments I know you are capable of.

- Rowena the Elven Wizard

Open Storylines

Leads to date:

1. Resurrecting Rowena – priority #1!

2. Craynor and Ara’s immediate plans:

a. Reunite with party?

b. Help the WJN?

3. Standhall Mayor Shem Wartburg wants updates from the party about potential dangers in the area.

4. Mayor Shem Wartburg of Standhall told us that the King’s missions include:

a. Capture and bring hardbacks in for questioning. We helped two and found them refuge with Friend. Filmoore came from Mar Dir, through a dimension door. His creators talked with large soft shells (giants). Filmoore’s friend Magnus was captured in Lambasa. He mentioned a dimension door that led into the foothills. He has been alive for 15 years, in Terkent for about 6 months.

b. Find out how to defeat the dragon. This may be a possibility. A long while ago, a red dragon made us pee ourselves, but Elios saw a dragon rider. The dragon’s name is Adalaenter, aka town destroyer, ransom collector (15th of each month), general threat.

c. Work against the Rhendlichian elvish insurgency. Ara has joined the WJN. The elves may be on our side.

5. Nan mentioned to Tyzzer that he was still storing Thax III’s bones to be returned to Tinsack in Rhendlich. Will we do this? If yes, when?

6. What about Craynor’s gnolls? Many are now dead, maybe all.

7. Who assassinated the Lambasan Crow and why?

8. Not all Scarlet Guard are loyal (some seem to be, others not so much). Why?

9. Who is PR III (aka Phyl)? We found a note he sent to the Blood Arm orc raiding party.

10. The dastardly Stonearm Scourge seems to be following us!

11. At dusk, the sky becomes a deep/severe red. A burst of light zooms across the sky. The sky lessens in severity after a half hour. This is what Friend described as a sign of the Fiend taking a town down. Why?

12. Why are hill giants in Terkent?

13. What about Benjin’s parents? They are missing in Rhendlich, but are capable.



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