Visions, Riddles, and a Shortcut to the Rift

June 29, 2013

Between sessions…
Fyrai summons each of the player characters into a small room to receive questions. Based on answers to those questions, each character is given a challenge.

Starting the session…
Feb 9, 994 at 8:30 am
Glint & Tegan both dead are being carted along by the sheep from the stone giants.

In Tyzzer and Ja’Elles’s vision, Tyzzer is a newly crowned king facing many challenges. Ja’Elle tells Tyzzer that this is the chance to take out the dragon. Tyzzer, convinced by Ja’Elle and the Highways and Byways Chair, decides to personally join in an attempt to destroy the dragon, forgoing other threats including finishing the threat behind the giant raids, a seemingly much more powerful threat in devils, and the ongoing concerns about elves.

In Bui & Rowena’s vision, Bui and Rowena make their way through Dis part of Hell. Choking on ash, they make great progress towards a source of power. Bui decides the source of power will be better than his prayers in saving multitudes of lost souls. Near the goal, Bui distracts devils and sacrifices himself so Rowena can reach the power source. Rowena puts on a helm of unfathomable power even though she knows it will not help her free the lost souls.

In Kissandi’s vision, she and Ja’Elle make their way through a crypt full of countless undead. In the name of the Raven Queen, Kissandi heroically takes out several undead before succumbing to the never ending horde.

After the visions, Fyrai and Thorbalt are somewhat satisfied and feel they can trust the heroes enough to share the wealth of the ancient empire with the group. But before sharing, the group must solve some puzzles.

Dragon Puzzle – Thorbalt tells the party that Bahamut will grant you protection if you solve the riddle. The party descends a staircase and enters a square room made of sandstone. The far wall has a 10′×10′ engraving of a dragon head with a black crystal in the center, a red crystal in the top, a blue crystal on the left, and a white crystal on the right. Runes are engraved above the dragon head.

A translucent rod lies on the ground.

Rowena uses her ritual and read the runes. They read in draconic, “Thrice blessed fire protects thy flesh against Adaelantar’s wrath.”

Kissandi, Bui, and Rowena are able to change the color of the rod. The party figures out that using different colors on the rod and touching it to the crystals on the engraving have different effects. Pretty quickly the party is able to turn all the exterior crystals to red. The center crystal is touched. Having solved the puzzle, the stone wall creaks open. The adventurers move into the hidden chambers as the dust settles. A wave of fire engulfs the room and the party. Nobody is hurt. All are energized, gaining the effects of an extended rest and regaining lost healing surges from their earlier visions. Not only this, but Glint and Tegan return to life!

Fyrai is impressed and now challenges the party to three riddles. For each riddle solved, the group will receive an additional reward.

3 Riddles – the group solves all three very quickly.

Riddle One given by Thorbalt:
I am all on my own,
Wounded by iron weapons and scarred by swords.
I often see battle.
I am tired of fighting.
I do not expect to be allowed to retire from warfare
Before I am completely done for.
At the wall of the city, I am knocked about
And bitten again and again.
Hard edged things made by the blacksmith’s hammer attack me.
Each time I wait for something worse.
I have never been able to find a doctor who could make me better
Or give me medicine made from herbs.
Instead the sword gashes all over me grow bigger day and night.

Answer: A shield – what you must provide the world

Riddle Two said by Thorbalt & Fyrai in unison:
Turn us on our backs.
And open up our stomachs. You will be the wisest of men.
Though at start a lummox.

Answer: A book – do not forget your studies

Riddle Three given by Fyrai:
I am, I’m not. I visit young and old,
Some I make timid and some I make bold,
Unwise is the one who pokes fun at me.
Beware, for I am a shadow of thee.

Answer: Death – will come for all of us, be sure to equip your world to thrive without you.

Rowena comes up with a riddle that stumps Fyrai and Thorbalt. Answer: Teamwork. An extra reward is earned.


  • A room full of ingots, each worth 100 gp – the group is able to put 100 in the cart (total 10,000 gp)
  • 5 potions of vitality (each PC takes one)
  • a map to the Frost Giants lair in a great rift.
  • Ashes of Royal Hubris x3 LVL 15 consumable (Kissandi takes all 3)
  • Symbol of Battle LVL 15 (Bui takes it)
  • Obsidian Sliver LVL 18 (Rowena takes it and gains the elemental origin)
  • Orb of Drastic Resolutions LVL 18 (Rowena takes it)
  • Information about the ancient dragonborn empire called Lantheon (Tyzzer learns more)

Lantheon (ancient dragonborn empire) myths/history learned (some from Tyzzer’s memory of his historical studies, some from Fyrai and Thorbalt):
Info: (learned last time with history check by Tyzzer is highlighted in yellow)
Long before Terkent, Rhendlich, Mar-Dir, and all of today’s continents, there were ancient empires. One of those was controlled by the dragonborn who worshipped Bahamut and lived on both sides of what you call the King’s Mountains. Many races existed in peace for many years. It was called Lantheon.

Many lords ruled. There were no kings. The lords needed to rely on one another for trade, for alliance against anything evil, and help in time of need. This worked to varying degrees, mostly very well for quite some time.

The ancient empires were before Millus Adreus and the elven written history on this continent.

For many years, under the rule of the Lantheon lords,there was a general peace and many thrived. It is when secrets crept in that the foundation crumbled, and crumbled fast. Backroom deals were made, leaders tried to preserve their power with better deals and select allies, not considering or sometimes intentionally harming others, even friends. In some cases a blind eye was turned. In others, rulers joined in on the corruption. Soon, many evils that had been for generations repressed, emerged again in strength until the empire collapsed under its own weight. We do not wish to see this happen again, but fear the process has already started over.

Nobody knows the specifics of what led to the corruption that meant the downfall of Lantheon, but there are many guesses, many centered around:

  1. The lords alliances broke down into petty land grabbing and fear
  2. Outsiders penetrated the leadership
  3. Faith in Bahamut dwindled

No matter what led to it, the lords of the Lantheon fell and haven’t been heard of for ages.

Fyrai and Thorbalt tell you they are the current generation of two families that have been set to guard their treasure and knowledge.

They hope to find the clues to the fall of the empire and hopefully one day bring it back to prominence in this land. They hope that you can help restore today’s world.

Choices made

  1. Not to return to civilization to touch base with leaders of the Silver Hand, the Sojourners, the Woodland Justice Network, or any other allies to give and get information. Forgoing checking in with those who sent you on the mission or finding out any more about your mission(s), the group chose to save time and avoid more raids by giants by plunging directly towards the newly learned location of the frost giants.
  2. To go directly to the rift where the frost giants live and attempt to lay waste to them.
  3. To send Tegan (Glaive) back to help Glint return home. They took a dimension door created by Rowena to the university in Lambasa. They were to deposit your money in a safe spot, Glint was to take his pre-determined cut of the money, and Tegan was to walk Glint back to his home near the edge of the King’s Mountains. Tyzzer told Tegan and Glint to tell Elrilmarioum and members of the Silver Hand whose paths they cross that the party is taking the attack to the frost giants at their rift and to tell them the party’s plans.

The heroes know frost giants are strategists and are evil, but do not know precise goals and have no particular quests as they proceed. They presume that the goal is to wipe out the frost giants and are confident in their ability to do this.

It takes three days and nights to traverse deeper into the King’s Mountains before the heroes find the location of the frost giants and are able to locate a cave a safe distance away.

Your exhausting trek through the King’s Mountains ends before an icy rift that plunges hundreds of feet – a cold and cruel abyss. Steps carved into the north end of the rift split into two sets of stairs that descend the western and eastern faces of the rift, ending at a series of wide, icy ledges. From those ledges, tunnels lead into the faces of the rift. Below each precipice, white mist obscures the bottom of the chasm."

You found a nearby, but hidden cave. You discussed finding a raiding group, but decided instead to approach the rift at nightfall. You waited until night.

The rift is freezing cold with howling winds.

You descended down stairs on the north side of the rift.

Ja’Elle scouted ahead along a ledge slightly to east side of the northern part of the rift, called the group down to a cave face while he investigated.

After hearing two giants playing down a passage to the north, Ja’Elle discovered 2 (?) or more winter wolves sleeping in a passage to the south. The group quietly entered the cave.

Ja’Elle and Kissandi tried to quietly approach the part of the cave with the wolves. A loud crunch made by Kissandi likely woke the wolves…

Total Party Loot (most stored in civilization at “safe” locations) = 66,145 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)
Current Date & Time = Feb 13, 994 at 8:30 pm



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