Unwelcome in the Feywild

December 26, 2010

10/30/993 morning
Passing through the waterfall, we begin a skills challenge to find the elf archer/archway to the Feywild.

Benjin Ulf is certain he can lead us through the caves the right way. He cannot. We reach a dead end and are cornered by two Galeb Duhr. We destroy one and the other burrows away.

We figure out the correct path with some history, good perception, and dungeoneering. After safely getting across a large crevace, thanks in part to Benjin’s spotting some overhead natural hooks for the rope, we discover a second waterfall. This one takes some endurance to pass.

The new cavern is more of a canyon, as there is natural light coming in from above. After passing through a third waterfall, we find a large cave. The elf archer awaits at an archway carved with sigils, the doorway filled with a gray haze. Natural light from above shines directly on the arch.

The elf touched the sigils and mumbled/chanted something. The haze became a dull green before or as the elf entered.
Tyzzer Zaneen had learned about many of the sigils in his past studies. Rowena detected magic on the portal. We felt safe entering the portal.

We pass the portal unscathed.

We are in a small cave facing out of the face of a large mountain. We see the elf climbing about 200 feet above us. The way down is thousands of feet and treacherous. To the left are more mountains as far as the eye can see. Straight ahead is an endless ocean. To the right in the far distance is a city/civilization built into and along the side of the land.

The rope of climbing and Benjin’s astute perception skills help us to climb after the elf archer. We chase him along the narrow ledge. Rowena is in the lead. She is ambushed by two quickling runners, a banshrae dartswarmer and an eladrin caster. After Rowena drops a wall of fire on them and we kill the banshrae, we chase the others further. Craynor is ambushed, bit, and swallowed by a huge feymire crockadile. Tyzzer Zaneen tries to save Craynor. He is limp in the crocs mout and then swallowed. Ja’ Elle jumps on the crocs back while Rowena and Benjin fire upon it. Tyzzer dies in the gullet of the croc. Craynor lives and helps damage the croc from the inside.

After pulling Tyzzer out of the dead croc, the PCs loot and take an extended rest. It is now nearing midnight on 10/30

Next: Do we try to find a way back to the Prime Material Plane to save Tyzzer? (nearing midnight on 10/30)

Current Total Loot: 57,818 GP



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