Unexpected Alliances

March 29, 2013

Feb 4, 994 at ~ 3:45 a.m.

Quick Recap = Impressing the adamantine dragon Ezevon and two stone giant cavestalkers, you have made progress, avoiding an earth titan and finding the likely villainous peace delegation on the way to the throne room has presumably positioned you much closer to meeting the thane.

Longer Story:
Diplomatic efforts led by Bui were a success with Ezevon who seemed impress by the group’s prowess and their offerings. Information about a better route to the thane was gained. A safe resting place was granted by Ezevon.

We learned Ezevon is allies, possibly even friends with the Thane. The Thane is in the warrens to the SW. The Humanoid group came through but did not leave and Ezevon does not think they were here for peace negotiations (maybe the giants told us this?).

The group took an extended rest.

Tegan “Glaive” was left to recover more fully. He is not dead yet. He’s getting better.

Glint requested more protection, stating he does not have the strength to survive another hit.

After the extended rest, Ja’Elle scouts and Tyzzer talked more with Ezevon.

Ja’Elle gains 6500 gp in numerous coins from the haystacks where the stone giants slept.

The group decides to head south, southwest. Ja’Elle uses the last ungeant of darkvision to scout ahead into a forest of stalagmites. One of the stalagmites is actually a roper and surprises Ja’Elle. Ja’Elle shouts for help. The others come to his aid. Another roper emerges. Two stone giant cavestalkers lob lightning geodes and then regular boulders at the party.

Well into a difficult battle, Kissandi stands alone vs. one crag roper and two stone giants. She uses bracers of speed to weaken the roper enough to allow Bui’s standard of the silver dragon to finish the roper. Ja’Elle and Bui recover quickly and help turn the tide. Tyzzer, on death’s door, survives, too.

Together, Bui & Tyzzer convince the stone giants to stop the fight, that the party did not come here to kill stone giants, but to broker a peace. The stone giants offer to help the party. The group finds a LVL 16 Horned Helm. Tyzzer keeps it for now.

We learned what bad guys are where and the most direct path to the Thane. Gargoyles should leave us alone if the giants are with us. They will help guide us and pass monsters but will not ignore other giants or orders given to them involving us.

We also learned from the cavestalkers that the female stone giant leader may actually be acting on behalf of the thane.

Avoiding a titan, the group takes the route east past numerous gargoyles perched on ledges that blend in well with the surrounding caves and water source. The gargoyles do not attack because of the stone giant escort.

A large block on wheels is moved to the side and the group continues south. The giants do not want to accompany the group as they approach a cavern currently inhabited by humanoids the giants say are working with the thane.

Ja’Elle scouts ahead again and overhears Merlian Saar, a noble from Unrick who was sent on a peace mission, apparently scrying on someone outside of the caves.

Ja’Elle, and soon later the rest of the group minus Glint and the two stone giants enter the conversation with Merlian Saar, his two goliath bodyguards and two female tenebrous (shadowy) creatures.

We think Merlian seems skeevy and untrustworthy. We don’t know what deal he has going on but he certainly isn’t here on for peace negotiations.

Tegan “Glaive” is ready to rejoin us, and we are ready to move past Marlian Saar and his associates…

Current Date and Time: Feb 4, 994 at 5:00 p.m.
Current Party Gold: 51,350 g.p. (owe Glint 6,000 g.p. more after Feb 12; owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)



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