The Wizard in the White Tower

The Wizard in the White Tower

Kal Kathier, Shivon, and Xabier entered the White Tower’s 7th story balcony and encountered the White Wizard, now a lich. The lich intimidated Shivon. Parlaying, Shivon seemed to think the lich held a staff somehow connected to the Raven Queen. For sure the White Wizard was interested in meeting Kissandi, after told about her.

Meanwhile at the residence of the Witch on Downing Street, the witch continued to uncover the story for Kissandi and Scathe, as Scathe’s hand continued to decompose, now just a few tendons and ligaments short of skeletal (yet fully functional). Another appointment, a dwarf (Bayla Grimtor) riding a bear (Anuk), came to meet with the witch. After meeting the witch, the dwarf told Kissandi and Scathe that she was able to come and go from this domain of dread, not stuck here like everyone else.

The rest of the group returned and in a split decision, Kissandi convinced the others that meeting Ivania could wait, but the lich must be dealt with.

Rest was interrupted by the Black Carnival, an event when everyone wears a mask, the doors and windows of all homes are thrown open and light shines throughout the city as the dead return and party with the living.

Rest was better the next morning, enough to help a little. Midafternoon the heroes made another difficult trip up the cliffs and the White Tower to see the lich.

After a short discussion, the White Wizard disappeared. Kissandi believes she scared the lich away.

The group went down to the 6th floor of the tower, a library with rows of bookshelves and fought a large bone golem and a man who said he was a friend of the White Wizard. The main used psychic powers to get the heroes to fight amongst themselves and put up a good fight before he and the golem were destroyed. Much of the heroes energies were spent. They unsuccessfully tried to catch a short rest as something else approached…



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