A Traitor's Plans Unravelled

The Untimely Deaths of . . .

Feb 15, 994 at 5:00 a.m.

Double-crossed, the party responds…

Anger rolls:
Tyzzer gets nothing
Bui, Kissandi, Rowena get one thing
Ja’Elle gets both

The battle begins!

  • Rowena cast mass resist fire . . . no, um, cold.
  • Bui realizes that the female frost giant commanding the trolls doesn’t seem to want to follow Vaald’s orders. In fact, she starts backing out of the fight. It seems like frost giant chief’s crossbow is a point of contention.
  • Kissandi flies around the battlefield and does some really badass shit.
  • All the baddies are dead except for Vaald and we back off and hope the giants who just entered the room will want to deal him justice.
  • The giants move up, but are clearly torn about what to do.
  • We try to negotiate:
    Bui makes a diplomatic gesture and they seem to be amenable.
    Rowena tries unsuccessfully to open the doors we came through.
    Vaald keeps attacking, the giants keep placing themselves in strategic places, but don’t attack.
    We decide to attack Vaald and continue to try to placate the other giants.
  • Vaald is killed by Rowena.
    Tyzzer offers Grugnor’s crossbow to the female giant and she accepts it.
    It seems like the giants and us are cool for now.
  • Tyzzer and Kissandi follow the giants into the Jarl’s quarters.
    The female giant is pissed because her daughter had married Grugnor. She beats Grugnor’s dead body.
  • Bui, Rowena, and Ja’Elle loot.
    Found a locked chest with 5000 gp and a +4 staff of storms (Rowena takes this).
  • We join the funeral procession as the mother buries the daughter in the ice dome in the Rift. * We wait patiently for hours while they bury her.
  • We leave out of respect for the giants and head back to Lambasa. Rowena uses a ritual to transport us back to the University.
  • We meet with Elrilmarioum. We hear there is word of a storm giant desiring to meet us in Standhall. Tyzzer wants to leave for Standhall first thing in the morning.
  • The party sleeps until 9:00 p.m.

It’s 9:00 p.m. on Feb 15, 994
The party plans to leave first thing in the morning.
Bui will commune with his god to ensure he is on the right path.
Ja’Elle will go to the thieves’ guild.
Tyzzer is interested to learn more about the demise of the Lambasan Crow.
Kissandi awaits the time she is called to thwart Vecna/Orcus once the Shrine to Zehir re-emerges.

Party Gold = 216,185 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)



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