The Temple of the Elder Elemental Eye

The Temple of the Elder Elemental Eye

March 15, 994 4:00 p.m. Party Gold = 359,115 g.p.
The group has Chest #5 unopened, the head of Frupy, the fire giant forge priest head, and a piece of the volcanic iron golem ready to deliver to Brazzemal. Clever & hand from Royal Headmaster and part of the Torturer. They still need Snurre’s sub commanders.
After 4 (4.5) battles (past 2 milestones)
Rowena holds Thalra’s staff

Dram Blighthammer, saved from the prison, joined the heroes in hopes of destroying fire giants, azers, and mostly Obmi Ironwhisper (dwarf traitor). A handful of enemies have escaped the heroes including Snurre and a drow from the great hall, Obmi (dwarf traitor), Virchilin (drow interrogator) and a group of rakshasas. Thalra Yauntyrr, a drow, but not an enemy, was disarmed but left the party when the group entered the prison.

The dragon Brazzemal convinced the heroes that he had killed Snurre. The heroes have collected near everything they promised the dragon in exchange for Snurre’s head. They just need to find and defeat any additional sub commanders.

After a daunting battle with flame skulls and bat swarms on a bridge above lava, the heroes barely made it safely across the bridge over the lava pit, the opposite side as Keak. Keak, is a gnome the heroes saved, but he tumbled to safety towards the other side of the bridge.

The heroes push forward in hopes of finding the rumored temple, possibly of Imix.

As the heroes hustled away from the bridge, Tyzzer called out for Keak with no response. Charzin, Bui, and Rowena noticed a section of the hallway wall was illusory.

On the opposite side of the illusory wall was a wall of that resembled a tangled nest of shiny black tentacles that looked, more like supple flesh than hard stone. Rowena touched the wall and it began to write. Charzin tried to push his way into/through it unsuccessfully. A short fight between the group and the wall broke out. A screem was heard coming from beyond the illusory wall, from in the temple. Rowena figured out that there may be some special key, implement, or command word that is needed to pass through the wall unmolested. Quickly, the party freed themselves from its grips and entered past the illusory wall and up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, a scene like nothing of this world greeted the heroes eyes…

Beyond the illusory wall, a wide staircase leads up to a balcony overlooking a strange temple. The balcony railing is sculpted from purple stone, carved to resemble entrained tentacles. The twisted black pillars that support the balcony and the ceiling overhead appear to have screaming faces reflected in them. Torches along the temple’s purple walls burn with a multicolored flame but leave the balcony in shadow. In that dim light, you can see a black stone pedestal rising from the balcony floor, a purple orb nestled on top of it.

At the far end of the temple, three steps rise to form a wide, semicircular dais. On the lowest tier sits a large blackened drum and a wooden rack festooned with silver chimes. On the middle tier, an altar block of dark gray stone is flanked by two bronze braziers and six candelabra wet with black cables. Hanging from the ceiling above the topmost tier is a small black metal triangle and a matching metal cylinder. Set into the cloudy purple wall behind the dais is a twenty-foot-tall inlay of amber-like stone – an inverted equilateral triangle inscribed with a “Y” that touches the triangle’s three sides.

At the dais, two female drow wearing purple and black ceremonial robes have lit the black candles while one fire giant clad in chain mail stands on guard nearby. On the altar lays a clearly dead Thalra Yauntyrr. Cutting into her with his ceremonial dagger is Virchilin, the drow hypnotist that the group saw coming out of Moonshadow’s cell before they rescued her. Standing next to Virchilin is a dark, beautiful woman who drinks from a black vial whose liquid pours down her throat and over her face and she speaks in an undistinguishable language, leading the ceremony.

The heroes watched what appeared to be the end of this evil ritual play out as they whispered their plans to one another, hoping to maintain the element of surprise.

The altar, clearly made from stone from another word seemed alive. All of the heroes got a terrible sense of foreboding about it as they even got closer on the balcony. The altar is the centerpiece of a religious ritual that required the lighting of black candles, the beating of a drum, the ringing of chimes, and the striking of the iron triangle, all of which the drow under priests did. Bui understood that touching the altar is the first step in calling the power of the Elder Elemental Eye, which might grant a boon, but the altar is anathema to the gods, so that touching it with a holy symbol might damage it. Doing so is likely to destroy the utilized holy symbol, reducing it to residuum.

Bui handed Charzin his old +3 holy symbol. Charzin moved quickly and leaped off the balcony, teleported to the altar, touched it with the holy symbol. Immediately the altar shook and a crack became visible – it clearly was damaged. The holy symbol fell apart, turning to residuum that dropped onto the floor in front of the altar, Bui called up his god to recall Charzin back up to the balcony and the battle was on…

Dram took a running start and used his war hammer to smack the orb. The orb did not break or even fly away. Instead, 24 small golden glyphs appeared on its surface. It appeared very strange to Dram.

During the early stages of the battle, Rowena inspected the magic glyphs on the orb and figured it to be a teleportation orb. With a minute or so of concentration later after the battle, Rowena is convinced she could activate it.

The fire giant climbed onto the balcony only to be knocked off multiple times by Tyzzer and Rowena.

Meanwhile, Bui made his way towards the altar and enemy leaders to take away the attacks of three key enemies for a short period of time during the battle. He also sacrificed his +5 holy symbol to do more damage to the unholy altar.

Early in the fight Tyzzer was shot by Virchillin with a poisoned bolt. Tyzzer was unable to resist the poison and fell into a deep sleep. Bui was unable to wake Tyzzer. Dram was unable to arouse Tyzzer.

Most of the battle continued on the main level of the temple.

Another drow, Taz’zt, appeared from behind a pillar and tried to use his sneak attack several times, but was not very effective.

Between Charzin controlling and defending the battlefield, dashing back and forth, teleporting, and keeping the enemy within reach, Bui using his glorious presence, the battle standard of the Silver Eagle, and his healing, and Rowena’s attacks on the altar and some attacks on the drow, the heroes held their own.

For moments, things looked bleak, but then it turned around fast. When Charzin was dominated by the altar, the altar sprouted two massive tentacles out of the eye. These were used to pull in Charzin, and occasionally Rowena, too. Each time, the heroes were able to escape.

Rowena, near the end of the encounter, came within moments of her death and annihilation, but Charzin was able to cut her free. This attack struck the final blow, sending the tentacles back into the altar and ending the power of the Elder Elemental Eye, at least for now in this temple.

When the altar stopped, the drow under priests looked at what can presumably be Eclavdra, their leader, and then followed her lead in fighting on.

Eclavdra did battle with Dram on the balcony, killing him while Tyzzer had an unnatural sleep.

Meanwhile, Rowena, Bui, and Charzin continued the fight against a very noteworthy opponent in the remaining drow. The under priests and Eclavdra used their tentacle rods to harm the heroes. Eclavdra’s entrancing beauty was hard to resist, but her insidious offer “Serve me and I’ll spare you” which turned into, “Serve me and be our next sacrifice,” was never accepted by Charzin. The drow poison was quite problematic, but nobody other than Tyzzer felt its full effects. In the end, Virchillin, Taz’zt, the two drow under priests, and the fire giant guard were all destroyed.

Eventually Tyzzer awoke. He sunk his axe into the drow leader. Then, Eclavdra used the teleportation orb to depart.

The heroes were left bruised and beaten, but alive. Noteworthy when you are in the temple of an evil god that seemed to have a strong desire to have you as a sacrifice. The gods the heroes worshipped must have other things planned and a collective will to keep them strong.

The residuum from Bui’s holy symbols was gathered (value = 57,500 gp - +5 holy symbol @ 20% value for common item & +3 Holy Symbol of Battle @ 50% value for uncommon item)

The battle left Dram Blighthammer dead. Thalra Yauntyrr also lies dead in front of the Altar of the Eye, a sacrifice of her own drow brethren to the Elder Elemental Eye. The party discussed whether or not to return the body of Dram to his clan and to tell them the tale of Dram’s heroism in confronting a powerful evil that set the giant raids in motion against Terkent.

The heroes defeated the Altar of the Eye, several drow and made their female leader flee. This leader is likely Eclavdra, the woman of the same name on the note to King Snurre.

The heroes used most of their resources to defeat their enemies. Charzin (25 hp left, 0 surges left) and Bui (17 hp left, 0 surges left, 0 holy symbols left) are bloodied and without the reserves of regaining any of their health. Tyzzer is not quite bloodied and has one last burst of energy left in him to heal up his wounds 66/124 hp with 1 surge left). Rowena was near bloodied (43 hp, 0 surges left), too.

Bloodied and battered, the characters accomplished a key part of the mission and have been blessed by their gods. This has restored some of their health…

  • For sacrificing both holy symbols to save the party from the Altar of the Elder Elemental Eye and by acting as the legs of his god in bringing his fellows protection and luck, Fharlanghn has restored half (round down) of Bui’s healing surges.
  • For her major role in destroying the drow who were harnessing the power of the Elder Elemental Eye, Corellon whose goal is to thwart the drow (and who banished Lolth to the Abyss), has restored half (round down) of Rowena’s healing surges.
  • For a valiant attempt to control the battlefield including shoving a fire giant off the balcony, and overcoming the drow sleep poison, Pelor – he who is against all that is evil (that would include drow and an evil alien altar), whose voice Tyzzer may have heard while asleep, has granted Tyzzer a third (round down) of his healing surges.
  • For his ability to control the battlefield, keeping the enemy off his allies and from escaping, Charzin’s has recovered a third (round down) of his healing surges.
  • In addition to those granted by the respective gods, for coming up with and executing the plan to teleport and recall Charzin after using the holy symbol on the altar, both Bui & Charzin each gain a disk of awesome.

The heroes reached a milestone – all heroes receive an action point.

The dark force behind the giant raids has been found and confronted. Can it be defeated? The heroes will find out.

The heroes are within an eyelash of completing Brazzemal’s demands in hopes of trading for the head of Snurre. It seems like little stands between them and Obmi, perhaps only what lies in the barracks. And now the dark force that is behind it all has been uncovered. With the completion of any of these quests, the heroes know they will have obtain more powers (level up). We’ll find out if they have enough resources to do it next time…

March 15, 994 4:15 p.m. Party Gold = 416,615 g.p.
The group has Chest #5 unopened, the head of Frupy, the fire giant forge priest head, and a piece of the volcanic iron golem ready to deliver to Brazzemal. Clever & hand from Royal Headmaster and part of the Torturer. They still need Snurre’s sub commanders.
After 6 battles (past 3 milestones) – very close to leveling up
Rowena holds Thalra’s staff



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