The Release of Rukaleth, the Bound Guardian

The Release of Rukaleth, the Bound Guardian

April 16, 994

We venture down into the lair of the Dracolich. There is a pyramid. Bones cover the slopes. Clusters of eggs cover the back of the room. Basins with dripping goo green are on the northern wall. The room is illuminated by the phosphorescent light from the green basins. Bones all around the pyramid.

Ceilings are 40 ft high.

The dragon makes us all afraid. And then he breathes necrosis on us. We fight.

The dragon refers to himself as Rukaleth, the Bound Guardian. He says, “Bound here as I am, I take no joy in your inevitable destruction, mortals…”

We kill it. It thanks us for granting him the final release that it has craved for centuries. It was the first real dragon that Tyzzer killed.

Xabier and Alphariel are afraid of water and weiner wizards.

Mummified dragon eggs. Craynor cracks open an egg it is full of dead stuff.

The green water area – the water is magical

We also find treasure by the dragon eggs:
Alphariel finds 700 pp and fist size star sapphire (5000 gp) in a small sack
Craynor finds a ring and gives it to Tyzzer (Luminary Ring LVL 22)
Vani drinks the magical water – she feels like she couldn’t be stunned

The dungeon is weird – elevations are all screwy, possibly even interplanar. It seems we are on the trail to the ancient artifact.

We leave from a stairway that we didn’t enter from after vani flies down a shaft. She finds nothing after flying down 200 ft with darkvision.

And then we go up the stairs entering into a room that has a tornado creature (earthwind ravager) and four crystalline obelisks shooting lightning with four sebascean’s. There are 4 exits out of the room.

We kill the aberrants and the earthwind ravager. Xabier goes back to get magic water. We all do. We all have the water in our water skins. We don’t notice anything…

We go down a ziggurat \ and it opens up into another room. It has four wispy pods with swirling green liquid. We came in from the north. Red marble statue on far end of room – fat human woman. Alcove to the east. Path to the west.

That’s where we left off. Craynor is not stunned.



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