The Jarl Awaits...

It is Feb 15, 994 at 2:30 a.m.

The party has fought their way through a swath of frost giants, and now follows the secret path taken by Hasskarth, the fire giant who is said to advise Jarl Grugnur. The group passed an illusory wall. Rowena needs time to collect herself. The others have no time to wait. Inspired by Rowena, the other heroes are able to regain some of their strength and powers. Rowena then hangs back, out of sight, but within earshot of the party.

Kissandi puts on the hat of disguise, transforms into a rock monster, and peers through the other illusory wall. She sees a brightly lit room filled with frozen dwarves and three frost giants. The giants appear to be readying themselves to defend their jarl.

The group coordinates a surprise round as they enter the room. Ja’Elle gets off an attack. The others position themselves closer to the giants. With the surprise round and being much quicker on the draw in this fight, the party bloodies the first giant before he can even act. The giants respond with a fury. The bloodied giant hits Kissandi with a chilling strike. The other two giants pick up frozen dwarves and hurl them at the party. The frozen dwarves shatter into a thousand pieces as they break onto the hard ground.

The heroes make quick work of the first frost giant. The other two giants are unable to withstand the onslaught and overwhelming presence of Ja’Elle, Kissandi, Tyzzer, and Bui.

During the battle Tyzzer peered behind a curtain, noticing a heated room, later discovered to be Hasskarth’s quarters. After the win, the group retreated to these quarters. Kissandi and Bui talked religion outside of the curtain while watching the far curtain for signs of the jarl or his servants. Ja’Elle and Tyzzer went inside to inspect the quarters. Ja’Elle uncovered a trap on the chest, but he was able to disable it. He found a pile of gold coins (5000 gp) and a tube. Tyzzer took the tube and found a scroll written to Hasskarth from Obmi. Ja’Elle had heard of Obmi Ironwhisper before, an alleged traitorous dwarf noble. The note appears to put Obmi as advisor to Fire Giant King Snurre. Tyzzer kept the note.

Kissandi perfectly lobbed a burning torch under the curtains to the next area. It took a little while, but the curtain went up in smoke revealing the jarl’s quarters. Inside were three winter wolves, Hasskarth, Jarl Grugnur, and Svarhilda, a female giant wielding a sweet mace.

After an initial attempt to draw them out did not work, Tyzzer and Bui followed Ja’Elle and Kissandi into the battle. Ja’Elle and Bui each had three or four critical hits in the battle. Bui reprieved violence against Grugnur eliminating two rounds of his attacks. Tyzzer command the battlefield and directed a multitude of extra attacks for Kissandi and Ja’Elle. Kissandi never missed. The heroes stayed conscious throughout the entire battle so far, but are running lower on resources. One by one, the winter wolves were destroyed, enraging Grugnur. Hasskarth and Svarhilda were killed. Grugnur assumed blizzard form and was able to make it past the heroes. We left off as the party pursued the blizzard towards the illusory wall.

It is Feb 15, 994 at 3:15 a.m.
Party Gold = 109,885 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)



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