The Fiery Rain of Terror Extinguished?

The Fiery Rain of Terror Extinguished?

March 15, 994 4:15 p.m. Party Gold = 416,615 g.p.
The group has Chest #5 unopened, the head of Frupy, the fire giant forge priest head, and a piece of the volcanic iron golem ready to deliver to Brazzemal. Clever & hand from Royal Headmaster and part of the Torturer. They still need Snurre’s sub commanders.
After 6 battles (past 3 milestones) – very close to leveling up
Rowena holds Thalra’s staff

With renewed energy from their gods, the heroes planned their next move. Thinking about seeking out Obmi, the group remembered the wall of tentacles. Rowena grabbed a tentacle rod from one of the drow under priests they defeated and headed towards the wall of tentacles with Charzin following right behind.

Rowena thought to use the tentacle rod but thought the last time the wall of tentacles was touched it triggered the wall to writhe to life. When the rod came near the wall, the wall moved a little. Charzin grabbed the tentacle rod from Rowena and jammed it in there. The wall opened to a dimly lit room.

The party entered and with their strong perceptive skills, noticed shadowy figures trying to hide on the ceiling, two driders. Rowena and Bui were quickly webbed within reach of the wall of tentacles, now that had come to life. Tyzzer spotted a descending staircase. The driders blinked in and out and were able to get a couple of good cuts in, but nothing that really hurt the heroes. The wall tried to grab Rowena and Bui, but both were able to avoid it. Charzin, aided by the other heroes, drew the driders in and quickly destroyed them. Nothing of value was found in the room.

Charzin and Bui were interested in where the stairs led. 75 feet down the stairs, it opened up into rough hewn passages. A dim light that smelled of sulfur came from the north. Bui sensed an unwholesome presence nearby. He felt it was undead connected to the power from the Elder Elemental Eye in the temple above. The group retreated back up the stairs and readied themselves to go to the supposed fire giant barracks.

As the heroes entered the hall on the temple side of the bridge, they saw 3 fire giants, a large firebred hell hound alpha, and Obmi Ironwhisper. Obmi had a chain wrapped around Keak’s neck.

Tyzzer and Aarth, the fire giant hound master, mocked and threatened one another, trying to draw the other into a battle.

The group quickly planned a surprise attack. It worked like this:
Rowena began to incant her spell as the group moved quickly forward together across the bridge. A portal appeared, the heroes jumped in and appeared right behind their unsuspecting enemies. Bui rebuked violence and shut down the enemies attacks. Before he could act, Aarth the fire giant hound master was dropped. His firebred hell hound alpha, Nvilka, masterless now, dropped his tail between his legs and fled. Obmi, became insubstantial and phased through the wall to escape. He then went invisible and got away. The fire giant knights put up a short fight. Keak was saved, again.

The group intreated with Keak, learning that he had been on an expedition with elves as a scout into the Underdark. After a cave collapse, he had been separated from the group. Soon later, he was captured by drow and brought here with them. Keak new of more drow that served Eclavdra and that they sought the power of the Elder Elemental Eye, thought to be found in the temple here. They also sought to use the giants to raid the lands above ground. This group of drow were said to no longer be welcome in their old society, those who worshipped Lolth. Keak said two fire giant death knights loyal to Snurre guard the passage to Erelhei-Cinlu in the Underdark. The group believed Keak would not double cross them, but they didn’t fully trust him, either.

The group searched the now empty barracks and found 2500 gp, 25 pp (250 gp), and gem inlaid manacles emblazoned with the symbol of Torog (worth 1500 gp).

Rowena used her ritual of magic map (325 gp) to find Obmi. He had gone to the throne room of the first level. The group went and found him.

After a short discussion and an attempt to get info from him, Tyzzer and Charzin charged Obmi. Bloodied, Obmi tried to escape again, turning invisible. As he reached the front gate, it opened and he ran into Nan Hornburg. At Tyzzer’s direction, Nan walloped Obmi with his hammer, knocking him unconscious.

Tyzzer healed Obmi.

Tyzzer and Nan hugged.

Charzin took Obmi’s ring of invisibility.

Nan was asked why he was here. He said it was just the right time? He was asked what happening with the giants and with Adalaentar. Nan said tribute was paid by the king to the dragon and that the Goodwell was taking credit for the decrease in giant raids, despite the fact that it was the Silver Hand’s work, led by the heroes.

Tyzzer was elated to see Nan, and to finally have an opportunity that he never dreamed possible, the chance to fight beside him to make things right in the world. Bui and Charzin had a different sense about Nan’s reasons for showing up. Rowena was simply in tune with herself, being the first to sense her heightened power.

The group leveled up.

Keak, threatened with what would happen if he didn’t fulfill his duty, was sent with Obmi to return Obmi to the dwarven clan holds and told that he could keep the reward given from them. Keak seemed excited to leave and that he would be dutiful in this task. Keak was also given Obmi’s +4 dagger. Bui gave Keak a phantom steed (ritual 144 gp) and used find the path (ritual 70 gp) sent them off. (We’re going to say that the body of Dram Blighthammer was sent off with Keak to be given a proper burial, as well.)

Charzin questioned Tyzzer about Area 24 and the hardbacks. Tyzzer didn’t realize that Charzin knew about the hardbacks.

The group, with all of the dragon tasks accomplished, and now feeling as ready as they could be to face Brazzemal, climbed the mountain and yelled down into the chimney that led to Brazzemal’s lair. The red dragon said to drop his demands down the chimney. The heads and trinkets from all of the kills were dropped.

Brazzemal emerged from the chimney and confronted the heroes. The group opened chest number five, at the dragon’s demand, and found the head of Snurre covered in gold pieces. The heroes were amazed at the powerful magic of the dragon, took the head, and gave Brazzemal the chest of gold.

After a few tense moments when Brazzemal alerted the heroes that he knew they had killed his young (to take their home base cave), the heroes convinced him not to destroy them and that they had fulfilled their end of the tenuous new alliance. Brazzemal returned into the mountain and the group breathed a collective sigh of relief.

Next time:

  • Reunited: Tyzzer Zaneen and Nan Hornburg
  • The plan to descend to level 3 and take on any drow and all evil that lurks there (excepting Brazzemal).

March 16, 994 8:00 a.m. Party Gold = 419,856 g.p.
The group just leveled up

  • Rowena earned a disk of awesome for her use of the portal of surprise magic



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