The Deluvian Hourglass in Sight, Escaping the Ziggurat Not So Much

The Deluvian Hourglass in Sight, Escaping the Ziggurat Not So Much

April 16 (?), 994 continued continued continued

We make our way into the cavern. The drop from the opening of the shaft to the floor is 20 ft. There is luminous water. It lights the whole cavern. Three islands. One with twisted vine like masses. Another has monkeys and bugs. The third has treant. The second has monkey swarm. Xabier drops in and swims back up. The water is only about 10 ft deep. Tyzzer drops in.

Xabier finds a sack full of goodies near the alter and takes it.

We kill of the bad guys and then more bad guys – demons- show up to replace them. Jeff’s house blows up.

Xabier turns into a devil. This is distracting to the nalfeshnee demons, and to the others in the party.

We kill all of the demons after Xabier tries to intimidate the demon – unsuccessfully. There is a large red creature up in the shaft.

Vani flies up der and sees a red guy – Santa? Efreet more likely. There is a also a medium creature above – the Stonearm Scourge, and a little construct.

The Stonearm Scourge tells us to give up or give up the monk. He also wants the Deluvian Hourglass.

Vani flies up the other shaft and sees the hourglass guarded by bad guys. There is a mosaic of the fat lady with skinny lady. There is a sebastian gleaner and 3 crystal constructions, one with sebacean apes stacked atop one another, and the other two with large evil looking creatures.



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