Surrounded by Death

Surrounded by Death

The Shadowfell path continues…

The group continued moving until they needed to rest. The darkness had crept in.

Scathe set up a strong protective force around the group as they tried to rest. Frequent, at times constant, attempts by undead to break through failed. The darkness grew ever so slightly lighter and death crept back into the shadows.

The heroes trudged on.

They didn’t know for how long.

Eventually they saw a coast in the distance. Before the coast was a forest of white, leafless trees. The trees seemed to move and clearly there was movement amongst them.

From the trees came a screening woman. On both sides, emerging from the shadows, several crawling undead made their way towards her. As she got closer to the heroes, the undead stopped their approach and then retreated back towards the shadows, clearly eyeing the woman and what could be their easy prey.

Bewildered she didn’t seem to even notice the group. Kissandi leveled her sword and told her to stop. The woman kept running. Xabier charged and tried to destroy her, but as he swung his axe the woman tripped, did a forward roll and then just kept running and screaming through and past the heroes.

They did not pursue her, continuing on towards the forest.

Entering the forest the group noticed movement and found a boar rider, something like a gnoll, but not a gnoll. Two other large boars followed. The group was ready to attack when the rider grunted at them. Kal-Kathier understood him (thanks to the potion) and turned to see what he was grunting about. Behind them some piles of leaves were moving.

Xabier dove axe first into a pile and splattered a ghoul that was crawling within. It’s blood sprayed into Xabier’s eyes and didn’t feel very good.

The others followed, destroying several ghoul hungeres while Shivon fought a tougher abyssal ghoul. Scathe aided her allies, tending their wounds and weakening the enemy as Kal-Kathier, Kissandi, and Xabier fought to destroy the hungerers. Meanwhile a zombie horde moved in on Xabier.

While the heroes fought the ghouls, the leader of the boars fought other undead nearby.

When the horde was defeated, the heroes noticed that two of the boars had died in the fight. The leader, nicknamed Grunt by the heroes because that is how his speech sounded to all of them except Kal-Kathier, said we are lucky that it was not night, things were much worse then.

Visibly surprised that the group was heading to Sunderheart, Grunt said the only entry was by water and the only way he knew of was to take the raft manned by Nexes. Grunt warned the group to only travel during the day on the water and to follow whatever Nexes said, being that he or it was the only possible safe passage to where they wanted to go.

Dusk had fallen as the heroes neared the coast.

Just about 100-200 feet off the coast, the group noticed a small raft paddled by a skeletal-like figure in a robe with a staff or an oar…



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