Running Away?!?

Running Away?!?

March 13, 994 1:15 p.m.
Party Gold = 222,500 g.p.

Snurre was the first to run, but wouldn’t be the last…

The party had Snurre fleeing for his life. A quick conversation about whether to press the pursuit or to catch their breath did not hinder the group from pursuing Snurre. The secret tunnel split in two directions. It was dark.

Charzin tracked and found fresh footprints. All but Ja’Elle headed that direction. Ja’Elle scouted the other direction and searched unsuccessfully for a secret door at the end of the hall.

Charzin discovered an illusory wall. Behind it was a volcanic iron golem that looked exactly like Snurre. Charzin charged it. It’s volcanic aura was intense. It was very difficult to get away from it. Tyzzer, Rowena and Bui joined the fight as Ja’Elle slipped past and ventured down a long stair-well.

Charzin and Tyzzer locked their focus on the iron golem. Rowena and Bui heard loud crashes from down the stairwell and then the groan of their halfling ally as he received a barrage of hurled rocks from hill and stone giants readied behind a secret door he pulled open.

Bui was able to save Ja’Elle. They made their way back up the stairs with the hill and stone giants ending their pursuit. The volcanic iron golem battled on. Charzin was knocked unconscious. Tyzzer was dying, too, but stayed on his feet groggily.

The group slowly made their retreat to the secret door leading to the great hall of Snurre. Barely escaping, the volcanic iron golem did not follow them into the great hall.

The group limped back out of the home of the fire giants and back to their cave. They took an extended rest, but their dreams were dark and full of questions.

The giants and their allies now knew their home had been breached and by whom. Where did Snurre go? How could they defeat the volcanic iron golem? What was in the treasure chests near the iron golem? How to get past those hill and stone giants? What about Brazzemal the Red Dragon?

It has been rare if ever that the group has needed to retreat. The question of their mortality pressed into their minds. Charzin reinforced this with his requests to return to Lambasa. Tyzzer insisted that they return with the head of Snurre.

On March 14, the party set out and hid until they were able to find fire giants leaving their home and heading out. They found 2 and 4 medium hell hounds. A quick fight that took very few resources of the party led to a victory and 4 fire giant hands, intended for use on the front door for safe reentry.

March 14, 994 9:00 p.m.
Party Gold = 222,500 g.p.



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