Shrine of Zehir and an Illusory Tear

March 16, 2012

On Dec 17, 993…

The battle on the ground floor in the Shrine of Zehir begins.

The enemy includes several minions – 3 Snaketongue Cultist Warlocks and 4 Snake Men who took 2 hits to destroy.
The enemy also includes several sturdier troops – 2 Yuan-ti Malisons, a Yuan-ti Abomination, a Yuan-ti Fangblade, and the lead cultist who shot 9 Deathrattle Vipers minions at us during the fit.

Kissandi opened the double doors into the main chamber and withstood the brunt of the enemies attacks with the help of Bui’s healing and the Raven Queen. She later made an amazing flying charge over some enemies, down the stairs and into the enemies ranks to help protect Ja’Elle.

Rowena used powerful magic to make immobilize and to make many enemies helpless. This led to the quick destruction of two tougher enemies by Ja’Elle and Kissandi.

Bui kept Kissandi and the others up and fighting throughout the battle, used a spiritual hammer to help in the fight and continued to demoralize nearby bloodied enemies by diminishing their health each round.

Ja’Elle made his way around the enemy, down a side stair and made a tremendous move through the enemies ranks to jump on the leader. When he tried to escape, Ja’Elle knocked him out and slowed him down.

Kamien tried to grab the Tear of Ioun. When he discovered it was an illusion, he ran and took a 20’ fall to chase after the leader. Not done there, he hurried down another pit that closed above him and chased the leader deep underground, before making a dramatic escape and returning to the group.

We found pale blotches and odd growths on the skin of about half of the Yuan-ti and Snaketongue Cultists. These were clearly similar to the aberrant growths seen in the Forlorn Tower area, where the Tear of Ioun resided for some time, too.

According to the leader of the Yuan-ti and Snaketongue Cultists, the Tear was recently stolen by Shadar-Kai.

We do not feel safe taking an extended rest. We take a short rest.

We thought to begin tracking the Shadar-Kai. When we opened the door out of the building we saw the T-Rex dead on the ground and we saw a snake at least the size of the T-Rex burrowing back into the ground, just outside of the Shrine entrance.

We plan to either try to track the Shadar-Kai or to use Rowena’s ritual to return to the dragons next.

In this session, we found 10 large gems worth 500 gp each (total = 5000 gp) and LVL 13 Executioner’s Bracers, that Ja’Elle kept.

We now have 77,233 gp.
We are 1 battle past a milestone. Kamien still has 1 action point left. It is Dec 17, 993.



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