Shadows, Giants, and Clues

Feb 16, 994 9:00 a.m. for group of 4; Feb 16, 994 after 10:00 a.m. for Ja’Elle

Rowena and Tyzzer each purchase a war horse and set off for Standhall. They choose to go off the road to make a more direct route across the prairie land. The ride will take 2.5 days. A storm appears in the distance. The storm grows stronger the closer the riders get to Standhall.

On the second morning, Tyzzer and Rowena spot a large group heading overland towards them. As they grow nearer, 2 ogres and several humanoids are seen (orcs & humans). They have two slaves. Just before Rowena can unleash, Tyzzer convinces her to hold her fire.

Negotiating for the slaves, Tyzzer gets the slavers to accept 450 gp for both. One of the slaves was a farmer from Standhall. The other was from beyond Standhall in the countryside. When questioned, the former slaves said they were just captured by the slavers and that the slavers had a small green creature with pointy ears captured and held in a bag, too.

On day 3, Tyzzer, Rowena and the two slaves make it to stormy Standhall. They free the slaves, inform Mayor Shem Wartburg about the slavers and ask about the storm giant. They learn that the storm giant left a 12’ long mark on the main dirt road of town in the shape of a lightning bolt. After Tyzzer and Rowena trace the mark, Krombaalt makes a dramatic entrance on his thunder hawk. Krombaalt thanks the group for rescuing his daughter, Elektra, from the Frost Giants. He gives Rowena the ritual Familiar Mount. He speaks of his hatred for King Snurre Ironbelly. Should the heroes bring him the head of King Snurre, he promises them a thundercloud tower to call their own (major quest). Tyzzer requests a celestial mount. Krombaalt says there will be one in Lambasa for him to keep for 90 days, or forever if Snurre’s head is delivered.

Tyzzer and Rowena teleport back to Lambasa, to the University. The mount is in Lambasa when Tyzzer makes it back. They rejoin the others.

Meanwhile, Ja’Elle continues his mission to find out more about what happened to the Lambasan Crow. After speaking with a exterior prison guard named Norris, Ja’Elle is let into the prison and talks with Calderax, a male tie fling. Calderax cries, is afraid of “them” and provides no information, seemingly fearing that Ja’Elle might be one of the “them.”

Ja’Elle talks to Bella, a opera singer imprisoned here, too. She is afraid of “them,” too. She is worried she will be killed by “them” if she leaves the prison. Ja’Elle convinces her that his associates can keep her safe until things can be changed and she can perform on stage again.

Ja’Elle greases Norris’ palm with 5 gp to look the other way while Bella slips out sometime in the next day or two.

Ja’Elle has yet to speak with the former prisoner who was named as a possible informant, too.

Ja’Elle checks in with Dryrry of the Thieves’ Guild, and learns that a day and a half later, with help from the Thieves’ Guild, Bella was freed and is safe for now.

Ja’Elle gets word that Bui and Kissandi are in town and he rejoins them.

Meanwhile, Bui and Kissandi try to uncover more information to unravel this shadowy force that has taken hold in Lambasa. Both pray to their respective gods. Bui learns that something is amiss in the world. A strange, unnatural, otherworldly force is taking hold of this area, something from the Shadowfell. Something must be done. Kissandi sees the face of the Raven Queen and the Raven Queen speaks directly to her telling Kissandi that someone has opened a rift to the Shadowfell near where Kissandi is and the rift must be closed to the stop the chaos. A force familiar with you has caused this.

Kissandi and Bui are able to figure out that Merlian Saar, a noble they found in the Warrens of the Stone Giants scrying on others may be the force. Merlian Saar was served by two goliath guards and two tenebrous assassins (shader-kai).

Bui gains the ritual Shadow Walk from his god because of the connection with Kissandi, the Raven Queen, and the newfound knowledge of the Shadowfell.

The investigation begins. The two decide Ja’Elle will be of help and send word through possible contacts amongst the homeless that they are in the Temple district and await him.

Feelers are put out to see if Merlian Saar and his associates have entered Lambasa. Two goliaths tried to enter and refused to leave their weapons. They were denied entry. Merlian Saar was not noted on any entry logs or by any guards. Neither were any shadar-kai.

Gein Kafog at Neberintzen’s – the group goes and sees Shelley the bartender and a couple of patrons in the morning. At night, the place is full. Gein Kafog, the white skinned, pink eyed drug dealer and punk makes an appearance. Kissandi, Bui, and Ja’Elle go up to his room. Things do not go well. Kissandi introducers herself as the right hand of the Raven Queen, draws her sword and threatens Gein. After a few tense moments, Gein makes an escape through a trap door in the floor, leading to a slide that descends two levels to the basement. Hastily, the group follows. All they find are illusory bats and a lot of broken boxes in the basement.

The heroes offer Gein’s stash of drugs to anyone who will help them find him. The crowd from the bar disperses and it is empty, save the heroes and Shelley.

Kissandi tells Shelley to help and when Shelley says she is not able to help, Kissandi tells Shelley that she (Kissandi) will find and kill Gein and will light this bar on fire. As Kissandi is leaving, she lights Neberintzen’s on fire. Kissandi tries to behead Shelley, but Bui recalls ally and brings Kissandi to her. Ja’Elle momentarily knocks out Kissandi. Before Bui and Ja’Elle can tie her up, Kissandi awakens.

Many come to help extinguish the fire. The town guard gathers and tells Kissandi she will need to come in with them. Kissandi disappears into a shadow, escapes, and climbs a building to keep and eye on it.

Bui and Ja’Elle depart.

Kissandi stays and watches for Gein. She spots 3 humanoids that all look like Gein meeting in front of Neberintzen’s later that night. Kissandi is unable to follow them, as each moves back into the shadows.

Using her hat of disguise and looking like a town guard, Kissandi goes into the basement of Neberintzen’s to wait for Gein. She’s still waiting…

Bui and Ja’Elle reunite with Tyzzer and Rowena.

Tyzzer and Van de Vries talk. Tyzzer senses Van de Vries knows something about Merlian Saar or his associates. After convincing Van de Vries that this is a common foe and the heroes can do something to help, Van de Vries agrees to gather information and meet with Tyzzer the next day. They meet and Van de Vries says shadar-kai were spotted last night in the Theatre District, behind the theatre.

At night, the four heroes go to the location that Van de Vries mentioned. They spot two shadar-kai in an alley behind the theatre.

To be continued…

2 war horses 750 g.p. each (Tyzzer & Rowena rode them to Standhall)

Celestial Warhorse for Tyzzer (90 day loan, can keep if you bring King Snurre’s head to Krombaalt)

Rituals Gained:
Rowena – Familiar Mount + Sending
Bui – Shadow Walk + Sending
Sending costs 360 each (x2 = 720)

Ja’Elle owes Vaazrus a service sometime in the future.
Ja’Elle owes the Thieve’s Guild help (recurring) (additional for help with jail break for Bella)
Ja’Elle owes the neogi information about Adalaentar.
Group Quests:
Deliver King Snurre’s Head to Krombaalt, storm giant lord (Major Quest) to earn a thundercloud tower
Rescue Moonshadow, the elven princess, from King Snurre, the fire giant king (Minor Quest) for a monetary reward
Help Fumaro and Tekal in Glim (Tyzzer, Ja’Elle, and Kissandi owe them help/strength in return for a previous favor granted.

Rowena put 100 g.p. reward through Lud (works at University) for someone to provide information about the death of the Lambasan Crow.

Ja’Elle may wish to speak with Lokara, female dwarf, former prisoner regarding the death of the Lambasan Crow. He may also wish to follow up with Bella, or possibly not.

Party Gold = 191,940 g.p.
Feb 21, 994 at 9:30 p.m.



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