Rumors and a Shadowy Power in Lambasa

Terkent Notes 3/28/14

Party Gold = 216,185 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)

Feb 15, 994 9:00 pm (after an extended rest @ University) – the party plans to leave Lambasa in the morning after some investigation and reflection around town…

Back in Town

• Tyzzer and Rowena head to Lambasa Street Brats (now known as Tursyl’s Fist) to collect info about the death of the Lambasan Crow. Rowena bluntly asks the bartender about The Crow’s death. She doesn’t know much, but says there are a lot of rumors.
• She does offer that it was Rhendlichian elves who killed him. Maybe even Johev.
• There are rumors of elf attacks at the Osrik Stronghold. Tyzzer heads to a table with two dwarves and two humans who seem to be bardish.
• Tyzzer talks to one of the guys who also feels that there is more to The Crow’s death, but he doesn’t know anything. He suggests that we should talk to politicians.
• Bui walks around town hoping to find the Sojourners. He finds someone who gives Bui some new powers and recognition of some dark powers in Lambasa.
• Kissadi is offered a book deal by a librarian at the University. She then barely tolerates a conversation with the elven librarian. The librarian wants us to rescue Moonshadow, the elven princess, from King Snurre, the fire giant king (Minor Quest)

Next Day
• Rowena puts out a reward for info regarding the death of The Crow. Lud is brought back by Kissadi to post money for anyone giving info about The Crow. We give him 100 gp and 10 for his fee.
• Bui shares info about a “shadowy power” in Lambasa.
• Tyzzer sees the guy from last night, Citan. He tells me about a guy who breathes fire called Ven “Drake” Roberts. He’s not a dragonborn. He performs at Infernal Alley as a street performer.
• Bui sees Vale Temeros again. Vale talks about Bantos, who used to be an ally with the Thieves’ Guild, but now folks are not so sure.
• Kissandi sees a pattern of shadows and follows it like a dog to a squirrel. We follow her into a fight?

• After the fight, Tyzzer handles the bureaucracy of getting out of fighting on the streets. He has to deal with Van deVries at the palace gate, who vouches for Tyzzer and the group.

• Tyzzer and Rowena are going to Standhall to stop the giant.
• The others are going to investigate the shadow people in Lambasa.
• If either group does not communicate within a week, the other group will come to find out what’s up.

Feb 16, 994 9:00 a.m. (Ja’Elle on a slightly different timeline)
216,155 g.p. (owe Ja’Elle’s taylor 500 g.p. more when receive final product)



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