Rhendlichian Gnolls, Trolls, Ogres, and Laeralin MIA

January 9, 2009 SMALL GROUP

Craynor and Ara trying to win the trust of the Woodland Justice Network

10/9 – A messenger from Leogrator says Craynor and Ara must destroy the gnoll bands to the west, over the bridge. They are told to capture one gnoll and return him to the WJN.

While crossing the bridge, Craynor and Ara stumble and fumble into a troll. The troll tears into Craynor. Ara stuns the troll. The heroes bravely run away.

10/10 – After resting, Ara and Craynor cross the bridge uneventfully.

They carefully continue and spot a gnoll. After much well-planned out scouting, 5 gnolls are found in the woods, just west of an old shelter. Ara color sprays 3. The other 2 run to get help. By the end of the fight, Ara and Craynor have defeated 16 gnolls, including 1 sergeant. Craynor recognizes the band of gnolls and from the same group that killed his parents back in Rhendlich. How strange! Craynor takes the +2 scale and the +2 great oathaxe (AV73) from the gnoll sergeant. They loot the gnolls. After not finding more gnolls, Ara makes Craynor a necklace out of gnoll ears and teeth. Craynor wears it with pride. They return to camp.

Leogrator’s messanger says thank you for defeating the gnolls, but not capturing one will hurt chances to fight this organized group of gnolls in the future.

10/10 – A friend of Laeralin tells us that Laeralin is in great peril! He last went southeast to the caves with two others to clear them for the WJN. Ogres are there, and maybe something stronger. He should have returned a day ago. The council is soon to meet and Laeralin’s voice is important in helping to determine the current direction of the WJN.

Ara and Craynor are told to clear the caves of ogres by Leogrator’s messanger. They set out.

At the caves, we find two dead ogres and a sign of a struggle. In another cave, we find what is suspected to be one of the two elves that traveled with Laeralin. Then Ara and Craynor wallop two ogres outside of a cave. They enter the cave and handily defeat an ogre chieftan. They find more gold. Ara gets a steadfast amulet +2 (AV 154) and a cape of the Mountebank +2 (AV 149).

They find another dead elf. They track a single set of humanoid footprints, presumably Laeralin’s, as far as they can. He seems to have headed off in a different direction, not directly back to the WJN. Where could he have gone?

Ara and Craynor return to rest and report back.

10/11 – Ara and Craynor return to the bridge. The troll is back. Ara and Craynor make quick work of the first troll, but his partner in trolliness attacks, too. By the skin of their teeth, Ara and Craynor defeat the other troll, too. They collect a masterwork short sword (sold), a gemerald adorned crown, and Gloves of the Bounty Hunter (AV 134). In total, they have added 9800 gp worth of treasure to the party total (all added).

Plans for before next time – convert to 4th edition.

Plan to resurrect Rowena.

WJN and Ara?


Assign to a PC – masterwork Silver Dagger, Immovable Rod, Scroll of Vampiric Touch, Potion of Gaseous Form, Golem Manual, Flipin’ Book, +1 heavy mace (presumably already in Bui’s hands)



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