Representatives of the Gods

Representatives of the Gods

May 7, 994

The group found a hatch-door in the floor and descended further into the mountain, eventually entering a temple of sorts. A ritual was taking place. Two humanoids were at a long table in front of a portal. Two rat men stood guard nearby. A larger creature with tendrils and many otherworldly eyes floated in a corner. In the center, many aberrant creatures encircled a writing humanoid who lay on runes.

The heroes quietly approached until an electrified trap zapped them and alerted the celebrants that they had company.

One of the humanoids quickly escaped through the portal. One of the rat-men was killed by the heroes. Rowena created a portal jump where the heroes entered the fray near the lead tables. A battle ensued. Rowena took some big wounds early on, but rallied with the help of Tyzzer and Bui. Tyzzer commanded the battle field as Kissandi felled many aberrant enemies. Bui’s radiant energy dematerialized many of the foes, too.

During the battle, the other humanoid turned into whatever it touched. The overlord (tendrils & many eyeballs) got into the heads of three of the four heroes, seemingly marring particular memories, even stealing them, before escaping into the portal.

The rest of the enemies were destroyed. After healing the humanoid who lay on the ground, the heroes tried to gain more information. It seems he was a willing participant in this ritual.

The heroes destroyed the portal and returned back to Shacrois Nuadil. After discussing what comes next, the heroes realized with the gold dragon’s and Friend’s helpful advice, that it was time to do more for their gods.

For the next several months, each hero attempted to help others in the world fend off major challenges and to help turn the tide. Many developments occurred along the way. (Conducted as groups skills challenges and storytelling, with an intention to give all a reason to work together, too).

Bui’s story – protecting the Oasis at Journey’s End. The Striders of Fharlanghan could travel through here and get healing. This is the center. Cagewrights had uncovered enemies. Many others wanted to invade to take this over as a port city, like Sigil. Three exulted Angels, Bui (a strider) and other Striders, and Guardians of the Road set up to defend. The first goal was to defend the city. Espionage to gain information about the location of the city. Gods of neutrality were recruited to help defend. This defense failed as others gained knowledge of its location. The second goal was to limit travel ability by creating sandstorms, causing heat exhaustion, mess ion with runes (planar magic). Other gods and their forces gained access to the city as this defense failed, too. The defenders of the city were successful, guided by Bui, in not allowing those who travelled through to gain access to the healing powers within the city. Now, the Oasis at Journey’s End has become open to travelers and invaders, but is not a place of rest and respite.

Rowena’s story – In Corellon’s study planning the repulsion of the Underdark Surge. The Selarinne. The elven gods have their champions and minions. Rowena and others lead the various factions (winged elves, unicorns, dolphins) against Lloth, the Goddess of the Night, and the dark elves. The first challenge is a battle with the illithid. The battle is won, but with complication. Some illithid have enthralled leaders and created puppet regimes. Pelow was seduced by Lolth, another complication, and the sun turned dark for a time. This allowed the third challenge to fail, as masses of the Underdark conducted deadly night raids, now controlling the forest areas above ground. Eventually Pelor figured out it was Lloth and banished her, but the crow did damage and more night raids are occurring.

Kissandi’s story – She assumes the mantle of ushering the dead to their final rest. Orcus is the problem. Raven Queen minions are a misfit, rebel army. The first challenge is harvesting corpses from the elven carnage and the night raids. Bui leads religious leaders (aka the Red Cross). He helps train clerics. This is a total success as they set up triage unit and help at battlefields. The second challenge is an effort to make healing spells unavailable (a curse). The Raven Queen’s army tries to infiltrate the necromancers. This is a success, but with complication as healing is affected. Resurrection still works, but minor healing spells are less effective. Surge Values are dampened. It takes longer to recover. The curse is somewhat in effect. The third challenge is the increasing number of undead. Kissandi leads and takes the fight to them. It is a success with complication. The undead masses are reduced, but Kissandi takes a terrible wound in the battles. The Skull of Sartine, there helping all along, heals Kissandi, but has lost faith in her and is no longer around when Kissandi regains consciousness. It has left, likely with another member of the misfit rebel army, or possibly with the enemy.

Tyzzer’s story – He returns to his hometown, Wellby and enlists his parents, paladins of Pelor) to help. They pray to Pelor. Months of training and organizing the paladins of Pelor. Earthly battles. Adds in Goodwell’s forces to help, but also to see whether they are more loyal to Goodwell or Tyzzer in this battle agains the forces of the Elder Elemental Eye.

Portals to the Far Realm are being created. Tyzzer leads forces to shut these down. The first challenge is the insidious tendrils taking control of small towns. The effort to win the hearts and minds of people and to fight those in cults is a failure. More cults are developing and people are not being swayed by the paladins of Pelor. The second challenge is that aberrants are spilling out into the world. This battle is a success as they are fought back in a heroic effort. The third challenge is location and shutting down portals and rifts. More are being created. The crusaders gain a compacted success here. The numbers of portals are not expanding, but there is less knowledge of where new portals are, but many of the old ones have been shut down.

Along the way Tyzzer learns the vast majority of Goodwells forces are more loyal to Tyzzer than to Goodwell, believing Tyzzer has the best interest of Terkent in mind. Tyzzer has reconnected with his parents and Pelor. Bui has become the right hand of the God of Travel. Kissandi has become the bane of undeath in Terkent and Rowena has gained access to more of Corellon’s power in the battle vs. Lloth and her minions. PR III is still willingly working with the heroes.

Major world developments (recap) - Oasis at Journey’s End now an accessible portal to all, making it much more complicated in defending and preparing, more night raids led by the Underdark, who now control many of the forests and some puppet regimes controlled by Illithid, the battle against the undead has been successful except at the cost of healing magic become less effective worldwide (as minor healing and healing surges are dampened), and despite many of the aberrant forces being fought back, more cults are developing in the world as new portals in unknown locations seem to replace the old ones that have been destroyed in the wars.

Ended with the loss of two wondrous items, the Skull of Sartine and the Deluvian Hourglass.

Will start on Dec 1, 994 next time.



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