On the Knives Edge

November 30, 2012

Jan 11, 994 at about 3:30 a.m. (party gold = 22,308)

In the last segment, the party just defeated Nosnra and the iron dragon Feramaug and hit a milestone.

After carefully considering plans, the group sent Ja’Elle up the stairs where he found a single room with a single unlocked chest. Inside were 21 bone scroll tubes. All but one of the tubes were empty, which contained note signed by Obmi referring to King Snurre, and urging Nosnra to increase the raids against humans after meeting at Howling Crag.

Next, the group sent Ja’Elle into what appears to be Nonra’s treasury. Ja’Elle sprung a trap but with some luck avoided falling into a pit. After leaping back and forth across the pit, Ja’Elle brought the contents of three treasure chests back. He kept LVL 17 +4 repulsion leather armor. Tyzzer kept the bejeweled gold scepter (7,500 gp) and gold-emroidered vest sewn with gems (2,500 gp). Tyzzer fastened the gem to his bastard sword, making it a LVL 15 +3 righteous weapon. Kissandi took the LVL 17 Cloak of Resistance +4. Tyzzer took the platinum brooch shaped like the holy symbol of Lolth (2,500 gp) and four gems worth 500 gp each. The group left a chest with lots of gold pieces (4,000 gp) in it and a cask of excellent wine (500 gp) here to pick up later, if possible.

Next the group sent Ja’Elle into the stream and had him swim a short distance toward the mines. Ja’Elle didn’t get far before calling the others into the cavern. As the party entered, four umber hulks burrowed up from underground and attacked. Bui recalled an ally. Tyzzer helped his allies shift back. Ja’Elle was slippery enough to escape and Rowena stayed back far enough that eventually the party was able to retreat far enough that the umber hulks stopped their pursuit. Only one umber hulk was damaged in the battle. This was a close call for the party, but a crafty escape.

Next, the party decided to go to the other part of the mines. Partway in, out of the dark, two tentacles grabbed Bui and Rowena. A cave roper started to real Bui in. Rowena was able to break free. Out of the shadows, Ja’Elle darted in and critically hit the beast. Tyzzer charged in to defend his allies. When the roper was bloodied, Bui planted the standard of the silver dragon and used his own glorious presence to quickly reduce the will of the enemy. Rowena eventually came up to attack from close quarters. The roper was never able to land a direct bite, but did further weaken the party. Ja’Elle dealt the killing blow to the roper.

After the roper was defeated, 10 dwarf slaves emerged from hiding saying the stone giants had left them here, the orc slaves were gone, and thanked the party for defeating the roper. The group found more treasure including a golden skull with gems for eyes (1,500 gp), a cured displacer beast fur (1500 gp), and 1200 gp loose in coins. The coins were added to the other chest with loose coins. Tyzzer took the skull and fur. The dwarves carried the treasure chest now with 5,200 gp and the cask of excellent wine (500 gp).

The party next went to the smithy and released the fire elemental that was imprisoned there after Rowena used her ritual to communicate with it, asking it to destroy the cultists on the main floor.

The party went up to the main floor and found a secret door in the single room Ja’Elle had been in with the unlocked chest. The door led to Nosnra’s den, which had chairs covered with stitched human skin, and a mounted head of a great white stag on the wall. Kissandi was found laying on a bearskin rug. After reviving Kissandi, the group decided to continue out of the Steading.

The dwarves hung back in the great hall as Ja’Elle scouted ahead. The cultists were in the entryway. A negotiation went wrong and it turned into a battle. After a fairly quick battle, Tyzzer was knocked unconscious. Bui and Kissandi dropped their weapons. Rowena ran from the Steading. The cultists yelled for Rowena to stop. She did not. Airnys, the Imix cultist leader sent rivulets of fire at both Kissandi and Bui, knocking both unconscious. Ja’Elle snuck away and escaped through a chimney. Before he escaped, Ja’Elle saw evidence that the fire elemental had done some harm to cultists. He also saw Laerthar the stone giant and his two stone giant allies dead amongst many dead cultists from a recent battle.

Tyzzer, Bui, and Kissandi were captured by the cultists.

Rowena and Ja’Elle both made it to the cave where they found each other and Javok. They requested Javok get help. He said it would take days to a week for him. Ja’Elle and Rowena planned to await help.

Until next time…



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