Neogi vs Adalaentar; Kaoriti and the Tear of Ioun

September 30, 2011

Noon on 11/17/993

Ja’Elle and Gaard have been gone for too long. Bui and Pwi’lin set out to find them, cautiously. Kamien follows. Traveling deeper into the mountain, the group of three eventually finds a cavern that branches out 20 or more ways that is littered with fresh tracks and lots of them.

Bui, Pwi, and Kamien decide to find a good, defensible position so they don’t get caught, too.

Soon later, Rowena arrives on the scene.

Next, sounds emerge and after some careful, tactical positioning, the four adventurers fight a hoard of minions including 2 clouds of daggers, and 2 groups of zombies (6 per group, 12 total). The enemy also includes a Neogi and an eladrin slave. Rowena’s wall of fire singes many of the minions and bloodies the eladrin slave. Pwi’lin manages to draw the attention of most enemy fire, allowing Rowena and Bui to work on the neogi. Kamien stays hidden and sneaks in many vicious crossbow shots. The enemy is defeated.

Kamien grabs a magic ring for himself. The party adds 2800 in gold (7 gemeralds).

The eladrin slave, Analastra, is revived by Bui.

Kamien questions Analastra. Kamien and Rowena uncover that something is amiss when they are referring to Ja’Elle. Eventually the eladrin slave says that Ja’Elle worked out some sort of deal with the neogi and Ja’Elle should be nearby looking for the party.

Ja’Elle reappears and tells the party to follow him out and promptly disappears back into the shadows.

After returning to within shouting distance of the cave entrance, Bui cures Analastra of her affliction (cost 250 gold for the ritual). She is no longer controlled by the neogi.

Kamien and Pwi’lin catch up and agree they both want to return to Salla, but don’t know how to get back.

Ja’Elle reemerges and tells the other characters that in order to rescue Gaard, they must find the exact location of Adaelantar the dragon and find out his weaknesses. He says the neogi want this information because the dragon is a common enemy. He says he bluffed his way passed the neogi. When asked, he said it would not work to try to save Gaard by attacking the enemy because they are too strong.

The group takes an extended rest.

The group decides to go into the tower. Ja’Elle needs to devise a plan so he stays behind. The rest of the group enters the tower and begins exploring.

Along with the regular rubble, the group finds a symbol of the Kaorti in a silver icon of Iouan. The Kaorti were a particularly zealous group of Iouan followers who wanted all information to be available to all and not hidden. They wanted to find the Tear of Iouan, the thing the Eyes of Malachi told us we were looking for. This Tear sounds an awful lot like the items we were seeking in the Feywild on the huge isle we set off to before we seemingly left the Feywild.

The group left an area where they expected to meet another Stormclaw, this time a human. Garen had told us about where to expect them and a little about them. He asked that we treat them as well as we did him, because they were all decent people before the aberrant energy affected them.

The group was just about to begin an encounter as we concluded the session. See the map for placement as Pwi was opening the door in front of him. (W wall)

It is 11 pm on 11/17/993 (the group is just done taking an extended rest…)

Total Party Gold = 64,018



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