Kissandi's Vision Quest

Feb 21, 994 at 9:30 p.m.

Kissandi wait in the basement continues…

She remains hidden as Shelley comes into the basement to move a barrel of ale back upstairs. Eventually Kissandi climbs the slide and investigates the bedroom where she met Gein for a second time. She unearths a couple more small amounts of the chewable drug that Gein had.

Kissandi walked out of the room, down the stairs, and by Shelley. Shelley is clearly scared and startled, screening for help, tripping backwards across the room. Kissandi does not threaten her and leaves the bar.

As she enters the street, Kissandi quickly blends in, joining the general movement in the street and seemingly going unnoticed by the city guard.

Kissandi hasn’t eaten in over a day and heads towards a market, blocks down Infernal Alley. Along the way, a human priest of the Raven Queen named Haplor steps in Kissandi’s way, calling her a blasphemer and desiring proof of Kissandi having seen the face of the Raven Queen. Haplor says the same powerful force that will help Kissandi if she proves to be true will be the same who see to her destruction if she has lied.

Haplor invites Kissandi to a bar on Infernal Alley, feeds her while they converse. Then, Haplor introduces Kissandi to Byl.

Byl is quite shaken. His eyes are nearly pure white, formerly green, but much faded. Between shakes Byl says his family was killed two nights ago. Kissandi and Haplor determine that Byl is in the grey area between life and death right now, himself. Haplor blessed Byl, somewhat calming him. Byl says shadows dragged his wife and children from the house despite his attempts to save them. He hasn’t returned home since.

Kissandi and Haplor go to his home, a little more than a block off Infernal Alley. Noise is heard within. Kissandi enters the back door. Inside, she finds and destroys a ghoul snacking on a child. The investigation to follow leads to a house across the street from where the child was apparently taken. The investigation seems to show Byl’s family story checks out from two nights ago.

A neighbor lady will not open her door to Kissandi and Haplor.

Kissandi rests in Byl’s house while Haplor stands guard. Around 9 pm, Haplor starts to sleep. At 10 pm, 2 tenebrous shadar-kai arrive. A fight breaks out. The tenebrous make use of the shadows in the room and created by the characters, but Kissandi and Haplor are able to destroy both of them.

As the battle with the tenebrous is almost done, a loud banging is heard from the back door. The two goliaths that served Merlian Saar, known since the encounter in the Warrens of the Stone Giant Thane, enter the back door enthused in finding Kissandi. They clearly are upset with Kissandi about her ruining their lives. The fight continues. Kissandi is knocked out.

Haplor runs towards Infernal Alley yelling for help from the city guard. He is chased and caught by a goliath. After 12-18 seconds, a street fighter comes to Haplor’s aid. Haplor escapes, runs, and yells for help.

Kissandi makes a remarkable recovery and comes to (critted a death save after one strike). Kissandi realizes the goliath in the room with her was about to bandage her wounds. She continues the fight.

The streetlighter is killed.

Kissandi destroys one goliath and then the other. Kissandi finds the unknown street fighter dead in the road. She is concerned that with tenebrous and the goliaths showing up, Merlian Saar may be near. After trying to remain hidden and scoping out the area, she follows the tracks of Haplor toward Infernal Alley.

Haplor is bringing a few city guards with him and catches Kissandi’s bluff. He leads the guards past Kissandi towards the house and finds the dead street fighter, Haplor’s acquaintance.

Kissandi is blending in (not following Haplor), remaining unnoticed by the city guard.

To be continued…

Ja’Elle owes Vaazrus a service sometime in the future.
Ja’Elle owes the Thieve’s Guild help (recurring) (additional for help with jail break for Bella)
Ja’Elle owes the neogi information about Adalaentar.
Group Quests:
Deliver King Snurre’s Head to Krombaalt, storm giant lord (Major Quest) to earn a thundercloud tower
Rescue Moonshadow, the elven princess, from King Snurre, the fire giant king (Minor Quest) for a monetary reward
Help Fumaro and Tekal in Glim (Tyzzer, Ja’Elle, and Kissandi owe them help/strength in return for a previous favor granted.

Rowena put 100 g.p. reward through Lud (works at University) for someone to provide information about the death of the Lambasan Crow.

Ja’Elle may wish to speak with Lokara, female dwarf, former prisoner regarding the death of the Lambasan Crow. He may also wish to follow up with Bella, or possibly not.

Party Gold = 191,940 g.p.
Feb 21, 994 at 9:30 p.m. (Party of 4); Kissandi is at Feb 23 at 10:30 pm



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